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  2. Give Charity
    GiveCharity, a crowdfunding site for online donation and fundraising, helps you raise funds, from donors worldwide, for yourself and on behalf of your family or friends. For example, If your friend needs help paying his father's medical bills, you can raise funds through GiveCharity to pay the bills.

  4. Charity Giving - Donate to Charity | Give to Charity Online UK

  6. The Life You Can Save - Best Charities for Effective Giving
    The The Life You Can Save is a nonprofit that inspires and empowers people to take action int he fight against extreme poverty.

  8. The Life You Can Save - Best Charities for Effective Giving
    The The Life You Can Save is a nonprofit that inspires and empowers people to take action int he fight against extreme poverty.

  10. Giving What We Can Community: Give More, Give More Effectively · Giving What We Can
    Giving What We Can is a community of people donating 10% of their income to the most effective organisations in the world.

  12. Give crypto to people in need

  14. The Henry Smith Charity - A Grant Giving Charity
    The Henry Smith Charity aims to use its resources to help people and communities at a time of need and to bring about positive change.

  16. Charity Rebels – Giving is winning
    Giving is winning

  18. Little Shop of Charity | Give More!
    Author: Herr WordPress

  20. Giving Center | Charity Donations
    Giving Center is a nationwide 501(c)3 nonprofit charity that serves to help a wide range of causes nationwide with aid in the form of gifts, endowments and more.

  22. Give Grace - Charity, Non-Profit
    Because living in grace allows us to give in extraordinary measure.
    Author: Give Grace

  24. Charity Birthday – A Celebration of Giving

  26. Home - Give Direct Charity
    Author: George

  28. Where Can I Buy That Crypto?
    Easiest way to discover where to buy all your favourite cryptocurrencies -
    Author: Where Can I Buy That Crypto -

  30. Brigadeiro BSC | Crypto for Charity
    Brigadeiro BSC Finance is a crypto token run by the community, meant to help children in need. Brigadeiro is our preferred sweet too!

  32. MUNCH - The Charity Crypto Token
    Munch is a fully decentralized, community-built project to help charities. Buy $MUNCH on Uniswap or Pancakeswap. Click here to get more details.

  34. Quidli | Give Recognition in Crypto
    Share crypto with those who help create value via tokens of appreciation - Bitcoin, Ethereum, ada, USDC, Dai, Dogecoin, and more.
    Author: Jennifer Wolfe; Advisor @ Ted Fellows; Freelance Designer

  36. Easy Crypto - The world's choice for crypto
    The world's favourite place to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Delivery in less than 2 minutes, easiest order process, and we're open 24/7.

  38. WA Charity Direct | WACD | Giving 100% To Charity

    Other sites like crypto-charities org

  40. Giving Made Easy
    Charitable Choice Hong Kong enables gift charity in the form of setting up fundraising events or donating money to your choice of charities and causes

  42. Smart Giving - Give smartly. Avoid charity scams.
    Information on how to give smartly to charity and how to avoid charity scams and innappropriate schemes.
    Author: Mark Blumberg @canadiancharity

  44. Charity Checks: Give the Joy of Giving with America's Charitable Giving Certificates
    charity checks. giving certificates. charity gift certificate. give the joy of giving. giving checks. charitable literacy. teaching philanthropy. encouraging philanthropy. giving charity.

  46. Shop with Crypto – It's that easy

  48. Crypto trading is easy
    Crypto Trading

  50. The Brim Give | Giving Cuz We Can

  52. Giving feels good | Charities Trust
    Helping thousands raise millions for charity and good causes with our range of simple, safe and tax-friendly services. Let us help you too.

  54. Fundraising for Charities - **** Money Giving
    **** Money Giving is a not-for-profit fundraising platform on a mission to help every charity in the UK raise the money they need to make everyone better off.

  56. Charity Fundraising Solutions | Let's Give To

  58. MUST! Charities + Collective Social Giving
    We are people who have an intrinsic desire to build a stronger community through an investment-minded approach. Together, we make investments that address the most critical needs in the community, from youth mentorship to poverty to hunger.

  60. Give Token - A charity-oriented token
    A charity-oriented token that is helping to fight mental illness across the world. Meet GIVE token

  62. Charity Giving | Cards from the Heart | Hamilton
    Cards from the Heart collects handmade cards year-round and donates them to various organizations throughout the year.

