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  2. Beatest | AI Enabled Hiring Platform
    Beatest - Understanding skills and behaviour of a candidate using Machine learning and identifying the gaps and the right fit between candidates and industry

  4. Online Candidate & Employee Skills Testing & Assessment
    Online candidate skills tests and assessment software from ISV.Online is used by Manpower, the NHS... Test proficiency from £1 per candidate: Free trial!
    Author: MH Operations Director Recruitment Consultants

  6. ITI Admission 2021-2022: State-Wise Admission & Entrance Exams
    Directorate General of Employment & Training (DGET) has constituted several Industrial Training Institutes (ITI) to impart working skills to the selected the candidates. The skills are offered in different trades such as electronics, mechanic, welding, carpenter, painter, etc. The candidates can choose any trade of their choice given that they meet the eligibility criteria. There …

  8. Focus on the right job-candidates with JobSkills
    Jobskills offers you a new way of screening candidates for a given position.

  10. Not A CV - A refreshing new technology to match workers to employers
    Not a CV is a refreshing new technology using algorithms to match candidates to employers based on their skills, experience and personality without a CV!
    Author: S Beres Pl

  12. NISM - AMFI Certification - Mutual Fund Distributor Certification Notes
    This blog is designed to meet the amfi advisor module study material for the candidates who are appearing for amfi test. The contents are as per the amfi syllabus given in amfi workbook. The blog also explains the amfi exam registration process, amfi exam schedule, amfi mock test questions along with amfi study material. I request candidate to go through this blog after completing reading of amfi workbook.
    Author: Nilesh Panchal

  14. Candidate Tracking, organize resumes and candidate communications
    TrackStar is a web based Candidate Tracking software for the enterprise. Employees use the system to perform self assessments, rating themselves against your master skills list. Managers use the system to search and locate people with desired skills.

  16. Pre Employment Testing - Candidates & Employees Skills Testing
    Pre employment testing is used in a variety of ways to ensure job candidates and current employees, have the required skills to perform different jobs.

  18. Objective hiring through gamification for growing companies - Equalture
    Equalture collects crucial insights on skills and behaviours of your current team and candidates to hire the best-fits without bias, using a gamified approach.
    Author: AS A FOUNDER

  20. | Auto Evaluated Video Interview Platform is a skill assessment tool that uses Video interview bot Avi to help recruiters screen and evaluate candidates more efficiently. Free demo available.

  22. Athena Training Academy | Soft Skills Training And Coaching Consultancy
    Soft skills are the difference between adequate candidates and ideal candidates. In most competitive job markets...
    Author: Athena Training Academy

  24. Kiểm tra kỹ năng IT Online | Your SKill Test
    Recruit talented candidates. We help companies recruit skilled candidates who fit well with their needs
    Author: Yourskilltest Com

  26. Jeffrey Broer | When given options, use them
    When given options, use them
    Author: Jeffrey Broer

  28. AMVS Recruitment | Work in Australia
    about us AMVS Recruitment supplies skilled foreign workers to companies operating in Australia. Eligible candidates will be given the opportunity to work for some of Australia’s largest and most respected organisations. READ MORE am i eligible? CONTACT US how much will i earn in australia? SALARY GUIDE what opportunities …

  30. GoodWerk
    Goodwerk's mission is to explain where progressive values are on the ballot and what we can do to support candidates that fight for those values.

  32. My Job Ka मेरे रोज़गार का
    Jobs, Employers, Job Seekers, Candidates & Key Skills
    Author: My Job Ka

  34. basejokitugas
    To explain how to use the base

  36. Grow Up And Game
    The table is set, and the battle begins. Henry takes on his role as an archer in the battle for Pribyslavitz. Afterwards he might need to use his skills as a scribe to explain why so many of his allies got shot in the back.
    Author: Posted

  38. Explainerempire - Animated Explainer Videos Whiteboard & 2D Animation
    Professional explainer videos for your company. 2D animated explainer videos, Whiteboard explainer videos and commercials for Social media use. Contact us
    Author: Carl Amaral

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  40. Working Adventures | Your Multilingual Recruitment Partner
    Recruiting multilingual candidates? Working Adventures is your perfect partner to source and select candidates with language skills. We focus on Dutch, German, French, Italian & Scandinavian candidates.

