Top 100 alternative sites to

  2. X4v1l0k Blog - HTB VulnHub and more writeup
    A cybersecurity blog with writeups of Hack The Box [HTB], Vulnhub and other platforms or CTFs boxes and challenges.

  4. T1m3-m4ch1n3
    A place where you can find Reversing Engineering CTF challenges writeups, Malware Analysis reports and some low-level geeky stuff
    Author: Abdelrahman Nasr

  6. Daily Security | In this blog we’re going to solve CTF’s & Write Some Software’s.My goal is redirect my little knowledge to other people.
    In this blog we’re going to solve CTF’s & Write Some Software’s.My goal is redirect my little knowledge to other people.
    Author: Daily Security

  8. American Made Mama | An American Made mom just trying to share some happiness, knowledge, and love with the world.
    An American Made mom just trying to share some happiness, knowledge, and love with the world.
    Author: Fascinate Theme By Themebeez

  10. Parenting Tips and Advice -
    A place to come for some parenting tips and advice. A place to share and read stories. A place to take some time out to enjoy reading about pregnancy.
    Author: Lakeisha Ethans

  12. Betting Sites - Best UK Online Bookmakers & Sports Betting Websites
    At we're experts at betting online and we're here to share that knowledge with you - so if you're looking for recommendations of the best betting sites or trying to hunt down some free bets, then you've come to the right place. Before we delve into the more detailed information we wanted to quickly […]

  14. Ogden utah escorts. Zoiee, American escort in Ogden, Utah -
    Come enjoy some time with big booty open minded fun loving girl I’m very respectful an very discreet so don’t worry I’ll take good care of u

  16. Brompwnie’s Corner of the Internet | Digital alchemist,attempting to make the world a better place bit-by-bit. This is a place where I try t
    Digital alchemist,attempting to make the world a better place bit-by-bit. This is a place where I try to share some of my ideas and digital adventures.
    Author: Chris Le Roy

  18. Energy & Sustainability Network | Energy Central
    The Energy & Sustainability Network is the place where the best minds in the energy & sustainability field come to share ideas.
    Author: Hydrogen; Offshore Wind; Business Advisor; Trainer; Charley Rattan Associates

  20. Home - Prosperity Strata Management
    “Louis at Prosperity strata management has been a massive help for me in some very trying times, his professionalism, knowledge, and integrity stand out to me. His customer first approach and commitment to reaching the best possible outcome has been something I’ll be forever grateful for. I’ll be recommending Louis to everyone. Thanks for the … Prosperity Strata Management Read More »

  22. - Sharing IT Expertise gives you the best of the IT troubleshooting logs and Tips in one place. Save your time, get IT Knowledge, share IT expertise, and peaceful mind.
    Author: Chris

  24. Welcome |
    My name is Shaun and this is my little space on the internet. Here I will share some of my interests, life experiences and whatever else comes to mind. I started my love for technology at the age of 11 with our first computer rocking Windows 95 with 32MB of ram and a 56K modem. […]
    Author: Shaun

  26. devScripts
    devScripts is a resource for developers on the pursuit of knowledge. As one himself, this is where I share the useful technologies and techniques I come across and find relevant to building cool things.
    Author: KevGary

  28. ESL Help Resources - Wyzant Lessons
    Are you learning how to speak English? You've come to the right place! Here, tutors have shared their knowledge so that you won't be confused as to what a
    Author: Jameson Carbary

  30. Crafty Night Owls
    This blog is going to blow your minds. I have so many wonderful posts planned. If you like crafty, inventive and a little bit different, this is the place to come. Like Us, Share Us and Love Us!!! Here you'll fiind FREE giveaways, delicious recipes, how-to's on projects, crafts and so much more.
    Author: Unknown

  32. Riddle's Hedgehogs - Hedgehog Breeder in Northern Virginia
    Interested in hedgehogs? You have come to the right place! Please take a look through our web site and hopefully you will learn a thing or two about these cute little animals. Hedgehogs are not a common pet and they are not a perfect pet for just everyone. We hope you will gain some knowledge […]

  34. Welcome to Rural Nurses New Zealand | Aotearoa
    A place for rural nurses from across New Zealand to come together and share experiences, knowledge and provide support to strengthen our workforce.

