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  2. Home | Datascan Redaction Services | Video & Document Redaction
    Video Redaction At Datascan Redaction we provide clients with reliable, professionally reviewed redaction and editing services. Your CCTV footage will be edited by expert staff in order to keep you compliant with GDPR and data protection legislation. Our CCTV redaction service is fast and efficient. A fully independent
    Author: Datascan

  4. – Use your right to privacy.
    The GDPR grants you a lot of privacy rights. We want to help you use them. Easily generate GDPR requests for lots of companies and learn more about the General Data Protection Regulation and data protection.

  6. UK AI Company - Machine Learning & Business Data Analytics
    Data Technology work at the forefront of AI. As one of the leading AI data analytics companies in the UK, we excel at AI & machine learning for business.

  8. Data Protection Methods | Gdpr solutions
    We provide best solutions in GDPR Audits, GDPR Guidelines, Privacy Data Breaches, GDPR data protection & in case of privacy data breach. We teach our clients about GDPR compliance requirements and give GDPR training to their company employees so that can play the role of Data Protection Officers.
    Author: Lisa Metrie

  10. Data Science, Database, Tools Learning's (Video-Image-Text-Data-Database)
    Deep Learning - Machine Learning - Data(base), NLP, Video - SQL Learning's - (Learn - Code - Coach - Teach - Innovate)
    Author: Siva

  12. Samuele Resca
    Bolognese moved to London. Software engineer working with data, and machine learning. I am also Microsoft MVP Visual Studio and Development Technologies.

  14. Data science consulting | Andrew Nisbet
    I help companies create data products and extract value from their data. I work with geospatial data, machine learning, and statistics.

  16. - Deep Learning Solutions for Augmented Knowledge
    We exploit Machine and Deep Learning Technologies to generate Value through Data.

  18. Ashmanov Neural Networks – artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies
    We develop products based on neural networks and Machine Learning. We provide Machine Learning technology consulting services.

  20. Free IT & Electronics Recycling Company in UK | Resolve IT Recycling
    Resolve IT Recycling is a fully licensed ISO accredited WEEE Recycling company. We can help you with GDPR compliance. We provide free IT Recycling, Electronics Recycling and Data Destruction Services based in Somerset covering all over the UK. Book now online! Free Collection!
    Author: Sws-Admin

  22. Aeneas Wiener
    Cytora generates real time data to help companies identify, manage and price risk. Our technology stack — based on advanced machine learning — turns billions of pieces of web-based information into structured, factual data describing where risk is distributed in the world.
    Author: Aeneas Wiener Dec

  24. Veeresh Elango
    I’m a Data Scientist at Scania and currently based in Stockholm, Sweden. I blog about my work and contemplations in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data visualization.
    Author: Veeresh Elango

  26. Data Protection & Compliance Services - Data Protection Service Ireland
    We provide data protection and compliance services. Our qualified team will provide support to help you become GDPR compliant. Outsourced DPO and training services.

  28. Business to Business GDPR in Lincolnshire | InfoLore Ltd
    Our team provide expert business to business GDPR in Lincolnshire. With specialist knowledge of cyber security, we can help with data protection compliance.

  30. Homepage - Ginkgo Analytics
    Data Science as a Service Our services Consulting Ideation and exploration workshops to unleash the power of data and transform your enterprise into a data driven company. Setup of internal organizations and technology stacks. Implementation We work with your data to create insights, visualizations and services. We apply statistical algorithms and machine learning techniques to […]

  32. Predictive Analytics Research Group - Hadrian Advisors - We provide machine learning and data-mining technologies applied to predicitive ana
    We provide machine learning and data-mining technologies applied to predicitive analysis.

  34. NexLP | Cognitive Analytics
    NexLP | The Artificial Intelligence Leader for Legal & Compliance. Next-generation Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing technologies for understanding complex, unstructured data

  36. AiKnow Labs Pvt. Ltd.
    AiKnow Labs is a Bangalore based company working on Fintech , Artificial Intelligence , Machine Learning as well as the new technologies.

  38. Mutt Data | Boost your business with Machine Learning & Big Data
    Mutt Data is a technology company that helps you develop custom data products using Machine Learning, Data Science and Big Data to boost your business.

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  40. Wisepl - Create a World, Cultivate with AI
    Wisepl, data annotation outsourcing company in mannarkkad providing machine learning and deep learning services to annotate text, image, video with Good accuracy .

