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  2. Gold Coast Tool Library Inc. | Circular Economy in Action

  4. Circular Asia - Circular Economy Education & Team-Building
    Catalyst for a circular economy & sustainability in Singapore & Asia. Programmes include team building, sustainability education, networking sessions and circularity games.

  6. Loop Connections – Building a Circular Economy

  8. Circular Economy Lab – Circular Economy Laboratory

  10. Circular Economy Switzerland | Circular Economy Switzerland

  12. Circular&Co | Circular Design in the Circular Economy
    Circular Design within the Circular Economy. Creators of the Circular Cup, the world’s first reusable, 100% leak proof cup made from cups.

  14. Circular Economy Platform - Indonesia Circular Economy Forum
    A collaboration platform for government, business, communities, and other stakeholders to implement circular economy in Indonesia

  16. The Circular Hub – Thrive on circular economy

  18. Circular Solutions – Co-creates the Circular Economy
    Author: Martin Snijder

  20. Your guide to circular economy - Chasing Circular
    Your guide to Circular Economy A disruptive transition to a resource efficient economy is crucial for a sustainable planet. In that transition, circular solutions affect environmental performance and profit differently. I am here to support…

  22. The Circular Economy Institute – Certifying circular economy expertise globally

  24. LOOP circular economy ecosystem – LOOP Circular Economy Ecosystem
    We take circular economy from strategy to action Through knowledge sharing, design methodology, innovation labs and pilots we discover, test and realize new ideas. We are on a mission to take circular economy from strategy to action. We activate your circular business opportunities, and connect you with people and companies that will help you succeed. […]

  26. Circular Economy in Africa
    Information on and opportunities for the circular economy in Africa and the African Circular Economy Network

  28. Circular Economy Guide
    Circular Economy Guide

  30. Circular Economy Alliance
    Circular Economy Alliance brings together stakeholders with a genuine interest in the domain to support the transition from a linear to a circular economy. It enables a bottom-up transformation by identifying gaps, defining requirements, proposing solutions, sharing expertise and developing skills.

  32. Circular Economy Victoria
    CEV is bringing people together to catalyse and scale the transition towards a more circular economy in Victoria.

  34. SRIP - Circular Economy
    he Strategic Research and Innovation Partnership – Networks for the transition into circular economy is a connection of Slovenian business subjects, educational and research institutions (RDI), non-governmental organisations and other interested parties, in collaboration with the state, aiming to establish new value chains according to the economic principles of closed material flows.

  36. Hub for Circular Economy
    The CRCLR House is a Berlin based center for circular economy practices.

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  38. Circular PP - Using innovation procurement and capacity building to promote Circular Economy
    Using innovation procurement and capacity building to promote Circular Economy.

  40. The Circular Laboratory - Science, Sustainability, and the Circular Economy
    The Circular Laboratory is a platform that covers the Circular Economy and Sustainability from an objective, accessible and science-based perspective.

  42. Circular Economy in Newcastle, NSW, Australia | Go Circular
    Go Circular is a for-purpose organisation based in Newcastle, NSW, Australia with a mission to drive the shift to a circular economy.

  44. Circular Economy | Holonic - Circular and Systemic Innovation
    THE CIRCULAR ECONOMY - ARE YOU INTERESTED IN EXPLORING THE BENEFITS? Holonic is here to help forward-thinking businesses, government and academia learn about and activate the Circular Economy using creative, collaborative and fun tools.

  46. Circular Economy Hub - サーキュラーエコノミーハブ
    Circular Economy Hubは、サーキュラーエコノミー推進プラットフォームです。国内・海外のサーキュラーエコノミー関連ニュースや事例、イベント・ワークショップ、視察ツアーや体験プログラムを通じて企業や自治体の皆様を支援します。
    Author: Circular Economy Hub Editorial Team

  48. Cradlenet - Accelerating Circular Economy

  50. European Circular Economy Forum
    Creating strong governance for a substantial change. Become a part of it! October 4 / 2019 Unit.City (B12), Kyiv, Ukraine

    PIONEERING THE CIRCULAR ECONOMY GET IN TOUCH LET'S CLOSE THE LOOP ON WASTE Closed Loop are leaders in sustainability and landfill diversion. We are committed to building a circular economy by turning waste back into products that re-enter the local supply
    Author: Closedloopaus

  54. – Governance for the Circular Economy

  56. Innovation for the circular economy – INDEED
    INDEED creates humane innovation to improve the behaviors of people and businesses towards a better future on the planet.

