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  2. Stallions - Australia's leading online stallion directory. Leading sire list, stakes results
    Stallions - Leading Sire Lists, Sales Results, Stakes Results and Refernce Stallions, Hypothetical matings

  4. Stallions -
    Browse the largest range of Stallion profiles, statistics, pedigree and progeny for sale. View Leading Sire Premiership table and latest Stakes and 2YO winners.

  6. Current Auctions | Inglis Digital Online Auctions

  8. Windsor Park Stud | Horse Breeding | Horse Racing | Cambridge, New
    Windsor Park Stud, is located a few minutes drive from the township of Cambridge, New Zealand, in the heart of some of the best thoroughbred breeding stallions in the world.

  10. Breednet
    Breednet is the complete resource covering the breeding industry throughout Australasia featuring the latest news, race results, stallion profiles and sale information.

  12. RACING.COM - YOUR RACING CONNECTION is Australia's premier resource for racing news, video, raceday information & profiles. Watch live & on-demand VIC & SA horse racing anywhere, anytime
    Author: RACING COM

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  16. Cane Corso pedigree database - - Pedigree
    Pedigree, Canecorso pedigree database
    Author: Canecorso pedigree database

  18. Chow's Who Pedigrees | Chow Chow Directory
    Chow's Who Pedigrees : Pedigree website for chow-chows, featuring pedigrees, pictures and breedlines

  20. The Global Pedigree™ Project - Online Rabbit Pedigree Software Program, Rabbit Breeders Herd Management Tools, Worldwide Rabbit Breeding Col
    The Global Pedigree™ Project - Online Rabbit Pedigree Software Program, Rabbit Breeders Herd Management Tools, Worldwide Rabbit Breeding Collaboration : A Rabbit Breeder’s Tool - rabbit,pedigree,rabbit pedigree,rabbit pedigree software,pedigree software,rabbit pedigree program,rabbits,litter,global pedigree,photo pedigrees,compare rabbits,rabbit database,breeder,rabbit breeder,breeder tool,herd,herd management,free pedigree template,free rabbit pedigree,free rabbit pedigree template,rabbit breeding software,rabbit breeding program,rabbit breeding
    Author: Jeremy S Cowan

  22. Pedigree animal. Родословная животного. Pedigree dell'animale. Stammbaum des Tieres. Pedigree de l'animal. La genealogía de los animales.
    Pedigree animal. Родословная животного. Pedigree dell'animale. Stammbaum des Tieres. Pedigree de l'animal. La genealogía de los animales.

  24. PremiumBreed - Build pedigrees online
    Online pedigree builder, pedigree generator, pedigree certificates and membership management for individual breeders and breed societies
    Author: Joel Small

  26. :: Pigeon Pedigree Software - easily create pedigree!
    Pigeon pedigree software - the best racing pigeon pedigree software. Make professional pedigree template for your pigeons.

  28. Sheltie Pedigree Lines
    Pedigree Lines is an interactive site featuring Sheltie photos and pedigrees. Add/edit your dogs and print your pedigrees with photos!

  30. Pedigree Consultants – thoroughbred pedigree consultancy, research and bloodstock management
    Pedigree Consultants is a thoroughbred pedigree and bloodstock management company
    Author: Jason Abrahams; Champion Thoroughbreds; AUS

  32. Genial Pedigree Draw, Pedigree Drawing Software, Genetic Pedigree Drawing, Pedigree Charts, Genial Genetics
    Genial Pedigree Draw online pedigree drawing application with stand alone download. Create pedigree diagrams with automated layout.
    Author: Genial Pedigree Draw

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  34. All Breed Pedigree Query
    All Breed Pedigree Database containing more than 6.4 million horses from all breeds. Get pedigrees reports and a free five generation pedigree chart.
    Author: Miles Michelson

  36. Pedigree CH-DE | Home

  38. Comic Book Pedigrees, the online pedigree comic scan gallery., information about Comic Book Pedigrees, with an online pedigree comic scan gallery.

  40. Blacktype Pedigree
    Blacktype pedigree

  42. ACA Dogs - Pedigree Research Center for ACA Dogs
    Research ACA Dogs pedigrees. FInd the linage of your ACA Registered dog. Pedigree database for ACA registration...

  44. Pedigree Limousin cattle and semen from Nether Hall Farm, Cumbria
    Nether Hall Farm pedigree Limousin cattle. Pedigree Limousin cattle and semen from Netherhall Farm, Cumbria

  46. CHIC CHOIX team – Passion for pedigree dogs
    Passion for pedigree dogs
    Author: Passion

  48. Deerpark Pedigree Pigs
    Deerpark Pedigree Pigs

  50. ePedigrees - Shared Online Database of Pedigrees, Photos, & More.
    Online Pedigree Software.