  42. Didomi | Privacy and consent management platform
    We help companies put their users in control of their data, thus generating trust and complying with privacy regulation such as GDPR or CCPA

  44. Analytika – Analytla is a technology company developing end-to-end Industry 4.0 solutions based on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learnin
    Our Services We will partner with your organization to help you leveraging your data assets based on cutting edge technologies. We are and End-to-End solution advanced technology solution provider, your one stop shop for all your digital transformation needs. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Discover the possibilities of
    Author: Osama Blogger

  46. Ambolt - We use technology to empower people
    Ambolt AI is a software consultancy specialized in machine learning and big data. We use data science and machine learning techniques to help companies build state-of-the-art AI-Solutions.

  48. Hydatis - Data Intelligence, Digital Experience, Customer Engagement
    IT based Services Company providing Business Solutions, Artificial Intelligence , Machine Learning, Data Science ,Data Engineering and Digital Experience

  50. 2021 Embedded Vision Summit | Computer Vision and Edge AI Conference
    The best conference for those working to solve real-world problems by developing products enabled with computer vision, visual AI, sensor data, machine learning and other edge AI technology.

  52. DVT | Digital Video Technologies (NZ) Ltd
    Here at Digital Video Technologies (DVT) we specialise in working with Production, Post Production, Film, Streaming and Visual Effects Companies in NZ. DVT is an Established Solution provider to the Production, Post and Visual Effects Market in New Zealand

    33x specializes in machine learning and robotics consulting. We help companies develop systematic and sustainable solutions for their data, machine learning, automation and robotics needs.

  56. Your data-driven digital project. Delivered! - Cloud Officer
    We help organisations deliver data-driven digital projects using the latest cloud and machine learning technology.

  58. Function All
    We are a software consultancy that specialize in data analytics, machine learning and artifical intelligence. We help companies understand and grow their business from data.

  60. Skovinen :: AI-driven Operational Transformation
    Skovinen - Humanizing Machine Learning & Deep Learning. We help companies operationalize Artificial Intelligence, specifically Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning, to benefit from one of the most transformative technologies of the 21st century

  62. AI-powered market intelligence and consulting service powered by GfK
    Learn how GfK's data analytics, consumer reports & machine learning technology can help you generate the marketing strategy that drives business effectiveness.

  64. AI-powered market intelligence and consulting service powered by GfK
    Learn how GfK's data analytics, consumer reports & machine learning technology can help you generate the marketing strategy that drives business effectiveness.

    De Machine is an Antwerp-based creative production company. We produce tv commercials & social media campaigns. We just love creative guts and visual glory. Come dance with us!

  68. Machine Learning Consulting
    Cogmatic is a full-service software development and machine learning consultancy. We utilize state-of-the-art Machine Learning technology and Data Science to transform the way companies do business.

  70. A.I. Driven Adaptive Learning Technology - Fulcrum Labs
    Fulcrum Labs Adaptive Learning Technologies Leverages AI, Machine Learning & Data-Driven Analytics to Personalize Learning & Training for Students or Employees - We Help People Learn!

  72. ehsAI – Smart data Speedy compliance Mitigated risk
    Smart dataSpeedy complianceMitigated risk Save up to 80% of your time andmoney with accurate EHS compliance. You aim to make a big impact onyour industry and the planet. Learn More WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER! ehsAI uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to filter through EHS compliance and permitting documents. This provides companies with accurate data...

  74. Edlitera
    Edlitera helps leading companies leverage cutting edge data science, data engineering and machine learning technologies through training, consulting, onboarding and knowledge management solutions.

  76. Jumping Rivers
    Jumping Rivers is an analytics company whose passion is data and machine learning. We help our clients move from data storage to data insights.

  78. Hire Fractional Data Scientists and ML Engineers for Your Startup or Idea | BroutonLab
    BroutonLab helps startups with Data Science expertise, including Deep Learning and Machine Learning Engineering. We help companies launch MVPs, automate processes, and gain key insights from data.

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  80. LiveData: Connect Data, Connect World.
    LiveData is committed to providing data and AI services to the game industry. We have independently developed a high-performance distributed framework and deep learning platform based on micro-services to provide global data transmission, data mining, real-time translation, speech recognition, text detection, sentiment analysis and other products, and helped many game and live streaming companies succeed.

  82. BIOTIC | Imaging for Life
    BIOTIC (Biomedical Translational Imaging Centre) is a hospital-based medical imaging research centre working to develop the next generation of medical tools and technologies. BIOTIC helps you to achieve scientific, technological and knowledge-translation goals.

