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  2. Alejandro Garcia | Portfolio
    Web developer with experience in design

  4. Oomph, Inc. - Digital Experience Design & Development
    Digital Experience Design & Development

  6. theclinic | User Experience Design & Development
    User Experience Design & Development.
    Author: Theclinic At

  8. Daniel Fosco • Senior Product Designer
    Product designer working with developer experience & design systems

  10. UX research, design and development - Patrick Lesage
    Creative, Design, Experience. Ux designer developer UX research, design and development consultant for technology solutions

  12. Full-Cycle Software Development Company | Emerline
    Emerline is a software company with a solid experience in product development, startup development, user experience design, and enterprise applications development

  14. Developer experience consultant - David Garcia
    Freelance Developer focused on API Design, Developer Experience, and Documentation

  16. Mit - We Designing & Developing Digital Experiences.
    We Designing & Developing Digital Experiences

  18. Laith Azzam | Design & Development
    Interactive User Experience Design & Development

  20. OhShift
    OhShift Labs; Experience Design and Development

  22. – Web Designer & Developer
    I'm a web designer and developer from Southport, England. I specialise in user experience design and front-end development.

  24. Lasse Weber Fredholm
    Freelance front-end developer with a strong interest in design and user experience. in Software Development Design.
    Author: Lasse Weber Fredholm

  26. Misfit | Brand and Experience Digital Design Consultancy
    Brand and Experience Digial Design Consultancy specialising in UX & UI design, app design, web design and development, brand development and strategy

  28. Web Design Company | Graphics Design Company | App Development Company | SizzleDesignz
    Sizzledesignz have professionals having experience in Web design and development, iPhone app design and development, Logo design, Graphic design and customer relations.

  30. Petr Kovář – UX designer & Digital product designer
    I'm a User Experience Designer and Digital Product Designer with 14+ years of experience in digital product development.
    Author: Petr Kovář

  32. Dandy Development
    A fullstack developer with a background in user experience and design with a passion for frontend development.

  34. Welcome - Andrew K Smith
    WorkHello, I'm Andrew.I'm a UI/UX designer.,I focus on Salesforce Experience Cloud., But my skills apply to any platform.Browse my most recent projects below and enjoy. Work AllSalesforce Experience CloudUI DesignUX Design CaterpillarSalesforce, Salesforce Experience Cloud, UI Design, UI Development, UX Design ActivisionSalesforce, Salesforce Experience Cloud, UI Design, UI Development, UX Design DoordashSalesforce, Salesforce Experience Cloud, […]

  36. .NET Developer - Ilya Bystrov
    I'm .NET developer with 7+ years experience in software development. I have strong experience with services and web applications development, technical architecture and database design.
    Author: Better NET Client

  38. Magento development & web design by Creative Immense
    I am Mike, a certified Magento developer and web designer from the Netherlands. I have lots of experience with Magento development and web design.

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  40. Magento development & web design by Creative Immense
    I am Mike, a certified Magento developer and web designer from the Netherlands. I have lots of experience with Magento development and web design.

  42. Design 4 Developers
    Design 4 Developers is a Pandemic Passion Project that takes over two decades of Design and Development experience and distills it to its essence.

  44. Rand Seay | Designer and Developer
    I am a husband, father, designer, and developer. I write about design & development, hack on code, and tweet about my experiences.

  46. Magento development & web design by Creative Immense
    I am Mike, a certified Magento developer and web designer from the Netherlands. I have lots of experience with Magento development and web design.

  48. Magento development & web design by Creative Immense
    I am Mike, a certified Magento developer and web designer from the Netherlands. I have lots of experience with Magento development and web design.

  50. Home - GCWEBPH
    We’re a group of Veteran freelance web developers and designers with years of experience, specializing in WordPress design and development.
    Author: Brandon Kamel

  52. Magento development & web design by Creative Immense
    I am Mike, a certified Magento developer and web designer from the Netherlands. I have lots of experience with Magento development and web design.

  54. Magento development & web design by Creative Immense
    I am Mike, a certified Magento developer and web designer from the Netherlands. I have lots of experience with Magento development and web design.

