Top 100 alternative sites to

  2. Jacky Ly | Ryerson CS Co-op
    Hi there! I'm Jacky Ly, a co-op student studying Computer Science at Ryerson University. Check out my projects on GitHub! - @lyjacky11
    Author: Jacky Ly

  4. viktorstrate |
    I'm viktorstrate, a Computer Science student who likes programming, web technologies, and graphics design. This is my personal website, here you can find some of my projects.

  6. Hello, I'm Maxim
    I am a Computer Science student interested in all facets of programming
    Author: Maxim Salikhov

  8. Benjamin Sherman
    I'm a graduate Computer Science student at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. My interests include programming language design, compilers, and systems engineering.
    Author: Benjamin Sherman

  10. Esteban SAINZ
    WHO AM I ? My name is Esteban SAINZ, I'm a computer science student. I am currently studying computer science at the University of Bordeaux 1, in France. My main interest are gameplay and Engine programming. I love creating and tweaking the feel of a game, making things feels nice and smooth, as

  12. Computer Science student & Software Engineer - Alexander von Studnitz
    I'm a Computer Science student at TU Darmstadt and work as a Software Engineer.
    Author: Follow

  14. Jon Morgan | Jon Morgan
    Hi! I'm Jon Morgan, a Software Developer and Computer Science student at City, Universiy of London. I love programming small projects, hacking hardware and researching computing

  16. Théo Delemazure - Home
    I am a fourth year student at the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris in computer science. Currently, I am doing an internship at TU Berlin. In computer science, I'm interested in computational social choice, AI, algorithms, databases, compilation, cryptography and many other fields. Some of my personal interests are drawing, coding and drama.

  18. Tejaswini Rajkumar
    Hey, I'm a Computer Science student from Case Western Reserve University. I work on IoT and web based projects. Check my profile and recent work.
    Author: Tejaswini Rajkumar; Tejaswini R; Tejaswini

    I'm interested in art, computers, free software, maths, science. Here are some of my projects.

  22. Home
    I'm a third-year undergraduate student in Computer Science at UCSB. I'm currently working on a neural ranking research project with Prof. Tao Yang. I'm looking for summer internship in 2019.

  24. Diploma Student
    previous year questions and notes, Diploma in Computer Science and Engineering, students interested in programming, Computer Science and technology
    Author: Diploma student

  26. James Klassen
    My name is James. I'm a computer science student at the University of Manitoba

  28. Stars On Earth
    Stars On Earth create free educational videos for students to learn. Students can then use the material to work on various projects. This not only teaches them about computer science but also allows them to experience the field first hand.

  30. leonfrom | Leon Frommberger
    leonfrom | I'm Leon Frommberger, a computer science expert interested in programming & graphic design

  32. Lukas Pistrol
    I'm an indie iOS developer, computer science student and also writing a blog about programming
    Author: Lukas Pistrol

  34. Home :: Petar Kresoja
    Welcome to my official website. Here you can find all about my passion for computers and programming. I have some interesting github projects you should defently check out. What are you waiting for?
    Author: Petar Kresoja

  36. Justin Zhang's Portfolio
    I'm a computer science and business student with a background in design and videography. Take a look through my past experiences and projects that I'm most proud of!
    Author: Justin Zhang

  38. Kevin Martin | Fullstack Developer
    Hi, my name is Kevin MARTIN. I'm a fullstack developer, i'm in love with JS. You can clone this project on my github.

    Other sites like codyq me

  40. Computer Science Canada
    Computer Science Canada is a community for programmers and students to come and share there knowledge various subjects. We also have many tutorials and tips covering numerous languages and areas of programming.
    Author: Info Ca

  42. Costanza Volpini
    I'm an Italian computer science student at EPFL based in Lausanne, Switzerland. I'm passionate about design with a keen interest in the field of UX/HCI.
    Author: Costanza Volpini

  44. Portfolio of Marvin Ackermann
    I'm Marvin Ackermann a Software Engineer from Karlsruhe Germany. I'm currently studying Computer Science at the Karlsruher Institute of Technology. Beside my continuing studies I'm working on several hobby projects which you can see on the My Projects page. My current hobby focus lies on the game Banyan which a fellow student and I are developing. Our journey began in late 2015. In our university every Computer Science student has to pass the class PSE (Practice of Software Engineering). There we, with 4 other dudes, made our first game called Wedloop. If you're interested you can download it here. After that we wanted to flesh the game out with better graphics and gamepl...

