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  2. Derrick Lee: Developer
    Personal website of Derrick Lee. Developer in Vancouver B.C. Check out his portfolio and experience.
    Author: Derrick Lee

  4. Will Carr: Full-Stack Developer
    Will Carr is an experienced full-stack developer currently based out of Ann Arbor, MI.

  6. Rachel Bitting | Web Developer
    Rachel Bitting is a Web Developer based out of Philadelphia, PA.

  8. Kenton Vizdos - full stack web developer
    I'm a high school student in Richmond, VA studying full stack web development.

  10. Pouya Jabbarisani | Front-end / Full-stack Web developer
    I'm a front-end / full-stack web developer (AngularJs, ReactJs, NodeJs)
    Author: Pouya Jabbarisani

  12. Pablo García: Jr Full-Stack Web developer
    I'm Jr. Full-Stack Web developer building Front-End Web Apps with Angular and React
    Author: Pablo García

  14. Wouter Versyck, Full Stack Java Developer
    Hi! My name is Wouter Versyck and i'm a full stack java developer based near Brussels.
    Author: Wouter Versyck

  16. Simon Irengård Gullstrand - Swedish Product Developer
    Software Engineer full stack web developer achieving high-quality solutions with exceptional user experience in Responsive web- , Android- and Java applications.

  18. Julian Pufler
    I've been working with different startups and companies, developed one of the most used COVID APIs with a remote team, built a few personal projects and looked into many other things.

  20. Jere Salonen | Full Stack Web Developer, Designer, Javascript Specialist & Mentor
    I design and code beautifully refined applications, and I love what I do.
    Author: Jere Salonen

  22. Eric Wündisch, Fullstack Developer from Berlin
    This is the description about me
    Author: Eric Wündisch

  24. Portfolio - Osamu Morozumi, Web Developer
    Portfolio website for web developer Osamu Morozumi. Osamu is a freelance web developer and designer living in Perth Australia. He builds web projects in WordPress, PHP, HTML5, CSS3 and javaScript
    Author: Osamu Morozumi

  26. Volkan Özçelik
    About Volkan Özçelik; who I am and the cool stuff I do.

  28. Engenheiro de Software - Vinicius Arcanjo
    Vinicius Arcanjo | Engenheiro de Software | WordPress, Laravel, Flutter, ReactJs, NextJs, TypeScript, JavaScript, SCSS, MySql
    Author: Vinicius Arcanjo

  30. Raleigh Daniel Froeber | Portfolio
    Personal Portfolio Website for Raleigh Daniel Froeber, Software Engineer living in NYC

  32. Jacopo Lelli | Home
    I'm Jacopo Lelli, I'm a full stack developer and software engineer. Contact me and let's make something amazing.

  34. Juanas Smith Shared
    Juanas Smith Shared adalah blog untuk berbagi dan sharing pengetahuan. menampilkan artikel tutorial seputar teknologi informasi, pengembangan software, coding, developer, software engineer

  36. Eric Nation - Full Stack Javascript Developer
    Eric Nation is an experienced Web Developer with eight years of commercial experience with specialization in developing beautiful and effective Angular and React eCommerce applications. Combining excellent communication and technical skills, working with Design and Product teams to deliver high impact features and products.

  38. Lucas Ayres - Full Stack Developer / SysAdmin
    Lucas Dantas Gama Ayres. Full Stack Developer. Desenvolve Sites, Aplicativos e Sistemas WEB. Possui experiência em desenvolvimento e infraestrutura, com foco em DevSecOps.
    Author: Lucas Dantas Gama Ayres

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  40. Karan Jhaveri
    Karan Jhaveri. Full-Stack Web, Software and Mobile Developer. Location. Mumbai, MH, India. Skype. karanrjhaveri. · Email. Web. Services. 2 years of experience. Deloitte. Ubisoft. Orbit Showtime Network (OSN). Code. Skills. C. C++. C#. Java. Python. HTML5. HTML. XHTML. XML. XPath. YAML. JSON. SQL. PL/SQL. UNIX. Bash. ACL. Resume. Summary.
    Author: Karan Jhaveri

