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  2. Full Stack Frank | Freelance Full-stack Web Developer | Laravel & Vue.js
    Full Stack Frank – Freelance Full-stack Web Developer | Laravel & Vue.js | Web Application Development
    Author: Frank Michel

    🐦 ↦Learn. Write. Doodle. Code. Read. Geocache. 3D print. Lego. 🐱. Laravel. VueJS. Freelance. Life. -r ↦Full Stack Web Application Development in Laravel + Vue.js @DaktaDeo ↦Creator of Multipass -🦖

  6. Mehedi Hasan Sourov | Full-Stack Web & Application Developer
    Experienced as a Full-Stack Web and Application Developer specialized in WordPress, Shopify, PHP – Laravel Framework & Vue.js
    Author: Mehedi Hasan Sourov

  8. Rajesh Dewle
    Hi, I am a full-stack Laravel and Vue.js developer.

  10. Christopher Mühl
    Christopher Mühl. Full-Stack Web Developer with loads of expertise in Laravel, Vue.js and node.js

  12. How to build full stack app based on REST API | My blog about programming
    I'm a full stack developer, who is interested mainly in REST APIs, Laravel, Vue.js and Bootstrap.

  14. Full Stack Laravel & PHP Developer - Bath | Gareth Drew
    A full stack web developer working with a number of technologies including PHP, Laravel, Vue.js. Currently based in London, UK.

  16. Vector & Quill - Full Stack Web Development
    Full stack web developer specializing in UI development, web applications, and UX. Core technologies include React, Vue.js, and WordPress.

  18. Web development | Jan Skurovec
    Full stack web developer with interest in 3d printing and 3d rendering.

  20. Jacob Bradley | Full Stack Developer & UI Designer
    JavaScript & PHP developer specialized in Laravel, Vue.js, Nuxt, and the LAMP & JAM stacks

  22. Jakub Gania Software
    Jakub Gania Software - Full Stack Web Developer. Vue.js, Vuex, Vuetify, TypeScript, NUXT, HTML, CSS, Node.js, PHP, Laravel, Symfony, Nginx, Docker.

  24. Robin Kopp - real media technic Staudacher GmbH
    Robin Kopp, Full Stack Developer @ Staudacher. Daily business: Ansible, Composer, Elasticsearch, git, Laravel, npm, PHPUnit, Vue.js, Webpack

  26. Full Stack Developer | Farid ROUAH
    Full Stack Developer, Laravel & Vue js, Build all types of application and website

  28. HTML5 Hive – Tutorials on Full-Stack Web Development, JavaScript, Node.js, React and Vue.js
    Tutorials on Full-Stack Web Development, JavaScript, Node.js, React and Vue.js
    Author: Cogentx

  30. Daniel Khalil Consulting and Mentoring
    Full stack web development consultant and mentor. Vue.JS, Elixir and PHP.

  32. Ashitosh "SpaceBaar" Yadav
    A passionate Full Stack Software Developer having an experience of building Web and Mobile applications with JavaScript / Angular / Nodejs / Laravel

  34. Lorenzo Cogliati - Web Developer | Lorenzo Cogliati - Web Developer
    My name is Lorenzo and I’am a full stack web developer specializes in developing SPA with Vue.js

  36. Home - New - CodeWare
    ExperiencedAffordableSUCCESSFUL WE DO Recent Projects JavaScript Development Full Stack JavaScript Engineers! 10+ Years of Experience WordPress Development Expert WordPress Theme & Plugin Developers. 10+ Years of Experience! ReactJS Development Highend ReactJS web application developers. Laravel & PHP PHP Laravel Developers for Web application & REST API Creation! Web & Graphics Design 10+ Years Experienced Graphics…
    Author: Jack Mooney Chicago; USA

  38. James King Web Developer
    A full-stack web developer from the West Midlands. Skills include Laravel, PHP, Linux servers and much more. Available for hire for your next big thing.

