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  2. Crypto tax reports in under 20 minutes

  4. CryptoTrader.Tax — The #1 Crypto Tax Software
    Calculate Your Crypto Taxes in 20 Minutes. Instant Crypto Tax Forms. Support For All Exchanges and 10,000+ Cryptocurrencies.

  6. Coinpanda: Free Bitcoin & Crypto Tax Software
    Calculate & Report Your Cryptocurrency Taxes 💰 Free tax reports, DeFi and support for 250+ exchanges ✅ Import from Coinbase, Binance, BitMEX, Uniswap
    Author: Coinpanda

  8. Cryptocurrency Tax Software | Crypto Tax Tool | ZenLedger
    ZenLedger is the best crypto tax software. It supports 400+ exchanges ᐉ Coinbase ✓ Binance, tracks your gains, and automatically creates your tax forms for free.

  10. Cryptocurrency Tax Software | Crypto Tax | TokenTax
    TokenTax has been rated best software for calculating and filing your crypto taxes. Connect any exchange, track your gains, and automatically create your tax forms.

  12. Bitcoin Exchange | Cryptocurrency Exchange | Binance
    Binance cryptocurrency exchange - We operate the worlds biggest bitcoin exchange and altcoin crypto exchange in the world by volume

  14. Australian Crypto & Bitcoin Exchange, Crypto Trading - CoinSpot
    CoinSpot is Australia's trusted Bitcoin & cryptocurrency trading platform with instant delivery and easy verification. Buy, sell & swap cryptocurrency online.

  16. Ethereum (ETH) Blockchain Explorer
    Etherscan allows you to explore and search the Ethereum blockchain for transactions, addresses, tokens, prices and other activities taking place on Ethereum (ETH)
    Author: Etherscan Io

  18. Bitcoin Exchange Australia | Buy BTC With AUD | BTC Markets
    Buy & sell cryptocurrencies in AUD with BTC Markets, Australia's Largest & most trusted cryptocurrency exchange. 100% Australian-owned & operated.

  20. TradingView – Track All Markets
    Where the world charts, chats and trades markets. We're a supercharged super-charting platform and social network for traders and investors. Free to sign up.
    Author: TradingView

  22. CFD & Forex Trading Platform | CMC Markets
    CMC Markets is a leading global provider of FX & CFDs. Speculate on over 10,000 financial instruments. No minimum deposit required.

  24. Blockpit | Bitcoin Tax Software for Cryptocurrency Tax Return
    The crypto tax software from Blockpit helps with the calculation of Bitcoin taxes as well as the tax on realized profits. Download your crypto tax return 2020

  26. Australia's most trusted Digital Asset Exchange | Independent Reserve
    Start trading in minutes on Australia's Digital Currency Exchange of the Year. Low Fees, Top Security, 24/7 support. Trade using AUD, USD, NZD & SGD.
    Author: Independent Reserve

  28. Collective Shift - Accelerate your understanding of cryptocurrency
    Collective Shift is a platform designed to help people understand and navigate the world of bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

  30. Crypto News Australia - Latest Cryptocurrency News
    Crypto News Australia for the latest Australian Bitcoin News, Cryptocurrency News and Blockchain News.

  32. Canadian Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform | Bitvo
    Bitvo offers secure digital cryptocurrency exchanges in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more. Discover Canada's premier cryptocurrency exchange service today.

  34. FTAdviser is an all-encompassing website dedicated to the financial intermediary market covering investments, mortgages, pensions, insurance, regulation and other key issues shaping the industry
    Author: Stuart Wilson

  36. Cryptocurrency Prices, Charts And Market Capitalizations | CoinMarketCap
    Top cryptocurrency prices and charts, listed by market capitalization. Free access to current and historic data for Bitcoin and thousands of altcoins.

