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  2. Sistema di tracciabilità della catena del freddo - FSTT
    LA NOSTRA STORIA FSTT è una PMI tecnologica italiana, nata nel 2015 come start up innovativa con l’intento di seguire un percorso preciso di ricerca e sviluppo sulla tracciabilità delle merci deperibili. Le analisi di mercato, condotte

  4. evokeAG. Food Farm Future
    Asia Pacific's premier agrifood tech event, evokeAG. creates one meeting place to see what is happening across agrifood tech in Australia and the world.

  6. Tenacious Ventures
    Tenacious Ventures - Australia's first and only dedicated agrifood tech VC firm.
    Author: Matthew Pryor

  8. UK Agri-Tech Centres of Agricultural Innovation
    The UK Agri-Tech Centres are a unique collaboration between Government, academia and industry to drive greater efficiency, resilience and wealth across the agrifood sector. Together, the four Centres serve the needs of everyone involved in the UK agrifood sector: from farmers to advisors and the sup

  10. African Agrifood Membership Directory - Find African Agrifood Membership - African Agri Council NPC
    Search the most complete african agrifood membership database. Find African Agrifood Membership.

  12. MAFC - Malaysian Agrifood Corporation
    Malaysian Agrifood Corporation
    Author: Administrator; Exile Studio Sdn Bhd

  14. DSA Agrifood Products
    DSA Agrifood Products

  16. The AgriFood Innovation Event is a an expo and four conferences
    The AgriFood Innovation Event is a focused business, technology and research platform (expo and conferences) from the entire agrifood supply chain

  18. AgriFood Capital
    Noordoost-Brabant is in 2020 de topregio in agrifood. In deze dynamische regio vinden ondernemers, onderwijs en overheid elkaar in AgriFood Capital.
    Author: AgriFood Capital; Https; Www Agrifoodcapital Nl

  20. Zen Agrifoods LLP, Ahmedabad
    Contact Zen Agrifoods LLP, Ahmedabad.

  22. Smart Agrifood Summit
    Smart Agrifood Summit, the industry leading exhibition in creating innovative ecosystems in the European Agrifood sector, will take place in Málaga Spain.

  24. S3P T&BD | Home
    The S3P Agrifood Thematic Partnership on Traceability and Big Data in the agrifood value chain is a strategic alliance of regions and other entities that work together with the aim of contribute to the digitisation of the agrifood value chain through the adoption of digital technologies and the value creation from data.

  26. Food and Agribusiness Investment - Genesis Agribusiness Partners

  28. Japfa Comfeed | Website
    Agrifood, Poultry Manufacturing Business Group in Indonesia

  30. Imagro | Nieuwe perspectieven voor agrifood & leefomgeving
    Imagro, bureau voor nieuwe perspectieven voor agrifood & leefomgeving

  32. Social Roots
    The Open Innovation in Agrifood Programme is targeted at businesses, associations, start-ups, and would-be entrepreneurs with the aim of facilitating the matching between demand and supply of innovation in the agrifood sector. The programme produces and collects ideas, models, products, and services that innovate the agrifood sector in a sustainable way and with a positive
    Author: Expo

  34. Agrifood Partnership of Central Greece
    The Official Gate to the Agrifood business of the Region of Central Greece

  36. agrifoodclicks kennis- en innovatieplatform voor de agrifoodketen
    Hét online platform met actueel nieuws uit de agrifood keten.
    Author: Jos Vecht

  38. Home - Innolab Agrifood
    think big, start small, scale fast Innolab Agrifood, part of the Innolab Groningen formula. It’s all there. Expandable laboratories, modular labs, office space, an entrepreneurial community, meeting rooms, networking opportunities and access to the excellent knowledge on Campus Groningen. Lab space available Settle in Innolab Agrifood Innolab AgriFood stimulates and supports entrepreneurship, and facilitates innovative …

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  40. Agrifood Congress - Organización de eventos de alimentación
    Agrifood Congress es una plataforma digital para organizar eventos, tanto fÃsicos como virtuales. Se trata de una herramienta de Agrifood Comunicación que, en base su experiencia en esta materia y en el propio sector alimentario, pone a disposición de todo aquel que quiera ampliar el alcance de todos los encuentros que realice.