  52. Pedigree Database
    Pedigree Database and information

  54. Webpedigrees-Accueil
    Pedigree of the , horse born in by and ()

  56. Webpedigrees
    Pedigree of the , horse born in by and ()

  58. SporthorseData
    Passionate about Pedigrees

  60. Pedigree Ski Shop
    Pedigree Ski Shop

  62. West Highland White Terrier
    More than pedigree database!

  64. Lindgren Seeds
    Pedigree & Commercial Seed
    Author: Lindgren Seeds

  66. G1 Goldmine - Thoroughbred Breeding Intelligence
    A leading strategic pedigree system for thoroughbred breeders and stud farms. Analyse the compatibility of a complete pedigree (male/female).

  68. Breeders Online | Puppies and Kittens For Sale | Cats and Dogs
    Find pedigree breeders online. We list thousands of pedigree dogs, cats, kittens and puppies for sale or stud online
    Author: Breeders Online

  70. Anjula Pomeranians
    Anjula Pomeranians pedigreed Pomeranian Puppies for Sale Find out Why We Have a Great Reputation for Providing Pedigreed Pomeranian Puppies. Dogs Are Loyal Companions For Life - Find out Why We Have a Great Reputation of Providing Pedigreed Pomeranian Puppies.

  72. eAlpaca - Welcome to eAlpaca
    eAlpaca provides pedigree and event services to national alpaca associations. It currently has nearly 200,000 animals with pedigrees dating back over 20 years and 10+ generations with pedigrees all the way back to ancestors in Peru, Chile and Bolivia.

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  74. ACD Pedigree - Home
    Australian Cattle Dog Pedigree Finder
    Author: ACD Pedigree

  76. Welcome - Weimaraner Pedigree Database
    Weimaraner International Pedigree Database
    Author: Weimaraners International

  78. Pedigree : Staffordshire Bullterriers Pedigree Database
    Staffordshire Bullterriers Pedigree Database

  80. Calvados Bloodstock - Thoroughbred Marketing and Pedigree Research
    Thoroughbred Marketing and Pedigree Research
    Author: Author ftimoney

  82. Shiba Inu Pedigree DataBase
    Shiba Inu Pedigree DataBase!

  84. Bunny Trails Software - Home
    Rabbit/Bunny Pedigree Software

  86. Australian Cat Federation | ACF Inc.
    Australian Cat Federation is a National Pedigree Cat advisory body. There are member bodies in each state of Australia. Each of these member bodies look after the registration of their states pedigree cats, their members and breeder prefixes. Each also hold Pedigree Cat exhibitions and will give advise to the general public regarding cat care, pedigree cat breeds and their care.
    Author: Dextralog IT services

  88. Welcome to the Pedigrees Blog! - The Pedigrees Blog
    Welcome to the Pedigrees Blog! I started with a standard 4 generations pedigree of my first dog – up to now I found 13000+ ancestors… Curious how to achieve that?
    Author: Jane

  90. Pedigree Farmer | Specialist Web Design for Farmers, Breeders and Agri-Business
    Pedigree Farmer is a specialist web design service for farmers, breeders and agri-businesses to showcase their pedigree livestock and services using the Internet.

  92. Riesenschnauzerkennel Mousaro
    Elevage familial de Riesenschnauzer. Pedigree Saint Hubert, vacciné et garanti. Family breeding of Riesenschnauzer. Pedigree St Hubert, vaccinated and guaranteed.

    Site oficial da empresa Kennel Clube Fluminense que é responsável por registro de pedigree de cães, transferências de pedigrees, títulos de competições e etc. Seja um de nossos sócios, venha nos conhecer!!!


  98. Dobermanns` base
    Dobermanns` base: Pedigrees, Heredity, Progeny

  100. Welcome - Swedish Vallhund Pedigree Database
    Swedish Vallhunds International Pedigree Database
    Author: Swedish Vallhunds

  102. Pug Pedigree Research Database
    online pug pedigree research database

  104. Welcome to the PSG pedigree database
    Pedigree database for sugar glider breeders

  106. Hunting Lab Pedigree
    Online Labrador retriever pedigree database

  108. Welcome - Afghan Hound Pedigree Database
    Afghan Hounds International Pedigree Database
    Author: Afghan Hounds International

  110. Pedigree Dynamics — Thoroughbred pedigree analysis and bloodstock sales
    Thoroughbred pedigree analysis and bloodstock sales

  112. Welcome to TICA - The International Cat Association, TICA cats, TICA pedigreed cats, pedigreed cats, pedigreed cats registry, household pet
    Welcome to TICA - The International Cat Association, TICA cats, TICA pedigreed cats, pedigreed cats, pedigreed cats registry, household pet cat registry, domestic cat registry, Savannah cat, Bengal cat, Persian cat, Maine Coon cat

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  114. Queensland Independent Cat Council Inc.
    The Queensland Independent Cat Council is an Australian Cat registering body, holding Shows for both Pedigree and household pets, and maintaining a register of Pedigree cats.

