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  4. UN Habitat Philippines
    Our mission is to promote socially and environmentally sustainable urban development with the goal of providing adequate shelter for all.

  6. Davao Integrated Development Program - Home Page
    Davao Integrated Development Program.

  8. City Government of Tagum
    The Official Website of the City Government of Tagum, containing news, features and information about the City of Tagum.

  10. Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network - ACCCRN
    Committed to connect people across Asia to build inclusive urban climate change resilience

  12. Resilio Studio · Design for Resilience
    Resilio Studio is a multi-disciplinary sustainable design practice dedicated to building a resilient and regenerative Tāmaki Makaurau through landscape design and urbanism, social innovation, architectural design and education.

  14. Litha | Resilient Buildings and Design
    Resilient Buildings and Design
    Author: Name

  16. Visualizing data to build climate resilience
    The Partnership for Resilience and Preparedness (PREP) is a public-private collaboration launched in September 2016 that seeks to improve access to climate data, and empower communities and businesses to better plan for and build climate resilience.

  18. BLDRS | design for resilience
    BLDRS Collective is building leaders to design a resilient society
    Author: Stephen Bau

  20. Climate Resilience Planning & Support | Fernleaf
    Fernleaf provides communities with data-enabled climate change resilience plans. Find out how you can create an actionable, equitable climate resilience plan.
    Author: Mary Roderick Land

  22. Urban Resilience | SL Consulting
    SL Consulting offers consultancy on green adaptation in urban areas aiming to enhance resilience with regards to changing climate

  24. Foundation for Urban Resilience and Climate Sustainability
    Foundation for Urban Resilience and Climate Sustainability fully supports UN Sustainable Development Goals which are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.

  26. Climate Justice Resilience Fund
    The Climate Justice Resilience Fund helps women, youth, and indigenous peoples adapt to climate change and build resilience by implementing and scaling sustainable climate solutions. The CJRF supports “bottom-up,” frontline community-led approaches in the Bay of Bengal (India, Bangladesh), East Afri

  28. The Resilience Institute
    We focus on resilience building by delivering education, conducting applied research and through weaving knowledge systems for effective and relevant adaptation to climate change impacts.
    Author: Rockies Institute

    Climate Arts for Resilient Environments is a partnership of health practioners, artists, and specialists working together to build meaningful art projects through engagement and climate adaptation.

  32. TinyHouseDesign – Design a More Resilient Life
    Design a More Resilient Life

  34. Berhampore Urban Resilience - Lessons learned in scaled urban permaculture
    A blog about the lessons learned in building urban resilience in Wellington using permaculture
    Author: Glen

  36. Home - Climate Resiliency Home Edmonton
    The Climate Resilient Home (CRH) provides a road map to help homeowners, builders, municipal staff and elected officials in the Greater Edmonton Region make investment and policy decisions to improve the climate resiliency of homes. A climate resilient home is one that is better able to cope with climate change events,
    Author: Pderas

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  38. Urban green-blue grids for sustainable and resilient cities
    Green-blue urban grids make cities sustainable, resilient and climate-proof. This website will help to find fitting measures and inspires with attractive examples.

  40. Home » Seismic Resilience
    BRANZ's Seismic Resilience is a seven-part series of online resources designed to guide the construction industry towards earthquake-resilient design and raise the seismic performance of New Zealand’s building stock.

  42. CEC Design - Home
    CEC Design, urban climate

  44. US Resiliency Council - Building Community Resilience
    Resilient Communities Need Resilient Buildings Most people lack reliable information about how disasters will affect the buildings in which they live and work. Current building codes are minimum requirements that aim to save lives,
    Author: Samnasr

  46. Home - Resilient Cities Network
    Resilient Cities Network is the world’s leading urban resilience network collaborating for a safe and equitable world for all.

  48. The Resilience Doughnut | Building Resilience World Wide
    The Resilience Doughnut is a model for building resilience in children and young people. This resilience model is being used by practitioners world wide.