  46. Emily Wilson | Main Page
    Hi, I'm a graduating senior at Georgia Tech studying Computer Science with an emphasis on devices and intelligence. I have experience working on research project teams and in industry internships, as well as leading student organizations. I am interested in embedded systems, web development, and social impact.

  48. GuillemDev
    I'm Guillem Garcia, a computer science student who tries to understand how the world works using AI

  50. Mukund Shah • Home Page
    Hi, I'm Mukund Shah. I'm a Computer Science Student and a programmer, currently a web developer. Learn more about me, my life and my work from my blogs.

  52. Gowtham Kaki
    I'm an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the University of Colorado, Boulder. My research interests include Programming Languages, Program Verification, and Distributed Systems.

  54. Home
    I am a Computer Science MSc student at the University of Copenhagen. On this site you can find some of my work, projects, as well as more information about who i am

  56. Home
    Hi there! I'm Michael, a third year computer science student at Utas. I'm majoring in Games Design and love tinkering away at my own projects.

    WHat Am I up to? I'm a cognitive science student working towards a career in UX research and human computer interaction.

  60. Get Your Project Topics and Materials
    Research project topics and materials. We also design software/programs for computer science students.
    Author: Classgist

  62. Dominic Maas
    Hello, my name is Dominic. I'm primarily a .NET developer focusing on UWP & WPF, and a Computer Science Student.

  64. About Me - Dominik Muth
    Dominik Muth, master student in computer science at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany I'm especially interested in robotics and automation.

  66. Miguel MJ
    I'm a Computer Science student and programming is my passion. I love learning as much as I love teaching, sharing knowledge is a high human value!

  68. It's me! Mariano
    This is my personal Github page. Here you can find information about me, my last projects and posts about Computer Science and games.
    Author: Mtrebi

  70. Portfolio Sam Vermeir - Gameplay Programmer and AI Enthousiast
    I'm Sam Vermeir, a Gameplay Programmer and AI Enthousiast. Browse through my projects here - I can work on the whole game pipeline but my main focus is gameplay programming with an interest in AI development.

    Hello! I'm Daniel, an undergraduate computer science student in Boston, MA. Here are some things I've worked on so far. 😄

  74. Home
    Hello! Thanks for stopping by here. I hope you enjoy your visit. My name is Mr. Durbano, but many students call me Mr. D. and you can too. I'm a former science teacher, but now I'm a full-time...

  76. Study Material for BCA Students
    A blog for computer science students where they can find notes for their subjects and basic programming exercises.

  78. Kognise
    I'm a young person who's interested in programming, aviation, and music. I'm currently working on several projects including Water.css, Punct, and Doggo.Ninja.

    What else alternative websites

  80. Stop Making Sense | Landing page of Andrés-Leonardo Martínez-Ortiz a.k.a almo at GitHub. Here you will find technical post about programming
    Landing page of Andrés-Leonardo Martínez-Ortiz a.k.a almo at GitHub. Here you will find technical post about programming, computer science and many more.
    Author: Stop Making Sense

  82. Fastidious Elegance
    My name is Aaron Hsu, and I'm a computer scientist. I'm changing the way people look at computing and programming languages, what they can do with them, and how they do it.
    Author: Aaron W. Hsu Jul

  84. Fares AlHarbi
    Well, formally: a Mathematics student, with interest in Computer Science. Sometimes I work on the intersection between Mathematics & CS.

  86. Robert Kossessa - I do computer stuff.
    I'm a student from Germany, interested in informatics, games, music and art. I will graduate high school in 2018 and aim to study computer science afterwards. I love programming, playing the piano and helping less experienced computer users. is my online portfolio and blog.