  84. Dogan | Home
    Dogan Technologies is a Artificial Intelligence based Software company offering AI and data solutions to organizations. Our solutions cover apps, analytics, machine learning...
    Author: Dogan Technologies

  86. Partner with Experts
    A startup is a company designed to grow fast. At Produvia, we help $1M+ companies develop machine learning technologies so they can scale faster.
    Author: Slava Kurilyak

  88. MPercept Technology - AI Company Nepal
    MPercept Technology is the emerging data science and artificial intelligence company of Nepal. We provide various solutions of day to day activities with machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), computer vision, Data Analysis, chatbot development etc. to make business work simpler and efficient.

  90. Turbolab Technologies: Big Data and News Analysis Startup in Cochin
    Turbolab is a big data and news analysis startup based out of Kakkanad, Cochin. We work on technologies and products that enable the enterprise to aggregate, transform, analyze and visualize large amounts of data from the web, and help them to make smarter data-driven decisions.

  92. Home » Matthew Blackert My Work Learning Growth Opportunities Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance At Maclear, I am actively learning about compliance standards such as HIPAA, GDPR, ALM, and more… My role at Maclear is to help build solutions that reduce the work needed to protect data more effectively. May 2021 – Present Information Security Analyst During […]
    Author: Mattybaseball

  94. Truepic | Photo and video verification platform
    Truepic is the leading photo and video verification platform. Every day, we work diligently on technologies that can help restore trust in visual media.

  96. Artificial Intelligence Product Creators. - DataMoo AI
    AI development companies in Chennai, Leading Data and Analytics Service Provider, Machine Learning Development Company in Chennai, Video Analytics, Retail Analytics Service Provider. Django and Python Technologies
    Author: Vasudevan Director; MCE

  98. Silk Data - AI solutions for natural language text understanding
    We provide digital tools and expertise in automating text-based work, with natural language processing and machine learning

  100. Edge AI and IVAR: Video IoT to Transform the World
    Edge AI Technology and IVAR (Intelligent Video Analytics Recorder): Gorilla provides innovative solutions across business verticals with edge AI-based technology that unlocks the value of video insights and IoT data.

  102. AI SANGAM | Deep Learning | Machine Learning
    Aisangam is an Machine learning and Data science based company which help to improve conversion rate of existing and pre-planned business using artificial intelligence.
    Author: Aisangam; Aisangamofficial@Gmail.Com

  104. Vocam Training Solutions
    Vocam is an eLearning company in Ontario and we work with the leading organizations to develop tailored online learning platforms. We encourage visual-based training.

  106. Home - Factored | Machine Learning, Data Engineering and Data Analytics Company
    We help ambitious companies build world-class AI, machine learning, data analytics and data engineering teams at greater speed and lower cost.

  108. Machine Learning Software Company | simMachines
    simMachines is a machine learning software company providing the Why behind every prediction we make. Click here to learn how we can help your business.

    As a data-driven company we implement complex projects in the area of Business Intelligence and Big Data. We provide dedicated solutions supporting business in large and medium-sized companies using AI and Machine Learning algorithms. We help companies to optimize organizational change processes, from the IT environment to adapting to the
    Author: Michał Miernik

  112. Enterprise IT Consulting and Software Development Company & Services Ohio, USA | Dash Technologies
    Dash Technologies is USA based leading enterprise IT consulting and Software Development company with expertise in IoT, AI, Blockchain, Data Analytics, Software, Machine Learning, mobility in Ohio, US.
    Author: Robin W CEO

  114. Spacifico - The world's leading fintech and scientific data analysis company
    Spacifico is the world's leading financial technology and scientific data analysis company. It uses advanced natural language processing and semantic computing technology to mine and analyze large amounts of global data, and builds an industry knowledge map, algorithm model and visual analysis platform. It is used in finance, technology and In the fields of industry consulting and analysis, we provide a full range of leading big data and artificial intelligence scenario-based application solutions for global enterprise users.

  116. Swiss Visual Data - We Work To Make The Most Of Your Data
    At Swiss Visual Data we help you to generate value by using the right tools to better exploit your data and obtain a higher return for your company.

  118. #1 Video Production, Virtual-Events, & Event Technology | VeeKast
    VeeKast is a video production & event fundraising technology company. We specialize at 2 things. We produce corporate videos, commercial videos, & promotional videos. We also provide a fundraising technology to help annual fundraising galas to raise significantly money at their fundraising events.

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  120. Hyper 1 Digital - IT Solutions and Web Services -
    We are a Yorkshire based IT Solutions, Telecoms and Web servicies provider working with you to improve productivity through technology.
    Author: Admin

  122. AiDEAS | artificial intelligence ideas to build the impossible
    Artificial Intelligence ideas to build the impossible AiDEAS delivers artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions to change the way we sense comprehend and act. AiDEAS is a highly innovative technology and data solutions provider. We are building machine learning and AI-power technology.