  58. Replenysh: Infrastructure for the Circular Economy
    Everything you need to make an impact and build trust with customers by providing an entirely new collection experience. Join the circular economy today!

  60. Home - Circular Economy Network
    IL RAPPORTO SULL’ECONOMIA CIRCOLARE IN ITALIA EDIZIONE 2021 L’Italia conserva tra le principali economie dell’Unione europea la medaglia d’oro per l’economia circolare ma questo primato è a rischio. Emerge dall’ultimo Rapporto presentato durante la 3^ Conferenza Nazionale sull’economia circolare. Scopri di più In primo piano Economia circolare: appuntamento al 23 marzoPresentazione del nuovo Rapporto sull’economia circolare ... Leggi tutto

  62. Polish Society Of Circular Economy
    Polskie Towarzystwo Gospodarki Obiegu Zamkniętego. Działamy na rzecz ochrony środowiska, walki ze zjawiskiem smogu oraz innowacyjnymi technologami zgodnie z zasadami Gospodarki Odpadami w Obiegu Zamkniętym.Polskie Towarzystwo Gospodarki Obiegu Zamkniętego. Działamy na rzecz ochrony środowiska, walki ze zjawiskiem smogu oraz innowacyjnymi technologami zgodnie z zasadami Gospodarki Odpadami w Obiegu Zamkniętym.
    Author: Big Dawid

  64. Circlarity - Empowering the Circular Economy
    Circlarity is Fashion’s Digital Solution from Product Take Back through Second Life Redistribution

  66. Home - Blue Circular Economy
    Author: NEPTUNUS

  68. Driving the Circular Economy | Circulus
    Circulus is contributing to the circular economy by recycling post consumer recycled LDPE plastics and eliminating waste.

  70. Exploration - Mining - Circular Economy
    J&C Bachmann GmbH is a globally active enterprise specialized in the development of measurement devices, especially for the industrial and mining use.

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  72. Australian Circular Economy Hub
    We believe the current economic model is unsustainable and there is a better way. The mission of the ACE Hub is to facilitate the transition to a circular economy in Australia.

  74. SeedFuel – Fuelling the circular economy


  78. CEYOU | Circular Economy for Youth

  80. CE2 | circular economy entrepreneurs

  82. OPUSNET: Pioneering the Circular Economy
    OPUSNET is a Network Company established in 1997 to provide SMEs, Governments, NGOs and NPOs with superior solutions, global services and research. We have been pioneering the Circular Economy since 2001. Our approach builds on dynamic interrelationships among business and science networks to deliver strategic forecast and planning, RTD, finance, organisation and market solutions in ...
    Author: OPUSNET Team

  84. Ecoeuros – Creating a circular economy

  86. Circular economy and innovation | Perpetua
    A real revolution in the world of writing. Perpetua the pencil is the only one born in Italy and the first in the in the world made of recovered graphite powder. Patented by Alisea

  88. Circular Economy | Kilkenny | Earthroute
    EarthRoute is a consultancy in Kilkenny that provides expertise in Systems Approach to Business and Natural Resources in optimising the Circular Economy. Be through the reduce, reuse and recycling of raw materials, to include ecosystem services to counteract damage to biodiversity.

  90. Circular Clarity - Enabling human value within the circular economy
    It is our mission to co-create business ecosystems where people thrive and positive impact leads direction. Your values define your legacy. The impact that you focus your thoughts and actions towards, is the direction leading you forward in life and business. Key to developing an organic business strategy that leads to natural growth, is capturing that legacy. And understanding what circumstances really influence the future.
    Author: Raymond van Ek

  92. Girls Go Circular | Digital and Entrepreneurial Skills for the Circular Economy

  94. The 1st Circular Economy Marketplace - Circular Action Hub
    We connect local waste management projects, activities ,and services with investors willing to support effective and socially-responsible circular economy.
    Author: Circular Action Hub

  96. Circular Industries Group – Circular Economy – Because We Care

  98. Welcome to PV in Circular Economy tool documentation! — PV ICE 0.1.0 documentation

  100. Circle Economy - Practical, scalable implementation of the circular economy

  102. ECOR Global – The Circular Economy Solution for Recycling + Green Building Materials

  104. Circular Innovation Council | Putting Circular Economy Concepts Into Action

  106. NSW Circular - We’re on a mission to fast track the circular economy
    Circular economy is about decoupling economic growth from **** resource use. Circular design of products, services & systems keep resources in the market longer, enabling sharing & reuse business models to become business as usual.
    Author: Caitlyn Touzell

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  108. Circular Future - Public Affairs and consultancy about Circular Economy
    Circular Future is a new firm that aims to accelerate and mainstream the circular economy through public affairs and consultancy for business and governments.