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  40. Mazen Touati — Full-stack web developer
    I'm a full-stack web developer who's enthusiastic about creating utility libraries for fellow developers. I enjoy building things using Laravel & VueJS.
    Author: Mazen Touati

  42. Web Designer & Developer - Md. Tanjir Mahabub
    Hi, I am a full-stack web developer with great experience. I am ready for building your custom web application by using MERN, MEVN, Laravel, Wordpress, Shopify, etc.
    Author: Md Tanjir Mahabub

  44. CodeBrisk - Laravel Framework Developer | CodeBrisk
    Laravel - The PHP framework for web artisans. CodeBrisk is a full stack custom web application development company delivering high quality work.

  46. William Åström -Experienced Full Stack Web Developer
    Experienced Full Stack Developer from Sweden. Design and development of Websites and Mobile application for clients all over the world. I love VUE JS, Laravel PHP and Sass
    Author: William Åström

  48. //farbcode - We code your story of success.
    We develop web applications and fantastic websites for your business. Laravel ★ Vue.js ★ NuxtJS ★ Craft CMS ★

  50. Rifki Aria Gumelar
    I'm a full-stack web developer. I design & build WordPress themes, WordPress sites and Laravel apps.

  52. Full Stack Web Developer
    Full Stack Web Developer - VueJS, NuxtJS, Laravel & WordPress

  54. Full-Stack Laravel Developer | Randall Wilk
    Randall Wilk is a Full-Stack developer that builds websites & web applications using Laravel & Vue. From Wausau, WI, United States.

  56. Home - Pixels Matter
    Design for Web, Print, and Outdoor, Programming, 3D Printing and Application Development

  58. Mohamed Said
    A full-stack developer at Laravel

  60. Red Squirrel Studio
    Red Squirrel Studio is a digital agency created by Lewis Raggett creating lightning fast, full stack and beautifully designed application for clients from varied walks of life. We specialise in Vue.js, Nuxt and Laravel and are based in sunny sunny Bournemouth.

  62. Software engineering
    As a full stack web development company. We create applications.
    Author: Osipenko Alexey

  64. Full Stack Developer |
    Full Stack Developer - PHP, Node.js, Vue.js

  66. Jason Guru | Full Stack Software Developer
    Full Stack Web Developer | Laravel | Vue | Javascript | Ecommerce Expert
    Author: G Jason Sharma

  68. Tristan Ward | Freelance Web Developer
    I'm a freelance web developer based in the United Kingdom. I specialise in bespoke web application development using the Laravel PHP framework and Vue.js.

  70. Marius Austr | Full Stack Web Developer
    Full Stack Developer based in Edinburgh specialising in custom web applications built on LAMP stack. PHP, Laravel, jQuery, MySQL, AWS and many other technologies used daily.

  72. Full-Stack Web Developer | Marc Backes | JavaScript, Vue.js, Nuxt.js, Node.js
    Full-Stack Web Developer based in Luxembourg | Vue.js, Nuxt.js, Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB and more"

  74. Michael Vreeken - Full Stack Web Developer
    Michael Vreeken is a full stack web developer specializing in PHP Larave and Javascript Vue.js

  76. TALL Stack: Tailwind CSS, Alpine.js, Laravel, and Livewire. One Happy Family.
    Learn more about the newest stack for Laravel developers. Full stack, all in Laravel-inspired syntax.

  78. Daniel Winther | Full-stack-udvikler
    Erfaren full-stack-udvikler med speciale i PHP frameworket Laravel samt JavaScript frameworket Nuxt.js (Vue.js).

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  80. Felix Schmid
    German freelance full-stack webdeveloper working with Laravel, Tailwind CSS, Vue.js, Alpine.js, Livewire and Inertia.

