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  2. evmh recycling of plastic materials : Welcome
    Let's talk about plastic materials recycling
    Author: Evmh Srl

  4. Icosahedron | Plastic Recycling Materials | PET, HDPE, PVC, LDPE, PP, PS, ABS | For Tomorrow
    PET, HDPE, PVC, LDPE, PP, PS, ABS Icosahedron Plastic Recycling Materials Zurich Switzerland

  6. The Association of Plastic Recyclers
    (APR) The Association of Plastic Recyclers. Representing companies who acquire, reprocess and sell the output of postconsumer plastic processing capacity in North America.

  8. New Plastics Additive Super Saving TK Series
    New Plastics Additive Super Saving TK Series

  10. Sakarya Ambalaj Geri Dönüşüm® | Plastics Recycling in Turkey
    Türkiye'nin en kaliteli üretim yapan geri dönüşüm tesisi. Processing recycle materials with best quality in Turkey

  12. Pimpex@RPM - Pimpex Plastic - Injection Blow Molding Machines
    Pimpex@RPM supplies automatic plastics injection blow molding machines, plastics injection stretch blow molding machines, plastics extrusion blow molding machines, plastics injection machines from China. Pimpex@RPM also deals with plastic injection moulds, blow moulds.

  14. Plastic Scrap Recyclers, Plastics scrap,rubber scrap recycling, PVC, ABS, GPPS, PC, LDPE, HDPE, PP, PET, PMMA, Nylon,PA, PBT,PVB,PPS,PPO,PPE
    Sonepa plastics,rubber,additives, scrap reycling Industries, plastics recyling, rubber, plastics Additives,germany plastics scrap recycling,netherlands plastics scrap recycling, spain plastics scrap recycling, italy plastics scrap recycling, france plastics scrap reycling,Belgium plastics scrap recycling,UK plastics scrap recycling, china plastics scrap, recycling,europe plastics scrap recycling, distributor plastics sheets and to help use.

  16. Heathland | Plastic Recycling
    Heathland is a recycling company of pmma, pc and other plastic scrap materials. PMMA and PC are recycled from offcut form, lumps and/or regrind into recycled pellets. The company is situated in the Netherlands and Hong Kong where it has warehouses and an office.

    METCCA FZCO is Middle East Trading Company for Chemical and Additives, established in 2004. We are supplying all Middle East countries, in addition to African countries with all kinds of chemicals and raw materials for many industries such as plastic, polyurethane and textile.
    Author: METCCA FZCO

  20. HPAS Ltd / Hpas ltd
    COMMERCE Ltd offers a large range of polymer products, machinery , tools and plastic components for stationary, advertising, printing, graphic arts & packaging such as: flexible -rigid, PP, PVC, PET, PS, OPP, BOPP films & layers, mono /multi layer ,barrier films, twistable and flocked films, corrugated layers , snap and rivets buckles, card locks as well as handling materials , accessories , machinery, automation systems and consultancy services for packaging, storage, logistics and distribution of products such as : plastic pallets, pallet boxes, crates, boxes, trailers, floors, bins, tanks, insulation containers, racks, isothermals, divider and anti slip pads, welding ,...
    Author: Diakonikolaou; Ntzoidos; Laskaris; Georgiou; Kyriakos Ece Ntua Gr

  22. Plastics Recycler - Bata Plastics -
    Bata Plastics Incorporated, a full service plastic recycling facility, was founded in 1985. Bata buys and sells surplus and rejected parts of post industrial plastics from different manufacturers and scrap dealers. We buy all forms and quantities of these plastics including engineering resin and regrind, lumps, chunks, and purges.

  24. Raff Plastics | Recyclage, plastic, recycling, PVC, HDPE, PP, PS, PET, LDPE, vermalen, malen, granuleren, extrusie, afvalverwerking
    Industrieel plastic afval en gereinigd post-consumer afval recycleren tot nieuwe grondstoffen voor nieuwe producten. Dat doet RAFF Plastics met PP, HDPE, PS, PVC en PET. Al veertig jaar lang.