  64. CAN GIVE DAY 2021
    I can! You can! #KenBehrens can raise funds to support patients and thank our Healthcare Heroes.

  66. Charity Vouchers – The Gift of Giving – Buy & Redeem Charity Vouchers
    Charity gift vouchers are great presents for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries and more. Recipients donate to a UK charity of their choice.
    Author: National Emergencies Trust

  68. Giving Back - Charities in Thailand and the Region - Charities in Thailand and the Region
    Information, Reviews and Ratings on charities in Thailand and the region ข้อมูลมูลนิธิ การประเมิน และการจัดอันดับองค์กรการกุศลต่างๆในประเทศไทยและประเทศใกล้เคียง

  70. Charity Fundraising Made Simple | Charity Giving Tool |
    Charity fundraising made simple with our round up giving tool. Donate Your Change is re-energizing fundraising efforts for non-profit organizations. Everyday, charities are being funded with just spare change to give greater hope and strengthen efforts.

  72. Crypto Secret – Easy way to Own Crypto!

  74. The Crypto Pakistan - Crypto Simplified | Making Crypto Easy for the Masses
    Making Crypto Easy for the Masses
    Author: TCP Editor

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  76. What is crypto? Izaac Peeters gives an explanation
    Cryptocurrency is a form of payment that can be exchanged online for goods and services. Menuet can help your start with crypto!

  78. Easy Can - Sardine Canning Machines
    We manufacture, install and maintain sardine and mackerel nobbing and canning machines as well as general design, prototyping and machine building.

  80. Home | We Love Crypto - We are giving crypto with Love
    Premium Bootstrap 4 Landing Page Template

  82. – The easy way to give

  84. | Your Easy Start With Crypto
    Author: Marcus

  86. Copiosa - Crypto made easy
    Copiosa is an ecosystem designed to bring simplicity to the DeFi landscape. We marry the best centralised and decentralised aspects of the crypto space.

  88. Crypto Payments Made Easy
    Industry-leading cryptocurrency payment gateway and wallet with online merchant services & integration. Accepting cryptocurrency as payment is easier than ever.
    Author: - Nordvpn

  90. Easy and Decentralized Access to Crypto

  92. 21Shares - Crypto made easy.
    The simplest way to invest in the best performing asset class of the last decade using your existing bank or brokerage.

  94. Coinmine. Crypto made easy.
    The first ever personal crypto device, for the home. Just plug in. Connect to WiFi. And tap the currency you want to mine in the Coinmine app.

  96. Crypto trading made easy
    Crypto trading bot that makes your life easier. Simple automation for easy stop-loss and take-profit orders.

  98. CryptoXpress - Making Crypto Easy
    CryptoXpress helps simpify crypto and provides you the best tools to tackle the cryptocurrency ecosystem

  100. Astralis - Crypto Made Easy!
    The modern account made for you. Astralis is bringing you the future of money, today.
    Author: Adam Norrie

  102. Cryptowaas - Making Crypto Easy
    Crypto ATM's

  104. Give-A-Dime | We make giving easy, affordable, and fun!

  106. Learn Crypto | Crypto Made Easy | Learn Cryptocurrency
    Learn Crypto is a free education platform designed to help users easily learn about cryptocurrency, with simple, relevant & engaging content.

  108. One Girl Can | Girls Education Charity
    One Girl Can is a Canadian and Kenyan registered charitable organization breaking the cycle of poverty and working to achieve gender equality through education and mentorship.

  110. Home - Afri-CAN Children's Charity

  112. Charity – Don't turn away, Give today!

  114. Giving it Back to Kids Vietnam Charity for Children
    Giving it Back to Kids is a non-profit corporation dedicated to helping kids achieve their maximum potential through medical care, education, nutrition and love.
    Author: Credit Card Processing

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  116. Children's Charity | Giving Free Eye Care For Kids
    EyeCare4Kids is a non-profit children's charity that gives eye exams, eye-glasses, and more to under-privileged kids in need. Help a child and donate today!
    Author: Joseph Carbone; EyeCare; CEO

  118. Give Back Charity | est une association de loi 1901

  120. Building a more giving society with businesses and charities | Good2Give
    Good2Give is a not-for-profit organisation that makes it easy for businesses and donors to connect with the charities that matter to them.