  56. Web Developer Batticaloa Sri Lanka - Joel Jerushan
    Web Developer & Graphic Designer from Batticaloa Sri Lanka with years of outsourcing experience in Designing & Developing Websites
    Author: Joel Jerushan

  58. Home • RCNeil
    Web design, development, user-experience, and marketing

  60. Portfolio | Daniela Andersson Waara
    Simply a front-end developer and user experience designer
    Author: Daniela Andersson Waara

  62. Bissano
    Broad experience in software development and system design

  64. Doran° - Simple and effctive design
    I design and develop experiences that make people's lives.

  66. Akshat Mittal — Developer & Designer
    Developer & Designer from India making interactive experiences.

  68. Wren & Hawksmoor
    Wren & Hawksmoor - User Experience, Design & Development

  70. Them Consulting | UI/UX development agency in Mumbai
    Best UI/UX design and development agency in India. Win with Agile Innovation, Product Strategy, Experience Design and faster GTM. Top Experience Design, UX development agency in Mumbai - Them.Consulting

  72. The interactive and creative work of Greg Rosemblun | Velvetzoo
    Design focused on branding, communication and user experience. Frontend development, UI Design

  74. Charles + Ash
    Experience Design for Brands, Businesses and Agencies. Design / Develop / Consulting for Digital.
    Author: Charles Ash

  76. Corbin & Brooks
    Development, Design, UI Design, Branding, Product Positioning. Eden and Cosmos Corbin, have over 20 years experience with software and web development, UI and product design.
    Author: Corbin; Brooks

  78. Octave – Digital agency, Wellington, New Zealand
    Octave is a digital agency in Wellington, specialising in web design and development, app design and development, UX and UI design, and customer experience research.

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  80. hundredbears UX - User Centred Design & Development
    UX / UI Design and Development Consultancy. Website User Experience Design (UX), Visual Design (UI) & Development in Brighton, London, Cornwall & Glasgow.
    Author: Admin

  82. Baagdi Solutions | Website Designer, Development, Graphics
    Baagdi Solutions Pvt Ltd is a Website designing and Development company with great experience in graphic designing, UI designing, Mobile application development
    Author: Rashtrav

    Backend developer with experience in designing, development and maintenance RESTful web application and microservices.

  86. Ahmed Hassan | WEB & MOBILE DEVELOPER
    Web and Mobile Developer with a passion for designing and developing beautiful and functional user experiences.

  88. - A web developer's portfolio
    Developer/Designer. Developing, Designing, Consulting, Quality Assurance and more, with experience in small and large teams working on-site and remotely.

  90. Dejan Veljanoski | User Interface Designer and Developer
    The portfolio of Dejan Veljanoski a freelance user interface designer and developer with over 11 years experience in UX/UI design and development
    Author: Dejan Veljanoski

  92. Hanan Hamdy | UI Designer & UI Developer
    My name is Hanan Hamdy, I'm a UI Designer and a Front-End Developer with more than 3 years experience in design and development fields.
    Author: Hanan Hamdy

  94. Primož Škrl - UX and digital consulting
    Personal portfolio - Interdisciplinary designer, passionate about designing smart user experiences. With 8 years of overall experience in user experience design and research, web development, design and art direction.

  96. Industrial Design Services - SONOS Product Development
    Sonos Product Development Is a Leader in Industrial Design and New Product Design Services with Over 36 Years Experience. We are your one stop shop for Product Development - From Concept to Production With over 36 years of New Product Design & Development, Industrial Design and New Product Management experience,
    Author: Steve Com

  98. Prateek Mishra - Best Software Engineer, Web Developer & Designer, Python, Php, Codeigniter, Laravel Developer, Trainer
    Best Codeigniter Developer - I have excellent experience in Website Development and Designing mainly in PHP Development, Wordpress Development and Laravel Development.
    Author: Www Prateekmishra In

  100. Brain Agent Digital Agency - Brainagent
    We bring design and development together to create amazing experiences. Web development, mobile applications, web and app design, UI/UX Design

  102. Raghuraman UX Designer UI Designer UX Researcher Storyboarding Interaction Design Front End Design Prototype Design Usability Design Digital
    I'm Raghu Raman. I'm a User Experience Designer from Chennai, India. I have 12 years of experience on Web Design & Development

  104. I'm a Digital Concept Developer - This is my Portfolio | Karoline Paarup
    I design digital experiences. BA in Digtal Concept Development from KEA with a background in Multimediadesign. I'm passionate about user experience design!

