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  2. Alexey Nikitin
    Blog about Java programming, clean code and Android development
    Author: Alexey Nikitin

  4. Eric Hubbard
    Eric Hubbard is a software developer in Birmingham, AL. He has experience in web development and mobile app development. He enjoys an intuitive design paired with clean code behind the scenes. Reach out to him for any questions or just to chat!
    Author: Eric Hubbard

  6. Tom Cork
    My name is Tom and I am a developer who loves learning new technologies and writing clean, maintainable code.

  8. Kokowilly personal website
    **** Ricardo Wijaya's personal website, Android Engineer, Tech Geek, Clean Code. Speciality on Android Development, but also able to work with Backend and Website Development.

  10. Darius Sandatinus
    A passionate mobile developer using Flutter, who loves clean code and build performant apps

  12. Jankees van Woezik
    I am Jankees van Woezik, a code cracking, mathematics loving, freelance developer with a love for writing clean, useful, tested and reusable software.
    Author: Marc Köhlbrugge Maker; Startup jobs; Betalist

  14. Jacob Harris
    Front End Web Developer based in Brooklyn. I love clean code, playful CSS, and good food.

  16. Eric Jesinowski | UI/UX Engineer
    I am a ui/ux designer, frontend developer & concepter from Mönchengladbach, Germany. I have been crafting beautiful interfaces and writing clean, working code. Currently working at freshcells (ui/ux engineer) in Düsseldorf.
    Author: Eric Jesinowski

  18. Coders Hub: Android Code Examples and Programming Tutorials: Home
    Android code examples, Android code Tutorials and Developers, C codes, Java codes, MySQL tutorials, Android project samples, OpenGL codes.

  20. 900+ Android Code Snippets
    Android code snippets for the android app developers.

  22. Android Iași
    We are Android developers that love code and tech talks. Join our discussion group. Let’s all go to Cluj in September for droidcon!

  24. Android Codes
    Codes for Android developers with examples
    Author: Keerthy

  26. Learn Pain Less
    Welcome to the world of android app development and coding. Learn Pain Less is code academy which has mission to provide a free android development tutorial.

  28. Clean Code Development - Quality Seal
    Clean Code,Android,Eclipse,Mobile,Quality,Development,PhoneGap, Multilingual,Database,Multilanguage,SQLite,Quality,Design Pattern,Design Principle
    Author: Ricardo Ferreira

  30. Stefan Macke - Polyglot Clean Code Developer
    Polyglot Clean Code Developer
    Author: Stefan

  32. Android Code Monkey
    Android Development Tutorials and Code Examples
    Author: Greg Zimmers

  34. Hello! I'm Diego
    Website of Spanish backend/frontend developer Diego Altamirano. PHP, javascript, css... Clean code caked with love from the sunny Málaga (Spain).

  36. | I’m a developer. I love coding.
    I’m a developer. I love coding.
    Author: Mourtada se

  38. Soo Story - Soo Story
    Software Developer, I love code.

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  40. maybebuggy
    Software developer, cares for clean code

    An Android developer with 5 plus years of extensive experience in the layout design and coding of Android application development

  44. 400+ Android & Flutter Code
    Example code for android + flutter app developers.

  46. Pranay Das || Freelance Website Developer in Mumbai, Web Application Developer, Android Application Developer
    Freelanced Full Stack Developer & Android Application Developer who focuses on writing clean, elegant and efficient code. Cost effective, affordable websites. Web Designer in mumbai. Responsive & mobile friendly.

  48. Yinka's Portfolio
    An ambitious medical student that loves writing clean and efficient code.

  50. Website of Michael Bykovski
    Hi, I am Michael Bykovski. I love clean code. I live for coding and do coding for life. Agile mindset - you don't need a certificate to be agile.
    Author: Meta-Tags Generator

  52. Shreyansh Pandey — I write code.
    Developer from India who loves breaking code.
    Author: Shreyansh Pandey

  54. Android Application Developer
    android tutorials contain android code, updates of android market, download project option,managed by Android apps developer.
    Author: Rishi Sangal

  56. Code Engine Software Developers - Software & Website Developer From Jamnagar - Sagar Maheta
    Code Engine software developer & website developer & Android App Developer From Jamnagar India

  58. DreamIT Solutions : Home
    DreamIT Solutions provides resource for the android developer. Providing resources, code samples, xml layouts and tips for the android developer.
    Author: Dgradpages Com

  60. Android Example | Basics | Developer | Source Code | Tutorials | Advance | Apps | Java
    AndroidExample provides examples / source codes / new developement idea to android developers.
    Author: ANDROID

  62. Coding is love
    Coding is Love is a blog on programming & development with coding tutorials, best practices for developers and walk-through of latest technologies.
    Author: Ranjith kumar

  64. Home - Solved Codes
    Website Design, Software Development, System Development, Android & iOS Mobile Application Developement, Coding