  124. Acemywork | World's No.1 Assignment Help Company
    Acemywork: World's No.1 Assignment Help Company. Get Help with you homework and assignments from expert tutors. We deliver quality work free of plagiarism.
    Author: Superadmin

  126. Emerj | Artificial Intelligence Research & Insight
    Emerj is an artificial intelligence market research firm. We help companies and institutions gain insight on the applications and implications of AI and machine learning technologies.

  128. AV Image Systems Sdn. Bhd. – Audio Visual Production Service Company
    AV Image Systems Sdn Bhd is a dedicated audio visual & technical production services company. We provide the latest Event Technologies and Conference Solutions.

  130. Aptagrim-turn Data into INFORMATION and INSIGHTS
    APTAGRIM specializes in helping organizations gain insight from their data, and use those insights to change the way a decision is made. We do this through a blend of machine learning, statistical analysis, data visualization, optimization, and data engineering techniques.

  132. Contract Manufacturing and Sourcing Services : Call 916-379-8279
    Allied Machining & Engineering Inc, provides contract manufacturing and sourcing services for your company. Learn more about what we do to help you.

  134. Foresight Surveys and Mapping Pty. Ltd. - Home
    Based in Adelaide, we are a surveying company who provide civil, construction & engineering surveys - specialising in modelling machine control data.
    Author: Foresight Surveys; Mapping Pty Ltd

  136. VoiceInteraction | Knowledge from Speech
    As a Machine Learning based technology company, we are specialists in Automatic Closed Captioning for lives shows, offline transcription and Media Monitoring. Our solutions are available on premises or cloud based.
    Author: Mariana

  138. Travel Photo Base World Image Collection & Visual Travel Planner
    Travel Photo Base World Image Collection & Visual Travel Planner picture & image index of photographs help you discover your world, pick tourist attractions to visit, learn about art & architecture, history, transportation.
    Author: Jim Steinhart

  140. Aryantech (I) Pvt.Ltd - A Software Development Company
    Aryantech (I) Pvt.Ltd is a new generation IT based company working on Java and Mobile Technology. We have facility for internship program

  142. Digital Signage & Media Playout made in Germany | ~sedna
    Digital Signage ✓ Media Playout ✓made in Germany ✓ from a single iPod touch right up to NY Times Square Signage tailored to your needs ➨ ~sedna

  144. Headless eCommerce Platform | LOGICOMMERCE®
    LogiCommerce empowers the best of Headless and traditional Commerce with a complete B2C & B2B Unified Platform to rapdly scale your eCommerce.

  146. Privacy en Online Veiligheid | SOMI
    SOMI is een non profit organisatie opgericht voor het signaleren en beinvloeden van vraagstukken van maatschappelijk belang.

  148. Mountainbiken, Paardrijden Of Wandelen Met Gids Op De Veluwe
    Bij Epe Outdoor geloven wij dat Epe de mooiste plaats van de Veluwe is om te mountainbiken, paard te rijden en te genieten van de natuur. Bossen, wild en culinair Epe heeft alles en Epe Outdoor laat je het beleven.
    Author: Jan Willem Vos

  150. Ben's Uhren – Reparatur und Wartung von Uhren jeden Alters und fast aller Marken – Ihr Uhrmacher in Ostbelgien

  152. OVER ZUST DESIGN - De ontwerpstudio voor interieur van Ilse Duisters
    Zust Design ontwerpt persoonlijke en kleurrijke interieurs op een duurzame wijze. Wij begeleiden van ontwerp tot realisatie.

  154. Ihre Küstenmakler - Leidenschaftliche Immobilienmakler aus dem Norden
    Immobilienverkauf ist Vertrauenssache. Mit vollem Herzen verkaufen wir Ihre Immobilie. Immobilienmakler in Kiel, Lamstedt und Umgebung.

  156. 10-15 - La librairie de voyage
    “Lire, c’est voyager ; voyager, c’est lire.” Donec vitae orci sed dolor rutrum auctor. Fusce pharetra convallis urna. Phasellus viverra nulla ut metus varius laoreet. Etiam sit amet orci eget eros faucibus tincidunt. Ut id nisl quis enim dignissim sagittis.Pellentesque auctor neque nec urna. Praesent nec nisl a purus blandit viverra. Etiam ut purus mattis Lire plus ...
    Author: Joel Dotzler

  158. ScreenLine® Sonnenschutz - Fenster mit integrierter Jalousie

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  160. Home - Waterford Suir Valley Railway
    40 minute scenic journey on a narrow gauge railway along the Banks of the River Suir, beside Waterford Greenway. Great fun for all ages.

