Top 100 alternative sites to

  2. Aduron | Mobile App Advertising, Promotion & Monetization Platform
    Grow mobile app business with Advertising (user acquisition), Promotion (install, engagement, retention) & Monetization (reward & engage to maximize revenue) platform.

  4. | Maximize In-App Engagement for Android and iOS
    Abbi increases mobile in-app engagement and revenues. Abbi’s award winning technology learns and understands user usage behavior, it identifies the users "happy moments" and acts upon them in real time. Abbi offers SDK tools for increasing engagement, monetization and retention for mobile apps.

  6. Restaurant Online Ordering, Engagement & Retention Platform
    Shoocal is a commission free restaurant online ordering & customer engagement & customer retention platform that helps restaurants to increase revenue

  8. Alpaca Pro | User Retention and Re-engagement system powered by AI
    Alpaca Retention and Re-engagement drives users while on site and off site using AI to connect with players individually with your platform
    Author: Spanscom Limited

  10. Alpaca Pro | User Retention and Re-engagement system powered by AI
    Alpaca Retention and Re-engagement drives users while on site and off site using AI to connect with players individually with your platform
    Author: Spanscom Limited

  12. Digital Fan Engagement | Fanisko
    Fanisko offers a one-stop fan engagement platform that helps sports & entertainment brands increase mobile fan retention,digital engagement and revenue opportunities.

  14. Netcore Cloud - The Most Comprehensive Customer Experience Platform
    Netcorecloud's customer experience platform helps marketers increase conversions, user engagement, and retention on websites & apps

  16. - In-app chat, proactive engagement, and FAQs
    Hotline is a mobile-first customer support platform powering in-app chat, FAQ, and proactive messaging for mobile apps to increase retention and engagement

  18. AnyManager | Publisher and E-commerce Growth Platform
    AnyManager is an all-in-one platform that enables platform users to analyze, improve user engagement and increase revenue.

  20. Ingage | AI Powered Omnichannel Customer Engagement Platform
    We help retailers maximize revenue through AI-powered omnichannel customer engagement platform

  22. Award-Winning Omni-channel Customer Engagement & User Engagement | Gamification | User Adoption Platform -
    An omnichannel, user engagement and gamification platform which improves app and website product adoption and conversion.

  24. Customer Engagement Platform -
    Datawan is a tool for increasing customer engagement in your mobile app by automating push notification based on relevant user’s behavior and profile data.

  26. The Most Comprehensive Customer Experience Platform: at StatsCrop
    Netcore(The Most Comprehensive Customer Experience Platform): Netcorecloud's customer experience platform helps marketers increase conversions, user engagement, and retention on websites & apps at StatsCrop.

  28. Segmentino: Omnichannel Customer Engagement and Marketing Automation Platform
    Segmentino is a powerful marketing automation platform that utilizes AI algorithms to increase user retention. Marketing automation, as an efficient tool, can increase the retention rate and boost your digital business with Email marketing, web push, App push, SMS , Whatsapp and facebook

  30. Maximize Engagement & Loyalty
    Captain Up offers game mechanics and social tools for maximizing engagement, retention, virality, and monetization in your web and mobile apps

  32. Grow Your Revenue | Customer Engagement Platform
    Customer Engagement Platform helping brands to get more users and improve engagement in one single mobile marketing platform

  34. Fanpaas Engagement Platform | For Sports & Entertainment
    Fanpaas is a comprehensive fan discovery, analytics, and management platform increasing engagement and revenue for sports teams. Call At (877)276-5939.

  36. Best Customer Loyalty Engagement Platform – Multi Channel Messaging Platform
    Proactively engage with your customers with one of the best cloud based multichannel messaging platform to maximize customer trust, loyalty & increased sales.

  38. The best free mobile app platform for churches |
    Glorified is a customized mobile app and web-based management platform that helps churches increase engagement, fellowship, and giving.

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  40. InAppStory – Engaging Mobile App Stories for Business
    SaaS for mobile marketing provides Stories feature to boost app engagement & retention, organize in-app advertising & app onboarding with segmentation.
    Author: Sergey Kolesnyak; Digital Director Tele

  42. #1 Employee Engagement Software | ENME
    Measure and increase employee engagement with ENME pulse surveys. The simplest strategic way to maximize employee engagement, loyalty, retention, and culture.