  116. Pitpedia – Your Number 1 Free Pit Bull & Bully Pedigree Database
    Your one stop website for Pitbull & Bully Pedigrees See More About Pitpedia is your one stop website for adding your pedigrees, testmating, for classifieds, for promoting your breedings, studs, and kennel, and or
    Author: Pit Admin

  118. Thoroughbred Horse Pedigree Query
    Thoroughbred Pedigree Database containing more than 2.9 million horses. Get pedigrees reports for almost any thoroughbred and find out more about thoroughbred horses.
    Author: Miles Michelson

  120. Canisa Pitesti - Pui - American Staffordshire Terrier - Staffordshire Bull Terrier
    Canisa vinde Amstaff cu pedigree. Vand catei Amstaff pedigree, Vand catei rasa Staffordshire Bull Terrier Bucuresti. Staffordshire Bull Terrier de vanzare.

  122. moondiva french bulldogs
    french bulldogs championship pedigrees show and pet

  124. Himalayan Cats - Welcome!
    Himalayan Cats and their history, photos, pedigrees, articles

  126. American Pit Bull Terrier Pedigrees -
    American Pit Bull Terrier Pedigrees - APBTPedigrees
    Author: Fran Llorens

  128. avenir pedigrees french bulldog show dog breeders index
    avenir pedigrees french bulldog show dog breeders.

  130. specop suffolks, bred for performance
    Welcome to Specop Suffolks, pedigree performance suffolk sheep

  132. Cavalier Pedigrees - Online Database of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
    Pedigree Database of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
    Author: Cavalier Pedigrees

  134. Akita Pedigree
    The biggest and most precise Akita Inu pedigree database!!!

  136. Who are we? - Stichting Ras en Recht/Foundation Justice for pedigreedogs
    This post is also available in: Nederlands (Dutch)A foundation for the rights of the pedigree dog The Foundation ‘Ras en Recht’ was founded out of a sense of injustice towards breeders of pedigree dogs and in particular short-muzzled dogs. In

  138. aanvangspagina www bullterrier nl
    A website about Bullterriers and their breeders in Holland. For foreign visitors the pedigree archive may be especially intresting,there are far over 60.000 pedigrees from Western-European countries.> <meta name=

  140. Affordable Dog Food & Dog Treats | PEDIGREE
    Try affordable dog food from PEDIGREE®. PEDIGREE® makes Really Good Food for dogs: explore nutritionally balanced wet, dry, puppy, and senior dog food.

  142. Bangor Beagles
    breeding beagle for companionship and show. Pictures, pedigrees, videos and more. Canil especializado na criação de Beagles para companhia e show. Historia da Raça, fotos, videos, pedigrees, dicas e muito mais
    Author: Nora Jacobs

  144. Neufundländer Neska Politas - Home
    Neufundländer, Newfoundlands, Puppies, Welpen, Pedigree, Neufundland, Hunde

  146. Harrison & Hetherington
    Renowned auctioneers, selling all classes of pedigree and commercial livestock.

  148. Havsvindens Kennel
    Havsvindens Kennel shows some of our dogs and their pedigrees

  150. The Breed Archive
    A place for animal lovers, breed enthusiasts and pedigree addicts

  152. The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy of South Australia | GCCFSA
    A registering pedigree cat control body for South Australia

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  154. Отдых в Грибовке 2021, цены базы отдыха в Грибовке "Гидростроитель", отдых в Грибовке для семьи
    Грибовка база отдыха "Гидростроитель". База отдыха в Грибовке семейного типа "Гидростроитель" расположена на самом пляже. Отдых на море в Грибовке 2021 в 3-, 4-, 5-местных номерах, где есть телевизор, кондиционер, холодильник, все удобства

  156. Barreau d'Annecy, avocats annecy, barreau des avocats
    Barreau d'Annecy, avocats annecy, barreau des avocats

  158. Promoteur immobilier à annecy, appartements neufs en VEFA a Annecy - Alpéa Promotion
    Alpéa Promotion est un promoteur immobilier basé à Annecy et intervenant sur toute la Haute Savoie, découvrez ses différents programmes d'appartements neufs en VEFA.