  106. Nick Lee - web & user experience designer based in Cornwall
    A collection of design and user experience work by Nick Lee, senior user experience designer and front-end developer based in Bristol

  108. Home
    We design and develop next-generation digital experiences.

  110. AfterNow: Mixed Reality
    AfterNow, augmented reality design, user experience and development

  112. Bull Shark Investments
    Through strategy, design, user experience, development and startup investment.

  114. Project 1
    Web Developer, Graphic Artist and User Experiance Designer.
    Author: Milanese Steven

  116. Daniel Deverell | Ex Libris
    A platform for experiementing with Gatsby, React, web design and development

  118. Matt Pignatore
    Full-stack web developer with experience in UI/UX design.

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  120. Inly | Digital agency in Stockholm
    We strategize, design and develop brilliant digital experiences.

  122. Blas Madera
    Design & Art Direction. Developing 360° Brand Experiences.

  124. Float | Experiences Reimagined
    Float Hybrid designs and develops the future of Interactive Experiences.

  126. Prof. Dip.Des. JULIA SCHNITZER · Strategische Konzepte / User Experience Design / Frontend Development
    Strategische Konzepte, User Experience Design, Frontend Development
    Author: Julia Schnitzer

  128. Grebban — A branding, design & e-commerce agency - Grebban
    Developing brands and designing e-commerce experiences for ambitious clients.

  130. 5 reasons I sold my Wii U to buy a Nintendo Switch
    Sharing ideas and experiments in web development and UX design.

  132. Katarzyna Janoska - UX Designer with over 10 years experience in front-end development
    UX Designer with over 10 years experience in front-end development.
    Author: Anoriell - Katarzyna Janoska

  134. UX Ready | User experience, design and development studio based in Santiago, Chile
    UX Ready is user experience, design and development studio.

    Strategische Konzepte, User Experience Design, Frontend Development
    Author: Julia Schnitzer

  138. Welcome to Tunaheart / Tunaheart
    Vancouver Design, User Experience, Development, & Branding studio

  140. Studio Portee - Hardcore Punk Fotografie
    Fotografie, User Experience Design en Frontend Development, Maastricht
    Author: Bart Dilweg

  142. گروه نرم‌افزاری اپناتک
    گروه نرمافزاری اپناتک ،طراح و تولید کننده نرم افزار های جامع سازمانی و اداری با رویکرد ERP

  144. Developers Plus Co. for Software Development
    Developers Plus Co. for Software Development
    Author: Www Themeht Com; Developers Plus Co

  146. home - Konno Oftalmologia
    Author: Eliana Loureiro

  148. 沖縄で高い調査力の探偵なら|佐久真沖縄探偵事務所

  150. Beautyologie | Ethical Fair Trade Beauty sells fair trade and ethical beauty products from around the world. We promote minority women-owned beauty brands that are good for people and the planet. Our products are cruelty-free to animals and humans. Visit our site and shop today.
    Author: Lucy Ashman founder; Lava

  152. Fou Fow Ramen
    Fou Fow Ramen is one of the first Japanese ramen noodles restaurant in Amsterdam, with locations in Jordaan and De Pijp.
    Author: Fou Fow Ramen

  154. Barca Academy. Официальная футбольная детская академия ФК Барселона в России.
    Проводится набор на обучение детей от 3 до 16 лет в детской футбольной академии ФК Барселона на сезон 2020-2021.