  88. The Average Joe
    Hey All! My name is Joe. I created this page to host some of my works as well as a collection of other topics that I would love to share (coming soon). This ranges from my acedemic works as a graduate student at Michigan State University to fun projects I work on withdata science and machine learning. You can also find me on Github and Linkedin.
    Author: Thanaphong Phongpreecha Joe

  90. The Nightly
    The personal blog of Shaun Bennett. I'm a computer science student at the University of Waterloo. I like to talk about software, photography, running, and motivation.

  92. Abdul Rafay - Full-stack developer, WordPress developer
    I'm a computer science graduate and self-taught full-stack developer. I've been interested in programming and web development since I was a teenager.

  94. Christoffer Hauthorn
    My name is Christoffer Hauthorn Boisen, and I'm one of the technical co-founders of Emplate ApS and a Computer Science student at Aarhus University.

  96. CodaSite
    CodaSite superpowers computer science educators and helps students build projects they can show off.

  98. John Symons
    Professor of Philosophy Department of Philosophy at The University of Kansas Thank you for your interest in my work. These days I'm mostly working on problems related to the role of computing technology in science, I'm especially interested in the interaction of technololgy and social norms, but in the past I've worked in formal epistemology,…

  100. MIYIO 2021 - 9th Malaysia International Young Inventors Olympiad 2021
    MIYIO is a platform to share research findings and development of science and engineering students. This program has produced many talented students in the world and world-class science and engineering research projects.

  102. Santiago Castro
    Hey! I'm Santiago Castro, a PhD Student in Computer Science at the LIT Lab, University of Michigan, since Fall 2018. My advisor is Rada Mihalcea. I'm from Uruguay 🇺🇾 My research interests are around Natural Language Processing, Computational Social Science and Computer Vision: Multimodality, Reasoning, Subjectivity, Sarcasm and Humor.
    Author: Santiago Castro bryant

  104. About | Sankha Narayan Guria
    Hi! I’m Sankha. I am a Ph.D. student in Computer Science at the University of Maryland, advised by Prof. Jeff Foster and Prof. David Van Horn. I work with the folks at the PLUM group. I am interested in programming languages design, program analysis and synthesis. My research is focused...
    Author: Sankha Narayan Guria

    Welcome to my blog. Here I'm going to share the details of various projects I'm working on. My area of interest includes embedded electronics and software, wireless communications, Internet of Things and home automation.
    Author: Smarpldotcom

  108. Doğukan Arkan | Personal Website & Portfolio
    Hi! I'm Doğukan. I'm a Computer Engineering student and this page is my portfolio. In this page, you can read my information and background. Also, you should look at my blog posts. You may be interested in.
    Author: Doğukan Arkan; Mail Com

  110. Zachary Jordan
    Hello, my name is Zachary Jordan. I am currently a senior attending Macalester College. I love to create things, and as such have extensive experience working on a wide range of projects. On this site, I share my programming projects, art, writing, and anything else I've been working on. I'm always working on something new! I try to work with as many disciplines as possible so that I can be familiar with them all.

  112. Manthan Dudeja - Blogger, Android / ios Developer
    My name is Manthan and I'm from Karnal, Haryana and living in California. Currently, I am pursuing my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from California State University. I have always been enthusiastic about computers, and that's why I chose this as my career. At first, what brought me closer to computers were games. But after that, I became much more interested in knowing how web programs are created and how things work behind the scene.

  114. Scrumpy
    Hiya, I'm Scrumpy. I'm a 18 year old from the UK & I'm a tad bit obsessed with Science, Maths & Programming. My goal is to become an Astronaut. In my spare time I moderate & manage Discord communities & work on random programming projects.

  116. AvaMakes
    Hi, I'm Ava. I'm an undergraduate computer science student at Oberlin College expecting to graduate in 2022. I'm interested in backend development, database systems, and media technology. Take a look at my portfolio page or send me an email at to get in touch.