  82. Lukas Hermann – Maker and Full Stack Developer
    I'm a Maker and Full Stack Developer who loves working with the Frontend, Vue.js and User Interface Design

  84. Lukas Hermann – Maker and Full Stack Developer
    I'm a Maker and Full Stack Developer who loves working with the Frontend, Vue.js and User Interface Design

  86. Roman Meyer - Dead end developer
    full stack web developer web-dev php laravel javascript nuxt vue

  88. Roman Bobrik - Dead end developer
    full stack web developer web-dev php laravel javascript nuxt vue

  90. Siddharth Abbineni
    Web Developer, Application Developer, Full Stack Developer
    Author: Siddharth Abbineni

  92. Jhonn Rodriguez
    Im Full Stack Developer in Laravel and Vue.
    Author: Full-stack Developer

  94. Keith Damiani
    Full-stack web application developer

  96. Chicago Software Development for web, mobile and full-stack development
    We are a full-stack Chicago software company providing web and mobile applications, full-stack development and AWS DevOps.
    Author: Founder;; Operations Director; APO Box; Executive; All Star Delivery Systems; Inc; Owner; True Photography; CEO; Vault Energy Solutions; Executive VP of Operations; Searing Industries; Amp; A; Program Director; University; Project Manager; Medical Certification Company

  98. Web Development and Website Design company coimbatore
    Responsive web site design and Full stack web application development company specialized in opensource software and mobile application backend development.

  100. Website Designer | Web Developer | Bismarck, North Dakota
    I am a freelance website designer and full-stack web developer offering custom website design and web based application development services.

  102. Portfolio of PHP / LAMP Custom Programming & Development in Utah & Beyond - St George Utah Full-Stack Dev AWS/PHP/LAMP/Laravel/Livewire/MVC/
    a Reactive Full-Stack Custom Software Development Firm Web-Based Application Development / MVC / Reactive / SPA / Laravel / Livewire/ TailwindCSS The Web-Based Application Development Heavyweights UTILIZING THE BEST MVC LARAVEL REACTIVE SYSTEMS AVAILABLE The following list is a short list of systems myself (and at times with a team I put together and managed) designed, created, implemented, […]

  104. Horizons Business solutions - Home
    Business ERP Digital marketing developer full stack design templete wordpress laravel
    Author: Horizon Business Solutions

  106. Kai GAO
    Kai GAO is a full stack developer who specializes in building (and occasionally designing) exceptional web applications.

  108. Web Application Development Agency - React, Angular, Node.js
    Full-stack web application development company, creating serverless web applications from design to delivery with React, Angular and Node.js. Serverless apps, web application development in Hungary.

  110. Full-Stack Web Developer - Pradhan
    Full-stack web developer with 7 years of experience working on several client-based websites and web applications using WordPress, Laravel, Vue, React and React Native.

  112. Web development • Takács IT
    Full-stack web development - Laravel, PHP. Front-end, back-end, e-commerce, APIs and connections.

  114. Tom Rolfe | Full Stack Web Development
    Full stack web developer specialising in Laravel & React. Get in touch for consultation and advice.

  116. Rajendran Nadar | Full stack web developer and designer
    Rajendran nadar - Full stack web developer and designer. Currently working on modern web and mobile application

  118. Luke Bouch
    Luke Bouch is a full-stacked Laravel developer specializing in the TALL stack.

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  120. Full-Stack Developer | London UK
    I am a passionate Full-stack web developer who designs and builds web applications using the latest and greatest web technologies.

  122. George Buckingham
    I'm an experienced PHP / Laravel web developer in Bournemouth, Dorset. This is my web development blog covering Laravel, PHP, Vue.js and other web tech.
    Author: George Buckingham

  124. Freelance Web Developer
    A full-stack freelance web developer working with; PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS and JS. I have over 14 years of experience in building apps of all shapes and sizes, using all kinds of frameworks and tools. Such as; Laravel, Vue.js, WebPack, jQuery and SCSS.

  126. Montreal Application Development Company, Montreal Web Design Company, Montreal Website Company - KAMICODE
    KAMICODE is an application development and web design company based in Montreal, QC. We specialize in WCAG compliance, user experience full-stack application development and long-term support.