  42. Gianlu Developer
    Full Stack Developer from Italy 🇮🇹

  44. Christina Greene | Developer
    Toronto Web Developer
    Author: Christina Greene

  46. Jack Thomas - Web Developer
    Frontend Developer based in Glasgow
    Author: Jack Thomas

  48. Francesco Pepe - Software Developer
    Personal site of Francesco Pepe - Software Developer
    Author: Francesco Pepe

  50. Tashila | Full-stack Developer
    I'm Tashila, a full-stack developer and an UI/UX Designer.
    Author: Tashila Fernando

  52. Thomas James Byers | Software Developer | Manchester
    Thomas James Byers is a Manchester based Software Developer experienced in Javascript web app development.

  54. Octavian Olteanu - Digital Designer & Web Developer
    A Digital Designer & Web Developer. I am specialised in digital design and branding, as well as in developing and designing websites.
    Author: Octavian Olteanu

  56. Francesco Orsi, Creative & Full Stack Developer
    Francesco Orsi, Creative & Full Stack Developer, Award-winning UX Designer and Developer based in London

  58. Francesco Orsi, Creative & Full Stack Developer
    Francesco Orsi, Creative & Full Stack Developer, Award-winning UX Designer and Developer based in London

  60. Max Theisen - Web and App Developer
    Max Theisen - Web and App Developer
    Author: Max Theisen

  62. Max Theisen - Web and App Developer
    Max Theisen - Web and App Developer
    Author: Max Theisen

  64. Abbas Monfared | Front-end Developer | UI Designer
    The Protfolio Of Abbas Monfared, Front-End Developer, UI Designer
    Author: Abbas Monfared

  66. Darren Hall – Frontend developer based in Manchester
    Frontend developer based in Manchester

  68. Sofia Lau-Alves Front-End Developer
    I am a front-end developer in environment and sustainable development. I am a true Builder whether it be physical construction or on the web through code. Anything to do with fixing, space-saving, and/or making things work more efficiently, count me in!

  70. Arkadiusz Wieczorek - Developer, privacy advocate
    Developer, privacy advocate, co-creator of Sealious, co-founder of,, programmer, programista, front-end developer, web designer, open-source lover, fan of React.
    Author: Arkadiusz Wieczorek kontakt-wieczorek pl

  72. Jacob Andes - Full Stack Developer
    Personal Portfolio for Jacob Andes, Full Stack Developer
    Author: Jacob Andes

  74. Per-Erik Rundqvist: Full Stack Developer
    The personal site of Per-Erik Rundqvist, an Full Stack Developer
    Author: Per-Erik Rundqvist

  76. Vimal Bera - Backend Developer
    Vimal Bera's Personal Portfolio - a Full Stack Developer. Working with Java, Python, Scala and its frameworks.
    Author: Vimal Bera

  78. Apex Apps | Web App Development
    Web application development by Aaron Gazzola. Apex Apps provides full stack JavaScript web app development - owned and operated by Australian software engineer: Aaron Gazzola BSc(Hons)

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  80. Jayaprakash Resume - Front End Developer Pondicherry
    Welcome to Jayaprakash is a Professional Web & Developer specializes in UI at Puducherry Software Company

  82. Fred Morozov 🔥 — Frontend Developer
    Hi. I'm Fred, I make apps. Frontend developer located in Russia.

  84. Mark Morcom Full Stack Software Developer
    Software developer that makes websites and business software
    Author: Mark Morcom

  86. Daniel Fortuna - Android & Full Stack Developer
    Daniel Fortuna - Web & mobile developer (Android)

  88. Tiffany Du | UI/UX Designer & Front-End Developer
    Portfolio website for Tiffany Du, a UI/UX designer and front-end developer based in Chicago, IL.
    Author: Tiffany Du