  118. Jay Prakash - Software Developer
    Hey there, this is my personal website. I'm a Software Developer by profession, if you're interested in my work, you can have a look at my opensource projects here.

    Other websites similar as

  120. Momar
    Momar Faly TOURE, a graduate student in computer science. Here is my portfolio, my personal website, I present my cursus, projects that I have worked on and by blog .

  122. Home -
    Welcome to my site. Please stick around and view my work as a web design/programming student, although most of the work is from my web design class. I'm also working hard to provide outside resources for your internet and basic computer needs, because I'm nerdy like that.
    Author: Jessica Hough

  124. Thomas Bailly-Salins | Freelance fullstack web developer | Paris
    My name is Thomas Bailly-Salins, I'm a fullstack web developer based in Paris. I am currently working as an independant. You can find more on my Github or Linkedin

  126. Lisa Schwetlick's Website
    Hi! I'm Lisa, a Berlin PhD student, and this is my website. Have a look if you are interested in any of the cool projects I've been working on or if you want to get in touch.

  128. Tom Auger
    Hi! My name is Tom Auger and I’m an MSc student in Computer Science at the University of Edinburgh. I’m focusing on the intersection between computer security and machine learning. For my master’s project I’m researching how privacy preserving technologies can protect sensitive information in datasets used for network intrusion detection. My technical interests are in security engineering, digital forensics, machine learning, cryptography, and lots more. Résumé Sep 2020-present MSc student in Computer Science at the University of Edinburgh.
    Author: Tom Auger

  130. Bennet Gallein - Entwickler
    Hey, my name is Bennet and I'm from Germany. Now I am 20 years old, but my interest in Computers and programming is as old as 10 Years. Over the years I made much experience with Computers, Networks and Webdevelopment.

  132. Шинный центр Extyre
    Выкуп шин и дисков по выгодным ценам.

  134. PRIGHTER | Privacy Representation & Software
    Prighter offers Privacy Representation & Software for EU and UK privacy law from 19€/month ✓Law Firm Expertise ✓DSR Tool ✓Data Breach Tool

  136. Toadfish | Eco-Friendly Coastal Products - Holiday Sale | Toadfish Outfitters
    Thoughtfully designed eco-friendly coastal products that replant oyster beds to help clean our coast with every product sold. Coastal innovations made from recycled plastics. Innovative Non-Tipping Can Coolers, ergonomic oyster knives, shrimp cleaners, crab cutter, inshore fishing rods.

  138. Freelance Web Developer | Manuel Kruisz
    Manuel Kruisz. Freelance Web Developer, based in Vienna (Austria GMT +2). I build websites and web applications with Next.js Node.js and Java.

  140. MyMalls · Ship from the US | You Shop, We Ship
    MyMalls gives you a personal shopping address in the US with express forwarding to your home or business in . Sign up now!

  142. Thuê Đồ - Nền tảng thuê đồ của người Việt -
    Thuê Đồ - Nền tảng kết nối dịch vụ thuê đồ, cho thuê đồ của người Việt. Đồ cho thuê đa dạng, giao dịch nhanh chóng, an toàn. Cho thuê đồ online, thuê quần áo, giày dép, phụ kiện máy ảnh,...

  144. Société d'affacturage - Simulation en ligne - Factorland
    Factorland : courtier spécialisé en affacturage qui vous aide à choisir la meilleure solution d'affacturage pour votre entreprise.

  146. FeedHive - Social media marketing made easy
    Social media marketing made easy - get started for free

  148. Botminds | World's first unified platform for Intelligent Document Processing & Process Automation
    Botsminds AI is World's first unified intelligent platform for document processing and process automation. It uses the power of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to solve any business problem in a fast, accurate and automated way.

  150. Bloocks fastest websites generator ever! | Build badass and fastest marketing websites with Bloocks, a static websites generator to build Ec
    Build badass and fastest marketing websites with Bloocks, a static websites generator to build Ecommerce and websites on top of tecnical performaces.
    Author: Antonio Trento

  152. The Koala Finance | Non-custodial, Multi-chain, Gamified DeFi prediction protocol
    Koala Finance is an advanced non-custodial, multi-chain, Gamified DeFi prediction protocol available for different types of markets such as crypto, sports, entertainment, gamified airdrops, and grid bots.