  128. Kirschbaum | Laravel Development, Staff Augmentation, Training, Technical Leadership
    Digital strategy, website design, and application development based in Northampton Massachusetts. Primarily specializing in Laravel, Angular, Vue.js, Drupal, and Wordpress frameworks.

  130. Kamlesh Paul
    Software Developer, full stack-designer,Kamlesh Paul, kamlesh, kamlesh paul,Laravel developer, frontend developer, front-end developer
    Author: Kamlesh Paul

  132. PHP, MySQL & Laravel Full-Stack Developers in Vancouver
    We're a team of Full Stack Developers specialized in PHP, MySQL, Laravel and Vue.js. Our main core is located in Vancouver, BC. We have many years of experience in development for a variety of businesses in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Toronto and Seattle.

  134. Joshua Maker - Technologist. Designer. Developer.
    Joshua Maker is a Creative Technologist, Multidisciplinary Designer and Full Stack Web Developer. Maker makes things.

  136. Colin Fitz-Maurice
    Full-stack Laravel and Vue developer living in Philadelphia

  138. Fareez Ahamed
    Full Stack Developer | Javascript, Laravel, SAP ABAP

  140. Xupe Web Development
    Full-stack web and mobile application development agency

  142. Software contable para pequeñas empresas con facturación electrónica y nómina electrónica | Aliaddo
    Software Contable Aliaddo con facturación electrónica, nómina electrónica y punto de venta. Prueba Gratis por 15 días

  144. Individuelle Softwareentwicklung | WeAreGroup | Digitalisierungsagentur
    Wir treiben die digitale Transformation führender Unternehmen und innovativer Start-ups voran mit moderner Softwareentwicklung rund um Cloud-Computing, Blockchain, IoT und KI.

  146. Individuelle Softwareentwicklung | WeAreGroup | Digitalisierungsagentur
    Wir treiben die digitale Transformation führender Unternehmen und innovativer Start-ups voran mit moderner Softwareentwicklung rund um Cloud-Computing, Blockchain, IoT und KI.

  148. EUROZAHN - Vaše digitální zubní laboratoř

  150. THERMS
    The all in one security guard app for managing your operations. Report, patrol, dispatch, tag scan, d.a.r, pass down information, and much more...

  152. Our Services
    Live 24-Hour Global Squawk of Market Moving News Delivered as Real-Time Audio.

  154. Partido Digital de Uruguay | Somos un partido político que trabaja por un Uruguay moderno, innovador y participativo. Queremos que tu opinió
    Somos un partido político que trabaja por un Uruguay moderno, innovador y participativo. Queremos que tu opinión sea tenida en cuenta todos los días, no solo cuando vienen las elecciones. ¿Te sumás?
    Author: Leo Giovanetti

  156. Start a US Company from Anywhere | Register Your LLC - StartGlobal
    We are a complete solution to kick-start your business in the US. Quickly & easily form your new LLC Business from anywhere. Backed by the best of Silicon Valley.

  158. Pet boarding and doggy daycare management made easy | Animalo
    Animalo, a modern application to manage your kennel, doggy daycare or cattery. Bookings, customers, calendar and much more available online and on the go.

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  160. Daalder - Laravel ecommerce, flexible and scalable.
    Laravel ecommerce package. Add the Daalder package to your clean Laravel installation and your ready to create your Laravel ecommerce solution.