  36. A New, Fresh and Vibrant Co-working Space | The Kollective
    A place where our ideas and knowledge are captured and shared. The Kollective is a co-working space for like-minded people who have a passion for community, culture and the value their work creates.

  38. Nylonsx
    There is no one common opinion when it comes to nylons. Some like stockings and others prefer pantyhose and, finally, you can try everything that is connected with nylons in one place.

    Other sites like cantchasee github io

  40. devcom Home - devcom Developer Conference
    devcom is more than a game developer conference. It is not only a place for sharing knowledge and conducting business, but also a hub for the global game dev community to come together.
    Author: Viola Tensil

  42. Home
    SFFC club is a group of enthusiastic people, keen to share their knowledge of Fly Fishing and Fly Tying, along with many stories, come and join us, and have some fun, its almost free.

  44. Wreck it - Create it !
    Come and share your knowledge. Make world a better place! :) Want to write your own posts on this blog? You're most welcome. Join me and be this blog's Author/Admin. Mail me at
    Author: Unknown

  46. Bacon Brothers | New Zealand Burger Bar & Market Stalls
    Welcome to our very first Burger Bar at 255 Saint Asaph Street, Christchurch inside the Little High Eatery. Why not come on down and share some great food, craft beer and a laugh or two.

  48. Rosemarie Schools | Nursery Schools, Alberton, Gauteng
    All our children are the beating heart of our schools. We offer a place where joyful giggles can be heard, messy creative hands are at play and little minds are growing with knowledge each and every day.

  50. The Biggest Secrets Of The World
    Time and again we come across certain evidences about our past which we turn a blind eye to. We can't explain these without being labeled a crazy conspiracy theorist. Should that scare us from unveiling the truth? Plain truth that is staring hard at us from centuries. Or is it an agenda of the powerful to control this knowledge and hence, control the world? Let's keep an open mind and try to review some of these Out-Of-Place-Artifacts (OOPArts) and mysterious accounts...

  52. Metalsmith Society
    Metalsmith Society is a community within Instagram where jewelers support one another by sharing knowledge! A safe place where jewelers of all levels can ask questions and share their tips. We discuss jewelry making techniques, tools and topics related to running a jewelry business.

  54. | Speak the Unspoken
    ABOUT USSpeaking thoughts: a place where you can express the unspoken. There are thousands of thoughts that cross your mind each day, some positive and some that hold you back. There comes a day when you are facing a whirlwind from within but have to portray a smile on your face. That’s
    Author: Nisheeta

  56. Finding The Right Gym - Full Disclosure fitness
    Joining a gym is one of the first steps every single person takes when they are trying to get in the best shape of their life. It is a little bit difficult at first to figure out exactly what type of gym to go with, but a lot of it comes down to convenience. Some …

  58. — Wake Up Your Creative Spirit -
    Creativity- some people naturally have it, some try to harvest it each day with different techniques. In general, creativity refers to making up new connections between the actual facts, based on personal knowledge and experience gathered throughout life. Many studies have proven that the REM sleep state is the biggest …

  60. Home - The Studio Reno
    The Studio is your conscious community center. Our mission is to create a safe place where people can come to share their gifts, connect with other like-minded people, and grow their yoga practice.

  62. KittensCrypt
    KittensCrypt is home to some of the most lovely ladies in the world. The Crypt is happy to offer models of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds a place to share their photos and videos for free.. Come have a look today..

  64. Eliottloisirs - Everything health, fitness, nature, travel and entertainment etc
    I will be sharing some useful content readers can use to enhance their lives, in the major areas that come together to make up the typical lifestyle of someone trying to make their way in the world, post millennium.

  66. Barcamp Southampton
    A tech unconference in the heart of the South Coast - Barcamp Southampton hands the power of the conference over to our audience, and see what they come up with. Learn completely unexpected things, share your knowledge with like-minded others, and most importantly of all: Have fun.