  110. circular economy talks, workshops, coaching
    We help you use circular, sustainable approaches to make a better world - for people, planet, AND your business. We offer talks, workshops, coaching, podcasts & content.

  112. SwitchMed - Switching to a circular economy in the Mediterranean
    Switching to a circular economy in the Mediterranean

  114. Rubbish Ideas – Designing the Circular Economy

  116. SEMiLLA IPStar | Empowering the Circular Economy
    Treat Earth as your Spaceship. Towards a Circular Economy.
    Author: Fra-Pant; Webdog

  118. MATChE - Making the Transition to Circular Economy
    MATChE is an innovation programme carried out by Technical University of Denmark with the purpose of supporting Danish manufacturing companies to increase competitiveness, growth and job creation by demonstrating how to engage in an effective transition towards Circular Economy (CE), starting with current readiness and lead by strategic drivers.
    Author: MATChE dk

  120. CLEAN IMPACT – Facilitates Circular Economy

  122. Home New - Circular Economy Festival
    Event Partner: Book Now Sponsored by: Event Partner: Supported by: Over 60 circular economy speakers, 2 days, 1 big mission – a world beyond waste An incredible line-up of over 60 circular economy experts is confirmed to speak at the first ever Festival of Circular Economy. Joining Dr Walter Stahel, Founder of the Product-Life Institute … Read More "Home New"

  124. The Circular Economy – Just another WordPress site
    Author: Tony

  126. Octopus Indonesia - Circular Economy Platform
    Octopus is a circular economy platform that help producers to track & collect their post consumer products for both recyclable and non-recyclable, We verify local waste stakeholders to help Producers identify their EPR strategy

  128. India's Best Digital Marketing Institute | #1 Online Digital Marketing Course in Laxmi Nagar
    India's Best Digital Marketing Institute. #TheDigitalEducation Provides Online & Offline Digital Marketing Training Course with 100% Job Assessment. Best Offline Digital Marketing Course in Laxmi Nagar.

  130. Wymiana opon rezerwacja online serwis opon -
    Szukasz serwisu opon? Wymiana opon z rezerwacją terminu na wyciągnięcie ręki. A wszystko to online! Znajdź serwis wymiany opon w Twojej okolicy i zrób rezerwację online.

  132. Generic Cialis (Tadalafil) For You
    Generic Cialis Online - Guaranteed lowest prices. Worldwide delivery (1-3 days,track).

  134. Kruze Consulting: Accounting, CFO, Tax & HR for Startups
    CPA working with 405+ Seed, Series A and Series B startups. Kruze provides Accounting, Tax, 409A Valuations&Financial Modeling for VC backed startups.

  136. Startseite | Toyota und Hyundai | Autohaus Bach
    Wir bieten Ihnen umfangreiche Leistungen wie beispielsweise Toyota und Hyundai Neuwagen, Gebrauchtwagen, Tageszulassungen und vielen weiteren Angeboten.

  138. Декоры для эксклюзивных интерьеров и мебели | Комплект Премьер
    Декоры для эксклюзивных интерьеров и мебели оптом в Москве и по всей России - широкая дилерская сеть, отличные цены - Комплект Премьер

  140. Westminster Bookstore | Biblically-Faithful Books (K-MDiv)
    As a ministry of Westminster Theological Seminary our mission is to serve the church by curating, promoting, and distributing biblically faithful books to God's people.

  142. Villa Soleares - Líderes en Alzheimer y Tercera Edad - Desde 1983 - Conversemos.
    Villa Soleares, La tranquilidad de estar en las mejores manos. Especialistas en Alzheimer - Visite nuestras residencias en las Condes, La Reina y La Dehesa.

  144. Home | Analyzer.Tools
    Welcome to your site! This is your homepage, which is what most visitors will see when they come to your site for the first time.
    Author: Alex Kakhnovets

  146. Forecalc
    Built business with Forecalc web app

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  148. Natura - When you care, you create beauty
    We combine sustainably sourced ingredients from the Amazon and advanced science to offer 100% vegan and cruelty-free bath & body, hair and skincare products. Free deluxe samples with every purchase, plus free shipping with $35+ purchases.

