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  2. Magnets for home and industry - sale and production - Strong Magnets Sp. z o.o. Homesite
    Strong Magnets is a worldwide magnets producer and provider of magnetic assemblies and equipment. Magnets like NdFeB, AlNiCo, SmCo, Ferrite, Pot, Self Adhesive, Magnetic and Electromagnetic Lifters are in our constant offer.

  4. Alnico, SmCo, FeCrCo, NdFeB, Magnet | Hangzhou Sens Magnetics LLC
    Hangzhou Sens Magnetics LLC. China Alnico, SmCo, FeCrCo, NdFeB, Magnet manufacturers and suppliers. Welcome to contact us.

  6. Welocme to Magtech
    We manufacture and export a variety ofpermenant magnets: Neodymium magnet, Ferrite Ceramic magnet, FlexibleRubber magnet, etc.

  8. - LIKA Magneter - Salg af magneter fra vores store lager, fremstilling af speciel magneter og magnet systemer, magneter efter opgave, perm
    LIKA magneter - er et dansk firma som levere alle typer magneter direkte fra lager, samt importere og exportere magneter fra flere lande eksempelvis Tyskland, Sverige, Norge og Kina. LIKA magneter - leverer alle former for magneter, permanent magneter, råmagneter, ferrit, barium, AlNiCo, SmCo, NdFeB, gummi magneter, profil magnet, magnetbånd, foliemagnet, tavlemagnet, og mange flere direkte fra stort lager - LIKA magneter.
    Author: Lars Møller

  10. Online Shop for Permanent Magnets | Maglab Magnets
    Maglab Magnets is an online magnet shop where you can get all types of permanent magnets at lowest price. Select the most appropriate magnets for your application.

  12. One-stop and turnkey magnetic solutions provider to the most recognizable customers worldwide.
    Vector Magnets provides one-stop and turnkey magnetics designs, solution, manufacturing and services to the most recognizable customers from automotive, consumer electronics, green energy, security, sensing, medical, aerospace, military, etc

  14. Neodymium/Ferrite Magnets Manufacturer & Magnet assembly Factory-Super Magnet
    Super magnet Co., Ltd. is dedicated to the magnet industry. Our products include Permanent Magnets,Sintered NdFeB,Bonded Neodymium,Ferrite,AlNiCo,SmCo,Rubber/ Injection Magnets, Motor/Sensor/ Encoder Magnets and Magnetic Assembly.

  16. Permanent Magnets - NdFeB Magnet, SmCo Magnets, Alnico Magnets, Ferrite Magnets, Magnetic Assemblies
    ChenYang Permanent Magnet - NdFeB Magnet, SmCo Magnet, Alnico Magnet, Ferrite Magnet, Magnetic Assembly
    Author: Dr -Ing habil Jigou Liu

  18. Magnets at Guys Magnets
    Magnets, Neodymium, Samarium Cobalt, Ceramic, Strontium Ferrite, Ferrite, Alnico, Craft, Flexible Self Adhesive

    T.V. MAGNETICS is a small Trading Company, who can supply all available magnet materials including various magnetic systems and magnetic pounders according to customer specification.

  22. Soft ferrites, iron powder and permanent magnet materials and components from MMG
    MMG manufactures ferrite cores, iron powder cores, welding impeders, ferrite magnets, neodymium magnets, rare earth magnets, alnico magnets, mpp cores and lamination cores
    Author: Lord Alcenos

  24. Strong Magnet, Ferrite Magnet - Ney Hwu Magnetism
    Ney Hwu Magnetism is a permanent magnets supplier of strong magnet and ferrite magnet for purchaser of ceramic magnets and Neodymium magnets worldwide.