  42. Inicio - Agrifood Virtual Meeting
    On Line 30 Septiembre 2020 15:30-18:00 (CEST) 02h 30m Agrifood Virtual Meeting WARMING UP FOR THE 3rd AGRIFOOD INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS 2021 El próximo año, Agrifood International Congress volverá a Tarragona del 6 al 7 de mayo de 2021 para celebrar su tercera edición. Utilizaremos las lecciones aprendidas este año para seguir mejorando y preparándonos para+ Read More

  44. AgVoice
    voice speech technology agrifood agriculture food safety plant animal solution

  46. Home - Incuba
    Incuba A project for the SMEs in the agro-food sector The project CROSS BORDER AGRIFOOD INCUBATORS (INCUBA) is continuation of and capitalizes the results of the strategic project Fooding. The basic goal is to support enterprises of the agrifood sector through the provision of relevant services to new entrepreneurs. The
    Author: InCb-U

  48. Home - Agrijob
    The ultimate career platform for jobs, bursaries and internships in Agriculture, AgriBusiness and AgriFood in Southern Africa

  50. Home - Vijfsterren Logistiek
    Vijfsterren Logistiek verbindt, informeert en stimuleert logistieke en agrifood organisaties in de regio Noordoost-Brabant.

  52. AgriNL | Innovaties geven tradities een nieuwe toekomst
    AgriNL is een uniek netwerk van 11 bedrijven en LTO Nederland van de belangrijkste Nederlandse spelers in de Agrifood sector.
    Author: AgriNL; Agri Nl

  54. HAS University of Applied Sciences
    HAS University of Applied Sciences is the best educational & expertise Centre in the South of the Netherlands for agrifood and environment sectors.

  56. Agrifoods International Cooperative Ltd.
    Agrifoods is one of Canada's leading cooperatives, with 2480 members, employing over 1100 that create products from coast to coast.
    Author: Agrifoods International Cooperative Ltd

  58. BonCulture | News di Cultura, Agrifood e Stili di Vita
    Il giornale online di news di cultura, agrifood e stili di vita in Italia. Approfondimenti su Spettacoli ed Eventi.
    Author: Michela Conoscitore

  60. Agrifood Toscana, Prodotti Alimentari Toscani Biologici e Agriqualità
    Agrifood Toscana filiera produttiva di alimenti freschi e confezionati provenienti dalla Toscana, certificati Agriqualità e Biologico.

  62. Austrian Agricultural Cluster - High performance agribusiness solutions
    AAC Austrian Agricultural Cluster is the association of the most innovative Austrian producers of agribusiness solutions along the agrifood chain.

  64. WIDYA l Empowering smallholder farmers to create a better life
    WIDYA is a technology platform that coordinates, enhances and facilitates the exchange of knowledge, material and money amongst stakeholders in the agrifood industry

  66. Cifga Laboratory: Certified reference material producer
    CIFGA Laboratory is a chemical pharmaceutical company devoted to develop standards and reference materials for Agrifood, Textile and Cosmetic Sectors

  68. Home of Ecovat | Seasonal Thermal Energy Storage
    Op het snijvlak van Agrifood, duurzame energie, warmtenetten en bouw is Ecovat the missing link. Betaalbare thermische energieopslag over seizoenen heen.

  70. ✓ Correct Training Systems - Home
    Correct Training Systems is a specialist Registered Training Organisation deliverying quality food safety training for the agrifood industry

  72. Online Training for Agrifood - Get the skills you need to compete online.
    Moving more of your agrifood business online? Get the skills you need to compete with our accessible training & support for food businesses.
    Author: Carla Taylor; Peter Zaradka Prairie Skyline Ventures; Manitoba

  74. Homepage Polo Agrifood innovazione e competitività del settore agroalimentare
    Il Polo AGRIFOOD è uno dei Poli di Innovazione della Regione Piemonte ed opera a supporto dell'innovazione e della competitività del settore agroalimentare.
    Author: Nahweb Net

  76. Pradinis - Future Technologies
    Įkurtas bendram tikslui ir sinerginiam efektui pasiekti, apjungiant Visorių SIC ir AgriFood Lietuva SIC narių turimas aukštas kompetencijas

  78. FoodTech Accelerator
    FoodTech Accelerator is a global accelerator that brings top Made in Italy corporates and the best international startups together to disrupt the agrifood and retail sectors.