  68. NorCAL Odyssey of the Mind - NorCal Odyssey of the Mind
    Welcome to NorCal Odyssey of the Mind ! “What is Odyssey of the Mind?” It is a place where knowledge, creativity, imagination and ingenuity come crashing together to allow one-of-a-kind solutions that only can be created by students at a given moment in time. Odyssey is a combination of theater and problem solving which needs … Continue reading "NorCAL Odyssey of the Mind"

  70. thestrongestlink
    Welcome to my blog on IoT! This is the place where I share my knowledge, my experience, my challenges and my delight as I try to uncover the secrets of IoT. If you didn't know yet, IoT stands for "Internet of Things". Wikipedia defines the Internet of Things as ... "... a system of interrelated […]
    Author: Ron

  72. Graham Hacking Scala
    The point of "Graham Hacking Scala" is to share with you my knowledge of and experience with the Scala programming language. The blog will contain everything from introductions to basic features through to in-depth analysis of complex techniques and problems. When I make mistakes, you will learn from my mistakes. When I discover cool features, you will learn about them, too.
    Author: Graham Lea

  74. Pictures of People, Places and Things - Love's Photo Album
    Life is never still which is why we try to capture it when we can. Find thousands of pictures of people , places and things. Photography is our hobby & we enjoy sharing what we find through the lens of a camera. Some are ordinary pieces of everyday life, some are off the beaten path.

  76. Making the world a better place, one code snippet at a time. |
    Making the world a better place, one code snippet at a time. This is a collection of notes that I have accumulated over the years, and serves as a personal knowledge base to remind me of things that have grown rusty in my mind over the years. Feel free to explore and share with the world.

  78. How does zodiac affect your life-TWOzodiac
    Nowadays, astrologers do their horoscope calculations and prediction based on the position of the planets. Therefore, we hope to give you a glimpse of the calculation and try to explain the reason behind. If you are interested in learning zodiac sign, congratulations, you find the right place! There are also some special topic we would like to share with you. Come and check them up!

    What else alternative websites

  80. Barony of Forgotten Sea | SCA Kansas City
    Welcome Looking for a group of people who are excited to share their knowledge and skills on a wide variety of subjects throughout history? You've come to the right place. In Forgotten Sea we are researchers, crafters, builders, smiths, warriors, and more. It is our privilege and pleasure to

  82. Web development & Data platform | Wetory
    My name is Tomáš Rybnický, I’m interested in software and web development technologies mostly focused on database solutions a data processing techniques within projects for information systems.I’ve created this web for presenting my work in one place. During the time also decided to share some ideas via blog section and share also some useful scripts and solutions I’m using in my daily work.

  84. Home - Free The Haggis
    So, this is my blog, where I off load anything that’s on my mind. Some will be old (like I’m currently feeling), some will be present and maybe if I’m lucky enough the future (where I’ll be in my spaceship). I chose to write a blog, as a diary is far too secret (I’m trying to find my inner extravert). Pen to paper is not what I am used too, so I’m here behind my keyboard. On a side note, just to make you aware my personality type is defender (ISFJ-T) So I’m very common, 13% to be precise. Enough…

  86. Chanakya Forum is India’s premier online magazine on Foreign Affairs, Geopolitics & National Security.
    Chanakya Forum has some of the finest minds and subject matter experts writing on Foreign Affairs, Geopolitics and National Security. Eminent professionals from around the world share their experiences, knowledge and analysis through deeply researched articles. This is what makes Chanakya Forum different.

  88. Adobe Support Community
    Come for help, be inspired. The Adobe Support Community is the place to ask questions, find answers, learn from experts and share your knowledge. We have everything to help you get started, learn how to's, tips and tricks, and unlock your creativity.

  90. Test Clear Review - Can Testclear Beat Your **** Test In 2019?
    If you’ve ever wondered how you can beat a **** test, you’ve come to the right place and this Test Clear Review will give you what you need. I’ve personally used this website that I’m going to recommend you visit and have beat **** tests multiple times. Today I’ll share with you my personal experiences […]

  92. Go Science Girls - Science Activities for Curious Little Girls - Go Science Girls
    Welcome to Go Science Girls! If you are a parent or a teacher looking for fun filled science experiments and activities – You are at the right place. We write about teaching STEM through practical yet fun filled activities and experiments in this blog. We aim to increase the Science knowledge of future women! If you are new to this blog, start here… Ready why STEM education is important for girls and how it could impact lives of your little ones. Feel free to browse inspiring STEM activities that you can try at home. Short on budget, try doing some…

  94. Wordanova - To Sparkle the Mind and Soul
    Wordanova brings together food, fashion, heath ,science, technology and inspirational life thoughts all in one place to sparkle your mind and soul. We have a small team of budding writers that share their knowledge on various topics ,food recipes , fashion trends, love and positivity .