  156. Le fiscaliste de votre collectivité territoriale (par Fiscalité & Territoire)
    Fiscalité & Territoire : une solution collaborative, accessible et innovante de pilotage de la recette fiscale.
    Author: © Fiscalité; Territoire

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  158. Home - Renegade Sage
    Services THE GUIDE FEAR IS THE PANDEMIC! Never before has there been so much fear dominating peoples lives, no matter what the perceived cause (Corona Virus, Economic Collapse, Terrorism etc.) No matter what the perception is, the
    Author: Rene

  160. Разработка сайтов и мобильных приложений в Таджикистане
    Разработка сайтов и мобильных приложений в Таджикистане, для развития Вашего бизнеса С командой webdushanbe Ваш новый сайт будет готов уже через 1-3 недели. Душанбе, Таджикистан, webdushanbe Душанбе, webdushanbe Таджикистан, разработка сайтов, разработать сайт, разработать интернет-магазин, разработать приложение, мобильное приложение, создать сайт Душанбе, digital, digital Душанбе, разработка сайтов в Душанбе, разработка сайтов в Таджикистане, IT-компания, IT-компания в Душанбе, IT-компания в Таджикистане"

  162. Home | H2O
    Invest nv
    Author: Admin

  164. SEA GATE LTD | Оператор экспортно-импортных бизнес-процессов
    Международные контейнерные перевозки от SEA GATE LTD. Оператор экспортно-импортных бизнес-процессов. 13 лет на рынке. +380 (67) 484-16-09 ✓ Брокерские услуги ✓ LSL ✓Экспедирование

  166. Freelance web designer | freelance web developer | creative web design
    Established in 1998, I’m one of the longest-running Freelance web designer and developer in the Country. Creative, Bespoke websites for all business sizes, from start-up companies to large international corporates
    Author: UntiedShoes; Craig Richards; Http; Www Untiedshoes Co Uk

  168. Home - The Career Pathways for Visible Minority Newcomer Women

  170. Hytter i hjertet av Jotunheimen | Sjodalen Fjellgrend
    Sjodalen Fjellgrend selger romslige tomter med nøkkelferdige hytter. Du kan velge blant hytter i tre ulike serier, hver med sitt særpreg og sin målgruppe.

  172. Strona główna - Centrum Pieniądza NBP
    Centrum Pieniądza NBP im. Sławomira S. Skrzypka to nowoczesna placówka edukacyjna ukazująca dzieje pieniądza oraz jego rolę na tle gospodarczo-społecznej historii świata i Polski. Misją CP NBP jest popularyzowanie wiedzy na temat ekonomii i historii pieniądza. Prowadzimy edukację w sposób atrakcyjny dla odbiorców, przy wykorzystaniu różnorodnych form prezentacji i nowoczesnych technologii.
    Author: Narodowy Bank Polski

  174. Берин, агенција за интелектуална сопственост, авторски права, трговски марки, индустриски дизајн, патенти
    Берин, агенција за интелектуална сопственост, IP, трговски марки, индустриски дизајн, авторски права, патенти, авторски договори

  176. Szkółka nauki jazdy na rolkach i freebordzie – FlyingWheels

  178. Εταιρεία Ασφάλειας & TSCM - LA SECURITY & TSCM
    Η εταιρεία ασφάλειας L.A. Security & TSCM,δραστηριοποιειται στον χωρο της φυλαξης & ασφαλειας, με πάνω από 25 χρόνια εμπειρίας..

  180. MIXTEA® | El té nos une
    Descubre el mejor té para disfrutar, compartir y regalar. #TéPremium #Detox #Matcha #Wellness #Bienestar #VidaSana

  182. Camping Club Farret | Camping Languedoc-Roussillon 5 étoiles
    Un des « plus beaux hôtels de plein-air » avec des hébergements de grande qualité, et des activités sur place pour toute la famille.


  186. Maria Maria Café
    Assim é o Maria, Maria Café: um pedacinho charmoso que restou da aldeia que se perdeu no tempo..

  188. Digital-маркетинговое агентство полного цикла "ROOBIN"
    Мы диджитал (Digital) маркетинговое агентство

  190. 1 Brooklyn Bay | Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn Condominiums
    With a bold contemporary design, 1 Brooklyn Bay presents one- to four- bedroom Brooklyn condos in Sheepshead Bay offering superior quality, amenities, and views.

  192. ХБ СТИЙЛ - Производство на арматурни заготовки, изделия от черни метали, търговия с метали

  194. Pracownia Smaku Catering - Trójmiasto (Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot) - catering dietetyczny z dowozem

  196. Digital Agency | Neticon
    Neticon enhance your business through digital transformation. Neticon focus on successful Customer Experience throughout tailor-made Omni Channel strategy and our digital service and solutions based on our expertise.