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  80. Leclerc
    After 116 years of dedication to making cookies, snack bars, and crackers, our family business has become a true leader in the agrifood industry.

  82. KATANA supports European SMEs and start-ups in the agrifood value chain to access knowledge, technology, capital and markets
    KATANA is a perfect opportunity for start-ups and SMEs coming from agrifood value chain, ICT sector and emerging industries. Get Funded. Apply Now.

  84. Agrifood Startup Accelerator | EIT FAN | Europe-wide
    Applications open until April 10th to join the EIT Food Accelerator Network 2021, – pilot opportunities, financial support, mentoring & connections for agrifood startups

  86. The Open Source platform for our smart digital future - FIWARE
    FIWARE is a curated framework of Open Source platform components to accelerate the development of Smart Cities, Smart Industry, Smart Agrifood, Smart Water and Smart Energy.

  88. Dodatki paszowe, zakwaszacz, producent, żywienie zwierząt - Agrifood
    Firma Agrifood zajmuje się produkcją dodatków paszowych dla trzody chlewnej, bydła oraz drobiu. Produkty posiadają starannie dobrane kompozycje składników.

  90. Home - Living Lab Agrifood Technology
    Agrifood Technology is het living lab van ILVO dat bedrijven en sectoren helpt met engineering van agrovoedingsprocessen. De doelstelling is om processen uit de tuinbouw, akkerbouw, veehouderij en voedselverwerking duurzamer en efficiënter te maken.

  92. Agrifood Next, 15 / 16 novembre - Complesso Santa Maria della Scala (SI)
    Agrifood Next è il forum sulle storie d'innovazione e imprese sostenibili. 15 e 16 novembre presso il Complesso Santa Maria della Scala, Siena

  94. Home
    Qalaa Holdings is a leading investment company in Africa and the Middle East. We invest in core industries that will shape the future of Egypt and Africa: energy, cement, agrifoods, transportation and mining.

  96. Gutkha Tobacco,Rajguru Gutkha,Rajguru Gutkha Manufacturers
    Gutkha Tobacco manufacturers - Shiv Shakti Agrifoods Pvt Ltd suppliers of Rajguru Gutkha, Rajguru Gutkha manufacturer in , Gutkha Tobacco suppliers Gutkha Tobacco manufacturing companies in .

  98. Home | Agrarisch Vertaalbureau Tuinderijvertalingen
    Tuinderijvertalingen - een onderdeel van AgroTranslations - is een agrarisch vertaalbureau voor vertalingen tbv klanten in Nederland, Belgie, Engeland, Frankrijk, Duitsland, Rusland en de VS die werkzaam zijn in de landbouw, tuinbouw, agrifood, veeteelt, tuinarchitectuur, transport en logistiek.

  100. Grain pulse and seed trading Australia | PB Agrifood | Wilsonton
    PB Agrifood is a specialist trader in soybeans, mungbeans, sunflowers, birdseeds, protein meal and planting seed in both international and domestic markets. The company also sells a wide variety of planting seed to growers.

  102. Fresh fruits and Vegetables | Agrifoods | The Netherlands
    Agrifoods is a trading agency company. Based in the Netherlands it imports and exports Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, from all over the world. It was established in 2015 and counts with more than 10 years of experience in the international fruits and vegetables business

  104. T3 International Inc. - Agrifood
    T3 International Inc. covers main aspects relating to commercialisation of our partner's Agrifood products: Planning, Retail Market, Raw Material, Ingredients, Logistics, Consolidation, Production, Sales and Marketing

  106. Virginia Tech
    Virginia Tech! Virginia Tech Massacre, Virginia Tech Massacre, Virginia Tech Massacre, Virginia Tech Massacre, Virginia Tech Massacre, Virginia Tech Massacre, Virginia Tech Massacre, Virginia Tech Massacre, Virginia Tech Massacre, Virginia Tech Massacre, Virginia Tech Massacre, Virginia Tech Massacre, Virginia Tech Massacre, Virginia Tech Massacre, Virginia Tech Massacre, Virginia Tech Massacre

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    Author: Tech

  110. AgriFood Logistica
    AgriFood Logistica este un eveniment ce se bucura de sprijinul Camerelor de Comert si Industriedin Romania si beneficiaza de promovare catre companiile membre ale acestora. De asemenea promovarea este targetata si catre institutiile locale - Consilii judetene, primarii sidirectii agricole).
    Author: Internet Power Web Design Alexandria - internetpower ro

