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  2. Business Partnership Facility
    The Business Partnership Facility (BPF) grants financial support to companies contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in developing countries.
    Author: Maartje Houbrechts

  4. Business Call to Action - Innovations that Improve Lives
    Business Call to Action is a UNDP initiative working with companies to develop business solutions for reducing poverty and contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals

  6. Verbraucherpolitik im Dienst der Sustainable Development Goals der Agenda 2030
    Verbraucherpolitik im Dienst der Sustainable Development Goals der Agenda 2030
    Author: Sebastian Ettinger

  8. Sustainable Development Goals - SDG Monitor
    De Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), of de Duurzame Ontwikkelingsdoelstellingen, maken deel uit van Agenda 2030 van de Verenigde Naties.
    Author: Super User

  10. Home - Spark Change
    Make your community more sustainable and help Ireland contribute to the UN Sustaniable Development Goals (SDGs).

  12. ART 2030
    ART 2030 works with art as the key to open hearts, minds and imagination to inspire action for a better tomorrow. ART 2030 is a nonprofit organization uniting art and the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its 17 Global Goals.

  14. Welkom – Cap2030
    FOCUS 2030 Focus 2030 is een animatie-tool dat burgers laat kennismaken met de 17 Duurzame Ontwikkelingsdoelen (Sustainable Development Goals of SDG’s) van de Agenda 2030 van de Verenigde Naties. Précédent Suivant TOOLS Focus
    Author: Ysandrelle

  16. Ecoluxury - Retreats of the world
    ECOLUXURY is the only global brand based on the Sustainability of upmarket accommodation facilities and identifies the most virtuous for their projects in line with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of Agenda 2030.

  18. Home | SDGs Academy
    Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the Global World Map. Join SDG Academy to Catch Up with the global initiatives by United Nations and its Member States.

  20. Project Breakthrough - Growing the Business of Tomorrow
    A showcase of the mindsets, business models and technologies that will make the Sustainable Development Goals possible - by UN Global Compact and Volans

  22. Homepage - Business Avengers
    Shows how businesses can be a force for good, have positive impacts and embrace sustainability. The crucial role business can play to help achieve the Global Goals by 2030. Case studies, resources and tools to help businesses align themselves to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

  24. Die SDG.17 Consulting GmbH setzt sich intensiv für die Förderung der Agenda 2030 bzw. für nachhaltige Entwicklung ein sowie für starke öffe...
    SDG.17 Consulting GmbH is deeply engaged in promotion of 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, advocating for strong public-private partnerships, good health and well-being, inclusive economic growth, investment in infrastructure, enabling environments to foster innovation. SDG,17 Consulting GmbH advocates policies and practices that encourage the development of low-carbon, climate-resilient infrastructure delivered through people-first public-private partnerships in line with Sustainable Development Goal.13 “Climate change”, SDG. 9 “Resilient infrastructure and innovation”, but above all, our focus is on healthcare and sustainable health and in particular, on Sustainable ...

  26. Twenty30Digital Sdn Bhd - Purpose Driven Digital Platforms
    Twenty30Digital was conceptualised to be purposed focused organisation, looking at how the organisation will be able to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG) 2030 via digital means.

  28. Our 2021 Gender & Health Index shows…
    Global Health 50/50 is an independent initiative to advance action and accountability for gender equality in global health and contribute to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.
    Author: Women

  30. Education for Catholic Nuns in Africa | African Sisters Education Collaborative (ASEC) | ASEC-SLDI
    African Sisters Education Collaborative (ASEC) is a nonprofit educating Catholic nuns in Africa in order to improve their service to the poor and rural communities and achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.

  32. Startseite Nachhaltig entwickeln - Nachhaltig entwickeln - Deutsche Gesellschaft für die Vereinten Nationen e.V.
    Die Agenda 2030 für nachhaltige Entwicklung mit ihren 17 Zielen für nachhaltige Entwicklung (Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs) ist der globale Aktionsplan für eine bessere Welt. Die SDGs sind Nachfolger der MDGs und bringen wirtschaftliche und soziale Entwicklung sowie den Schutz der Umwelt zusammen.

  34. Activating 1 Million Leaders Who Will Impact 1 Billion People!
    1 Million For 1 Billion (1M1B), is a social innovation and future skills initiative aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). New

  36. SDG-Portal
    Wo stehen die Kommunen auf dem Weg zu den internationalen Nachhaltigkeitszielen (Sustainable Development Goals, SDG)?