  50. Resilient
    Resilient Option is the digital version of Dr. Sood's SMART program - a blend of neuroscience, stories, and skills, that systematically build your resilience.

    Start-Up company providing specialized services on climate adaptation and resilience.

  54. Center for Digital Resilience
    Center for Digital Resilience: Building resilient systems to keep civil society safe

  56. The Resilience Project
    The Resilience Project delivers emotionally engaging programs and provides evidence-based, practical wellbeing strategies to build resilience.
    Author: Macedon Digital

  58. New Zealand's Leading Resilience Provider | RiskLogic NZ
    Our focus is to build a resilient future for New Zealand people & organisations. To do this, we build exceptional plans & training tailoured to your needs.
    Author: Radmin

  60. Acadine - Building Conflict Resilience
    Building Conflict Resilience

  62. Applying resilience thinking | Applying resilience thinking
    Seven principles for building resilience in social-ecological systems

  64. Resilient Cities and Communities
    RCC connects citizens, cities, and governmental authorities to promote equitable environmental, economic, climate, and community resilience.

  66. Urban Fabrick | Connecting Policy and Practice with Design
    Urban Fabrick assists project teams to meet, understand and design to new green building code requirements. We facilitate complex and high level green building certifications, onsite water reuse, net-zero energy design, sustainability master planning and climate positive development.

  68. Co-Create Climate-Smart Villages - Open Source, Technology Enabled Eco-Villages: Build your resilient community with regenerative living for
    Open Source, Technology Enabled Eco-Villages: Build your resilient community with regenerative living for climate action

  70. Organic – We Design Resilient Brands
    Marketing outcomes through dynamic creative, experience design, and integrated commerce | We Design Resilient Brands

  72. HOME - Resilient Farms Resilient Farms .
    WHO ARE WE The word ‘resilient’ refers to the ability to withstand or recover quickly from suboptimal conditions. Today’s farmers are faced with many challenges, such as climate change, fast changing consumer perceptions as well as economic and political conditions largely beyond control. Resilient Farms is a
    Author: TCEG Jeanniel

  74. Home - ClimateAI
    The world's first Enterprise Climate Planning platform. Building supply chain resilience globally with market leadership in agriculture.

  76. Whole Community Resilience Planning Program - CDBG
    WCRP is a project developed by the Government of Puerto Rico and funded by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). WCRP will provide and sustain community-led resilience plans

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  78. urban planning & design Ltd - Home
    Urban Planning and Design Limited is a specialist outcomes focused urban planning and urban design consultancy specialising in providing: Urban Design and development advise Masterplanning and Urban...

  80. resilience training near me
    Notwithstanding building one's own resilience training near me in the work environment, pioneers can significantly affect the resilience of their devotees.

  82. Home | Hotel Resilient
    Hotel Resilient will help you managing pandemic, disaster and climate risk in hotels and resorts through global standards and online solutions

  84. Resilience Paddle Sports – Building healthy, resilient communities through outdoor adventure
    Building healthy, resilient communities through outdoor adventure

  86. Dr S Burroughs Building Resilience through Sustainable Construction
    Dr Steve Burroughs places sustainability at the core of building design and construction to promote a resilient future.

  88. Bay Area: Resilient By Design Challenge
    Find out how the Bay Area: Resilient By Design Challenge will reshape vulnerable bayshore communities.

  90. Home | The Resilience Project
    The Resilience Project aims to build a more resilient community at University College Tilburg by offering students the tools to deal with setbacks. The Resilience Project is founded on three pillars and this website shares its output.