  162. MyAlice: Customer Service Helpdesk for eCommerce
    Manage your social media channels, live chat, chatbot, and eCommerce under one platform. Trusted by hundreds of business owners. Try now for Free!
    Author: Alice Labs

  164. Lån penge nu ➡️ Op til 500.000 ✓ Udbetalt i dag! Nordisk lån
    Lån penge nu til dine drømme 🏖️ Lån online fra 10.000 - 500.000 kr. ✅ Ansøg gratis og få udbetalt pengene i dag! ✅

  166. Essential CEU Institute | California ARF, RCFE and Group Home Continuing Education
    Essential CEU Institute is a certified provider of continuing education through the California Department of Social Services, ACS division. We are recognized and approved for topics relevant to residential care and the continuum of community care models in California. Essential CEU Institute is the anywhere, anytime CEU provider that aides administrators in seeking their own continuing education as well as that of their employees. Account owners can invite and track participation of their team members and print certificates immediately after course completion.
    Author: Moonbase Labs

  168. CRENOLIB : Prenez rendez-vous en ligne avec un thérapeute de médecine douce
    Prenez rendez-vous en ligne 24/24h avec un praticien de médecine douce près de chez vous ou par visioconférence. Recevez un rappel sms de votre rendez-vous. Annulez reportez votre rendez-vous en toute simplicité.

  170. Literacy, Accessibility & Dyslexia Software | Helperbird
    Helperbird is a browser extension that gives you the features to make the web more accessible and you more productive. Providing you with dyslexia fonts, dyslexia support, text to speech, overlays, dyslexia ruler, immersive reader, reader mode, annotations and more.
    Author: Vladimir Ciobica; Colm Murphy

  172. Website laten maken | Geoptimaliseerd voor Google | Fraai
    Een professionele website of webshop laten maken? We ontwikkelen onze SEO-vriendelijke websites vanuit onze creatieve studio in Aalst, Oost-Vlaanderen.

  174. Forestree - Tree Management Software
    Forestree is a modern Tree Management Solution aimed at Local Government and Municipalities to help grow their Urban Forest.

  176. Freep helpt interim professionals binnen de overheid
    Freep helpt interim professionals bij het vinden en verkrijgen van interim opdrachten binnen de overheid

  178. Security Awareness Training for Employees - LMS - Simple Online Training Software - Curricula
    Security Awareness Training for employees delivered using short relatable stories about actual cyber attacks.

  180. Reimbi
    The best way to reimburse job candidates and other non-employees

  182. InView | Bring online accounting to your calendar
    Invoices and bills on your calendar. Track your cash flow with InView. Integrates with Xero, QuickBooks, Sage, FreeAgent, FreshBooks, Zoho Books, MYOB.

  184. Alkana | Sécurité au travail
    Alkana est spécialisé dans la sécurité au travail. Formations sécurité au travail - Formation antichute - Formation cordiste Vente et location d'équipement de sécurité Contrôle des équipements de protection Travaux en terrain d'accès difficile - Travaux en hauteur et profondeur Solutions de sécurisation - Installation lignes de vie, garde-corps

  186. Restoplus: Made with ❤️ for restaurant owners!

  188. 澳门赌博 - 十大赌博平台
    Looking for an education option for your student? Join the Whitefield Academy family! Christ-centered, Biblically-based PreK-12 Education Marked by academic excellence and spiritual vitality

  190. Whitefield Academy
    Watch our Virtual Veteran's Day Program! Now Enrolling for the 2021-2022 school year! Join the Whitefield Academy family!

  192. 更受用户信赖的加密货币钱包

  194. Cercle K2 - Cercle K2
    Le Cercle K2 est un lieu qui développe des espaces de rencontre et de dialogue entre professionnels issus de tous horizons. Présents dans une trentaine de pays, l'Organisation compte plus de 1000 membres.

  196. Fundimmo Crowdfunding immobilier
    Construisez avec Fundimmo votre portefeuille de placements en crowdfunding immobilier. Investissez à partir de 1 000 € dans les projets de votre choix. Fundimmo vous propose des projets diversifiés partout en France.
    Author: Samir Bouaked

  198. Fundimmo Crowdfunding immobilier
    Construisez avec Fundimmo votre portefeuille de placements en crowdfunding immobilier. Investissez à partir de 1 000 € dans les projets de votre choix. Fundimmo vous propose des projets diversifiés partout en France.
    Author: Samir Bouaked