  44. Affle | Mobile Marketing Platform To Grow User Acquisition & Engagement
    Affle is a global technology company with a proprietary consumer intelligence platform that delivers consumer engagement, acquisitions and transactions through relevant mobile advertising.

  46. Adikteev
    Adikteev is the most advanced app re-engagement platform, consistently ranked in the top 5 of the Appsflyer Performance Index. We help the world’s top-spending app publishers increase retention, reacquire churned users and drive incremental revenue.

  48. Leadbolt – High Performance Mobile Advertising Platform, User Acquisition, App Monetization
    Leadbolt is a High Performance Mobile advertising platform for User Acquisition and In-app monetization.
    Author: Andrew Toth

  50. The 6sense Account Engagement Platform
    Achieve predictable revenue growth with the 6sense Account Engagement Platform.

  52. Branded Mobile Food Ordering Platform | Munchtime
    Munchtime provides branded mobile food ordering apps to foodservice providers and caterers. Our platform is helping leading enterprise catering companies in the UAE get online and maximize revenue.

  54. Pyze - The Leader in Digital Transformation Analytics
    Pyze is the leading digital transformation analytics and engagement platform to maximize user adoption, productivity, and retention.

  56. Teach With Reach - A Dynamic Learning & Communication Platform
    Help your people reach their potential with Reach, a dynamic learning management system and communications platform. Increase user engagement and learning retention in your team with gamified learning.

  58. Aarki | AI-Enabled Mobile Marketing Platform
    Aarki, an AI-enabled mobile marketing platform, helps brands grow and re-engage mobile users, using machine learning, big data, and engaging creative.

  60. No code app builder integrated into a business community platform. No code drag n drop applications that link together for better communicat
    No code application builder integrated into a business community platform, Increase user engagement, drive retention and boost customer lifetime value
    Author: Frank Warwick

  62. The Direct Sales Mobile App - Krato
    Krato is the direct sales mobile app to increase revenue retention for all direct sales and party plan companies. We use a simple process to achieve...

  64. Moonstar | The Employee Retention Platform
    Increase retention among remote staff by bringing together communication, onboarding & learning and engagement under one platform.
    Author: Roccos; CEO Pan

  66. Too Much Wasabi: Mobile app audits to improve retention and conversions.
    Inexpensive Mobile App audits for iOS and Android. Identify pain points in your App to help improve the User Experience, Lifetime Value of your Users & increase Average Revenue per User.

  68. Oriel Push. Customer Engagement and Retention Platform.
    Oriel is a customer engagement and retention platform designed to help you stay connected with passing website visitors. Engage with them now!

  70. Marketplace Platform | Showshoppa
    Showshoppa is a marketplace platform for event organisers to increase revenues and engagement year-round for events.

  72. mtmy - Mobile advertising agency, marketing apps to success
    mtmy – Top mobile marketing company, specialized in increasing mobile app advertising revenue for mobile app developers. We use unique predictive marketing technology from our in-house data management platform (DMP) for user acquisition, cross-channel optimization and retargeting lifetime value users.

  74. Komo Digital | Gamified Content and Fun Engagement Platform
    Engage your audience through fun and immersive engagement software with Komo Digital. Book a demo and join the world's best audience engagement platform.
    Author: Digital; Marketing Manager; Australian Olympic Committee Will Jago

  76. Home - Indus OS Advanced Samsung recommended OS for Mobile, Fastest Growing Indian App Store & Platform,
    Indus OS, leading web application and Mobile app development company that provides easy content and app delivery platform. It offers best monetization platform for OEMs and channels management. It help in Maximizing Revenue for publisher, compare mobile apps and many more. Best Indian App Store for Content and App Discovery.

  78. | The User Engagement Platform
    Engage Your Users With Interactive Content. Acquire & keep customers involved. Build Quizzes, Calculators, Forms, Surveys and Lead pages.
    Author: Michael Kamleitner CEO; Swat io

    What else alternative websites

  80. Bikky - The First CRM for Restaurants
    Bikky is a CRM and customer engagement platform for restaurants. Bikky powers data-driven marketing that increases revenue and customer retention.

  82. Anagog's Mobile Engagement Platform | Anagog
    Anagog is revolutionizing mobile engagement with hyper-personalized, context relevant moments for engagement. Unlock the power of mobile.

  84. The Virtual Reality Training Platform for Nursing
    Immerse your students around lifelike patients and maximize their engagement while they develop clinical reasoning, decision making and communication skills.
    Author: Maria D'Errico

  86. Bulk SMS | Mobile Engagement Platform | Enterprise Messaging
    VidCorp's simple and low cost bulk SMS & mobile engagement platform will allow you to create memorable mobile experiences for your customers and staff.