  92. home - Resilience OC
    Resilience Orange County Resilience OC trains youth leaders of color to build a movement for social-systemic transformation. Apply for in’lakech…
    Author: Resilience OC

  94. Frontline Civilians – Resilience Hub
    Build Resilience Welcome to the Resilience Hub for Frontline Civilians - your anonymous resource center for training, education, self-assessments, and activities on building resilience and preventing/recovering from PTSD. Featured Content Interactive education, training, and self-assessements Online
    Author: Admin

  96. Home - ArquitectonicaGEO
    Landscape Architecture, Planning, Urban Design. Integrating functionality, resilience and sustainability that enhance the human experience
    Author: Miami Herald; Andres Viglucci; October

  98. BRACED
    Building Resilience and Adaption to Climate Extremes and Disasters
    Author: Thomson Reuters Foundation

  100. SEI: Building Leaders for a Resilient World
    SEI: Building Leaders for a Resilient World

  102. Urban Water Resilience | Hydroinformatics Institute
    Harnessing digital technology and innovation, the Hydroinformatics Institute is leading the charge in urban water resilience.

  104. Financial Planning | Wealth Management | Resilient Financial Planning
    Financial Planning | Wealth Management | Resilient Financial Planning

  106. Wikilimo
    Building Climate Resilience in Rural Farming communities with AI-driven Hyperlocal Climate Informatics

  108. Transition Bay St Margarets | Building Community Resilience
    Building Community Resilience

  110. Topos - The International Review of Landscape Architecture and Urban Design
    topos magazine is an international and interdisciplinary review for landscape architecture, urban design and urban development. On the basis of concrete international projects and theories from science, we discuss the challenges of planning disciplines such as climate change, urbanization and densification and examine the question of how the city of the future must be designed.

  112. All about cities, urban planning and urban design
    All about cities, urban planning and urban design
    Author: City

  114. Green Infrastructure Consultancy - policy, planning, design and build
    The Green Infrastructure Consultancy for UK urban green infrastructure training, planning, audits, building, policy and design.

  116. Homepage - Resilience
    We support building community resilience as a hopeful and practical response to multiple emerging ecological and social challenges.
    Author: John Thackara

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  118. SITE Planning + Design
    SITE Planning + Design (formerly The Spatial Group planning + design) specialist town planning and urban design consultancy

  120. Resiliency Stress and EQ Assessments, Certifications - Essi Systems
    Resiliency is key to health and performance! Build a resilient workforce with Resiliency Map, a powerful assessment and stress management tool.

  122. Resiliency Quiz: "How Resilient Are You?" from the Resiliency Center
    Article on thriving, surviving and being resilient by Resiliency Advantage author and Resiliency Center host, Al Siebert, PhD

  124. Southern Harbour | Infrastructure Risk, Resilience and Protection Planning
    Infrastructure Risk, Resilience and Protection Planning

  126. Insulated Concrete Forms - Quad-Lock • Resilient & Sustainable Buildings
    Resilient & Sustainable Buildings

  128. Sleeping Tiger Fitness – Build strength, confidence, and resilience
    Build strength, confidence, and resilience

  130. LEDS Global Partnership - Advancing climate-resilient, low-emission development around the world
    Advancing climate-resilient, low-emission development around the world
    Author: By

  132. Innovative Designs - Office design | Building plans
    Innovative Designs for Building plans, Office design, Building design,Space planning and Floor plans. Home automation design.

  134. Resilient housing | Liminal
    Liminal Space builds circular, productive and resilient habitats with a focus on sustainable, metabolic architecture.

  136. WOOSH5 | Building Resilience
    Our online platform helps employees to increase their resilience while providing aggregate feedback to management. Leaders build a better, more agile business by creating a more resilient management and workforce.

  138. Home - Flood Resilience Portal
    The Flood Resilience Portals are online spaces for sharing practical knowledge about why and how to build community flood resilience. They bring together all of the knowledge generated and exchanged through the Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance, alongside resources from other organisations and researchers who work on flood resilience.