  122. Born to give - Charity/Crowdfunding HTML5 Template

  124. Loneliness & Animal Charity - Scotland | Give a Dog a Bone
    We support the over 60s to afford a rescue pet. Tackling loneliness for the individual and homelessness for the animal.

  126. Charity Navigator - Your Guide To Intelligent Giving | Home
    Charity Navigator, the world's largest and most-utilized independent nonprofit evaluator, empowers donors of all sizes with free access to data, tools, and resources to guide philanthropic decision-making.

  128. ECHOage - Get great gifts. Give to charity.
    Author: ECHOage com

  130. Giving is Great – The best charity search engine
    Author: October

  132. Philanthrocapitalism – How Giving Can Save The World
    Author: Post author By Philanthrocapitalism

  134. Give all you can | The Power of Love
    The Power of Love: Dutch Metal for the Red Cross | Serious Request 2014. Donate and download the track!

  136. How Rich Am I? | Giving What We Can
    Calculate how rich you are compared to the rest of the world. Are you in the global top 1-5 percent? Does your household income make you wealthy?

  138. Quality Language Learning Experience - VOX-Sprachschule
    Focus on speaking. Small groups of 3-5 participants. Teachers with university background in linguistics. Central location. Fast progress. Free trial.

  140. QPlaner | Kluge Dienstplanung | Schichtplan war gestern | QPlaner
    Personaleinsatzplanung mit KI. Schnell. Effizient. Intelligent. Mit dem QPlaner zum Dienstplan der Zukunft.

  142. Ajudando brasileiros(as) a tomarem melhores decisões financeiras | Somas
    Capacitando você a tomar decisões financeiras inteligentes. As ferramentas gratuitas e interativas da Somas ajudam você a tomar decisões financeiras inteligentes.
    Author: Pedro Cavendish

  143. полосатый-слон.рф
  144. Детский клуб "Полосатый Слон" в Краснодаре
    Детский клуб "Полосатый слон" в Краснодаре - развивающие и творческие занятия для детей, а также детские праздники и многое другое

  146. Generic Cialis (Tadalafil) For You
    Generic Cialis Online - Guaranteed lowest prices. Worldwide delivery (1-3 days,track).

  148. Ремонт автомобилей в Москве, автосервис "СТОмобил", Реутово
    Автосервис "СТОмобил" в городе Реутов. Ремонт автомобилей, бесплатная диагностика, замена масла, ремонт двигателей и акпп, покраска и ремонты кузова, круглосуточный эвакуатор.

  150. الخدمات الأكثر استخداما
    النافذة الواحدة القومية للتجارة `نافذة` هي منصة معلوماتية متكاملة لتحقيق التكامل وتنسيق الإجراءات والمعلومات بين الجهات المعنية بالتجارة الخارجية، تتيح للمجتمع التجاري تقديم كافة المستندات والمعاملات (الجمركية/ الرقابية/ المينائية) مره واحدة من خلال مركز

  152. Papabli - Home
    Pioneer and leader digital ecosystem B2B MMS (Marketplace and Management System). With Papabli solutions, your sourcing (E-procurement), Sales (B2B marketplace & CRM), and Enterprise Media will bring your business digital transformation up to the next level.

  154. Best Granite Countertop Collection in Chicago | Artistic Granite and Quartz Countertops, Chicago
    We design counters that fit your budget. Transform your bathroom, kitchen or any room into your dream room using our advanced Precision 5 Axis CNC machine. Our experts work on every detail keeping in mind the budget and assured lifetime quality. Pick any material of your choice from our 15000 sq.ft. showroom and warehouse.

    More other alternatives for crypto-charities org

  156. Best Granite Countertop Collection in Chicago | Artistic Granite and Quartz Countertops, Chicago
    We design counters that fit your budget. Transform your bathroom, kitchen or any room into your dream room using our advanced Precision 5 Axis CNC machine. Our experts work on every detail keeping in mind the budget and assured lifetime quality. Pick any material of your choice from our 15000 sq.ft. showroom and warehouse.

  158. Nekretnine Split | Prodaja i najam Nekretnina | Imperium Nekretnine

  160. Home | Food Safety Mantra
    Get news & updates on food regulatory laws, FSSAI updates, food safety guidelines in India. One website for all information on food safety. Learn more!