  38. Bitcoin Taxes, Crypto Portfolio & Prices | CoinTracker
    CoinTracker is the most trusted Bitcoin Tax Software and Crypto Portfolio Manager. Automatically connect Coinbase, Binance, and all other exchanges & wallets.

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  40. Bitcoin and Crypto Taxes
    Calculate Bitcoin and crypto taxes of capital gains and income for Bitcoin, Ethererum, and other alt-coins from trading, spending, donations / tipping and mining.
    Author: GameChng

  42. Bitcoin Accounting - Crypto Tax Software & Calculator
    Coin Trade Ledger easily calculates and creates crypto tax reports. Simplified accounting for Bitcoin, Ethereum and more.
    Author: Message Stick Software Pty Ltd

  44. Tax Calculator
    Salary Tax Calculator for year 2019 - 2020. Calculate monthly income and total payable tax amount on your salary. Learn more about tax slabs

  46. TaxCalc - Calculate your tax. 2021-2022 financial year
    Tax and salary calculator for the 2021-2022 financial year. Also calculates your low income tax offset, HELP, SAPTO, and medicare levy.

  48. Tax Calculator | UK Tax Calculators
    Tax calculators and tax tools to check your income and salary after deductions such as UK tax, national insurance, pensions and student loans. Updated for the 2021-2022 tax year.

    Salary tax calculator is for calculating tax payable to Nepal government on the salary you earn in a given year.

  52. Tax Calculator | Free Tax Calculator
    Calculate your mortgage interest rate with this free Tax Calculator.
    Author: Tax Calculator

  54. Canadian Tax Calculator
    Calculate Canadian income tax and RRSP for the year 2014 and 2015. Also see Canada income tax rates, tax brackets, CPP EI rates and more.

  56. Tax Calculator  •  Aurailus Design
    Calculate your estimated taxes online!
    Author: Aurailus Design

  58. The Self Employment Tax Calculator
    Calculate your self employment taxes. How much will you pay in self employment taxes this year?

  60. Crypto profit calculator
    My Crypto profit calculator, provide you calculations for Crypto market, when to sale your coin and at what price will you make profit and by how much.
    Author: My ProFit

  62. EA Tax Calculator -
    Calculate ea tax quickly and easily with the help of our # EA Tax Calculator.

  64. GST Calculator Australia | Calculate GST Tax
    Simple and free online GST calculator - Calculate the GST tax that's included or excluded in a given price and learn more about the GST Australia tax.

  66. HST Calculator / Harmonized Sales Tax Calculator
    This free online HST calculator allows calculate Harmonized Sales Tax for any Canadian province where Harmonized Sales Tax(HST) is implemented. It can be used as reverse HST calculator as well
    Author: Sharelynne Phillips says

  68. Ontario tax calculator 2021 | calculate sales tax in Ontario | calculate HST tax in 2021
    Sales tax calculator 2021 for Ontario. Ontariotaxcalculator is a simple, efficient and easy to use tool in Ontario to calculate sales tax HST. Also is a tool for reverse sales tax calculation.
    Author: Dubuc Marketing

  70. - US Tax, Financial and Investing Information and Calculators - US tax, financial and investing information and calculators for individuals and business

  72. Income Tax Calculator
    Income Tax Calculator is the only UK tax calculator that is EASY to use & FREE. Calculate your salary, take home pay, net wage after tax & PAYE.

  74. GST Calculator | Goods and Services Tax calculation
    Free online GST calculator for Goods and Services Tax calculation for any province or territory in Canada. It calculates PST and HST as well. Check it here...

  76. Crypto Volatility | online crypto currency volatility calculator
    Crypto Volatility - Learn more about volatility statistics with our online tool that calculates the historic volatility for bitcoin and crypto currency markets.