  140. LFA | urban design, planning and architecture
    urban design, planning and architecture

    Resilient Urban Planning and Development Dr. Parisa Kloss

  144. The Resilience Project New Zealand (NZ)
    The New Zealand office of The Resilience Project is proud to deliver engaging programs to provide practical wellbeing strategies to build resilience.
    Author: Macedon Digital

  146. BUCOLICO - Building Community Resilience through Communication & Technology
    BUCOLICO - Building Community Resilience through Communication & Technology

  148. Welcome | Urban Design Group
    The Urban Design Group provides a forum for architectural, design, and urban planning firms to address urban design issues. The UDG website includes information on urban design companies, events, news, and careers.
    Author: UDG Event Review by Robert Huxford

  150. سفارش طراحی وب‌سایت | بهترین و ارزانترین | 09028888092
    Author: مسعود جواهری

  152. - אופטיסטור. חנות המשקפיים ועדשות המגע שלכם
    האתר הגדול והמקצועי ביותר למשקפי שמש, ראיה, עדשות מגע, תמיסות ואביזרים. כל המותגים במבחר ובמחירים הטובים בישראל. פיקוח אופטומטרי, אחריות מלאה. משלוח חינם.

  154. Car Shipping Companies in Dubai | Aeon Shipping LLC
    Get a free freight quote from the best car shipping companies in Dubai. Aeon Shipping is specialized in international household goods moving and car shipping services in Dubai, UAE - UK, USA and worldwide.
    Author: Aeon Shipping

  156. Odisha Tourism : Visit Odisha | Travel & Tourism | Official Site
    Welcome to the official source for information on visiting Odisha, India. Lodging, entertainment, food/drink, sports,attractions & more.

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  158. KAMUAJANS - Memurlar biz, Kamudan Haber veren en iyi site - KAMUAJANS - Memurlar biz, Kamudan Haber veren en iyi site
    Kamu çalışanlarına ve memur adaylarına yönelik yayın yapan haber sitesi
    Author: Yazarlar

  160. Industrieverband Feuerverzinken e.V.
    Korrosionsschutz durch Feuerverzinken (Stückverzinken): News, Videos, Fachinformationen, Broschüren, Übersicht Verzinkereien, Zinkpreis

  162. Klap: crea, gestisci, trova eventi musicali
    Rock o techno? Su Klap hai quello che cerchi: eventi, concerti, feste, musica! Trova o crea il tuo evento: Location, band, dj, service e tanto altro in un Klap!

  164. dermatose
    Author: Val Charlene

  166. Free Online Casino Games & Slots - Play 8038 popular online slots games for free or real money
    Play 8038 online casino games for free or real money with no download and no sign-up. A list of the best casino games sorted into: casino slots, video poker, video slots, blackjack, online roulette and others popular games. Try free no deposit casino bonuses and online casino tournaments
    Author: Val Charlene

  168. Eudora Records | Independent classical music label
    Author: Fernando Arias; Noelia Rodiles

  170. Welcome |
    Come workout with me and get in the best shape of your life with my short, effective workouts. is the only official site where you can get my new workouts.

  172. Agence immobilière à RUEIL MALMAISON - Guy Hoquet Immobilier
    A la recherche d'un bien à RUEIL MALMAISON ? Rendez-vous dans votre agence immobilière Guy Hoquet Immobilier pour trouver le bien qui vous convient.

  174. Agence immobilière à BILLERE - Guy Hoquet Immobilier
    Guy Hoquet Immobilier, met à votre disposition des agents immobiliers à BILLERE, pour que vous puissiez réaliser votre projet en toute sérénité.

  176. Agence immobilière à MALAKOFF - Guy Hoquet Immobilier
    Guy Hoquet Immobilier, met à votre disposition des agents immobiliers à MALAKOFF, pour que vous puissiez réaliser votre projet en toute sérénité.

  178. Agence immobilière TALENCE - Guy Hoquet Immobilier
    Guy Hoquet Immobilier, met à votre disposition des agents immobiliers à TALENCE, pour que vous puissiez réaliser votre projet en toute sérénité.

  180. Italia che cambia | Informarsi, conoscere, agire per rendere possibile un mondo migliore
    Italia che Cambia racconta e mette in rete quel pezzo di paese che si attiva per cambiare concretamente le cose. Offre percorsi e strumenti per la trasformazione positiva.