  112. - Tech, tech i jeszcze raz tech!
    Tech, tech i jeszcze raz tech!
    Author: Szklanyadmin

  114. TechBaba
    Techbaba,tech news in hindi,tech news india,tech news sites india,trending tech news tech news dotcom,tech news app,tech news blog,world tech news
    Author: Ankit Agrawal

  116. Tech Nabo | Tech Nabo | Tech For Everyone.
    Tech Nabo | Tech For Everyone. All kinds of Bangla Tech News, Bangla Tech Tutorials, Bangla tech reviews, Tech Tips and Tricks, and many more.
    Author: Tech Nabo YT

  118. Computertechplace | Blog about anything related to tech
    Computer Tech Tips, Tech Guides, Tech Gadgets and latest Tech News
    Author: Admin

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  120. TOP SINHALA TECH BLOG සින්හල තාක්ෂණික බ්ලොග් අඩවිය
    sinhala tech blogspot sinhala tech house sinhala tech news sinhala tech sites sinhala tech websites sinhala techkatha tech blogs in sinhala

  122. Home - High Touch: Executive Search from Field to Fork
    Executive search from field to fork Food is scarce, and the pressure on agricultural productivity will only increase. It requires the best professionals in the industry to feed the world. But these talents are mostly scarce, as well. Then why do so many companies in the agrifood business go to generic
    Author: Damianfyndable

  124. My Tech Mart
    WelCome To My Tech Mart Shop, All Fitness and tech Products Are Available, get everything about tech, buy a new tech product On My Tech Mart.

  126. Technology Tips
    Technology Tips offering tech tips, tech news, computer tech tips, tech tips and tricks, tech news sites, future technology and mobile tech news.
    Author: Shyamal

  128. Tech Idea | Empowered by Human Innovation
    Tech Idea is one of the reliable sites of technology, tech news, gaming, gadgets review, tech tips, and tech reviews. Get the latest technological updates, tech reviews, tech news, tech tips, gadgets reviews, and tech news regularly. Stay tuned with us.
    Author: Admin

  130. Tech Care Association – A professional trade association for companies in tech repair, reuse and recycle
    Tech Care Association home page Tech Repair Tech Reuse Tech Recycle Right to Repair

  132. Welcome to Gold Tech Forge (P) Ltd.
    Gold Tech Forge, Gold Tech Forge, Gold Tech Forge haryana, Gold Tech Forge delhi, Gold Tech Forge alwar, Gold Tech Forge alwar rajasthan
    Author: Gold Tech Forge

  134. TechBook101 - Tech Rumour, Coupon Codes, Reviews and Comparisons and How To Guide
    Tech Book 101 - Tech articles on new tech products, tech rumours and step by step how-to guide to solve common tech issues
    Author: Ransilu Koralege

  136. Military Tech News | Military Tech – Military Tech News
    Military Tech News | Military Tech – Military Tech News
    Author: Cassie B

  138. Tech for Techs
    Tech for Techs - Index

  140. Cheapovend – Tech 2 Tech
    Tech 2 Tech
    Author: Aakash Rajput

  142. World Biggest Tech News Share Web Portal For Tech Lovers
    Tech Readers website for tech lovers. We share update tech news regularly. Biggest tech news website. Trending tech news 2021
    Author: Admin

  144. Big Data 4Innovation, sito dedicato a Big Data e Analytics in Italia
    Big Data 4 Innovation è il primo sito editoriale in Italia dedicato esclusivamente alla scienza dei dati e dei Big Data, alle implicazioni di Analytics e Data Science per il business, e dei percorsi formativi dei data scientists per le aziende.

  146. Blockchain 4Innovation - Il primo sito editoriale in Italia dedicato alla Blockchain
    Blockchain 4Innovation è il primo sito in Italia dedicato interamente alla blockchain per il business, e a come le aziende possono sfruttarla per crescere.

  148. Pagamenti Digitali - L'innovazione Digitale nei Pagamenti
    Pagamenti Digitali è la testata editoriale di riferimento in Italia per le tematiche relative a pagamenti digitali e innovazione nel mondo dei pagamenti.