  78. South Africa Tax and Finance Calculators
    Online Tax and Finance calculators: Employers and Employees calculate your salary and payroll deductions

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  80. Yearly Federal Tax Calculator 2021/22 | 2021 Tax Refund Calculator
    Yearly Federal Tax Calculator 2021/22: 2021 tax refund calculator with Federal tax, medicare and social security tax allowances
    Author: Peter Starmer; DiDiMo co uk

  82. Reclaim Your Tax | Tax Refund Calculator
    Calculate if you have overpaid your tax. You might be due a HMRC tax refund.

  84. Crypto Tax Advisors | Crypto Tax Expert | New York
    We provide one-stop shop solutions for both crypto and traditional tax compliance and consulting services. We serve clients nationwide. Crypto Tax Advisors %

  86. Australia Income Tax Calculator
    2018 Income Tax calculator with low income tax offset, medicare and HELP loan deductions. Calculate and compare salaries

  88. Nigeria Income Tax Calculator
    2017 Income Tax calculator with low income tax offset, medicare and HELP loan deductions. Calculate and compare salaries

  90. Financial Calculators
    Enjoy our Fast, Free Financial Calculators. Estimate a home loan with our Mortgage Calculator, or get ahead of your Income Taxes with our Tax Calculators.

  92. Financial Calculators
    Enjoy our Fast, Free Financial Calculators. Estimate a home loan with our Mortgage Calculator, or get ahead of your Income Taxes with our Tax Calculators.

  94. Salary Breakup Calculator - 2021 / 2022 Tax Calculator
    Take home salary Calculator to calculate take home pay, Income Tax, Bonus and Pensions and Tax saving options

  96. Japan Tax Calculator
    Using the Japan Tax Calculator, you can get an idea of the amount of taxes you might have to pay.

  98. Welcome to US & Crypto Tax Services by Donnelly Tax Law
    We provide US and crypto tax services for Americans including crypto traders and people with foreign assets. Have a complex tax situation? We can help.

  100. Goods and Services tax (GST) Calculator
    This is universal free online GST Calculator for any country where Goods and Services tax (GST) is implemented. It can be used as reverse GST calculator too

  102. Calcul taxes TPS et TVQ au Québec
    Calcul Taxes Québec est l'outil de calcul de taxes TPS et TVQ le plus utilisé au Québec. Calculez vos taxes TPS et TVQ dès maintenant !
    Author: Dubuc Marketing

  104. UK Salary Tax Calculator - UK Salary Tax Calculator
    Calculate your net salary and find out exactly how much tax and national insurance you should pay to HMRC based on your income. Student loan, pension contributions, bonuses, company car, dividends, Scottish tax and many more advanced features available in our tax calculator below.

  106. Australian Tax and Financial Planning Software & Calculators - Plansoft
    We provide financial planning software, income tax calculator solutions & many other financial planning solutions for individuals, companies and their clients./> <meta name=
    Author: Duncan McIntosh

  108. UK Salary Tax Calculator 2021 / 2022: Calculate my take home pay
    Listentotaxman is the Original UK Income Tax Calculator. Updated for 2021/2022, accurately calculating HMRC Income Tax, salary, PAYE, National Insurance, student loan repayment, and pension contibutions. You can also do salary calculations for every year since 2000!
    Author: Paul Langan

  110. ATO Tax Calculator [2021-2022 Tax Rates]
    Sometimes official ATO Tax Calculator is too complicated. Use this simplified income tax calculator to work out your salary after tax. Updated with 2021/22 ATO tax rates. Run multiple scenarios easily...

  112. How is Tax calculated Explained Example Rates Simplified 2018 Calculator
    Personal Allowance, Tax & NI rates simplified with examples showing how Tax, NI, PA is applied. Contains 2018/2019 PAYE, self emplyed, umbrella company and expense online calculator. Explains rates and calculation from scratch.

  114. Fuel Tax Credit Calculator
    A simple & elegant Fuel Tax Credit calculator allowing you to calculate credits by period and print for your records.

  116. Sales tax calculator for the United States in 2021
    Free online 2021 US sales tax calculator. Fast and easy 2021 sales tax tools for businesses and people from the United States.