  66. Android Development - News, Example, tutorial, Source Code
    Mobile application , specially for android application development. Find example, source code and much more about android.
    Author: Ahmad

  68. Segun Famisa's blog
    Hey, I'm an android developer, I love to create :)
    Author: Segun

  70. Jeffin's Blog
    Java/Android Developer, Love reading and thinking
    Author: Jeffin

  72. Codo Dodo - We create amazing apps, with love and passion for Android and iOS
    Software developer with love and passion for Android and iOS
    Author: Damian Piwowarski Codo Dodo

  74. Reza Effati Moghaddam
    Front End Web Developer. Love JS and Coding.

  76. A.H. SamadiPour
    Mobile Application Developer. Love Flutter and Coding.

  78. feelZdroid, Learn android apps development, coding snippets, tutorials and more...

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  80. Deepak Garg
    Hi, I'm Deepak. I pursued B.Tech in Computer Science from Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology,Delhi. I have created some android applications and web apps. I love development and writing codes.

  82. Home - Fates Allow
    Custom WordPress theme design and development, by a designer with a love for code. (And I love to collaborate with my fellow designers who want a partner for the code side of it all.)

  84. Kamil Dyrek - Webdesign, Graphic Design
    I love good design and clean well writen code and want to share the best of it with you.
    Author: Kamil Dyrek

  86. Troybay - Hire a website designer in Nigeria
    I’m a Freelance website designer / developer. I have a Passion for Creating Clean, Beautiful, Interactive, Minimalistic, Responsive and User Friendly UI, Developed by Modular, Scalable and Functional Code. When, while the lovely valley teems with vapour around me.

  88. Jordan Buckley | Full-Stack Web Developer | Earth
    Full-Stack Web Developer. I love working with code to craft clean, striking user experiences online. I work in JavaScript and use frameworks like React, AngularJS, and Node.js.

  90. Love Designs
    Love Designs. We develop for the web, iOS and Android.

  92. WordPress & WooCommerce Web Development & Design
    Our development strategy is create a clean code good for your bussines
    Author: Flooming Internet

  94. Cassens - Digital Designer & Frontend Developer
    Frontend Developer and Digital Designer, who loves to code and design.

  96. Blog by Franklin Castillo
    Hi! I'm Franklin. Software developer who love code and running!
    Author: Franklin Castillo

  98. All posts | Code Musings
    A place for me to discuss code and the things I am loving in web development

  100. About me, Tomas Perez Vecilla, Web developer
    Web developer! I love to code and learn new things.

  102. Karel De Smet
    Software developer from Belgium. Loves to code, read and write.

  104. Android Translate Text Example
    Android app development tutorials and web app development tutorials with programming examples and code samples

  106. Ritish Gumber
    I am Full Stack Developer who loves to write a lot of code within a collaborative development environment. :)

  108. A CSS Toolkit | Blyth CSS
    Made with ❤️ for HTML & CSS programmers who love lightweight, clean, reusable and scalable code.

  110. Don't Just Block Sites… Re-Direct Them!
    Rants, raves, and completely opinionated (but unresearched) thoughts on love, life, and the pursuit of clean code...

  112. Simplified Coding » Learn Building Apps
    Welcome to Simplified Coding. My name is Belal Khan, the founder of Simplified Coding and I've build this website to help all android developers out there.
    Author: Belal Khan

  114. clearcode | Even clean code can function. But if code isn’t clear, it can bring a development organization to its knees.
    Even clean code can function. But if code isn’t clear, it can bring a development organization to its knees.

  116. Tolustar - is an amazing software developer
    Tolustar is an amazing software developer with passion for writing codes and developing mobile (Android and iOS) and web applications.

  118. Craftsman’s Blog | Software Development, Clean Coding, Ruby, Elixir, Musik, Benzin & Kuchen.
    Software Development, Clean Coding, Ruby, Elixir, Musik, Benzin & Kuchen.
    Author: Andi Altendorfer

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  120. Android Tutorials
    Read tutorials on Android application development. Download source code and apps for free.
    Author: Sovelluksen Valmistaja

  122. Alex Nicholas | Front End Developer
    Alex is a front end developer with big ambitions and a fervent love of code.

  124. Emmanuel Maggion - Web application development, quality audit and security consulting
    Experienced web developer who loves beautiful code and elegant applications.

