Top 100 alternative sites to

  2. Welcome to Sngine
    Share your memories, connect with others, make new friends

  4. Welcome to Sngine
    Share your memories, connect with others, make new friends

  6. Welcome to Sngine
    Share your memories, connect with others, make new friends

  8. Willkommen bei Sngine
    Share your memories, connect with others, make new friends

  10. Добро пожаловать Sngine
    Share your memories, connect with others, make new friends

  12. Welcome to Tabarau
    Share your memories, connect with others, make new friends

  14. Welcome to Desire Social
    Share your memories, connect with others, make new friends

  16. Welcome to HUBO
    Share your memories, connect with others, make new friends

  18. Welcome to Egaz
    Share your memories, connect with others, make new friends

  20. Welcome to GeeGram
    Share your memories, connect with others, make new friends

  22. Welcome to
    Share your memories, connect with others, make new friends

  24. Welcome to Xaphyr
    Share your memories, connect with others, make new friends...

  26. Welcome to 9jaweb
    Share your memories, connect with others, make new friends

  28. Welcome to Ochanja
    Share your memories, connect with others, make new friends

  30. Welcome to
    Share your products, connect with others, make new friends

  32. Welcome to Digital Republic World
    DRW now has a new look. Feel free to take a look. Share your memories, connect with community, make new friends, make new connections, discover and make memories.

  34. The WI Newsletter
    Sharing Memories... Renewing Acquaintances... Making New Friends.

  36. Far or Near - Social Networking Communities
    Far or Near helps you connect with others who share your interests and hobbies. Find activities, discover content, and make new friends.

  38. Welcome to Friendevu Social Network
    Make new friends, chat, and share your thoughts, views, and memories freely. There is no censorship here.

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  40. memoriegenie - let's make some memories
    Let's make some memories. Share memories with your friends and loved ones, print the best.

  42. HOME - Neighborhoods of Brooklyn
    A Great Place to find out more about your neighborhood, where to connect with friends and share your stories and memories
    Author: Site Title; Sysadmin

  44. AllMoviesHub Server
    Make a long URL short, easy to remember and to share it with friends and others

  46. HDMoviesHub | HubFlix Downloading Server
    Make a long URL short, easy to remember and to share it with friends and others

  48. shorten and protect links
    Make a long URL short, easy to remember and to share it with friends and others

  50. Everything You Need to Know About |
    Make a long URL short, easy to remember and to share it with friends and others

  52. bf0x
    Make a long URL short, easy to remember and to share it with friends and others

  54. Jimmy Capps
    Making New Memories with Jimmy Capps and friends

  56. Welcome to Abhira - Get be connected
    Abhira.IN is a social platform that provides a feature like create a post, get friends connection, share your sweet memory with your friends.

  58. Blackbards
    Connect with your friends online. Join the Blackbards community for free! Find friends. Share interesting content. Chat online. Share your experiences. Share adventures. Share your memories. Follow interesting topics. Stay in touch with family and friends.

  60. Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls & Toys
    Explore our unique collection of Miniatures, Dolls & Toys while sharing and making new memories with friends & family. Visit your childhood today.

  62. Tripsio • Reserve Your Site • Share and discover life experiences with friends • life is Fun
    Tripsio, We're making it easy for you to present your ideas online and share with friends and family. Share your experiences and make recommendations to others.

  64. Durum – Connect. Share. Discover.
    Share what's new and life moments with your friends on Durum. – Connect, Share and Discover.

  66. is a gathering place for gay and lesbian phans in the Phish community. It's a chance to let others know you're out there, make new friends and share ideas.

  68. Yarabook™ | Indian Social Network - Atmanirbhar Bharat
    Yarabook™ - is an Indian Social Network. Connect with Friends, Family, Professionals & Share your memories. Atmanirbhar Bharat #AtmanirbharBharat

  70. Welcome to Swiftler - Connect with friends, family and Share...
    Swiftler is social network platform. Create an account and connect with friends, family and others, Share photos, videos, text and much more.

  72. Share, make new friends and get connected.
    Start connecting, make new friends and share interests with good quality conversation. Meet new people through forums, messaging, video chat and get togethers.

  74. Welcome to LogContact
    Share your ideas, Make new friends or Contacts

  76. Fam
    Share stories. Meet new people. Make new friends.

  78. | the wow experience is a platform to stay connected with your friends, and to share the things that make you wow.

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  80. Alife
    Alife is a social media platform that allows you to meaningfully connect with family and friends by sharing memories of someone that has passed away.

  82. WonderChat
    WonderChat is a Social Networking Platform. Keep connected with family and friends. Share your memories and moment with them. Post your videos Pics and wonderline #

  84. Friends of Ireland an informative and openspace for 'Friends of Ireland' in New Zealand
    Friend of Ireland, an informative and openspace for 'Friends of Ireland' in New Zealand to share stories, news, events, as well as connect with one another.