  88. ADA - Mobile Engagement Automation Platform
    La prima piattaforma integrata di soluzioni per il Mobile Engagement e la creazione, distribuzione e misurazione di contenuti 100% Mobile-Friendly.

  90. PubNative | Advanced Mobile Monetization
    PubNative is a mobile publisher platform and programmatic ad exchange, providing advanced monetization solutions for mobile app developers to maximize their ad revenues via flexible integrations (API, SDK, JavaScript).

  92. BadgeUp | User Engagement Service for your Application
    BadgeUp is a user engagement service. Add achievements to your app in record time.

  94. Overtok | Magical marketing moments when it matters most
    Superpower the user experience, increase satisfaction and retention, create a new revenue stream by turning each lead, call or engagement into a powerful opportunity.

  96. Meplis - patient engagement platform & professional health coordination
    Open patient engagement platform & professional coordination through personalized education, guidance and monitoring on web and mobile apps

  98. Best UGC Platform to Drive Engagements and Conversions | Taggbox
    Taggbox is the best UGC platform to collect, curate, manage rights, and publish user-generated content marketing campaigns across multiple channels to increase trust, engagement and sales.

  100. Webtalk Ad Rewards - Webtalk shares 50% of its ad revenue back with its users for using the platform!
    Webtalk shares 50% of its ad revenue back with its users for using the platform! Every month we take 50% of our advertising revenue, and we offer it back to our users in the form of a "Pie". The way that you get your "slice of pie" is by earning Engagement and Influencer points.

  102. Ocelot | Higher Education Student Engagement Platform
    Increase enrollment, retention, & student success with Ocelot student engagement software. AI-powered text campaigns, Chatbot, Live Chat & an unrivaled knowledge base.

  104. YouAppi – App Retargeting Solution
    Award winning mobile in-app advertising and retargeting platform to acquire high value new users and re-engage lapsed users. Put your app where you want it — top of mind. Reactivate lapsed users and grow your app revenue.

  106. GetSocial | User acquisition and engagement solution
    Power up your user acquisition with app invites and drive engagement with in-app communities: all social features you need in one solution.
    Author: Chris Southall Head

  108. Scrap.Me | Content Discovery & User Engagement
    Content Discovery & User Engagement tools for your website. Increase registrations and conversions with our patent pending lead distribution & management services.
    Author: Scrap Me

  110. Scules | Mobile Learning Platform
    Scules’s Mobile Learning Platform is a safe, secure and scalable solution for maximizing the instructional effectiveness of your mobile devices.

  112. AI-Driven Omnichannel Customer Engagement Platform | Vizury ®
    Conversational AI-powered omnichannel marketing platform to engage and bring customers back to their websites, mobile apps, and physical retail stores

  114. Customer Engagement Platform | 1Q
    1Q is a customer engagement platform that allows brands to engage with a mobile audience in real-time based on limitless attributes. Learn more today!

  116. Chihippo Creations | Web & Mobile Apps for Higher Education | Academic Apps
    Web & Mobile Apps for Higher Education that increase student engagement and feedback. Assisted mobile learning platforms. Campus engagement apps for colleges and universities. Cloud Server-based web applications.
    Author: Euan Bonner - Chihippo Creations

  118. Leap | Mobile-first onboarding, training and engagement platform
    Drive activation, adoption and help users get the most out of your mobile app. Signup for a 14-day free trial today!

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  120. Homepage - Netmera Mobile Customer Engagement Platform
    NETMERA is an Omnichannel Customer Engagement Platform.
    Author: Gener

  122. Flowsense - Mobile Engagement
    Mobile engagement de resultado: conectamos apps e público, tornando mensagens e interações relevantes.

  124. The Video Discovery Platform | Primis
    Primis is the global Video Discovery platform which increases revenue for publishers by helping their users discover high quality video content.

  126. Xtremepush | Multichannel Engagement & Experience Platform
    Xtremepush is the world's leading Multichannel Engagement & Experience Platform. Channels include; web, app & social engagement.

  128. The Most Powerful Sales Engagement Platform
    The world's most advanced sales engagement platform enables sales development leaders to orchestrate account-based sales playbooks to increase SDR productivity.