  38. SDG Nederland | Alles over de Duurzame Ontwikkelingsdoelen
    Wat zijn de Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)? Hoe zijn de Duurzame Ontwikkelingsdoelen opgesteld? Wat doet Nederland ermee? Lees alles op SDG Nederland!
    Author: Sandra Pellegrom

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  40. Business, Sustainability & the SDGs | Read the Air | Japan
    Read the Air is a new initiative to put sustainability at the core of business, for purpose and profit. We are a coalition of practitioners dedicated to reimaging how business works. We see the UN's Sustainable Development Goals as a rallying cry to more deeply embed sustainability into your business model.

  42. Ulrich Graute - International Affairs Consultancy
    Sustainable development goals (especially SDG 11, SDG 16 and SDG 17 Urban planning, regional planning, cooperation Public governance Getting local and national governments involved in integrated and sustainable development

  44. Pacific Film Foundation - Documented Truths
    Your Documentary Hub to Achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by 2030

  46. Welcome to Millennium Kids
    Millennium Kids are urging everyone to meet the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

  48. Stichting 2030 | In beweging voor de sdg's!
    Wij brengen Nederland in beweging om de Sustainable Development Goals te bereiken.
    Author: Ban Ki-moon

  50. Sustainable Development Goal Coordination Centre Punjab
    Sustainable Development Goal Coordination Centre Punjab, focused towards acheiving all Global Goals by 2030

  52. Sustainable Impact | Founders & Talents | Southeast Asia / Singapore | Interseed
    Sustainable cities and communities, and smarter cities to achieve UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Southeast Asia with Interseed.

  54. Kirsten Brosbøl | 2030beyond | PfGG
    Kirsten Brosbøl, 2030beyond, Parliamentarians for the Global Goals, Sustainable Development Goals, SDG, verdensmål, bæredygtighed,

  56. Women in Family Business - Women in Family Business
    WIFB is a global initiative that offers women to share their thoughts on matters relating to the family enterprise and sustainable business practices.
    Author: WIFB Team

  58. SDG Academy
    The SDG Academy creates and curates free massive open online courses and educational materials on sustainable development and the Sustainable Development Goals.

  60. Vision 2030 by Sport Singapore
    Vision 2030 by Sport Singapore. A review site on the sporting scene in Singapore, during the past 7 years and the changes for the next 11 years to come.

  62. SDG Botschafter:innen | Für ein gutes Leben für alle
    Willkommen bei den SDG Botschafter:innen! Wir sind eine Gruppe junger und engagierter Erwachsener, die sich seit 2018 für die Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) der Vereinten Nationen einsetzt.

  64. African Greeneurs
    We are purpose driven organisation focused on sustainable agriculture and educating young people in modern farming methods that will not only contribute back to their communities and help them to generate income, but also supports our mission in contributing towards the UN Sustainable Development Goal 2 of ending world hunger by 2030.

  66. Open SDG
    Open SDG - A platform for collecting and disseminating data for the Sustainable Development Goal global indicators.

  68. UK Stakeholders for Sustainable Development
    UKSSD brings organisations together to accelerate progress on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the UK

  70. GoForeSight - GFS Institute
    We provide Consulting & Advocacy to reach Sustainable Development Goals - SDGs & A Just World & Wellbeing.

  72. SDG Impact Fund
    A Donor Advised Fund in support of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

  74. LandNetwork – land governance
    Providing expertise in Land Governance and contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals

  76. KARAIKUDI in business
    An initiative to showcase Karaikudi's business potential and opportunities
    Author: Poornima Sivarajendra

  78. Home - Blockchain For SDG - Blog and Forum for Blockchain and the SDG
    Blockchain technology and its uses for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Blog and Forum to share knowledge and discuss

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  80. The Danish Institute for Human Rights
    The 2030 Agenda is grounded in international human rights norms, and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) seek to realise the human rights of all. Our tools and guidance materials can be used to operationalise this mutually reinforcing connection in implementation, monitoring and review.

