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  2. Pier Alfeo
    Electronic Music Composer - Sound Artist
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  4. Paweł Kulczyński | musician, sound artist, producer
    Experimental musician, producer and sound artist, working with advanced synthesizers and multichannel environments, also with sound design for theater and film.

  6. Lilian Beidler - musician+
    sound artist, performer, learner, composer, teacher, singer, etc. etc.

  8. SVETLANA MARAŠ - about
    web page of svetlana maras, composer and sound artist

  10. Zimoun
    Zimoun is a Swiss artist, composer and musician who's most known for his sound sculptures, sound architectures and installation art that combine raw, industrial materials with mechanical elements.

  12. Randy Gibson | Sound | Time | Art
    Homepage for Randy Gibson: Minimalist composer and visual artist working with sound, time, light, and space to shift and refocus the perception of passing time.

  14. Lukas Pearse
    Lukas Pearse is a Composer / Performer / Sound Editor / Sonic Artist / Bassist: electric and acoustic, fretted and fretless located in Halifax, Nova Scotia

  16. Fluidian - composer | sound artist
    Fluidian (Emil Gherasim, b. 1973) composer, guitarist and sound artist. His work includes acoustic and electronic art music, film and theatre music, sound illustrations for contemporary dance and visual performances, minimalist textural music, sound paintings and ambiental soundscapes
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  18. The Website of Artist Gary James Joynes
    CLINKER GARY JAMES JOYNES is a dedicated audio and visual artist, composer/musician/vocalist, and sound designer. He is fascinated by the sources of electronic composition and the ever-evolving language of technology; objects and mechanisms stimulate his process. As CLINKER, his work explores meditative spaces and the kinesthetic and synesthetic effects of sound and visuals.

  20. Andrew Bostelmann Studios
    Andrew Bostelmann Studios specializes in photography, videography, light and sound engineering, live event prouduction, and so much more!

  22. eMuse An Interactive Sound Odyssey [in progress] by avocational composer and media artist Tess Heder: The Adventures of eMuse in the New Mil
    The Noughties New Millennium Adventures of SeXagenarian media artist and composer Tess Heder Field recorded Sounds and original music and video. Push play to your own taste a collection of playlist tableaux with the self-recorded music and videos from eMuse Chronicles.

  24. Home
    Douglas Quin is a music composer, sound artist and designer, wildlife recordist, public radio commentator and educator. For the past 30 years he has traveled widely documenting the natural soundscape—from Antarctic ice to Arctic tundra and from African savannah to Amazon rainforest.

  26. kimia koochakzadeh-yazdi
    Kimia Koochakzadeh-Yazdi (b. 1997 Tehran, Iran) is an Iranian/Canadian composer based in Vancouver, Canada. Working with instrumental and electroacoustic media, she has actively collaborated on projects written for dance performance and film in addition to concert pieces. She seeks to incorporate into her music her experiences of the cultural contexts she has been living in so far. She was recently commissioned by Western From to write for their 8.2 octophonic sound system and has just finished her artist residency at Media Arts Committee. Koochakzadeh-Yazdi has recently joined the New Music on the Point program as participant composer and will be attending EQ:Evolution o...

  28. Andrew Rosinski – Artist & Filmmaker
    Andrew Rosinski is an artist, filmmaker, and independent curator. He currently lives in Brooklyn, NY.

  30. Andrew Goodman
    Andrew Goodman is a contemporary artist whose work encompasses soft sculpture, sound, lights and electronics, and sometimes video into immersive installations, usually featuring generative or interactive elements.

  32. Canadian Composer | Andrew James Clark | Ontario
    Andrew James Clark is the artistic director of Classical Context, the President of the Canadian COmposers Orchestra and the Principal Pianist of Heron Park Baptist Church.

  34. Keith Andrews Fine Art
    Keith Andrews is a Wildlife Artist living In Calgary, Alberta, Canada. His photo realistic Oil Paintings have a one of a kind mood created with light and shadow.

  36. Dani Joss
    Composer, sound artist, sound designer, producer, sound engineer. VFX artist and colorist at Occam's Sharpener Media. Tech director at Die Wolke art group and Vitruvian Thing. Director of the series ‘Imago’. Lives and works in Thessaloniki, Greece.

  38. Ideas Of Noise
    Ideas of Noise is the meeting point of the practices of sound artist/violinist Sarah Farmer and musician/composer Andrew Woodhead. Through a mixture of performance, installation, intervention and curation, IoN creates live and digital experiences which intersect the worlds of improv, electronica, sound art, noise, contemporary classical and experimental music. So far IoN has primarily
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  40. Pippa Murphy : Composer – Pippa Murphy is a composer, sound designer, arranger, producer and musical director living in Scotland. She works
    Pippa Murphy is a composer, sound designer, arranger, producer and musical director living in Scotland. She works with orchestras, ensembles, bands, artists, dancers, writers and performers in the …

  42. Andrew Carter • Contemporary Australian Artist
    Andrew Carter is an Australian Artist living in Denmark in the South West of Western Australia. Carter has been represented by many leading commercial art galleries with numerous solo and group exhibitions over his career. His works hang in many private collections both in Australia and overseas.
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  44. Gordon Krei - Composition & Sound Design
    Gordon Krei is a multi-award winning composer and sound designer. He studied composition and musicology and has been well-trained both in classical and modern popular music. With over two decades of experience as a live musician, composer, sound designer and music producer Gordon Krei has created many unique works and collaborated with great artists and filmmakers.

  46. Patrick O'Hearn
    Patrick O'Hearn is a musician, composer, and sound designer whose work has been featured in several motion picture films, television show, live performances, and numerous solo albums. As a bassist with a unique signature sound, he has performed and recorded with noted artists Frank Zappa, M

  48. The New Ruckus
    A mutual support organization for the people who invent new music. We are composers, improvisers, sound artists and songwriters. Our mission is to help each other achieve a sense of purpose and satisfaction in our musical lives, by providing moral support and practical help in creating our work, getting it heard, and making personal connections through it.

  50. Music | biobazar
    Composer, writer and DJ, Dany Janvier is a multidisciplinary artist who works with both image and sound. Specializing in chill-out electronic music, electronica, IDM, ambient, and psybient, he’s been part of the Canadian electro-underground scene since 1998. Biobazar has offered hundreds of live performances and DJ sets as part of various shows and several Canadian electronic-music festivals