  42. Mindfulness Training and Coaching in Dana Point with Michael Hoffman
    “Nature is constantly pulling us toward the enlightened state.” - Shinzen Young MINDFULNESS EXPLAINED IN ELEVEN WORDS ... Using concentration, clarity and equanimity skills to make life more fulfilling. Every moment in
    Author: Juliet Ekinaka

  44. Auto Advice - Learn About Buying and selling cars in South Africa ...
    With forty years experience, the author explains the pitfalls and successes of the used car industry on this website. The contents originate from a series of radio talks given by the author in an effort to empower the car buying population. The contents are frank, direct and deal with many highly co...
    Author: AutoAdvice

  46. Roddy Phillips | author of The Familiar
    For more than a decade on a weekly basis, readers of the Press & Journal have been given a candid and often humourous insight into the life of the newspaper's

  48. Vervoe | Make Hiring About Merit | AI-Powered Skill Assessments
    Hire the best candidate based on performance. Vervoe assesses every candidate with autogradable skill assessments and surfaces the best people for your business.
    Author: Steven Scott

  50. Recruitment Agency in Nordic Food Industry | Foodjob Nordic
    We recruit skilled candidates for companies in the nordic food industry. We offer both companies and candidates unique insights. Read more.

  52. Marison - Candid Wedding Photography in Madurai | Tamil Nadu
    The best candid wedding photography in Madurai, Tamil Nadu - A team of skilled candid photographers in Madurai unfolds the exquisite moment of your life.

  54. Home - Empower Plus - Short Term Courses, Long Term Benefits
    Short Term Courses, Long Term Benefits. Explore 6490+ Enrolled Candidates 5729+ Candidates Trained/Pursuing 3163+ Certified 9/10 Average Rating by Candidates Learn in-demand skills Pursue courses designed by experts Get ready for your career With live online & practical skills to kick start your career. Earn Skill India certificate Credentials to show case your skills Be… Read More »Home

    site used to explain plan to new subscriber

  58. Website Building Tips | Building an Internet Business
    The earlier you obtain knowledge to perform a given task, whatever that task may be, the easier the task itself becomes when you need to implement it! Website Building Tips not only gives you that knowledge, it also explains how to use it making this information ideal for the Internt beginner.
    Author: Lynn Kingsley

  60. Technical Interviews-as-a-Service by Interview Experts
    Expert technical interview service & IT skill assessments to validate candidates accurately. Fast-track candidates, save time on interviews & get projects back on track..

  62. Home :: The REC
    We are here to drive standards and empower recruiters to be brilliant. We’re striving to ensure that every candidate is given the best chance of success through good recruitment.

  64. Home - Government Jobs india
    Latest Government Jobs of India had given here On this Page. Candidates who Searching for the Latest Government Jobs in India can get the Latest Govt Jobs
    Author: Jintubitu

  66. Explainer Videos • Video Explainers • Animation Video Explanation
    Explainer Videos We make high quality explainer videos for businesses and nonprofits. What is An Explainer Video? Explainer videos are short animated or live action videos that communicate a message in a clear, concise, and memorable way. Animated explainer videos can be used to
    Author: Mwariwedu 3

  68. We Help Recruiters Measure Candidates Skills
    Skillmeter Testing Platform helps recruiters measure candidates skills through online tests.

  70. Helping government serve the people | MAXIMUS Sweden
    Maximus supports candidates to develop skills and acquire the tools to enter the world of work.

  72. EngineersConnect | Connect, Explore, Share | Find Jobs and Internships
    A Technical Social media platform where candidates showcase skills to get Opportunities from Companies
    Author: Ram Bhosale; Maharudra Kekan

  74. PerformanSe - Soft Skills assessment specialist
    Consulting Editor & soft skills assessment specialist - Improve your human resources management by better knowing your candidates’ and employees’ soft skills!