  154. Forside - Bornholms Sundheds- og Sygeplejeskole
    Bornholms Sunheds- og Sygeplejeskole uddanner SoSu'er, PAU'er og sygeplejersker på Danmarks smukkeste ø.

  156. Biuro rachunkowe Bielsko | Golden Kite

    More other alternatives for codyq me

  158. TRACTIAN - Escute suas máquinas, elas estão falando!
    A todo momento a TRACTIAN está coletando e cruzando dados de diferentes equipamentos ao redor do Brasil. Através do nosso band aid preditivo para ativos, você pode prever quebras e falhas de diferentes formas!

  160. Keep an eye for the next Coingems – CoinGems
    The world’s leading community-based coin listing and voting platform. Keep an eye for the next #coingems

  162. Qunomedical: High Quality Medical Treatments Home & Abroad
    Find the top doctors, check reviews and results, compare prices and book your appointment with Qunomedical, your trusted partner for medical treatments worldwide.

  164. Főoldal - Kalandozás Utazási iroda - Utazás, nyaralas, kirándulás, Görögország, Spanyolország, Olaszország

  166. Best Instructor Lead Training | Certifications | Digital Learning
    Pragra offers the pragmatic learning to kickstart successful IT career. Amazing bootcamps & Certification programs for Data Science, Java, DevOps, Cloud, QA, BA, ML, AI with live project CO-OP and corporate training in Canada.

  168. Accueil Edilians Belgique

  170. Cloud Contact Center Software. Centered on Experience. - Samespace
    Cloud Contact Center Software. Centered on Experience.

  172. Airplane - Code to internal apps in minutes
    Airplane turns SQL queries, REST endpoints, JavaScript / Python scripts, and more into apps for your team to use.

  174. Schallabsorber & Schallschutz direkt vom Hersteller
    Schallabsorber und Schallschutz günstig ab Werk kaufen ✓ Weniger Lärm und bessere Raumakustik . ➤ Hier geht's mit wenigen Klicks zur perfekten Akustik! ✓ Kostenfreie Akustikberatung ✓ Schallabsorber für jede Anwendung ✓ Bessere Raumakustik ✓ Schalldämmung und Schallisolierung ✓ Qualität Made in Germany
    Author: Mark H; Raesfeld

  176. Absorptieplaten & geluidsisolatie direct van de fabrikant!
    Absorptieplaten en geluidsisolatie voordelig direct kopen van de fabriek ✓ Minder lawaai en een betere ruimteakoestiek. ➤ Hier gaat het met een paar klikken verder voor een perfecte akoestiek! ✓ Gratis akoestisch advies ✓ Absorptieplaten voor elke toepassing ✓ Verbeterde ruimteakoestiek ✓ Geluidsabsorptie en geluidsisolatie ✓ Kwaliteit Made in Germany

  178. Home - Kewix
    A Kewix használatával határok nélkül böngészhetsz webáruházak kínálataiban. Összehasonlíthatod az árakat a világ számos webáruházából, így pillanatok alatt képet kaphatsz az országodból is elérhető külföldi és helyi áruházak árairól. Ezzel a nemzetközi termékkatalógussal biztosítjuk, hogy könnyen megtaláld a számodra legjobb ajánlatot.

  180. Schreinerei Virnich
    Die inhabergeführte Schreinerei Virnich ist auf die Produktion hochwertiger Möbel, Treppen und Messebauten sowie die Beratung, den Verkauf und die Montage von Fenstern und Haustüren spezialisiert.

  182. Cadence - Virtual Team Bonding
    Cadence - Delightful bonding activities for remote teams

  184. DocNinja - Professional legal contracts in minutes.
    DocNinja provides professional legal contracts to businesses and the general public. DocNinja also helps automate key aspects of the contracting process, including contract generation, review, management and electronic signatures. Search across all your documents using our AI smart search technology.