  82. Home | Global Compact Network Switzerland & Liechtenstein Sustainable Business
    Global sustainable business initiative. Let's make Global Goals Local Business. The only official platform for the United Nations Global Compact Initiative in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

  84. Home - Vati of Sweden
    Do Good Business and get access to Over $12 trillion of business opportunities VATI of Sweden educate and certify businesses and Change Agents through SDG certification with United Nations – Sustainable Development Goals. Get the free ONLINE Course About SDG Certification What Future proof your business SDG is imperative for your company’s future. Regardless if …

  86. Duurzame Les
    The Sustainability Games is designed to engage, educate and activate employees to accelerate organisational adoption of the 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs). The Sustainability Games boosts advisory and consultancy agencies to guide ESG business transformations.

  88. The Sustainability Games - Online employee engagement, learning and development accelerator to enable a circular economy and achieve the SDG
    The Sustainability Games is designed to engage, educate and activate employees to accelerate organisational adoption of the 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs). The Sustainability Games boosts advisory and consultancy agencies to guide ESG business transformations.

  90. Ludoteca | Tepui
    Tepui Foundation is an organization supporting initiatives that contribute to sustainable social development in Venezuela.

  92. SPIDER – Development in a digital world
    SPIDER is an independent centre focusing on the digitalisation of international development. We bring together actors in development to promote human centered technology for the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). By combining practical work and applied research contribute empirical knowledge on ICT for Development (ICT4D).
    Author: Serifat O Alagbe

  94. SDG Global Festival of Action | SDG Global Festival of Action
    A ground-breaking annual event designed by and for the SDG action community to inspire action for the sustainable development goals

  96. Social Enterprise | Accelerate Global
    Accelerate Global is a social enterprise aimed at tackling youth unemployment issues worldwide. We pledge a commitment to the United Nations Global Initiatives, contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

  98. Catalyst 2030 – Collaborating to Achieve the SDGs
    A global movement of social change innovators, collaborating in this urgent moment to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

  100. Kids4Kids Youth | Changemaker | Hong Kong
    The to-go site for youth action on social projects. Kids4Kids Youth showcases teens that inspire change through meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

  102. SDG 16 Plus | Pathfinders for Peaceful, Just and Inclusive Societies.
    Implementing the Sustainable Development Goal 16 targets by delivering the 2030 Agenda commitment to Peaceful, Just and Inclusive Societies

  104. Women2030 – Together towards a gender just future!
    ABOUT US The Women 2030 Programme is being implemented in countries across different regions of the world. It is constituted by a coalition of 4 women+ and gender network organisations collaborating to realize the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in a gender-equitable and climate-just way. The coalition is part of a
    Author: Howard Illsley

  106. ECOS Sustainable Improvement - Home
    Developing New Business that contributes to a More Sustainable World

  108. Philippine Business for Social Progress
    PBPS has been the largest business-led NGO at the forefront of strategic corporate citizenship and business sector leadership contributing to sustainable development and poverty reduction.

  110. Indikatoren zur Nachhaltigkeitsstrategie für Deutschland
    Übersichtlicher Stand der Indikatoren der 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Deutschland samt öffentlich zur Verfügung stehender Datengrundlage

  112. Welcome - Meaningful Business Community
    Meaningful Business is a global community of leaders combining profit and purpose to help achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
    Author: Neil Barnfather

  114. Vantage Vinyl - A Vinyl Sustainability Council Initiative
    Learn about Vantage Vinyl, the Vinyl Sustainability Council voluntary initiative to advance the US vinyl industry’s contribution to sustainable development.

  116. The Global Goals
    In 2015, world leaders agreed to 17 Global Goals (officially known as the Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs). It's now five years on, and we have more work than ever to do. These goals have the power to create a better world by 2030, by ending poverty, fighting inequality and addressing the urgency of climate change. Guided by the goals, it is now up to all of us, governments, businesses, civil society and the general public to work together to build a better future for everyone.

  118. Adaa holding – Think Different
    Our Vision is To Contribute To The Sustainable Development Of UAE & Abu Dhabi Economies by Building Market-Leading sustainable Businesses Through Our Focused Approach, And Continuous Enhancement Of Our Value.

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  120. Responsible Business | Shaping the sustainable future of business
    Responsible Business presents practical ways to accelerate the delivery of sustainable development goals through videos, forums, content and media projects.