  86. Find penpals from all over the world
    Penpal-Gate connects people from all around the world. Open up to new perspectives, make friends from across the globe, learn languages, share your stories.

  88. Naiface
    Naiface is a Social site where people share news, encourage others for success with friends and loved ones.

  90. The Official Alumni Network of School of Architecture and Planning , Anna University
    The Official Alumni Network of School of Architecture and Planning, Anna University. Connect with your classmates and friends, share opportunities and memories, enjoy the nostalgia, and stay connected to your alma mater.
    Author: School; Planning Alumni Association; Anna University

  92. Welcome to Twintam
    Share what's new and life moments with your friends. We are connecting you with the world.😉

  94. YsPeople - Where the wise belong
    Stay informed, be heard, speak out, tell your story, connect and make new friends, share photos, read daily jokes and inspiration. Ys is your online community.

  96. | Connect, find and make new friends to date with the
    Connect, find and make new friends to date with the
    Author: Maud

  98. Home - JDIJDI | Job's Daughters International of California
    Make Friends, Gain Confidence, Have Fun! In Job’s Daughters, you will explore new places, learn invaluable skills, and make memories and friends to last a lifetime!

  100. Добро пожаловать Rembytstroy
    Rembytstroy unites companies and people, establish new connections and make new friends

  102. Disqus chat room
    chatroom is best way to stay connect and allow meet New People. Our chat community gives you the opportunity of making new friends and sharing good moments with other people.

  104. Welcome to Migmini
    Connect with friends and the world around you on Migmini. Be Connected! See photos and updates, Share what's new, Join today to find more.

  106. Welcome to Sajhi - social networking and social media platform
    Sajhi is a new social networking and social media platform, live anywhere in the world now it's easier than ever to be with friends. share photos, videos, updates and stay connected with your friends now making new friends is not a headache for you. Go Social, Go Viral, Anytime Anywhere With...

  108. Cue Calendar - The world's first social calendar
    Cue is a social calendar designed to help you follow the things that matter to you most, make plans with your friends, and connect with others.

  110. fika - Trusted Connections through Face-to-Face Conversation
    Build trust, share knowledge, and make new friends via face-to-face conversations - virtual and in-person. Fika captures and enforces trust between connected people using Trustchain

  112. Bradley Beach Bowl
    Under new ownership come bring your friends and family to Bradley Beach Bowl and make memories today

  114. Haiti Place | Connecting Communities Everywhere - Haiti Place
    Haiti Place is the best place to connect with Haitians everywhere and Friends of Haiti. It is also a great place to start your Haiti exploration. Make new Haitian friends abroad and in Haiti. Connect to do more and share knowledge. Haiti Place has something for everyone. Connecting Communities Everywhere. Together we can make Haiti the country we all dream about. Join the social network built for Haitians and Friends of Haiti.

  116. Shopolu- A Social Marketplace
    A social marketplace that connects buyers and sellers through a trusted network of friends, family, colleges and others connected with them. See what your friends are selling.

    Connect and share with your LINE friends.

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  120. Photos Party New Years, Celebration, Any Occassion, Your Photo Albums
    eZphotosite is for party photos, celebrations, memories, sharing fun occassions with others, or simply sharing your photographs.

  122. La Jolla Newcomers Club
    The La Jolla Newcomers Club offers new residents an opportunity to become acquainted with others in the La Jolla community and make friends.

  124. Make New Friends and Get Connected with Old Friends - Friendsmoo
    Friendsmoo is a Social Network that connects friends with their friends and others who employees, students and other people. People use Friendsmoo for Connecting Friends Online Offline.

  126. ZoneDaya Design & Technical Support
    A creative resource for businesses marketing and visual arts. And making lasting memories to share with friends and family through videography, photos, and on-line scrapbooking.
    Author: Dea Heffernan

  128. Home
    This site was created as a place where former students, staff and friends of the school could meet, make contact and share memories of their times at the school.

  130. StreetLoc The Privacy Focused Social Media Network
    Connect with the world around you and your friends. Share what's new in your life on your Timeline. See photos, videos and updates from friends in News Feed. Create and Manage Video Channels.

  132. Memorial Websites - Create an Online Memorial for Your Loved One
    Share memories of your loved one with family and friends on a personalized website.

  134. Welcome to the Youth Corner :: The Youth Corner
    We want to help youth make connections with others through activities in order to gain new opportunities.

  136. The Friends Network - Find New Friends Here!
    The Friends Network social network. Meet new friends here today! A simple social network for making online connections!

  138. La red social hot de Chile - FaceHot
    Our new social network for you and your friend around the world. Let share together. Social and make friends.

  140. Drinkeer
    Drinkeer, the first drink sharing site in the world. You can instantly share your drink, make cheers to people and make new friends.