  162. AOTech Smart Software
    Desarrollo de soluciones informáticas de alto nivel

  164. Ordine Ingegneri della provincia di Catania

  166. Эльфик - частный детский сад, Днепр | Начальная школа
    Желаете развить способности ребенка? Хотите хороших условий перебывания вашего малыша? Добро пожаловать в частный детский садик - Эльфик. Дошкольное развитие, обучение и подготовка детей к школе и многое другое
    Author: Dmytro Svitlichniy

  168. machine control applications MOBA USA for mobile automation construction machines garbage collecting trucks OEM parts
    MOBA is geared to developing and manufacturing products and services of the highest possible quality. MOBA products are characterized not only by their innovative technology and user and environmentally friendly design, but also by their robustness and reliability in harsh environments.
    Author: MOBA Mobile Automation

  170. Easy-Optimizze
    logiciel, software, erp, crm, document, facture, stock, lot, article, produit, facile, complet, réception, bon de commande, bon de livraison, optimizze, optimisation, optimiser, optimize
    Author: UtilData - Julien Barbieux

  172. Электронная отчетность СБИС в Саранске << ООО "Центр электронных технологий "Молния"

  174. Электронная отчетность СБИС в Саратове << ООО "Центр электронных технологий "Молния"

  176. Электронная отчетность СБИС в Пензе << ООО "Центр электронных технологий "Молния"

  178. Gerüstbau, Oberflächentechnik & Malerarbeiten | Nietiedt-Gruppe
    Die Nietiedt-Gruppe ist Ihr leistungsfähiger Dienstleister im Bereich Gerüstbau, Oberflächentechnik und Malerarbeiten in Deutschland!

  180. Ihre Nr. 1 - Bestattersoftware von Rapid Data
    Stellen Sie Ihr Bestattungshaus mit Rapid Data digital rundum gut auf – von der Auftragsbearbeitung über die Buchhaltung bis hin zu Online-Kundenservices.

  182. GAMAC | Experience IT
    Gamac, expert en gestion de Systèmes d’Information et en Hébergement On-Premises ou Cloud au sein de datacenter souverain, Tier_IV résilient et durable

  184. Experts in Industrial Imaging - EVK Kerschhaggl GmbH
    SENSOR-based solutions in the fields of Sorting, Inspection and Monitoring, Process Analysis and Control.

  186. Фэнтези – детская клиника в Москве
    Мы лечим детей в строгом соответствии с современными международными стандартами. Прием ведут лучшие специалисты по диагностике и лечению детей.

  188. Estude para Concursos Públicos com o Gran Cursos Online
    Cursos online para Concursos Públicos e Exame de Ordem com videoaulas, PDF's, fórum de dúvidas, dentre outros diferenciais. Mude de vida AQUI!
    Author: Gran Cursos Online

  190. The most complete directory of the top Lawyers and Law Firms in 240+ countries worldwide. — The Lawyers Global®
    Searching For the Best Lawyers and Law Firms? You have come to the right place! Select from our 7,100+ Law Firms in 240+ countries worldwide.
    Author: The Lawyers Global

  192. Business Cards, Newspaper Printing, Signage & More | Stigler Printing
    Located in beautiful Eastern Oklahoma, we provide best-in-class printing services like newspaper printing, business cards printing, signage and much more.