  118. Online Calculator - Online Financial Calculator
    Online Calculator - a set of free online financial calculator involving finance, math, health, time and date, and others. Financial calculators for mortgages, debt, credit cards and more. Powerful and free financial calculators for all users.

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  120. SIP Calculator
    An easy-to-use free financial calculator to calculate your montly salary, income tax, loans, emi, investments and checking old vs new regime of income tax.

  122. Sharman CPA Tax Planning CFO for Business Growth Colorado
    Informed Decisions. Bigger Profits. Lower Taxes. You're Losing Time & Money... Most Business Owners are Overpaying in Taxes every year. Uninformed Financial Decisions cause your Business to lose Hard-Earned Time and Money. Taxes & Business Finance Challenges push your Personal Finance Goals back years.
    Author: David Coleman

  124. Financial Calculators from CalcXML
    Financial calculators for all your financial needs! Add to your web site! Mortgage calculators, retirement calculators, cash flow calculators, saving calculators, college calculators, credit calculators, debt calculators, tax calculators, insurance calculators, paycheck calculators, benefit calculators, qualified plan calculators, and investment calculators.

  126. Salary After Tax Calculator - August 2021 -
    Salary after tax calculator is a tool to calculate take home pay after taxes. Get detailed salary breakdown with advanced income after tax calculator.

  128. PITI Calculator « Principal, Interest, Taxes, Insurance (PITI) Calculator
    PITI mortgage payment calculator with taxes, insurance and PMI amortization schedule. Calculate your monthly mortgage payment with principal, interest, taxes, insurance and PMI (PITI).

  130. The Tax Refund Company | Tax Refund Calculator
    The Tax Refund Company provides a tax code review and refund service - Check our Free Tax Calculator to see if you could be due a refund now!

  132. Itax Software | Income Tax Income Tax, Income Tax Section, Income Tax Calculator, Income Tax Section 115 BAC, Income Tax Section 89(1), Inco
    Income Tax Calculator in Excel Income Tax Calculator Income Tax Revised Form 16 Income Tax Arrears Relief Calculator U/s 89(1) Income Tax Form 10E Income Tax
    Author: August 6

  134. Pay Calculator | PAYG Tax Calculator [2021-2022]
    Calculate your take home pay using this Pay Calculator updated with ATO PAYG Tax thresholds for 2021 - 2022.

  136. Tax Resolution Software for Tax Professionals | IRSLogics
    IRSLogics is America's first and most featureful specialized Cloud-Based Tax Resolution Software. 30-day money-back guarantee. Give us a try—it's free!

  138. Salary Calculator Malaysia :: PCB, EPF, SOCSO, EIS and Income Tax Calculator
    PCB Calculator, Payroll EPF, SOCSO, EIS and Tax Calculator

  140. Land Transfer Tax Calculator
    Use this Land Transfer Tax Calculator and learn more about Provincial Land Transfer Tax (PLTT) and Municipal Land Transfer Tax (MLTT) in Ontario and Toronto

  142. Crypto Return Calculator
    Calculate the percentage gain or loss for a cryptocurrency investment. Find the return needed to get back to break-even.

  144. Smarter Financial Calculators
    The ULTIMATE Set of Online Financial Calculators. IQ Calculators' free financial calculators make some of the most complex calculations simple. We apply our financial calculators online to some of the most common and not so common financial problems people face today. A real estate investment calculator, charitable remainder calculator, farmland investment calculator, and disability income calculator name just a few of our online calculators.

  146. TaxOutCome | Income Tax Return Software, Online Tax Preparation, E-File, Tax Forms, Help & Calculators
    With TaxOutcome, you can prepare your tax return, file taxes online, and get your tax refund quickly by using the online tax software. Income tax return preparation software provides tax calculator tools, tax forms and advisor tips to prepare personal, federal, state or electronic tax returns and refunds.