  90. Fausto Fratelli - Freelance UI/UX Designer & Front End Developer.
    Italy based freelance UI/UX Designer & Front End Developer. With 8+ years experience in design & development of modern, interactive websites & web apps.
    Author: Fausto Fratelli

  92. Wladi Veras
    Wladi Veras - Developer FullStack
    Author: Wladi Veras

  94. Erhan Yaşar | UX Engineer & Frontend Developer
    Erhan Yaşar | UX Engineer & Frontend Developer from Istanbul, Turkey
    Author: Erhan Yaşar

  96. Satyam Gupta - Freelance Full Stack Developer
    Freelance Full Stack Developer — Turning Your Ideas Into Apps using Code.
    Author: Satyam Gupta

  98. GALDINO TECNOLOGIA EM INFORM�TICA - Desenvolvimento, Interatividade, Tecnologia
    GALDINO TECNOLOGIA EM INFORM�TICA, Consultoria em Informática

  100. CodeLand
    Our excellent skills and experience on Adobe Experience Manager combined with a strong Adobe Partnership allow us to deliver outstanding results.

  102. Tiger Team | Soluciones a tus necesidades de IT
    Grupo táctico de especialistas que unidos generan un equipo de expertos para aplicar soluciones en materia de seguridad y estrategia de misión crítica.

  104. Emre GULER | Personal Web Site
    Emre GULER Personal web site. Senior QA/Test Lead with 6+ years of experience in testing software applications in Manual, Automation and Performance Testing. Experience in leading/managing team up to 15 resources on the multiple projects simultaneously.
    Author: Emre GULER

  106. Raphael Gerber • codeyard
    Raphael Gerber's Personal Website
    Author: Raphael Gerber

  108. Dave King | Freelance Web Designer and Wordpress Developer - Melbourne, Australia
    Freelance Website Design and Wordpress Development
    Author: Dave King - www designbydave com au

  110. David Romero - Full Stack Developer
    Personal Full Stack Developer Portfolio. Passionate about programming as a resource to build tomorrow's future. Checkout my showcase, contact and more.

  112. Vitaliy Vorobyev - web developer
    Vitaliy Vorobyev - professional web developer with a wide scope of technical skills, including javascript, typescript, angular js, angular 2+, react.js, node.js, sql, mongoDB
    Author: Vitaliy Vorobyev - professional web developer

  114. Anirudh Sethi | Developer and Researcher
    Hi There! I am a passionate developer and researcher. I love to innovate and build stuff. Most of the times, I work on an idea irrespective of the technology involved. Visit my website -, to know more about what I do and what I have done so far.
    Author: Mail In

  116. Frontero - Front end developer Robert van Dijk
    Als freelance front end developer ontwikkel ik functionele, gebruiksvriendelijke websites en applicaties voor starters, ondernemers en het mkb. Met meer dan 15 jaar ervaring bij diverse opdrachtgevers.
    Author: Meta-Tags Generator

  118. Web Developer | Web design HTML CSS PHP MySQL Laravel Framework JavaScript
    Bruno Martins | Web Developer Front-End & Back-End Developer in Atlanta / GA - PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JAVASCRIPT, LARAVEL FRAMEWORK AND MORE
    Author: Bruno Martins

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  120. Laura Kishimoto | engineering manager and front end developer
    A Canadian web developer in the UK. Likes design, red pandas, music, board games, and good clean code.
    Author: Laura Kishimoto

  122. Nicole Lambon - Front-end Developer and Website Designer Cape Town
    My name is Nicole Lambon and I am a Front-end Developer and Website Designer Cape Town

  124. Kluren - Fine-Tuned Technologies | Software Development Company
    We are a leading software development and platform engineering services company
    Author: Kluren ltd

  126. Petrović Stefan - Web Developer & Graphic Designer
    Welcome to Stefan's portfolio. Stefan Petrović, is a young web developer and graphic designer from Serbia. Always looking for new stuff to learn and explore!
    Author: Stefan Petrović

  128. Full Stack Web Developer Freelancer - webss
    Razvan Cotoarba, Full Stack Web Developer Freelancer, ma ocup de dezvoltare site-uri web si optimizare SEO in Sibiu, Romania.