  96. Home - Welcome to my site
    “Master your emotions, master your destiny.” ~Enza Currenti~ Thank you for coming into my life. Enza How can we make the world a better place? Healing ourselves, helping others heal … Create a bridge, dissolve the illusion of separations that divides us… Learning a language Opens your heart and mind a little more And a little more offers a lot more! Below I … Home Read More »

  98. -
    Your new Favorite Place to Write Collect, edit, share and enjoy your writing like you haven’t before. Try the Beta $5 / month during beta Long-form Content Multiple Projects Cards and Organization Drag and Reorder text Free During Beta Try it Today $10+ / month Unlimited Projects Deep linking of Knowledge Tons of […]

  100. Home - Coder Empiric
    Coder Empiric Go to Posts With the special purpose, I make this channel as the place to sharing anything about coder, cloud knowledge and some strange story during all the coder’s lifetime. Was born from the Coronavirus disease, all the people do Work form home, jobless, salary pay cut, bonus... Read more »
    Author: Coder Lang Băm

  102. Create Your Wordle - Wordle Creator
    There are a few places on the web that have a wordle maker where you can create your very own word cloud. Here I will attempt to share some cool tips and tricks that I come up with in creating my own wordle word clouds. The problems I run into have nothing to do with the text to use …

  104. Aaron Golden – Writer
    I’m an insomniac. Been one for years. There are periods of time where I want to sleep but some level of executive dysfunction keeps my body from shutting down. I become too tired to write, read, or even think clearly. I usually go on image searches in a half-cognizant stupor, and sometimes I find stuff on the interwebs that is a little more video and a lot more audio. Some of that stuff ends up being, well, good. Some of it is even great. I’ll stick something on repeat for hours or days while working on whatever I have to work on, using the familiarity of someone else’s created excellence to push my own forward. And now I’ve decided to share some of what I’ve found. When ...

  106. Latino Restaurant & Bar | El Barrio | Wellington
    Located in the heart of Wellington, between Cuba Street and Courtenay Place, El Barrio is Wellington’s coolest little Latino Restaurant & Bar. Come and meet our friendly Spanish and Portuguese-speaking bar staff, and share the food, drink, music. dance, and vibrant culture of Latin America.

  108. Travel: Deals, foods, and ideas-TecHoliday
    Are you a traveller but always struggling on how to spend your money wisely? Well, you find the right place! From here, you can find the most cost-effective deal for your trip and some amazing food you must try! Come and take a look, you will get the information you need!

  110. Home - The Brandstress
    HI, MY NAME IS Vivienne. If you’re looking for your next rebrand queen, or graphic design connoisseur you’ve come to the right place. Feel free to browse my website and check out some of my latest projects, and get to know a little bit more about me. My portfolio IM VERY PASSIONATE ABOUT Design. With over 5+ years as a …

  112. Home - Schmiede
    Playground of Ideas Schmiede is a cooperative prototyping environment, focused on the arts, hacking and entrepreneurship. Schmiede is a place where our ideas come to play. Schmiede21: WAR September 22. – Oktober 2. 2021Hallein, AustriaApply Take a look and in 5:20 get a feeling of the atmosphere and scope of Schmiede. Meet some of […]

  114. Help Around Your Home and Garden
    Hello, my name is Nina and this is my blog. I was inspired to start this blog by my grandson who suggested I use my new found computer skills to share my passion with the world. I spent a long time trying to figure out what I would write about before deciding on my home and garden. I love my home and garden but now that I am older, I find it difficult to do the little jobs I need to do to maintain these areas. Thankfully, I found some great contractors who come in once a week to help. I have learnt so much. I hope you enjoy my blog.

  116. Welcome - SCS Matters
    With so many options for your health and well-being, you can trust the co-developers of Subtle Communication Systems. Joel and Debra have trained with the best and have trained some of the best. Since meeting in 1999, they have been dedicated to sharing vital mind-body-spirit resources. You’ll find information, knowledge, and trance-formational products [...]