  150. AI 4Business - News sull'Intelligenza Artificiale in Italia e nel mondo
    AI 4Business è il primo sito editoriale in Italia dedicato all'intelligenza artificiale e alle sue applicazioni nel business e nella vita di tutti i giorni.

  152. Home » El Hispano News
    Share This With Friends: Hey, You can use this page to create a static front page for your website. To do so, please select the Hompage template under Page Attributes on the right side within [Ver mas]
    Author: A; Magazine

  154. Art On Screen - [AOS] Magazine - Art On Screen - NEWS
    Art On Screen - News - [AOS] Magazine. Die Kunst- und Kultur Plattform für Künstler, Museen, Ausstellungen & Sie. Die angesagtesten Events finden Sie hier
    Author: Art

  156. Psikoloji Portalı – Türkiye'nin İlk Psikoloji Portalı
    Author: Psk Dr Sezai Kalafat

  158. Pamplona Actual - Diario digital de Pamplona y comarca, desde 2013:✅ Diario de Noticias de Pamplona y de Navarra. Últimas noticias e información de Sarriguren, Tudela,Tafalla, Estella...
    Author: Latasa

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  160. Telepro – Technika & Kontent TV

  162. The informant Spy Home | Tv shows online | Watch tv series online
    The Informant Spy is a Home of Entertainment, celebrity, gossip, fashion, lifestyle, reviews on new movies, Asian Korean drama, Korean tv shows, Japanese
    Author: The Informant Spy; Gigi

  164. Homeobook- Everything on Homoeopathy
    An excellent educational, career and training resource for the students, teachers, researchers and professionals in Homoeopathy and Medicine
    Author: Admin

  166. Главная - Каникулы
    Туристическая компания "Каникулы", Ижевск. Экскурсии по Ижевску и Удмуртии. Туры по России. Детские лагеря. Школьные туры. Отдых на море. Речные круизы.

  168. Home – जोहार लाइव

  170. Le Temps - Infos du Togo et d'ailleurs - Le Temps
    Author: Omaboe Akpovi

  172. იზრუნე შენს ქვეყანაზე | CyC
    იზრუნე შენს ქალაქზე

  174. The Indian Nation
    Subscribe for Breaking News, Latest News, Videos on Politics, Economy, Current Affairs. The old glory of Indian News arena

  176. home - Magazin za turizam i gastronomiju

  178. Página 1 ⋆ a Tribuna de Mões
    Author: Mário Jesus

  180. Pest MD 'do-it-yourself', Pest Control Magazine
    DIY Pest Control 'Tips and Strategies using professional pest control products'. Learn to get professional treatment results and save up to 70% when you DIY.
    Author: Guest Author

  182. Home - Razboiul Informational
    Singurul Sit care combate dezinformarea facuta prin asa numitul razboi hibrid sau razboi informational.
    Author: Vasile I Zărnescu

  184. Bourse-Dz | Plateforme de l'économie algérienne - e-Bourse
    Bourse-dz, première plateforme francophone dédiée à l'économie algérienne. Commerce, Energie, Industries, Finance, Agro-alimentaire et Tourisme, tout y est.

  186. Strona główna - - własność intelektualna, patenty, wynalazki - ochrona własności intelektualnej ang. intellectual property - patenty, wzory przemysłowe, licencje. Niezależny portal tematyczny.
    Author: Chomikuj Pl

  188. Thời báo Việt Đức - Tạp chí tư vấn về pháp luật,chế độ chính sách ở Đức
    Thời báo Việt Đức cung cấp các tư liệu cần thiết về các kiến thức pháp luật, các chế độ chính sách đối với người Việt Nam đang định cư tại Đức.

  190. Vos nouvelles locales sur la Côte-Nord - Ma Côte-Nord
    L'actualité régionale de la Côte-Nord. Pour toutes les nouvelles de Sept-Îles et Port-Cartier. Nouvelles, Faits divers, Sports, Culture, Économie.

  192. El Pregonar – Las noticias para el pueblo
    Las noticias para el pueblo
    Author: El Pregonar

  194. Portal Informacyjny Trójmiasto – Portal społecznościowy trójmiasta
    Author: Dagna

  196. Home - Entramar
    Entramar el diario digital del Biobío que cubre temas relacionados al océano, incluyendo sectores: pesquero, acuícola, marítimo portuario y logístico.
    Author: Pedro Fisher