  160. Marteron - Consultoria Imobiliária
    Author: Guess Soluções em Tecnologia

  162. Chaussures Hommes, Femmes, Filles & Garçons Le Havre, Saint-Romain, Pont-Audemer, Normandie
    Retrouvez en ligne nos chaussures femmes hommes enfants à Le Chauss'Pied Le Havre, Saint Romain, Pont-Audemer en Normandie. Découvrez les marques Dr Martens, JB Martens, Bellamy, Babybotte, Bopy, Froddo, GABOR, Les Tropeziennes par M Belarni, Muratti, Coco Abricot, Nero Giardini, Chrtistian Pellet, Fluchos,Franco Romagnoli,, Rondinaud, Semelflex, Natural World, Pius Gabor, Pikolinos, Reqins, Sebago, Toni Pons, Timberland, Unisa, Xapatan

  164. Апартаменты для отдыха в горах | CGH Résidences & Spas
    CGH Residences & spas предлагает горные апартаменты в аренду во Французских Альпах. Откройте для себя в течение года самые красивые и исключительные курорты в Альпах, которые вам покажутся слишком короткими.

  166. Vakantiehuis in Frankrijk, vakantie appartementen in de Alpen | CGH Residences & Spas
    CGH Residences & spas biedt bergappartementen te huur aan in de Franse Alpen. Ontdek gedurende het jaar de mooiste en meest uitzonderlijke resorts in de Alpen waarvoor u uw verblijf te kort zult vinden.

  168. Azertex, AZX, chaussettes sport, boxers, freegun, camps united, bambou, masques tissu
    Vente de chaussettes, collants et sous vetements

  170. Le Grenier Savoyard - Achat / vente meilleurs produits régionaux directement sur votre table
    Vente à distance de produits régionaux Savoie, Haute Savoie, Jambons, Saucissons, fromages. Les magasins du Grenier Savoyard vous proposent une sélection rigoureuse de Jambons, Saucissons, Fromages et

  172. Découvrez nos appartements de ski au cœur des Deux Alpes, dans le massif des Ecrins.
    Discover our apartments available for rent for your ski holidays, and enjoy the magic of winter in the mountains.

  174. Cristal Spa, Spa bord du lac Annecy, spa montagne la Clusaz
    Cristal Spa, Spa bord du lac Annecy, Spa montagne la Clusaz, Espace bien-être Annecy, soins et massage Annecy et La Clusaz, Soins du visage, massages, hammam, sauna, bains bouillonnants, Piscine intérieure Annecy et La Clusaz

  176. Barreau d'Albertville, ordre des avocats d'Albertville, tribunal d'Albertville
    Bienvenue sur le site du barreau d'Albertville, ordre des avocats d'Albertville

  178. Groupe PVG, hôtellerie, chalets et résidences de tourisme à La Clusaz et Annecy
    Groupe PVG, Promotion immobilière, hôtellerie et résidences de tourisme à la Clusaz et Annecy.

  180. Leman Bio Energie producteur de Biocarburant - Genève - Vaud - Fribourg
    Leman Bio Energie, producteur de biocarburant - Biodiese - Genève - Vaud - Fribourg

  182. Hôtel Alpen Roc, La Clusaz - Hôtel 3 étoiles dans le Massif des Aravis
    L'Hôtel Alpen Roc*** à la Clusaz : le confort aux pieds du Massif des Aravis et des pistes de La Clusaz. Réservez en ligne votre séjour ou vos séminaires d'entreprise.

  184. Hôtel Beauregard - Hotel la Clusaz 4 étoiles - Haute-Savoie
    L'Hôtel Beauregard**** à la Clusaz : un havre de paix au pied du Massif des Aravis. Réservez en ligne toute l'année pour votre séjour ou vos séminaires d'entreprise.

  186. Cave à vin Genève, cave vieillissement, sur mesure - Cave Premium

  188. Sogetri - Centre de tri & recyclage - Tri et traitement de tous types de déchets - Gestion de déchets - Valorisation de déchets - Geneve -
    Sogetri, centre de tri & recyclage à Genève, Vaud et Fribourg. Tri et recyclage de tous types de déchets - recyclage déchets industriels - recyclage ferraille - recyclage verre - recyclage bois

  190. Agence immobilière Rumilly, Immodec
    Immodec, agence immobilière dans le secteur de l'Albanais, vous accueil et vous accompagne dans votre démarche d'achat, de vente, ou de location de biens immobiliers.

  192. Gestion des déchets en Suisse, Helvetia Environnement
    Helvetia Environnement, acteur global de la gestion des déchets en Suisse. Collecte des déchets et services, recyclage et valorisation des déchets, créateur d'énergie...