  118. Zebra Zone | Tutorials, Reviews and More
    Zebra Zone is being built by a passionate filmmaker, willing to share some knowledge and with the best possible quality in mind. A lot of effort is put into making the videos as clear and interactive as possible ! The downside is that the videos take a bit of time to be thought, shot & edited, so don't worry if you don't see new stuff for a while :)

    Other websites similar as

  120. Marketinfo - Marketinfo, Stockmarket Courses, Indian Stockmarket
    Marketinfo is a startup to help traders and investors to educate them the importance and Necessity of Self knowledge. We as a NISM certified Traders are providng educational service to share the various strategies and educational content so that Traders can learn and increase their knowledge . We are just trying to make your trading simple by completing some back ground work and teaching them to traders by various means of communication which will be completely depend on price action strategies and charts.

  122. Activity Stream - The Melting **** - Where All Glass Addicts Melt Together
    The Melting **** is a forum dedicated to sharing knowledge, skills and techniques geared toward the progression of an ancient art form. From sherlocks to goblets, and beads to bubblers, we discuss the latest techniques and critique the latest trends. We discuss safety issues and even politics. If you ever wanted to learn how to blow glass, or already know and just want to meet others who also do what you do, then you've found the right place.

  124. Le Spot Billiard Lounge | Home
    Established since 1978, Le Spot Billiard Lounge is a great place to shoot pool, have some drinks, and just to hang around and have fun with your family and friends. Le Spot is a Filipino owned establishment so you can expect great service and a warm welcome. So come and try our menu and take advantage of our daily flat rate.

  126. Lantrns Analytics – Your Dedicated Team of Product Analytics Experts
    There's a problem with the way you get your analytics. Maybe your situation looks a little like this: "Getting our metrics has become a tedious, haphazard affair. Data coming from multiple places, that's hard to query, and a spotty, fragile process to produce our KPIs.” Maybe You've Tried Some of These Things You've tried an all-in-one
    Author: Pascal Laliberté

  128. Shivendra Prakash Suman
    I started my career in PHP. Currently, I am working as a Web Developer having 7+ years experince in PHP. I also have knowledge about Zend, Codeigniter, Wordpress, Web-Services, My-Sql, Html, CSS, Ajax, Java-Script, JQuery. I am a person who always try to learn some-thing new and absolutely do it. Because, I believe in my self. I know no one can stop to anyone for learning.I love my skills that make me feel great, that enhance my knowledge, my mind level.

  130. Annual Food and Wine Festival on the Outer Banks of North Carolina
    Each year the Outer Banks Restaurant Association looks forward to welcoming visitors and locals to the annual OBX Taste of The Beach to connect, share, and enjoy wine and food experiences. 2021 will look a little different, but there are still some great events to come and enjoy. Given the concerns around COVID-19 and the… Continue reading →

  132. Welcome to the Official Skillz Unlimited MDA Corporate Site
    The name of the company is “Skillz” because knowledge is power and it makes individuals who they are; “Unlimited” because the knowledge we acquire is without limits or bounds. The reason is to establish an organized minority owned business and to present its new innovative techniques in visual, audio and PR multimedia communications. Our multimedia facility will hire and contain young imaginary minded designers who has acquired their Bachelor Degree or better and who shares insight on what future multimedia consists of for the Millennium and beyond.

  134. hillhacks
    hillhacks is held in the lap of the stunning Dhauladhar Himalayas every summer. People from different places, walks of life and lines of thought come together to share, collaborate and learn. Hackers talk code. Artists share their creativity. Students join in from schools and colleges to learn new skills. Locals and globals mix and mingle. We build things like tables, hula hoops, interactive art installations, and solar lanterns. We connect. We dance and sing. Ideas emerge. Collaborations form. Lives change. In the hacking, we get hacked ourselves.

  136. David Fant
    This is my private space on the interwebs where I dump my thoughts, share interesting tech findings, and occasionally write summaries of books I read. It will probably be mostly centered around code I write and learnings from the journey of building products. But every once in a while, I might drop some thoughts on bigger picture thoughts as I try to find my place in the universe.