  148. One Stop Tax | Tax Return and Tax Back Specialist in Australia
    We are experts in tax retruns. Have a dedicated CPA Tax Accountant to prepare your tax return or tax back. Maximum tax refund guarantee.

  150. OnlinePropertyTax.Com - Online Property Tax Payment, PTR, Receipt Download, PTIN, Due Tax, Calculate Tax, Municipal Corporation, Nagar Nigam
    Online Property Tax Payment, PTR, Receipt Download, PTIN, Due Tax, Calculate Tax, Municipal Corporation, Nagar Nigam
    Author: Tax Helpline

  152. Calculer votre taxe de bienvenue, calculateur de taxes
    La taxe de bienvenue est également connue sous le nom de droits de mutation. Découvrez comment la calculer, ou utilisez nos calculateurs en ligne!

  154. Financial Calculator and your Personal financial assistant - Fintomat
    Convenient and completely free financial calculator. You will be able to calculate financial tasks for loans, taxes, deposits, mortgages, salaries and much more.

  156. Financial Calculators Online
    Financial Calculators Online provides free online financial calculators including home mortgage repayment calculators, car loan and lease repayment calculators,savings, investment, insurance and retirement calculators.

  158. Online Financial Calculator
    An online financial calculator.

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  160. Offsyte | Discover and book high-quality virtual team events
    Stay connected with your remote teams & bond over high-quality virtual team events such as cooking classes, mixology classes, online woodworking workshops, magic shows and many more.

  162. SmartPay - Chuyên gia thanh toán - SmartPay
    Ví điện tử thông minh, an toàn và tiện lợi
    Author: Phan Văn Hoành

  164. Planned Grocery - Home
    Planned Grocery

  166. Greatest service. Best experience. Lowest cost.

  168. pay calculator
    Simple calculator for Australian income tax

  170. Free Professional Resume Builder | Rocket Resume
    Rocket Resume has millions of ideas that help you build your resume easier and get your dream job. Try our fast and simple resume builder today!

  172. Desiatovo | Chutná a poctivá desiata od lokálnych výrobcov
    Nechceme v práci myslieť na to, čo všetko nemáme doma, ako staré je pečivo a či šunka nie je po záruke.

  174. Le Cèdre Familles - Ensemble pour des économies bienveillantes !
    Le Cèdre Familles est un groupement d'achat engagé qui a pour mission d'aider les familles à faire des économies et à consommer autrement.

  176. Badania genetyczne, testy DNA - Bezpłatna porada Genetyka **550 punktów pobrań**
    NAJSZERSZA oferta badań: ✓ genetycznych ✓ na nowotwory złośliwe ✓ na nietolerancje pokarmowe ✓Koronawirus ✓ pod kątem diety DNA ✓ na choroby intymne ✓ badań krwi. ZADZWOŃ do specjalisty: ☎ 22 123 95 55 ➜ **CERTYFIKOWANE LABORATORIUM** Wykonaj test i działaj PROFILAKTYCZNIE.

  178. LiveCasino
    LiveCasino brings authentic, Monte Carlo table games such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat and more to you. An exclusive experience like no other awaits you!

  180. Pakke
    Pakke - ¡Todo lo que necesitas para tus envíos, en un sólo lugar!

  182. Livip Incentive - A melhor forma de viver eventos esportivos
    Nós oferecemos a você a melhor experiência VIP que você pode oferecer aos seus clientes em um evento esportivo.

  184. آرشیو مد | آرشیو تصویرات پزشکی | آرشیو مد
    آرشیو مد | آرشیو تصویرات پزشکی

  186. Irish Life | Life Insurance, Pensions, Investments, and more
    Established in 1939, Irish Life is Ireland's leading life and pensions company.

  188. Ongo — The app platform for wellness communities
    Turn your wellness community into a global brand with Ongo — the simplest way to make an app and scale your business.

  190. Accueil
    Book your travel online