  162. Kunst med sjæl - Skulpturer og malerier - vælg kunst med hjertet ❤️
    Køb kunst direkte fra kunstneren i HBH-Art. Få mere for pengene og kom med bagom male-processen og historien bag maleriet ❤️☎20911866

  164. MyConnecting | Formation, Libérez Votre Potentiel
    Pas de « prêt-à-former »
    Author: Loic

  166. Hyggelig og hurtig putning for dit barn– og for dig - Norly & Friends
    Dokumenteret og effektiv puttemetode anbefalet af eksperter, elsket af forældre og børn.

  168. 1:1 Fødselforberedelse - Gravid på job - Gravidyoga | Mette Brandt
    Det fineste, jeg ved, er at guide kvinder til en **** graviditet, en **** fødsel – og en **** start på livet med en lille ny. Her er du i trygge hænder!
    Author: Mette Brandt

  170. Azul de acre - Actividades culturales - Arte y patrimonio
    Hemos preparado cursos y actividades culturales pensados para que aprendas desde cero de la mano de especialistas en distintas disciplinas. Descubre, aprende,
    Author: B de la Fuente

  172. Joblink henkilöstöpalvelu - Mukana aina ihminen
    Joblink on henkilöstöpalveluyritys, jonka avulla työnantajat löytävät työntekijät juuri omiin tarpeisiinsa ja vastaavasti työntekijät mieleisensä työn.

  174. Alverdens grønne planter og blomsterbuketter - Gratis levering
    Hos go green kan du skabe dit helt eget blomster- og planteunivers. Du kan købe planter og buketter, hvor du får den rette vejledning.

  176. Jubilación, Pensiones y Ahorro | Instituto Santalucía
    Información actualizada sobre Jubilación, Pensiones, Ahorro, Seguros de Vida y Educación financiera

  178. Forex interactive trading journal — Trixy
    Save and analyze an interactive copy of your trade ideas. Trixy, the ultimate trading journal!

  180. Jetshop Commerce | Headless e-handelsplattform | API first
    Jetshop Commerce er en helt headless e-handelsplattform, og API-drevet for en design- og funksjonalitetsopplevelse som er helt skreddersydd etter dine behov.
    Author: Simon Ring

    Kolekcja oprawek okularowych Więcej oprawek znajdziesz w naszej galerii Usługi KOMPUTEROWE BADANIE WZROKU DORADZTWO EKSPERTÓW Okulary przeciwsłoneczne Rabaty i promocje ZNAJDŹ SWOJE ULUBIONE OKULARY NOWA KOLEKCJA WYJĄTKOWE MODELE Akcesoria

  184. ▷ Pho Dang Restaurant Kladow - Leckeres Essen für Dich!
    ▷ Pho Dang Restaurant Kladow | Leckeres Essen für Dich! - ✓ Leckeres Sushi ✓ vietnamesische Küche ✓ Speisekarte ✓ Routenplaner ✓ takeaway
    Author: Koljakrekow

  186. Übersetzungsbüro Deutsch – Spanisch / Spanisch – Deutsch
    Sie suchen einen Übersetzer für Ihre beeidigte Übersetzung vom Spanischen ins Deutsche oder umgekehrt? Übersetzungsbüro Sarah Schneider Sprachdienste

  188. PatruGeneratii – Casa de batrani Bucuresti

  190. Médiateurs en santé mentale | Médiateurs en santé mentale
    ESPER pro est une association de travailleurs pairs (médiateurs), fondée à partir des principes du rétablissement (ESPER).

  192. ORA è un buon momento per cambiare le cose - O.R.A.
    ORA siamo noi. Un gruppo multidisciplinare formato da professionisti diversi tra loro, ma uniti da valori condivisi e da un obiettivo comune: aiutare l’Imprenditore, il Professionista e ogni Persona in generale a orientarsi nella complessità e nell’incertezza e a crescere individualmente, professionalmente e come impresa. Crescita che per noi non è soltanto economica ma corrisponde […]

  194. Schilderworkshops op locatie of bij ons in het atelier
    Het Schildersbedrijf is gespecialiseerd in creatieve schilderworkshops gericht op teambuilding voor bedrijven, instellingen en particulieren.

  196. Accueil - VEROLAB
    Agence spécialisée dans la conception de visuels pour le Web, la gestion de médias sociaux et la création de sites WordPress simples.

  198. Gouttière Alu Profil à Poitiers (86) : spécialiste de l'évacuation pluviale alu
    Gouttière Alu Profil à Fontaine-le-Comte est agréé DALALU pour l'installation de gouttière alu, couvertines, et dessous de toit en aluminium dans la Vienne.