  130. Android platform for developer and user
    AppBajar is a new platform for Android developer and user. Developer can upload app easily without any fees and User can buy those apps using his local currency.

  132. Mobile Impact Platform: Mobile Data Collection App and Forms on iPhone, iPad, Android
    Mi-Corporation’s Mobile Impact Platform is a rich and powerful mobile data collection app with custom-built flexible solutions to improve workforce efficiencies, increase productivity, reduce costs, and increase profits.

  134. Kumulos: Mobile App Engagement Made Easy
    Kumulos User Engagement Platform, sets the gold standard by giving you a holistic 360 degree view of User Behavior and User Experience.

  136. Mobile User Acquisition Show
    The Mobile User Acquisition Show features interviews of the smartest folks in mobile user acquisition - and helps you grow your app in a capital-efficient manner.

  138. Atomic – Supercharge your customer channels
    Atomic’s cloud platform surfaces actionable notifications to your users inside your existing apps, helping your maximise engagement and retention.

  140. #1 Sales Engagement Platform for Salesforce | Groove
    Groove is a leading sales engagement platform that makes enterprise sales & revenue teams more efficient and effective. Request a demo today.
    Author: Mitch Small

  142. Pazarlama ve Kurumsal İletişim Formülü = peri.mc2 | Peri Marketing
    “Outsourced Pazarlama Departmanı" formülüyle Pazarlama ve Kurumsal İletişim hizmetleri sunan peri-mc2, 20 yıla yakın deneyim ve bilgi birikimini B2B (Business-To-Business) pazarlarda yer alan işletmeler için güçlü markalar ve iş fırsatları yaratmakta kullanmaktadır.

  144. Certification | B Corporation Australia & New Zealand
    Certified B Corporations are a new kind of business that balance purpose and profit. They make decisions that make a positive impact across their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment. B Corporation Australia & New Zealand

  146. 슈퍼어썸 | Super Awesome Inc.
    Super Awesome Inc. 슈퍼어썸은 헬로키티프렌즈 및 다수 모바일 게임을 서비스하는 게임 개발사입니다.

  148. Voda, topení, plyn | MIVOTOP | Opava
    Stabilní rodinná společnost MIVOTOP působící na trhu přes 25 let zabývajíci se komplexními službami v oboru voda topení plyn. Najdete nás na nové adrese Krnovská 105/155.

  150. Firing Line | Gun Shop & Indoor Range | Conceal Carry | Sauk Rapids
    Firing Line sells firearms, ammo and all accessories. We offer firearm training, Permit to Carry classes, and pistol leagues. DNR Hunting & Fishing licenses onsite.

  152. Office Furniture Suppliers Gauteng | In The Office Furniture
    Specialising in providing your company with a wide range of quality, locally manufactured office furniture, office deskd and chairs, reception and boardroom furniture for your office or business at competitive prices.

  154. Gdynia Blue Taxi 2,00 zł/km Trójmiasto Rumia Reda 733-422-422

  156. Business Solutions | Revellation
    With an extensive background in the Information Technology Industry and Online Business Management delivers a service which provides quality solutions to business overload, technical issues, while guiding clients into streamline practices.

  158. ティランジア | エアープランツの南紀グリーンハウス | 日本

    More other alternatives for achiiv io

  160. Psychotherapie | Psycholoog Sofie Eggermont | Waregem
    Psychotherapeutische begeleiding en behandeling van mensen met klachten en emotionele moeilijkheden regio Waregem. Klachten: overspanning, stress, burn-out, depressie, laag zelfbeeld, perfectionisme. Sofie Eggermont - Klinisch Psycholoog

  162. Teemu Tiensuu Keravan valtuustoon
    Sote-erikoismies Tiensuu – mielenterveys- ja päihdetyössä yli 20 vuoden ajan. Miten Keravan hyvinvointi- ja terveyspalvelut järjestetään sote-muutoksen jälkeen?

  164. Fler Unga
    Fler Unga är en ideell organisation som verkar för att unga ska representeras där unga diskuteras. Vi verkar för ungas rätt till inflytande i Almedalen och på andra platser i landet.

  166. Canekin, Masseur Equin et Canin, Haute-Savoie, France
    Canekin, Masseur Equin et Canin, assure l'accompagnement physique du cheval et du chien de sport et de loisir au service du bien être et de la performance par une professionnelle certifiée sur toute la Haute-Savoie, les départements limitrophes et le bassin Genevois.