  130. Frederiek Vanhove - Full Stack Developer - Salamander | Digital Agency
    Frederiek is die-hard developer bij Salamander en is thuis in veel ontwikkeltalen. Je kan Frederiek een mailtje sturen of zijn LinkedIn pagina bezoeken.

  132. Tri Rumekso Anggie Wibowo || Full Stack Javascript Developer
    A portfolio website belongs to a full stack Javascript developer named Tri Rumekso Anggie Wibowo

  134. Arne Rolf - Full Stack Developer Berlin
    Arne Rolf - Web-Entwickler aus Berlin | Front-End, Back-End, Datenbanken
    Author: Arne Rolf

  136. Jorge-Aita
    Psicoanalista Jorge-Aita

  138. Mustafa Temiz, MSc in Computer Science, full stack developer and dad of three.
    Mustafa Temiz, Master of Computer Science, full stack developer and dad of three.
    Author: Mustafa Temiz

  140. Pravin kumar | Full Stack Developer
    Pravin Kumar | Full Stack Developer

  142. Sadi | Software Engineer
    Sadi Mohammad Mustafa | Software Developer

  144. Julio Molina | Front-End Developer
    Julio Molina | Front End Developer

  146. Jordan Harris | Developer
    Jordan Harris | Developer

  148. José Cage | Backend Developer
    Showing to the world how Open Source can change lifes. Creator of @doesangueorg, entrepreneur and header of @linkasoftwares

  150. José Cage | Backend Developer
    Showing to the world how Open Source can change lifes. Creator of @doesangueorg, entrepreneur and header of @linkasoftwares

  152. sanjarkhan nasibli
    sanjarkhan nasibli | front-end developer

  154. Alex Adejumo | Software Developer
    Temitope Alex Adejumo | Software Developer

  156. Cody Brubaker | Developer
    Cody Brubaker | Developer

  158. [Syd Rob] | Developer
    [Syd Rob] | Developer

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  160. Eric Williams, Jr.| Developer
    Eric Williams Jr | Developer

  162. Karsan Uthayakumar
    Karsan Uthayakumar

  164. Justin Elmore | Developer
    I can help turn your ideas into reality. Take a look at my portfolio projects and let's see if we can work together on your next project.

  166. Sirice | Portfolio
    Sirice's portfolio

  168. Francisco Hernández | Developer
    Frontend Developer, Web Designer

  170. Chase Lancaster | Developer
    [Your name here] | Developer

  172. Abdulrahman Elsharqawi | Portfolio
    Abdulrahman Elsharqawi | Portfolio

  174. Thomas R.
    Vous avec des idées de projets ? Laissez-moi les concrétiser.
    Author: Contact Fr

  176. Jing Fan | Developer
    Jing Fan | Developer

  178. David Adeleye | Developer
    David Adeleye | Developer

  180. Rayhan Emillul Fata | Junior Developer
    [Rayhan Emillul Fata] | Junior Developer

  182. Jeryl Estopace | Full Stack Developer
    Hi! I'm Jeryl Estopace. Welcome to my Portfolio website.

  184. Gatsby Simplefolio
    Gatsby Simplefolio

  186. Gatsby Simplefolio
    Gatsby Simplefolio

  188. Gatsby Simplefolio
    Gatsby Simplefolio

  190. Gatsby Simplefolio
    Gatsby Simplefolio

  192. Gatsby Simplefolio
    Gatsby Simplefolio

  194. Daniel Rasmussen
    Daniel Rasmussen a.k.a drGeo

  196. DJ's Portfolio
    DJ's Portfolio

  198. Yuriy Stasiv | Frontend Developer

  200. Jaan Taponen | Full Stack Developer
    Personal portfolio and home site for Jaan Taponen.