  26. Buy Plastic Raw Material, Plastic Resins, Recycled Plastics, Sell Waste Plastics Online
    Plastemart materials has on sale plastic resins, recycled and waste commodity, engineering plastics including HDPE, PP, PVC, Nylon and other polymers

  28. Ps-plastic Kunststoffverarbeitungs-GmbH
    Ps-Plastic Kunststoffverarbeitungs-GmbH
    Author: Yigit-Consulting www yigit-consulting de

  30. Ps-plastic Kunststoffverarbeitungs-GmbH
    Ps-Plastic Kunststoffverarbeitungs-GmbH
    Author: Yigit-Consulting www yigit-consulting de

  32. Ps-plastic Kunststoffverarbeitungs-GmbH
    Ps-Plastic Kunststoffverarbeitungs-GmbH
    Author: Yigit-Consulting www yigit-consulting de

  34. Deseuri plastic - Achizitii, produse
    ALTA MAREA SRL-Cumparam deseuri plastic,PET,HDPE,PVC,PP,PS,LPDE

  36. Kabelvertrieb Beulecke - Der Kabelspezialist
    Wir führen die ganze Produktpalette der Standardkabel für jeden Einsatzbereich sowie Sonderkabel in unserem Lieferprogramm.
    Author: Thorsten Beulecke

  38. 憛𤑳雯-憛𤏸��鈭箇��撠�璆剔雯蝡�

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  40. 憛𤑳雯-憛𤏸��鈭箇��撠�璆剔雯蝡�

  42. Netplasmak Recycling Machinery Plastic and rubber recycling lines and machines
    Netplasmak Recycling machinery, manufacturer of plastic recycling machines, shredding, crushing, separating, washing, pelletizing machines. Complete waste plastic recycling systems, tire recycling machines

  44. STIP Recycling | STIP UP for Plastic Recycling
    STIP Recycling is a plastic recycling company. Rigid plastics is our core business. We provide solutions for plastic waste streams and produce a clean regrind

  46. Polyamide 6 recycling polyamide 66 recycling regranulates PA6 PA66 plastic recycling recycle polyamid geri dönüşüm
    Plastik geri dönüşüm polyamide PA6 PA66 plastic recycling recycle

  48. Plastik Hammaddesi, PE, Polyethylene, PP, Polypropylene, PS, Polystyrene, ABS, Acrilonitryl Butadiene Styrene, EVA, Ethylene Vinyl Acetate,
    Plastik Hammaddesi Satışı, Fiyat Bilgisi ve Daha Fazlası... » Güvenilir İş Ortağınız | Your Sales Agent In Turkey - Plastik Hammaddesi, PE, Polyethylene, PP, Polypropylene, PS, Polystyrene, ABS, Acrilonitryl Butadiene Styrene, EVA, Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, PC, Polycarbonate, PU, Polyurethane, PVC, Polyvinyl Chloride, PET, Polyethylene Terephthalate, PA, Polyamide, GPPS, HIPS, Turkish, Turkey, Turkiye, Polymers, Plastics, Resins, Plastic Raw Materials, Polyolefins, Commodity Prices, Plastik, Hammadde, Ham Madde, Plastik Ham Maddesi, Plastik Hammadde, Plastik Ham Madde, Polimer, Petkim Fiyatları, Petkim Fiyat Listesi, Güncel, Granül, Petkim, Fiyatları, Fiyatı...

  50. Orkos I Orkos Goes Green
    Orkos Estonia OÜ is a company producing recycled plastics. It is part of the Orkos OY group. We produce Orkos LDPE granules.

  52. RDM East OEM Manufacturing Asia - American Owned and Operated Manufacturer of Small Plastic and Metal Products throughout Asia
    RDM East is an American-owned and operated manufacturing company in Hong Kong, with operations China and other Asian countries. We provide low cost, professional OEM manufacturing services of small, high quality metal & plastic products for the Apparel, Gift, Hobby, Home Furnishings, & Promotional Product industries. We also source components and Accessories.