  142. Bem-vindo à FiloTchila
    Troca de conhecimento entre as pessoas de todo o mundo, por meio de perguntas e respostas

  144. Willkommen bei
    Mit Freunden und Familie auf dem Laufenden bleiben! Teile Fotos. Plane Ereignisse. Folge wichtigen Themen. Spiele mit Freunden. Pflege Familienkontakte. Teile deine Erinnerungen. Chatte online. Finde Freunde und vieles mehr bei

  146. Добро пожаловать Юг России интернет портал
    Юг России крупнейший интернет портал. Последние новости курортов России. Аренда жилья и недвижимости на юге России.

  148. Welcome to PingoFive
    The network for business and news.

  150. Welcome to Mold Manufacturer
    Share your mold pictures or mold videos here and discover new friends and customers. Here is the community of mold makers.

  152. Welcome to Maga-Chat where Free Speech is still free. is a social media site where free speech is still free. Find friends, meet new people. Create groups, both private and public. Write blogs, advertise events. MAGA-Chat is the free speech alternative to censoring social media tech tyrants. Join the Revolution!

  154. Welcome to
    Flexartsocial is a Social Networking Platform. With our new feature, user can posts, photos,videos,music,youtube,and more.

  156. Bem-vindo ao Gamigo
    Compartilhe fotos e vídeos, encontre pessoas, grupos, páginas, eventos e mais...

  158. Welcome to EGSHQ
    EGSHQ is a Social Network Platform For Gamers! Create a clan page, stream page, profiles, groups, and advertise gaming content.

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  160. Καλώς ήρθες στο Together Greece
    Το Νο 1 Ελληνικό Κοινωνικό Δίκτυο

  162. Bem-vindo ao Socl
    Socl é uma rede social e a melhor maneira de criar, compartilhar e participar de uma comunidade online. Crie sua conta em apenas 1 minuto com os recursos mais recentes. Socl é rápido, seguro e será atualizado regularmente.

  164. Добро пожаловать WEBNB.RU
    Социальная сеть

  166. Bienvenido Comunidad AntofaCitas
    Comunidad de Amigos & Parejas donde podras conocer nuevas amistades del norte de chile y cambiar un poco la rutina con esta red social

  168. Добро пожаловать BLABER
    Общение на острые темы, продажи, подарки для друзей. Приходите в Blaber, делитесь своими впечатлениями с друзьями, знакомыми и зарабатывайте!

  170. Welcome to महावीर मेरा पंथ
    महावीर मेरा पंथ द्वारा स्थापित एक धार्मिक आंदोलन है

  172. Welcome to ECOSA
    The first and best social network, that is owned and operated by ECOSA for the African Continent.

  174. Welcome to Adsli
    Under Construction - New Social Network to Make Money- Release Day 10/06/2021

  176. Willkommen bei
    Teile deine Erinnerungen, verbinde dich mit anderen, finde neue Freunde

  178. Welcome to Webyourself SMP
    Verbinde dich mit deinen Bekannten, Freunden und Familie. Teile mit Ihnen Lebensereignisse, Fotos und Videos...

  180. Welcome to Україна - Українська соціальна мережа
    Знаходите друзів, знайомтеся, спілкуйтеся, угоди, події, новини, музика, фільми, блоги на порталі Україна!

  182. Сайн уу? НЭГҮН
    Үнэт дурсамжаа хадгал

  184. Willkommen bei FriendsMe - Treffpunkt für alle
    Treffe neue Freunde und Vernetze dich. Das neue Portal "FriendsMe" bietet Dir die Möglichkeit zurück zu kehren zu Deiner Freiheit im Netz - Keine Zensuren, Keine Sperren, Keine Löschungen. ist das neue Portal wo Du als User frei bist zu tun was Du...

  186. Добро пожаловать в Крымбук
    Независимая социальная сеть Крыма и Севастополя

  188. Dobrodošli na
    Druženje uz Filmove i Serije. Sve je 100% besplatno i bez reklama.

  190. Welcome to
    Wushu, Wushu India, Wushu Competitions

  192. Willkommen bei Bremer Community
    Deine Community für Bremen und das bereits seit 20 Jahren. (2001-2021) Wir sind eine Community für Bremen. Wir veranstalten in regelmäßigen Abständen Bremer Community Treffen. Zu Zeiten von Corona veranstalten wir über unsere Telegram Gruppe (,...

  194. Добро пожаловать beep - социальная сеть Беларуси - новая бесплатная социальная сеть Беларуси созданная для общения, обмена впечатлениями, развлечения и хорошего настроения,

  196. Welcome to Snipesocial
    Welcome to snipesearch social, a more tolerant social network.

  198. Welcome to Bsocial | Proudly Made in Bharat
    अब जियो खुलकर

  200. Bem-vindo ao Nodimus
    Ganhe online, Compartilhe suas memórias, conecte-se com outras pessoas, faça novos amigos