  150. Mejoramos la eficiencia de TI y optimizamos los costes
    Estimación desarrollo software, Optimización costes, Eficiencia procesos, Calidad producto ,Benchmarking mercado, licitaciones y contratos

  152. IDP | Home Page
    Created using @India Data Portal

  154. Startseite | Willkommen | Autotechnik Hahn e.K.
    Wir bieten Ihnen umfangreiche Leistungen wie beispielsweise Toyota Neuwagen, Gebrauchtwagen, Tageszulassungen, Aktionen sowie Service & Zubehör für Ihren Toyota

  156. Startseite | Ihr Toyota, Lexus und Opel Partner | 3H Automobile
    Ihr exklusiver Partner für Toyota, Lexus und Opel in Köln, Bonn, Remscheid, Rheinbach und Sankt Augustin. Günstige Konditionen für Neu- und Gebrauchtwagen.

  158. Startseite | Willkommen | Römhild & Schewe
    Vertrauen ist wichtig, – besonders in Sachen Mobilität. Deshalb ist es ratsam, immer einen vertrauenswürdigen Partner wie uns an Ihrer Seite zu wissen. So können Sie alles, was mit dem Thema Auto zu tun hat, unkompliziert und zuverlässig erledigen.

  160. Startseite | Toyota | Ferdinand Nobbe GmbH
    Herzlich willkommen bei Ferdninand Nobbe GmbH - Ihrem Toyota-Autohaus in Sulingen, Warmsen, Nienburg und Porta Westfalica! Informieren Sie sich hier über die Toyota Produktpalette und unsere Serviceangebote.

  162. Quanter Tu App de estimación de costes de software : Estima para tener éxito
    Tu App de estimación de costes de software. Ahorra costes en desarrollo de software con una estimación objetiva y transparente.

  164. Stay somewhere extraordinary
    Discover and book the most unique and unusual places to stay. Treehouses, lighthouses, windmills & glamping. Cool cottages, hotels & B&Bs. Stay extraordinary!

  166. All-in-One SEO Software | NinjaSEO by 500apps
    NinjaSEO by 500apps is an SEO tool that lets you deep crawl websites and find on page issues to help increase your SEO rankings. Get access to 30+ apps for $14.99 per user.

  168. Startseite | Vogel Automobile GmbH | TOYOTA & NISSAN
    Herzlich willkommen bei Vogel Automobile GmbH, Ihrem persönlichem Ansprechpartner rund um Ihr Automobil. Wir vertreten am Standort Korbach die Marken TOYOTA & NISSAN und freuen uns, Sie auf unserer Homepage oder im Autohaus begrüßen zu können! Wir sind gern persönlich für Sie da.

  170. | PROTA ALTAR | CAD | CAM | CAE | BIM | AEC | MFG
    Autodek Platinum İş Ortağı ve Adobe Yetkili Satıcısı PROTA ALTAR, yazılım ürünlerinde 30 yıllık satış, eğitim ve teknik destek tecrübesi ile hizmetinizde.
    Author: PROTA ALTAR

  172. Startseite | Autohaus Karst GmbH - Ihr Autohaus seit 1972
    Autohaus Karst in Köln & Bergisch Gladbach | Neu- & Gebrauchtwagen von Toyota & Nissan | Werkstatt- & Fahrzeugservice

  174. Startseite | Willkommen | Autohaus Gerding
    Herzlich Willkommen beim Autohaus Gerding | Neu- & Gebrauchtwagen von Toyota, Crosscamp & Kia | Werkstatt- & Fahrzeugservice u.v.m. Kommen Sie vorbei!

  176. MontanaWorks
    Advancing opportunities for business and job seekers in Montana

  178. Instrumentos de Laboratorio y Topografía | Cientec
    Instrumentos para laboratorios, Instrumentos de medición topográfica, construcción y fotogrametría, Instrumentos de medición forestal y agroindustrial

  180. Mandy's Bloemenhuis - Bloemenwinkel Deurne
    Ben je op zoek naar een mooi bloemetje voor in Deurne en omstreken? Dan zit je bij Mandy’s Bloemenhuis goed. Kom langs in de winkel, voel je welkom!

    Autodek Platinum İş Ortağı ve Adobe Yetkili Satıcısı PROTA ALTAR, yazılım ürünlerinde 30 yıllık satış, eğitim ve teknik destek tecrübesi ile hizmetinizde.
    Author: PROTA ALTAR

  184. IT-Systemhaus Nürnberg-Erlangen › Michael Schmidt IT GmbH

  186. Startseite | Autocenter Rietmann & Leifkes GmbH & Co. KG
    Herzlich Willkommen im Autocenter Rietmann & Leifkes. Toyota- und Subaru-Vertragshändler | Gebrauchtwagen | Neuwagen | Serviceangebote u.v.m.