  54. The Single Platform for Polymer 's News & Business..
    POLYMERBAZAAR leading information provider for the Polymer & Plastic Industry.

  56. PS Plastic-Kunststoffverarbeitungs-GmbH München
    Kunststoffverarbeitung seit 1972

  58. ECO Recycling CNE
    ECO Recycling C.N.E.Consultanta privind Protectia Mediului Timisoara-serviciu de externalizare a managementului deseurilor,colectare-transport-valorificare deseuri,vanzare macinatura plastic(materii prime secundare)si/sau materiale sortate balotate.,responsabil mediu,specialist in managementul deseurilor,achizitie deseuri industriale,deseuri de ambalaje,colector deseuri Timisoara,Achizitie-transport-valorificare deseuri plastic reciclabile,deseuri industriale de productie PP,ABS,PC,PMMA,PC/ABS,PVC,PS,HDPE,LDPE,diverse zguri industriale,deseuri de hartie si carton,0767888810

  60. RE-PLAST EXTRUDER CORP. - Supplying Expert of Pelletizing Extruders and Auxiliaries for Plastic Compounding and Recycling
    RE-PLAST EXTRUDER CORP. with almost 40 years experience in manufacturing pelletizing extruders and auxiliaries for plastic compounding and recycling. All of our pelletizer and extruder machines are manufactured base on standards, CE norms and UL (FES) specifications as per required by the end users. We wish to have a long term business relationship with you in the near future.

  62. Plastics Product Bags Used Machines Technology Jobs Recycled Polymers, India
    Plastemart is B2B website for new and used plastics machines, plastics products, news, recycled plastic and raw material, polymer prices, plastic extrusion & moulding machines, India

  64. vina - Your Compass in the World of Plastics - Recycled PP, HDPE, LDPE, PVC, Machinery, Moulds
    Recycled plastic raw materials hdpe,ldpe,pp,pvc,lldpe,pet,pc and injection and blow moulds or molds, as well as pvc stabilizers and plastic addtives

  66. Good Plastic Things – Good Plastic Things from The Good Plastic Company
    We contribute to solving the problem of plastic waste by developing beautiful and functional products from 100% recycled and 100% recyclable plastic.

  68. Thimonnier, Manufacturer of packaging machines for flexible pouches
    Thimonnier Company is recognized as one of the leading designers and manufacturers of flexible plastic pouch and rigid shell packaging machines and thermal, impulse and radio-frequency sealing...

  70. Ravago Shah Polymers
    Ravago Shah Polymers is a top Polymer manufacturing firm in India with a vast distribution network, giving you the best price on Engineering and commodity plastics for PP, PVC, PC, Nylon, PA, PE, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PS, PPS, POM and PMMA, polymers in India, Top polymer supplier in India

  72. Plastic Extrusion Welders
    Plastic Extrusion welders

  74. BrazLéo - Distribuidora de artigos para bolsas, tapeçarias, acessórios e decorações.
    A Bras Léo é uma empresa que atua no ramo de vendas de tecidos, aviamentos, entre outras matérias prima para confecção de material promocional, bolsas femininas, escolares e de viagem, sacolas, ecológicos, necessaries, mochilas, pochetes, térmicas, pastas, cintos, sapatos, estofados, cadeiras e afins.

  76. AusWaste Recycling Pty Ltd - Welcome
    AusWaste Recycling Pty Ltd is an Australian based export and logistics business

  78. Doon Resins Inc.
    Plastic Recycling, Processing, plastic Grinding, plastic Shredding, raw materials, peletizing, bopp film, toronto plastic company, plastic processing, densifying
    Author: Doon Resins Inc

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  80. Recycled Plastic Lumber, Recycled Timber Plastics, Recycled Plastic Wood
    We supply recycled plastic lumber and recycled timber plastics made from eco friendly recycled plastic wood. A rot-resistant alternative to real wood.