  76. Decode the Coders
    Create Programming Tests & Competitions & Save time to Shortlist Software Programmers. offers Advanced Automated Tool for Assessment of Coding Skills. Hire Programming Job Candidates Efficiently. Assess Programming Skills by using Database of Programming Problems & Coding Problems with Test Cases.

  78. Your Therapist - Our APP - Your success - westep
    How to use WeStep? Here it's explained in 4 simple steps:

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  80. How To Set Up SMSF - AusTeaParty
    Aus Tea Party candidates are advocating for super funds, explaining to the public how to set up smsf, shaping Australia’s future. Click to learn more information.

  82. GdayFx Blog Vlog
    Welcome to gdayfx where I explain to you in detail in plain english how to trade on a professional bases using order blocks mitigation liquidity pools buy and sell stop runs accumulation distribution and price action skill to boot
    Author: Gdayfx

  84. Industry Recruitment Specialists | Industry Networks Group
    Industry Networks Group connects candidates possessing specialised skills with employers in a range of industries.

  86. People Analytics cloud for smarter Recruitment, Training & Organisational decisions. - Upskillable
    Speed up your hiring process based on candidate Personality, Aptitude & professional Skills test.

  88. Personality & Relationship Astrology: Compatibility, Attraction and Sign Personality Traits
    Use astrology to explain relationships, compatibility, attraction and personality traits.

  90. Intelligent Open-Finance made simple |
    This page explains the Fego product suite and instructions on how to use them.

  92. Online Assessment Platform - Candidate Assessment tool for hiring, Selection & Recruitment | Pmapstest - PMaps
    Improve Sales PerformanceHire Sales force using PMaps Sales Orientation AssessmentLearn MoreImprove Customer Service Hire Service representative using PMaps Customer Service AssessmentLearn MoreImprove Quality of HirePlatform to scientifically measure Skills & PersonalityLearn More r TRUSTED BY Hire the right cultural fit by knowing the right personality and skill of a candidate through our unique picture-based assessment […]

  94. EmployeezNow
    Employeez Now is an employment platform that starts the process of hiring with candidates and not with the jobs. We allow people to create and build a one of a kind employment profile. Some of the features include an 'At-Work' videos to show off their skills or a 'Self-Interview' to explain who they are. This unique setup allows EmployeezNow to reduce the time and cost it takes to hire by 50% or more!

  96. Intelligent Recruiting Platform -
    The industry's most intelligent recruiting platform. Imagine seeing only candidate who meet 100% of your required skills.

  98. Australian Health Practitioner Education Institute - AHPEI
    Quality education that ensures candidates hold valid qualifications demonstrate the knowledge and skills they have learnt throughout their course.

  100. Technical skills tests for hiring accountants and bookkeepers – Accountests NZ
    Tests designed by accountants for assessment of technical skills and knowledge of your accounting and bookkeeping candidates when you're hiring.
    Author: BDO New Zealand Partner

  102. CloudHireMe - ATS (Application Tracking System)
    Create your candidate profile/leave your CV, search for jobs, receive calls from recruiters looking for your skills.

  104. Take Quiz To Evaluate Your Skills
    Quizack is an Online Skill Assessment platform. Our Smart Online Tests & MCQ Q&A for 1000+ skills will help you prepare for interview and candidate assessment.

  106. Download Brochure 9891980264 Enroll Now
    RDM Skills - The Institute of Advanced Technologies in Noida, aims at imparting profound knowledge to the candidates for improving their skills and help them grab a great job or start their business.
    Author: Ranks Digital Media

  108. 4WATER- fun in fundraising
    4WATER is a student-led project exchanging a range of skills such as dance, arts and languages for charitable donations, which are given to WaterAid.