  122. Beranda Inspirasi - SDG Academy Indonesia
    Beranda Inspirasi adalah sarana untuk berbagi ide, inovasi dan analisis terkait berbagai topik Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
    Author: Ainur Rohmah

  124. Waarom? - Chat's adventure
    Team Chat’s Adventure vindt het belangrijk dat er meer bewustwording moet komen met betrekking tot de SDG’s, SDG staat voor: sustainable development goals, ookwel; Duurzame Ontwikkelingsdoelen. Om deze kennis te verspreiden hebben wij in samenwerkingContinue readingWaarom?

  126. UNLEASH - A Global Innovation Lab for the Sustainable Development Goals
    The world needs innovators to create solutions to the Sustainable Development Goals and to create a better world by 2030. UNLEASH makes it happen!
    Author: UNLEASH

  128. Ministry of International Cooperation - Home Page
    We work to create dynamic and inclusive partnerships to collectively contribute to Egypt's development in line with the Sustainable Development Goals.

  130. Sustainable Energy for All | Sustainable Energy for All
    Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL) works in partnership with the UN and world leaders to drive faster action towards Sustainable Development Goal 7 (SDG 7) in line with the Paris Agreement.

  132. Zukunftsrezepte: SDG-Nachhaltigkeitsblog "zukunftsrezepte"
    Nachhaltigkeitsblog zu den Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Hier findest du Gedanken, Visionen, Informationen und Fotografie rund um Themen der nachhaltigen Entwicklung in Österreich und der Welt.

  134. Delft en de Duurzame Ontwikkelingsdoelen - Delft4GlobalGoals
    17 Global Goals ofwel Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Meer weten over deze doelen? En wil je weten welke Delftse organisaties, bedrijven of initiatieven zich inzetten voor welke van deze doelen? Klik op de icoontjes hieronder: Nieuws De Global Goals of Sustainable Development Goals (Duurzame Ontwikkelingsdoelen) zijn zeventien doelstellingen om van de wereld een betere plek te …

  136. 국가 지속가능 발전 포털 | 국가 지속가능발전목표 (K-SDGs) 종합 정보 시스템
    국가 지속가능발전 포털입니다. 빈곤, 성평등, 생태계 등 지구적 문제를 해결하는 UN-SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals)와 한국형 K-SDGs 정보와 지속가능발전과 관련한 교육자료와 정책보고서를 제공합니다.

  138. Global Hydrology | Universiteit Utrecht | Home
    Achieving sustainable development worldwide remains the biggest political challenge of our time. In 2015, the international community adopted 17 ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ with no less than 169 ‘targets’ as part of a global ‘2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development’.

  140. UK Business Awards 2021
    Enter the UK Business Awards 2021 now! Across 26 categories, we reward organisations and individuals who have developed outstanding business initiatives. If you’ve made a positive contribution to your business, we want to hear about it!

  142. Orange SEO | Expert Digital Marketing Services
    Orange SEO offers many digital marketing services. We consult large and small companies nationally. We will help you create websites and get them ranked on all search engines, gain social media followers, and successfully run your PPC campaigns.

  144. Conservation X Labs
    Conservation X Labs is is a technology and innovation company that spurs solutions to stop the extinction crisis. Explore our challenges & join the Digital Makerspace!

  146. Baltimore Corps
    Baltimore Corps furthers equity, racial justice, and social innovation by connecting our community to career programs with full-time jobs, non-profit grants, and small business loans.
    Author: Dear Baltimore; Justice Has A Long Way

  148. California Native Plant Society-San Diego Chapter
    The San Diego Chapter of the California Native Plant Society Education Conservation Wonder DONATE

  150. James W. Foley
    Moral Courage Starts with you Learn More
    Author: Majd Kamalmaz Majd Kamalmaz; A; Va Detained

  152. Idaho Rivers United
    If you love a river... Take Action Now
    Author: Aug

  154. Grant Halliburton Foundation
    Grant Halliburton Foundation works to strengthen the network of mental health resources for children, teens and young adults; promote better mental health; and help prevent suicide. The Foundation has a number of programs aimed at teaching people how to recognize the signs of distress or suicidal cr
    Author: Sep

  156. Minnesota Academy of Science
    ADVANCING STEM Science • Technology • Engineering • Mathematics THROUGH MENTORING, TEAMWORK & RESEARCH Donate

  158. Lupus Trust - You're Not Alone. Online resource and charity.
    Your first stop online for anything Lupus related. We're a support network resource and charity with links around the world of Lupus. The Lupus Trust was set up in 1991 by Professor Graham Hughes to support Lupus medical and clinical research at St. Thomas’ & Guys Hospitals and raise awareness o

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  160. Yanitza Ninett Photography | Orlando Portrait Photographer
    Looking for a photographer? Yanitza Ninett is a Portrait and Lifestyle Photographer in Orlando that captures memorable moments with emotive photography.