  194. Entry test preparations online, ECAT, MDCAT, NTS preparations |
    Question Banks, Complete Video Lectures, Revision Notes & Practice Exams. Way better than academy.
    Author: Nmdcat Uzra; Bareera Hassan; Anonymous; NUMS Bareera Lahore; Maida; NUMS Minahil Nowshera; NUST Sofia Islamabad; NMDCAT Aslam; AKU Osaed Lahore; NMDCAT HASEEB Lahore; NMDCAT abdul hadi Hyderabad; NUMS Zia Peshawar; PFUNG Kubra; LAIBA; PFUNG Rakhmeena; NMDCAT Linta Bahawalpur; NUMS Moiza Islamabad; Syeda Naalain E Batool; Shoaib Malik; PFUNG Mahnoor Lahore; NMDCAT Saira Haiderabad; NMDCAT Taha Khushab; ECAT Fizza; ECAT Wasif; NMDCAT Rubeela Dadu; NMDCAT Rimsha Sadiqabad; NMDCAT Sarmad Karachi; NED Izhan Karachi; NMDCAT Saira Multan; Muddasirhassan; NMDCAT Kishor; GIKI Farwa; NUMS Rayyan Karachi; NMDCAT Bilal; NMDCAT Ayesha Karachi; NMDCAT Abdullah Multan; NMDCAT Nida Arifwala; PFUNG Daud Rawalpindi; NMDCAT Shahaan WahCant; NMDCAT Faizan; NUMS Abdullah Islamabad; Sajid ECAT lasbela; NMDCAT Fatima Islamabad; FAST Umer Karachi; NMDCAT Muskan Islamabad; NMDCAT Amna; AKU Zaid Karachi; NMDCAT Zain DeSoto; NMDCAT Iman Rawalpindi; NMDCAT Aqsa Gujranwala; F Sc Ali Oman; PFUNG Wania Chakwal; NMDCAT Minhal Liaqat pur; NMDCAT Maleeha; NMDCAT Hira Lahore; NMDCAT Tatheer Karachi; Ecat Sindh Hamza Karachi; FAST Ruban Hyderabad; ABDURREHMAN; Kalsoom; NMDCAT Maryam Sahiwal; NMDCAT Mahnoor Rawalpindi; AKU Ibrahim Mardan; NMDCAT Azmat Peshawar; NMDCAT Furqan Sargodha; NMDCAT Suhana; NMDCAT AZMAT Peshawar; NMDCAT Awais Lahore; NMDCAT Shehar Sargodha; Shahid Hussain; Kishor NMDCAT; NMDCAT Emaan Dadu; Laiba Ahmed; NMDCAT Iqra Lahore; NUST Huanin Islamabad; PIEAS Nimra Multan; PIEAS Maryam Lahore; ECAT Bushra; AKU Karishma Chitral; AKU Muskan Sahiwal; AKU Abeer ul Islam Hashmi; NMDCAT Meher Rawalpindi; Gat Zain Lahore; NMDCAT Bilal Lahore; NMDCAT Ayesha; NMDCAT Romessa Karachi; Pieas Faran Islamabad; Ecat Punjab Usman karachi; PIEAS Fatima Rawalpindi; NMDCAT Alishba Rawalpindi; FARAN HASNAIN; PIEAS Areeba Gujranwala; Usman Ali; NMDCAT Saba Karachi; NMDCAT Aaiza Lahore; NMDCAT Farwa Attock; NUMS Maryam Kamalia; AKU Raani Lahore; Pieas Hassam Multan; PIEAS Ahmad Balochistan; NMDCAT Farhad Lahore; 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National MDCAT FatimaOkara; Maryam Shahzadi; Iqra Jahangir; National MDCAT Umer Faislabad; NUST Fatima; National MDCAT Kaneez Fatima Baddomalhi; Junaid dooast; National MDACT Adina Arifwala; Noor Fatima Student's Mother; Azhar Student's Guardian; Iqra Mushtaq; National MDCAT Fizza Karachi; National MDCAT Asfand Sukkur; National MDCAT Zanib; National MDCAT Mohsin Multan; National MDCAT Anoosha Karachi; National MDCAT Hira; National MDCAT Zeenya khan Lahore; Anonymous National MDCAT; National MDCAT AqibLahore; Ayesha Amin; National MDCAT Mubarak; National MDCAT Kainat Islamabad; National MDCAT Aqsa Hafizabad; National MDCAT Nasar Quetta; Hiea; MUBARAK ALi; National Mdcat Sarmast Quetta; National MDCAT Ayesha; National MDCAT Zohaib; MDCAT Zohaib Lahore; National MDCAT Muskan; National MDCAT Aiza; ALI SABIR; National MDCAT Ali Husnain Sabir Depalpur; National MDCAT