  138. CyPH3R
    A minimal, portfolio, sidebar, bootstrap Jekyll theme with responsive web design and focuses on text presentation.
    Author: Anugrah SR

  140. Wrongbaud's Blog
    A blog focusing on hardware and software reverse engineering

  142. OneV’s Den
    上善若水,人淡如菊。这里是王巍 (onevcat) 的博客,用来记录一些技术和想法,主要专注于 Swift 和 iOS 开发。
    Author: 王巍 Onevcat

  144. YunzaiDev
    Endless Learning
    Author: Yun-Jae Na

  146. CEngover
    Computer engineering student who is interested in cybersecurity. Try to figure out how to hack.

  148. Parthasarathy
    Parthasarathy’s blog

  150. 一剑霜寒十四州
    A minimal, portfolio, sidebar, bootstrap Jekyll theme with responsive web design and focuses on text presentation.
    Author: Kyle Sun

  152. fieldraccoon
    This is my blog where i will post hack the box writeups and any other things such as, CTF challenges that i might find interesting.

    All the information provided on this site is for educational purposes only. The author of the site will not be held any responsibility for any misuse of the information.

  156. p0i5on8
    A cyber security enthusiast.
    Author: Lakshya Kumar

  158. Vikas Srivastava
    A minimal, portfolio, sidebar, bootstrap Jekyll theme with responsive web design and focuses on text presentation.
    Author: Vikas Srivastava

    More other alternatives for cantchasee github io

  160. Max Verheyen
    A minimal, portfolio, sidebar, bootstrap Jekyll theme with responsive web design that focuses on text presentation.
    Author: Max Verheyen

  162. 기록
    안녕하세요? 반갑습니다. 기억하기 위해 기록하는 공간입니다.
    Author: HyunMin Kim

  164. PSCons
    Small blog about everything related to Microsoft products and IT.
    Author: Patrick Schüle

  166. Siddharth Abbineni
    Web Developer, Application Developer, Full Stack Developer
    Author: Siddharth Abbineni

  168. Flying with Tools
    pilot, flying, coding, living, IT knowledge blog.

  170. Cristian Camilo Moreno Narvaez
    Página personal para divulgación de conocimiento en manipulación y visualización de datos.
    Author: Cristian Camilo Moreno Narvaez

  172. logoff
    journey of a newb infosec pleb

  174. Utku Akgüngör Blog
    Android programlama üzerine blog sayfası.
    Author: Utku Akgüngör

  176. Dr Adam Luke Baskerville
    The personal website of Adam Luke Baskerville Contains information and T>T blog containing mathematics and science content
    Author: Adam Luke Baskerville

  178. ColdFusionX | CTF Player Pentester InfoSec Enthusiast
    Realm of Knowledge
    Author: Mayank Deshmukh

  180. Danylo Yakymenko
    I’m a mathematician that study quantum information theory. But I’m also interested in various aspects of life and existence.

  182. Duško Bajić - Blog
    Software engineer. Enjoys in DevOps. Proficient in development.
    Author: Duško Bajić

  184. Sebay
    A minimal, portfolio, sidebar, bootstrap Jekyll theme with responsive web design and focuses on text presentation.
    Author: Sebastien Auvray

  186. ~/FareedFauzi
    Just another cyber-security blog discussing about malware analysis, malware research and reverse engineering

  188. Blog of Ryoungwoo Jang
    Blog of Ryoungwoo Jang. Medicine, Mathematics, Machine Learning, and various things…
    Author: Ryoungwoo Jang

    Powerpoints are the peacocks of the world; all show no meat.
    Author: Deverick Simpson

  192. 0xN1ghtR1ngs
    0xN1ghtR1ngs InfoSec Blog
    Author: Hameed; Ezi

  194. Chirpy
    A minimal, portfolio, sidebar, bootstrap Jekyll theme with responsive web design and focuses on text presentation.
    Author: Your Full Name

  196. Ashiq's blog
    Personal blog.
    Author: Ashiq Amien

  198. fasto
    A minimal, portfolio, sidebar, bootstrap Jekyll theme with responsive web design and focuses on text presentation.
    Author: Fasto X

  200. 0xRahul
    A minimal, portfolio, sidebar, bootstrap Jekyll theme with responsive web design and focuses on text presentation.