  126. Code Shoppy - Online Shopping For Android, PHP Projects
    Code Shoppy develop android,php projects for all kinds of final year students, can buy source code by online.
    Author: Codeshoppy; Code Shoppy

  128. Eric Slone
    Eric writes code.

  130. Eric Stiles
    Learning the zen of coding in NodeJS.

  132. - Digital Agency - Webdesign, Graphic Design
    We love good design and clean well writen code and we want to share the best of it with you.
    Author: Webhelpers Eu

  134. General Questions
    Download Android-based POS Application source codes for customization , Android pos source codes ,Android ERP source code ,Android E-Commerce source Code

  136. Best Android App Development Tutorial BlueAppSoftware
    How to learn android app development? We are providing android app development courses & downloadbale source code. Ready Made App eCommrece app with Support
    Author: Kamal Bunkar

  138. Code With Android | Latest Flutter Update
    Code with Android,Latest Android Update,latest Android Update,Android,Android Source Code,Free Android Tuturial
    Author: CodeWithAndroid

  140. Eric Winnington
    A collection of thoughts, code and snippets.

  142. Stojan Anastasov's blog
    Android developer crafting native Android apps
    Author: Stojan Anastasov

  144. Aamer-Sadiq
    Technical Short Stories
    Author: Aamer Sadiq

  146. Matthew Thomas Miller
    Assistant Professor of Persian Literature and Digital Humanities at Roshan Institute for Persian Studies, University of Maryland, College Park; Director, Roshan Initiative in Persian Digital Humanities; and an affiliate of the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities
    Author: Matthew Thomas Miller

  148. Benjamin Rohaut
    Neuro Intensivist & Scientist exploring Consciousness and Brain Dysfunction in the ICU
    Author: Benjamin Rohaut

  150. All Things Automation
    with Edmund Dipple
    Author: Edmund Dipple

  152. unmonoqueteclea
    A monkey hitting keys at random on a typewriter keyboard for an infinite amount of time will almost surely type this blog.
    Author: Pablo González Carrizo

  154. New-PowerShellBlog
    New home for
    Author: Andrey Vernigora

  156. Cooking Analytics
    My name is Miguel Gaspar and the blog purpose is to provide information on the value and how to build IoT and Big Data solutions, providing business, architectural and technical guidance that can be useful to developers, architects and top level business managers.
    Author: Miguel Gaspar

  158. by NeoPolus
    Author: Borja López Soilán

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  160. Why R? Foundation
    R Conferences, R Meetings and Hackathons
    Author: Why R Foundation

  162. teocomi | Matteo Cominetti
    Sometimes I write about code & tech in the AEC industry.<br/>Co-founder of Speckle.<br/>Formerly Arup, Foster+Partners, WeWork, CASE Inc.
    Author: Matteo Cominetti

  164. Spencer Owen
    The art of progress is to preserve order amid change and preserve change amid order - Alfred North Whitehead
    Author: Spencer Owen

  166. Mikael Randy
    CTO - Architecte Web
    Author: Mikael Randy

  168. Mehmet Cem Yücel
    En yalın haliyle Türkçe yazılım blogu.<br/> Java, Cloud, Mikroservisler, Spring Boot, NoSQL, Kafka, Dağıtık Sistemler ve Blockchain konuları hakkında karalamalarım
    Author: Mehmet Cem Yücel

  170. Video Cortex
    Adi Shavit :: Insights and Visions
    Author: Adi Shavit

  172. Aditya Nur Rohman
    Hallo I am ☕️ developer
    Author: Aditya Nur Rohman

  174. Stefan Prodan
    DevOps Consultant. DX at Weaveworks. Passionate about Cloud Native tech. Loves programming in Go and building Kubernetes operators.
    Author: Stefan Prodan

  176. Jesse Moore
    Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Business Leader, and Entry-Level Dad
    Author: Jesse Moore

  178. Diksha
    Hi, I am Diksha, currently exploring my developer instincts at Microsoft. I am one of the 50 recipients from Asia- Pacific of the Google Anita Borg Scholarship- 2016. I am involved with initiatives to encourage women in STEM. When I am not around my laptop, I love to spend my time running / cycling on the roads of Hyderabad.

  180. Duubar Villalobos
    Data Scientist
    Author: Duubar Villalobos

  182. JJromi
    JJromi blog
    Author: Jeong Sae Rom

  184. TinyZ's Blog
    专注于网络游戏前后端技术(JAVA, PHP, Unity3D)。积累技术,记录分享。

  186. Aravind Vasudevan | Yet another programmer's blog
    An inquisitive polyglot developer and Machine Learning enthusiast.
    Author: Aravind Vasudevan

  188. Ben Gelens
    Automation, Development & Cloud
    Author: Ben Gelens

  190. Matthew Hodgkins Blog
    ❤️er of Automation, AWS, DevOps, CI/CD, Python, Golang and Observability. Aussie living in the Netherlands.
    Author: Matthew Hodgkins

  192. Ruby, Rails and life
    Random thoughts from many of my personalities...
    Author: Bob Roberts

  194. Ashley Poole
    Speaker, Technical Lead, Site Reliability Engineering Advocate and Co-organiser of @ShropshireDevs user group.
    Author: Ashey Poole

  196. Jamie Skipworth
    Technology Generalist | Software & Data
    Author: Jamie Skipworth

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