  82. Able Plastics ltd. - full service plastics and fiberglass shop located in Trail, BC
    Able Plastics Ltd is a full service plastics and fiberglass shop located in Trail, BC. We manufacture pipes and other plastic and fiberglass based products that are custom built to your specific needs. Includes emergency repairs and field work. Pipe, ducting, tubes, rods and fittings: PVC - Polyvinyl chloride PVC/FRP - Polyvinyl chloride with Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (Fiberglass) PP - Polypropylene PP/FRP – Polypropylene with Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (Fiberg

  84. Yuen Chuen Plastic (P.V.C.) Tube Factory
    Chuen Chuen Plastic (P.V.C.) Tube Factory -- Expert in producing all extrusion types of plastic products and parts.

  86. Plastic Pipes | Supreme Industries
    Supreme Industries ,the largest manufacturer of plastic pipes, in India covering a wide range of pipes and fittings.

  88. Home | De Kat B.V. | Tooling en Moulding
    De Kat Tooling & Moulding te Velp (vlakbij Arnhem), spuitgietbedrijf met eigen matrijsmakerij. Lage investeringskosten en snelle levertijden.

  90. Startseite
    spezialist für polyamid 6 und 66, technische thermoplaste wie pc, pom, abs, tpe, blends, farbbatches, additive, kundenbezogene compounds, tel. 04181-92970, fax 04181-929798,
    Author: Nylon Polymers Vertriebsges Mbh

  92. Plastkomponenter |
    PLASTkomponenter Sverige AB is a professional plastic components contractor working to the highest quality of manufacturing and materials. We also provide plastic semi-finished products on request. We work together with customers from many different industries, and we are everywhere where there is a need for different types of plastic machine components.

  94. 繝励Λ繧ケ繝√ャ繧ッ蜴滓侭縺ョ霈ク蜃コ蝠�遉セ 譌・辣ァ譬ェ蠑丈シ夂、セ -- NITTEL INC.--

  96. Herzlich willkommen bei Jürgen Kögel - Kunststoffbearbeitung
    Jürgen Kögel - Kunststoffbearbeitung bearbeitet seit über 35 Jahren Kunststoffe auf modernsten CNC Maschinen (3, 4 + 5 Achs-Maschinen) für Elektroindustrie, Maschinenbau, sowie Labortechnik, Fahrzeugindustrie und Werbung. Wir sind Ihr Spezialist. Nutzen Sie unser Erfahrung.

  98. Polyplast - Le monde du plastique
    De la vente au détail à la fabrication de produits sur mesure, Polyplast débite, usine, transforme, répare, colle et construit sur mesure, toutes les matières plastiques.

  100. FOLIA.COM.PL - Portal rynku folii
    FOLIA.COM.PL Portal rynku folii - folia, katalog firm, katalog folii, giełda, wyszukiwarka, technologie, opakowania foliowe

  102. Welcome to
    Knipp GmbH und Szkaliczki es Tarsai - Ihre Partner fŸr LeistungsfŠhigkeit und Wirtschaftlichkeit im Bereich Kunststoffverpackung und technische Formteile. Wir fertigen Formteile aus: PS, ABS, PET, PVC, PE, PC und PP in den StŠrken von 0,2 mm bis 12,0 mm. Zertifiziert nach ISO 9001

  104. L&K ist Ihr zuverlässiger Lieferant für Kunststoffe, Kautschuke, Lösemittel, Additive, Hilfsmittel, Pigmente, Weichmacher und Wachse L&K
    L&K GmbH liefert weltweit Kunststoffe, Kunststoffrohprodukte, Kautschuke, Lösemittel, Additive, Pigmente, Weichmacher, Wachse und Know How für die Kunststoffverarbeitende Industrie, die Kunststoffveredelung und die Kautschukverarbeitung
    Author: L; K GmbH

  106. Liedtke Kunststofftchnik Velbert Fertigteile Halbzeuge Materialien PEEK POM PLEXIGLAS ACRYL PE PP PTFE PVDF PVC HGW HP ECTFE PK POLYKETON PO

  108. Plaset Plastik Ambalaj -
    Plaset Plastik Ambalaj Sanayi ve Ticaret A.�., 1960 yılından beri plastik ambalaj sektöründe faaliyet gösteren geniş ürün yelpazesi ve ideal ürün kavramlarını yüksek kalite potasında eriterek sunan uzman ve ender kuruluşlardan bir tanesidir.
    Author: Ä°ki Pixel; Orhan Kucukerman

    Kunststofshop, de webshop voor creatieve en duurzame oplossingen in kunststof. voor particulier t/m bedrijf.