  162. One to One Children's Fund

  164. LimbplastX Institute | World Renowned Limb-Lengthening
    The LimbplastX Institute uses the most innovative and advanced techniques for cosmetic limb-lengthening surgery. Led by Harvard-trained surgeon, Dr. Kevin Debiparshad.

  166. Oriental Bird Club
    The Oriental Bird Club is for everyone interested in birds of the Oriental region and their conservation
    Author: Aug

  168. MichiganWorks! Association
    Voice. Knowledge. Connection. Learn More

  170. Good Chance
    Good Chance The world is on the move, our climate is changing, a pandemic keeps us apart. We’re working with artists from around the world, bringing communities together to tell bigger stories of hope and humanity.

  172. The Nashville Shakespeare Festival
    Home page of the Nashville Shakespeare Festival

  174. PeelPioneers
    PeelPioneers is de duurzame schillenboer van de 21e eeuw. Wij verwerken de schillen die vrijkomen bij het maken van vers sap, en zorgen ervoor dat de prachtige ingrediënten in de schil nieuwe toepassing vinden.
    Author: PeelPioneers

  176. Bike Santa Cruz County
    Bike Santa Cruz County Join Us!

  178. Matt Gaidica, Ph.D.
    I'm developing tools to better understand the neural underpinnings of performance and stress in extreme environments.
    Author: Nov

  180. Sälens Högfjällshotell En värld av upplevelser för livsnjutaren
    Hotell i Sälen för livsnjutaren - sommar och vinter. Boende i hotell eller lägenhet med prisbelönta restauranger, skidåkning utanför dörren och allt för familjen. Välkommen till Sälen året runt - sommar som vinter!
    Author: Nu kan du boka vinters fjällsemester Vi har boendepaket för hela familjen

  182. Emissions Analytics | Leaders in Independent Testing
    Emissions Analytics is the leading independent global testing and data specialist for the scientific measurement of real-world emissions.
    Author: Jul

  184. Digital Marketing & Social Media Agency in London | Marketiu
    UK-based digital marketing agency specialised in online marketing strategy, implementation and automation. Our core services include Social Media Marketing, Google Ads, Marketing Strategy Consulting, B2B Lead Generation, Ecommerce & Email Marketing, We aim to increase your profits by using the

  186. Elizabeth Street Garden - Official Website
    Elizabeth Street Garden is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with the mission to protect and preserve Elizabeth Street Garden as a unique public community green space. Elizabeth Street Garden offers free public programming and organizes a volunteer community that maintains the delicate Garden ecos

  188. All Around Gymnastics
    Affordable Gymnastics. Great Coaches. Family Atmosphere.

  190. Veteran Women's Enterprise Center (VWEC) ) is to help women veteran owned businesses scale for success. Veteran Women Small Business Develo
    VWEC is a national initiative designed to help WVOBs scale for success. Check our latest news, newsletter, infographics, CEO Suite of Services, Breakfast with a Banker, Coffee & Contracts, and advocacy strategies, blog or simply get connected. #veteranwomenentrepreneurs #veteranwomenbusinessowne

  192. Freedom for Immigrants
    Freedom for Immigrants: Together we will end immigration detention

  194. The Garbely Publishing Company
    The Garbely Publishing Company is a small, independently owned and operated publisher of railroad history, specializing in short-run books and affordable web design since 2012.

  196. United Purpose
    United Purpose (UP) is an international development charity with an innovative community led approach to delivering the Sustainable Development Goals and eradicating global poverty and inequality.
    Author: ‘Marinas Do Abiaí’ - Women-Led Business

  198. Top Lagos real estate agents for premium properties | Madingwa Real Estate
    Top tier real estate agents focused on premium & luxury properties in Lagos, Nigeria. We do Short Lets, houses, apartments, offices and commercial properties for rent and for sale. Mostly in Ikoyi, Banana Island, Victoria Island, Oniru, Lekki Phase 1.

  200. Gecko
    The process of discovery, of searching, however difficult, however glorious that is, the process of creating our own world, our own story, our own script. That is Gecko. Amit Lahav, Artistic Director of Gecko