  110. Photography Workshops - Private Lessons - Fine Art Books
    Improve your photography skills with private photography lessons, photography workshops or information given within my fine art photography books.

  112. Arduino & Raspberry Pi Projects - DevicePlus
    Device Plus is clearly explained how to use the Arduino and Raspberry Pi.
    Author: DevicePlus Editorial Team Arduino

  114. IVF Book | Explaining Conception
    Explaining Conception, an IVF book for children who were conceived using IVF.

  116. Markdown Guide
    A free and open-source reference guide that explains how to use Markdown.

  118. Debt collector, project manager, bookkeeper and boss
    Have you been contacted by a debt collector and you’re not sure what to do? The founder of Skills TM explains her journey to financial freedom.

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  120. HOME » clickempleo
    With our referral service we take care of selecting the candidate you need. Use video and our evaluation tecnic to match candidate and company.

  122. Free Web Fonts
    Free Web Fonts search and download. analyzed millions of web sites to find out: which are the most used free and professionel web fonts on the web, which web sites are using a given web font, which are the free alternatives for a given commercial web font?, which web fonts are similar to a given web font?

  124. Recruiting Software That works!
    Easy to use recruitment software using predictive analysis. Applicant tracking software for recruiting candidates

  126. Easy to use recruitment software. Applicant tracking software for recruiting candidates
    Easy to use recruitment software using predictive analysis. Applicant tracking software for recruiting candidates

  128. Hire better teams faster and easier.
    We will help you assess your candidate's communication skills to make sure they are a good fit for the team and the client.

  130. OSP Group Ltd, your recruitment partner.
    OSP Group provides for employers and candidates across a range of skills. We’re people you can rely on.

  132. Experts in Recruitment & Outsourcing
    RTC Employment Services is the ultimate channel that will facilitate the candidates' skills and qualifications to employers in the Middle East and Africa.

  134. Jeanius Recruits SA | Looking for a job?
    At Jeanius Recruits SA we focus on finding and placing skilled candidates. We focus on permanent and contractual recruitment.
    Author: Hetjou

  136. Skillsme: Tech talent screening & technically assessing by AI
    Discover the new way to identify candidates' tech skills by AI. Effortlessly manage and benchmarking talents within your own talent pool.
    Author: My Skillsme Ltd

  138. NGIT Global | Top Placement Consultancy, Cisco Network Engineer, placement agencies
    NGIT Global is a company that keeps in mind the careers of the candidates and help recruit them on the basis of their skills, knowledge and talent.
    Author: Mansoor HCL

  140. US Constitution - The Law of the Land for all Americans - Story
    January 14, 1969. Famous American comedian, Red Skelton, explains the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, word-by-word, from a memorized lecture given to him by his 7th...

  142. BeyondWords
    With BeyondWords, you and your team can convert text into engaging audio. Enhance your publishing workflow with our all-in-one audio CMS and AI voices.

  144. Praca i kariera w księgowości, audycie, finansach, BPO/SSC - oferty pracy i szkoleń w branży finansowej -
    Szukaj oferty pracy i szkoleń: finanse/rachunkowość/księgowość, bankowość, BPO/SSC, rynki finansowe, ubezpieczenia

  146. Digitangle: Internet Marketing Training Courses & SEO Consultancy
    Internet Marketing training agency based in Greater Manchester, with courses around the England. Services include SEO, PPC, Social Media & Analytics.
    Author: Digitangle

  148. DDSGadget Your Source for Dental Supplies
    Shop for dental bone graft, membranes, and sutures.
    Author: DDSGadget Inc

  150. Препараты для секса, анатомия,увеличение пениса,джелкинг,азбука секса, ответы врача
    увеличение пениса,секс,препараты для секса,блоги секса,анатомия женщины,мужчины,
    Author: Виг-ЭрИкс и алкоголь

  152. Editorial Services and Web Solutions | WebLink Corp (HK)
    WebLink provides quality print and online editorial services and research.