  168. Wangental | Newsletter Kirchenkreis Oberwangen | Niederwangen bei Bern
    Newsletter Kirchenkreis Oberwangen Aktuelle Infos erhalten und immer top informiert bleiben.

  170. Finanzberatung | Hollfeld | Böhlein finanzmanagement GmbH
    böhlein finanzmanagement GmbH - Ihre Finanzberatung für die Regionen Bayreuth und Bamberg sowie bundesweit .. und das bereits in der 3. Generation!

  172. TriageExpert | Experts Taakdelegatie en Verzuimprocessen | Nederland
    TriageExpert helpt bedrijfsartsen en verzuimbedrijven werken in Taakdelegatie

  174. Business Coaching | Switzerland | wygroup GmbH
    Scaling Business | Business Growth | Strategy Coach | Sales Coach | Management Coach | To bring your Company to the Next Level | Digital Transformation | BoD | Executive Director | Digitalization | Skalierung von Unternehmen | Wachstum | Vertriebsstrategie | Unternehmensstrategie | wygroup

  176. Brain Capital | Financieel Advies | Woudenberg
    Brain Capital is een kennisintensief advieskantoor dat haar klanten begeleidt op het gebied van hypotheekadvies, vermogensbegeleiding, financiële planning en pensioenen. Wij werken intensief samen met accountants, fiscalisten, makelaars en assurantie adviseurs zodat we onze klanten optimaal kunnen adviseren.

  178. Comida para llevar en Ciutadella | Mani in pastA | España
    Mani in pastA, somos un local de Comida para llevar en Ciutadella, cocina italiana con productos de calidad, pizzas, pasta fresca, postres caseros... en Illes Balears. Pizzeria en Ciutadella

  180. Used Cell Phone Wholesale | Secondlifephone
    SecondLifePhone, as a leading used phone wholesaler, we source directly from top tier carriers, phone auction houses to ensure consistent quantities and quality. All devices undergo a full testing, thanks to PhoneCheck, and grading process, ensuring quality to meet our customer satisfaction.

  182. HIT FILM inc. | Production vidéo | Montréal
    Agence de production vidéo à Montréal. HIT FILM axe sur des projets innovateurs dans la iVIDEO, la vidéo 360, vidéo interactive et vidéo intelligente.

  184. Home - Transforming Business Through Artificial Intelligence | DataSpark
    DataSpark befähigt Unternehmen, künstliche Intelligenz einfacher und schneller als bisher in der gesamten Organisation anzuwenden und wertbringend zu nutzen.

  186. Solar Panels Installer | Los Angeles | ArtGreen Construction
    ArtGreen Construction is The Best Green Energy Company in Los Angeles and Ventura County Providing Solar Panel and Energy Efficient Solution for Residential.

  188. 咖啡店 | The Aroma | Taipei City
    The Aroma: Good Coffee, Great friends. 歡迎來到馨香堂咖啡。歡迎來我們任何一間店,享受這寧靜的空間,和朋友一起,喝杯咖啡或者來嚐嚐我們多樣式的餐點。

  190. Home | Mama Bird | Great Barbecue | BBQ | Fried Chicken | Chicken Wings | Las Vegas
    Mama Bird is a southern inspired kitchen and smokehouse. Our restaurant celebrates and revives what it means to be home-made and backyard-smoked with a fresh, modern take on traditional dishes. Enjoy smoked beef brisket, baby back pork ribs, southern fried chicken, chicken wings, deviled eggs!

  192. Nose 2 Tail Cat Rescue | Cat Adoption | McDonald
    We are a 100% donation and volunteer run no-**** cat rescue located in McDonald, PA. We are constantly caring for 20-40 homeless cats and kittens at a time. We also work to decrease the overpopulation and euthanasia rates of cats and kittens through education and adoption. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit rescue organization.

  194. Recording Studio | Utrecht | Wooden Cup Productions
    Your Music. Wooden Cup Productions is een professionele recording studio in het hart van Nederland. O.a. Blaudzun, John Coffey, Handsome Poets e.a.

  196. Mobiler Friseur | First Class Hair & Beauty | Bamberg - Seit mehr als 10 Jahren ihr mobiler Friseur- und Brautservice für Bamberg und Landkreis. Wir kommen zu Ihnen und bringen unser Rückwärtswaschbecken mit. Keine Anfahrtskosten. Flexible Termingestaltung. Günstige und faire Komplettpreise. First Class Hair & Beauty