  26. Ferrite Magnet,Flexible Rubber Magnets,Ferrite fridge Magnets,Fridge Magnet,Magnetic powder,Flexible NdFeB,Injection bonded ferrite magnets
    Supply ferrite magnets,flexible rubber magnet,flexible ferrite magnet,fridge magnets,souvenir fridge magnet,magnetic powders,like ferrite,smco,ndfeb,alnico and magnetic materials for industry supplies and business promotion use,the leading magnet manufacturer in China

  28. NdFeB Magnets, Sintered Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets
    HangSeng(Ningbo) Magnetics specializes in R&D and fabrication of NdFeB Magnets, Sintered Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets, Magnetic Tools, Magnetic Assembly and exporting of AlNiCo, SmCo Magnets, Ferrite Magnets and Flexible Rubber Magnet. The company is reckoned as one of the most preferred manufacturers and exporters and constantly remains focused to maintain an impeccable integrity and diligence towards customer satisfaction.

  30. AIC Magnetics Ltd - Magnets Products Manufacturer and Exporter
    AIC Magnetics Ltd. is a Hong Kong registered company and a global power in the flexible magnetic product industry ./AIC is one of the leading flexible magnetic sheeting manufacturers. Our factory located in Guangdong Province, China. Manufacturing facilities cover an excess of 250,000 square feet, staffed by over 500 dedicated manufacturing and engineering professionals. Through AIC's dramatic growth and expansion, AIC is now proud to be one of the world's largest manufacturers of flexible magnetic products.

  32. Vanjine Industry Co., Ltd
    Professional NdFeB Magnets, Neodymium Magnets Rare Earth Magnet, Permanent Magnets manufacturer and supplier.
    Author: Yu Zhiguo

  34. Welcome Yormag Technologies
    Provides permanent magnet, sintered Nd-Fe-B, bonded Nd-Fe-B, SmCo, sintered SmCo, AiNiCo, Ceramic, Flexible magnet, machine parts, motor and generator parts, in sales, engineering, technical support and service with ISO-9002 quality

  36. NdFeB Magnet, Neodymium Cylinder Magnet, Pot Magnet, Neodymium Magnet Manufacturer and Supplier
    NINGBO SHINE MAGENETIC TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD have been specialized in NdFeB Magnet manufacture for many years.Our main products are various kinds of Neodymium Cylinder Magnet, Pot Magnet, Neodymium Magnet, Alnico Magnet, Ferrite Magnet, Smco Magnet including

  38. Allstar Magnetics - Inventory, Manufacturing & Assembly
    Allstar Magnetics is the nation's leading supplier and distributor of permanent magnetic materials, branded ferrite and powder cores, & magnetic assemblies.

    Other sites like emagnetic com sg

  40. Permanent Magnets - China Rare Earth Permanent Magnet Manufacturers
    China rare earth permanent magnet manufacturers supply neodymium magnets, alnico magnets, ceramic magnets, ferrite permanent magnets, samarium cobalt, smco rare earth magnets, magnetic assembly, etc.

  42. General Magnetic Co., Ltd. - China professional rare earth magnets manufacturer!
    We are professional magnets and electric parts manufacturer!
    Author: Web DesignYuzhiguo QQ; Www Yuzhiguo Com

  44. China Neodymium magnet | ferrite(cerrite) magnet | alnico magnet | rubber magnet | smco magnet | Neodymium Magnet Price | Ndfeb Magnets Pric
    China Neodymium Magnet | Magnets For Sale_neodymium(Ndfeb) magnet | ferrite(cerrite) magnet | alnico magnet | rubber magnet | smco magnet | Neodymium Magnet Price | Ndfeb Magnets Price | Rare Earth Magnets

  46. China Magnets, NdFeB Magnets, SmCo Magnets, Rare-Earth Magnets, China, Manufacturer | Jiaxing Pengcheng Magnet Co.,Ltd.
    China Magnets, NdFeB Magnets, SmCo Magnets, Rare-Earth Magnets, Jiaxing Pengcheng Magnet Co.,Ltd.,China manufacturer of rare-earth magnets, ndfeb magnets, neodymium magnets, alnico magnets, smco magnets, ferrite permanent magnets and magnetic assemblies, used in aviation of electroacoustics, instruments, computer, electronics and more.