  154. بیمارستان جم
    بیمارستان تخصصی و فوق تخصصی جم نیم قرن نیم قرن توانایی خدمت و تجربه ارائه خدمات درمانی، کلینیکی و پاراکلینیکی، تخصصی و فوق تخصصی با کادر مجرب پزشکی، پرسنل متعهد، تجهیزات پیشرفته و تکنولوژی نوین درمانی
    Author: Sirvan Group

  156. Siembra
    Siembra, sistema de información agropecuario, busqueda agroindustrial, recolección agroindustrial, Ministerio Agricultura, MinAgricultura, Agrosavia, SIEMBRA

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  158. Siembra
    Siembra, sistema de información agropecuario, busqueda agroindustrial, recolección agroindustrial, Ministerio Agricultura, MinAgricultura, Agrosavia, SIEMBRA

  160. Siembra
    Siembra, sistema de información agropecuario, busqueda agroindustrial, recolección agroindustrial, Ministerio Agricultura, MinAgricultura, Agrosavia, SIEMBRA

  162. DireitoNet
    Portal jurídico para advogados e estudantes de Direito. Petições, ****, Resumos, Contratos, Roteiros, Guias de Estudo, Artigos, Dicionário jurídico, Concursos e Notícias.

  164. Deliver Addis: Online restaurant delivery in Addis Ababa
    Ethiopia's #1 online delivery service featuring some of the best spots in town.

  166. - Project Controls That Deliver! is a collaborative platform for construction project controls and contract management.

  168. Real Federación Andaluza de Golf

  170. StoryOrigin
    The best way for authors to find reviewers, build their mailing list, and increase sales through newsletter swaps and group promotions.

  172. You wrote a book. Now generate some reviews.
    The easiest way to write a book review.

  174. Kaleostra социальная бизнес сеть
    Kaleostra социальная бизнес сеть для продвижения бизнес проектов, поиска партнеров и заработка

  176. Торги по Банкротству, Арестованному Имуществу - Поиск
    🔥 Агрегатор торгов по банкротству, арестованному имуществу, имуществу банков. 🔍 Поиск торгов и аукционовпо параметрам. Единая, актуальная база электронных торгов 👈

  178. Digigames
    Digigames to w 100% polski sklep oferujący gry komputerowe w formie cyfrowej – dokładamy wszelkich starań, aby nasza oferta była jak najszersza i dostępna w najlepszych cenach.

  180. Agile Feedback
    Get instant feedback from your meetings. It's quick and easy.
    Author: WIP France

  182. Fashion-lovers community of all shapes and sizes 📸!
    Check Internet's most-beloved fashion brands and see if they look as good in real life, as they do online. Obsessed with a dress? Tap Seemyfit and see how it looks IRL.

  184. Moving Company Software for ipad and PC | MovingPro | 90 day free tiral
    Moving software for small to medium sized moving companies with estimate generators, CRM, and electronic signatures. 90 day free trial

  186. AG CHEMI GROUP, s.r.o. | A Simple Solution
    The Czech company AG CHEMI GROUP Ltd was established in 1994, and has been successfully importing and exporting chemical raw materials since then. We currently represent several major manufacturers of chemical raw materials in North and South American, European, and African markets. Our years of experience enable us to address the complex needs of our partners quickly and efficiently.
    Author: AG CHEMI GROUP; S R O

  188. Наш магазин существует уже давно, около 20 лет и за это время мы поняли, что хорошее качество важно для наших клиентов.
    Опыт мировой народной медицины и высокотехнологичные достижения современной науки, стал возможным для изготовления ряда уникальных препаратов и изделий для секса и здоровья.
    Author: Половой член Хотим в скором времени ребенка можно ли

  190. 4 Sterne Hotel in Tirol, Österreich | 4*S Galtenberg Family & Wellness Resort
    Erleben Sie einen unvergesslichen Urlaub im ♥ Galtenberg Family & Wellness Resort ♥ in Tirol, Österreich - das 4-Sterne Superior Hotel für Familien & Paare.