  112. Tarpex Recykling Łódź Polska
    Recykling surowców wtórnych i odpadów poprodukcyjnych. Oferta sprzedaży: tworzywa sztuczne i ich przemiały, makulatura, palety, metale.

  114. Home - Target Petrochemicals AG

  116. 塑膠粒-吉甲塑膠企業社-塑膠粒

  118. Zepa Plastik | Ambalaj ve Temizlik Malzemeleri
    Petrokimya Endüstrisinde Güvenilir İş Ortağınız…

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  120. Per-Plex - Acryl-/ Plexiglasprodukte | Digitaldrucke und Beleuchtug
    Verarbeitung von Kunststofferzeugnissen, Holz, Metall, Stein und weiteren Verbundwerkstoffen.Wir entwickeln auftragsbezogene Produktlösungen für Industrie und Handwerk.
    Author: Patrick Kehren

  122. Accueil - CGS Plastique
    Présentation de l'activité de CGS Plastique, fabriquant et sous-traitant en moulage et injection thermoplastique.
    Author: Super Utilisateur

  124. evmh recyclage des matières plastiques : Bienvenue
    Discutons ensemble du recyclage des matières plastiques
    Author: Evmh Srl

  126. Polikarbonāts, Pastikati, Orgstikls - Iestiklošanai, Būvniecībai, Reklāmai visā Latvijā | Zemas cenas | BUVPLASTIKATI
    Materiāli celtniecībai, interjeram un reklāmai – plānie plastikāti noformēšanai un iepakojumam, kompozītpaneļi, šūnu polikarbonāts, organiskais stikls, putotas loksnes, PVH, PC, pašlīmējošas plēves, vairāk nekā 1000 citi plastikātu un plēvju veidi.
    Author: WMT BALTIC

  128. Polymer Exchange: makes Buying and Selling of Polymers Simple
    Polymer Exchange makes buying and selling of polymers simple. It allows user to buy or sell plastics raw materials by putting their requirements on the application.

  130. Cornucopia Tool And Plastics Inc
    Cornucopia Tool and Plastics is a Thermoplastics Injection & Thermoset Injection and Compression Molding and ThermalForming Manufacturer located in Paso Robles CA. We Specialize in custom contract Molding, We live by a Standard in Quality and Production that is unrivaled in today’s world. We live to exceed our client’s expectations both on product and services.

  132. Xpansion Instruments
    Xpansion Instruments is an innovative scientific instrument manufacturer and world leader in extensional melt rheometer technology, and miniature-scale physical material characterization specializing in rheometer and material testing and processing equipment design, extensional rheology, miniature and broad-range physical material characterzation such as tensile, fracture, tear, adhesion, friction, and peel testing of plastic, rubber, and polymer composite materials. Xpansion Instruments is the exclusive manufaturer of the SER (Sentmanat Extensional Rheometer) Universal Testing Platform, the new paradigm in extensional melt rheology and physical material characterization ...

  134. Litchema - plastic raw materials polyethylene (LDPE, HDPE) PP, PS, PVC
    JSC “LITCHEMA” is a global trader of plastic raw materials: polyethylene (LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE) PVC, HIPS, GPPS, polypropylene and chemical raw materials.

  136. SDD Polymer (Pvt) Ltd is one of the leading distributor and supplier of Plastic Raw Materials in Sri Lanka
    SDD Polymer (Pvt) Ltd is one of the leading distributor and supplier of Plastic Raw Materials in SriLanka with over 10 years experience in this business

  138. Boyne Country Plastics, Inc. (231) 549-2006 (231) 348-1885
    Regrind facility for cutting plastic parts into smaller pieces and ground into reusable chips that can be remelted in virgin material or extruded / molded into parts.