  48. Neodymium magnets(NdFeB),China Magnet Manufacturers Suppliers, Permanent Magnets
    We are a good China Neodymium( NdFeB) and ferrite magnet manufacturer and supplier, provide cheap strong NdFeB magnet and other rare earth permanent magnets including Smco, AlNiCo, rubber magnets

  50. Motor magnet|NdFeB|SmCo|-Magengine Co.,Ltd
    Magengine Co.,Ltd produces motor magnets such as NdFeB,SmCo,AlNiCo,Ferrite,Magnetic tool, investment casting products, our tel no +86 10 83993401

  52. Industrial Rare Earth Custom Magnets China Manufacturer
    AO Magnet Electronic - Manufacturer & Exporter of Permanent Magnet(NdFeB,Alnico,Smco,Ferrite),Magnetic Assemblies in China from 1996.TS16949 certified!
    Author: Fuzhou AO Magnet Electronic CO; Ltd

  54. Ningbo Hegao Magnetic Technology Co.,Ltd
    Hegao Magnetic manufacturers and suppliers of rare earth magnet, neodymium magnet. With over 10 years experience in this field, we are supplying all ranges of permanent magnets and magnetic assemblies worldwide.

  56. Dongguan Yutong Magnet Electric Co.,Ltd,magnet,neodymium magnet,NdFeB magnet,ferrite magnet,magnetic products
    Founded in October ,2010, DongguanYutong Magnet Electric Co.,Ltd is an integrated high-tech enterprise, which is dedicated to designing, marketing, and producing magnet products: NdFeb magnet, ferrite magnet and magnetic products.

  58. supermagnete – Ihr Online-Shop für Magnete aller Art
    Online-Shop für starke Magnete aus Neodym (NdFeB), Ferrit und AlNiCo sowie Magnetband und Magnetfolie. Riesiges Magnetlager, faire Preise, top Kundendienst!
    Author: Webcraft AG

  60. China Neodymium Magnet Suppliers | AlNiCo Magnet Manufacturers - HS Magnetic device
    HS Magnetic device is one of the leading Neodymium Magnet, AlNiCo Magnet, Ferrite Magnet, SmCo Magnet manufacturers and suppliers in China, also supporting customized service. Be free to wholesale high-quality products from our factory.

  62. Permanent Magnet|Ferrite Magent|Segment Magnets-Zhejiang Kaiven Magnetics Co., Ltd.
    Zhejiang Kaiven Magnetics Co., Ltd in the production of Permanent Magnet,Neodymium Magnet,Alnico Magnet,Rubber Magnet,Magnetic Assemblies,SmCo Magnet,Segment Magnet,Ring Magnet,block Magnet,Hard Ferrite Magnet.If necessary, please contact us.

  64. Alliance LLC Permanent Magnets & Magnetic Assemblies
    Alliance LLC is a leading supplier of permanent magnets for products and devices made in the USA. We Manufacture Custom Designed Magnetic Assemblies Using Neodymium, Alnico, SmCo, Ferrite Magnets. Please Contact our Rare Earth Magnet Sales, Service or Technical Representatives at 219-548-3799 or Neodymium Iron Boron Magnets NdFeB / Neo Magnets Information Sintered and...

  66. Magnet, Magnetic Balls, Magnet Fishing, Neodymium Magnets, Rare Earth Magnets Manufacturers, Suppliers, Factory - Zhaobao
    Zhaobao Magnet Group: 30-year magnet manufacturer in China, with complete industrial chain from raw to finished products.We obtained IATF16949,ISO9001,SGS,ROHS,etc. We have more than 60,000m2 area, more than 280 employees, annual output 5000 tons neodymium magnet. We provide all kinds of magnetic materials, including ndfeb magnet, ferrite magnet, smco magnets,alnico magnet and various magnetic products- here is magnets' world.Welcome to your inquiry!