Juveria; National MDCAT Ashfaq sab Student; National MDCAT Muqaddas; Abuhuraira Afridi; Sardar habib; Sadia; Sohail Ahmed; Momina; Muhammad Huzaifa; Ayesha; Hafsa Rehman; Rao danish; Iman fatima; Mohsan ali; Rehmana; Bebarg Khan; Mawra majid; Muhammad Hussain Zavial; Attia arshad; ATTIA ARSHAD; Nimra; MUHAMMAD QASIM SADDIQUE; Momina Fawad; Syed Dawood Shah; Shahnoor; QASIM SADDIQUE; Iqra; National MDCAT Minum Mirpur khas; National MDCAT Isha; National MDCAT Mahjabeen Faisalabad; National MDCAT Kashif Muzaffar garh; National MDCAT Izbal; National MDCAT Muhammad Abdullah Kamalia; National MDCAT Hadi; National MDCAT Nouman zahoor Multan; National MDCAT Awais; NUST Maha Mannan Sheikupura; National MDCAT Asif Javed Parent; National MDCAT Rimsha khan Islamabad; NUST Sahbanullah Lower Dir; National MDCAT Minum; Uzma khan; National MDCAT Anara; National MDCAT Sheraz; National MDCAT Hunain; Fizza; National MDCAT Bushra; National MDCAT Rehman; National MDCAT Aqsa Rawalpindi; National MDCAT Ayesha Dera ismail khan; Sadaf zeb; National MDCAT Manahil Lahore; National MDCAT Areesha Abbottabad; National MDCAT Ummara Islamabad; National MDCAT Ayesha Sargodha; National MDCAT Ansa Karachi; National MDCAT Muneeb Gojra; Javaria Arooj Durrani; Malik Irfan Ul Haq; Alina Mehdi; Safia Rasheed; Zahra Amin; National MDCAT Taliah Hareem Faisalabad; National MDCAT Rameen Peshawar; NUMS Raika Faisalabad; Fiza; ETEA Aaman Peshawar; Fatima; NUMS Bushra Rawalpindi; Lyba nadeem; Hira Absar; MDCAT Fatima Pir mahal; GAT Arsalan Shahid Karachi; ECAT Sindh Rabeea Rehman Karachi; ETEA Maria Rawalpindi; Muhammad shakeel; ETEA Engg Abdur Rahman Peshawar; NUST Murtaza Karachi; NUST Hamza Rawalpindi; NUST Maryam Ejaz Gujranwala; NUST Shehryar Mardan; Muhammad Waqas; NUST Shanzay Karachi; Haramilyas; Laiba; Ali Hasan; NUST Junaid Karachi; NUST Esha Waris Islamabad; Fahad Khan Mehsood; NUST Hamza Lahore; NUST Shahid Jahaniya; NUST Naish Rawalpindi; MDCAT Sidra Rawalpindi; NUST Yumna Lahore; Noor ul ain; MDCAT Qayadat Bahawalpur; NUST Mateen Farooqabad; ETEA Naseem Peshawar; Sawera Raheem; Muhammad bilal; Sania mujeeb; NUST Dayan Imtiaz Rawalpindi; Saad; MDCAT Umaima Multan; Muhammad Maaz Khan; PFUNG Balaj Ahmed Islamabad; NUMS Ghafira Islamabad; Mahaveer; MCAT Esha Sundhu Hyderabad; Muhammad Kashif; MDCAT Sana Rahim Yar Khan; MDCAT Atiqa Lahore; MDCAT Tariq Faisalabad; AKU Anas Faisalabad; MDCAT Muqarrab Latif Layyah; AKU Muntaha Quetta; NUMETEA Qudsia Peshawar; MDCAT Samea Attock; AKU Hashir Rawalpindi; NUMDCAT Aimen Rasool Lahore; AKU Abdullah Faisalabad; NUMETEA Saghar Peshawar; AKU Zarian Lodhran; ETEA Aiman Peshawar; MDCAT Shaista Lahore; MDCAT Abdullah Sahiwal; PFUNG Hamza Rawalpindi; AKU Naseer Peshawar; MCAT Raziuddin karachi; MDCAT Ahmar Burewala; PFUNG Umer Farooq Kot Addu; AKU Abdullah Gujrat; MDCAT Sobia Sahiwal; Sarmast Khan; ETEA Nimra Islamabad; ETEA KPK Omer Peshawar; MDCAT Shahzaib Khichiwala; MDCAT Muqaddus Jhang; MDCAT Amna Bahawalpur; MDCAT Rimsha Multan; AKU Ahmed Multan; MDCAT Shahbaz Muzaffar Garh; Abdullah MDCAT Bahawalpur; Mubashira MDCAT Arif…

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