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  2. Genie AI
    Genie Docs build on the knowledge of others. Join the Genie Community for free to draft and review with collective intelligence. AI legal document review, automation and clause library for in house lawyers and law firms.

  4. SummarizeBot
    AI-Powered Document Summarizer. Share with me links, documents, images, audio and more.

  6. GetDigest | Get a document summary. Fast!
    GetDigest is a specially designed plugin for extending the usual interface with special features for minimizing text information amounts needed for documents review. It will become a reliable and useful assistant in everyday work.

  8. TLDR This - Article Summarizer & Online Text Summarizing Tool
    TLDR This is a Free online text summarizing tool that automatically condenses long articles, documents, essays, or papers into key summary paragraphs using state-of-the-art AI.

  10. AI Writer and AI Summarizer: AI writing and summary generation
    Best in class AI Writer amd AI Summarizer. Automatically generate unique quality articles and expert summaries to manage your content generation needs.
    Author: Sassbook AI

  12. Competitive Intelligence Tool Software Powered by AI | Contify
    Contify is a Market & Competitive Intelligence Tool Software that helps you to track information on competitors, customers, and industry segments by using proprietary AI-enabled technology to understand & analyze unstructured data.

  14. AZanalyzer - Advanced Amazon Product Research Tool
    Amazon Product Research Tool - Built for Advanced Users - Stop using inferior Amazon Product Research Tools that give you bad data - Most Accurate Data in the Industry

  16. FindingPheno Research Project
    FindingPheno is a H2020 research project using AI and computational tools to analyse multi-omics data for more sustainable food production.

  18. Power Tools | Garden Tools | Household Products | BLACK+DECKER
    Official website of BLACK+DECKER. See our power tools, garden tools and more. Find information on products, where to buy, news and customer service.

  20. Power Tools | Garden Tools | Household Products | BLACK+DECKER
    Official website of BLACK+DECKER™. See our power tools, garden tools and more. Find information on products, where to buy, news and customer service.

  22. Power Tools | Garden Tools | Household Products | BLACK+DECKER
    Official website of BLACK+DECKER™. See our power tools, garden tools and more. Find information on products, where to buy, news and customer service.

  24. Power Tools | Garden Tools | Household Products | BLACK+DECKER
    Official website of BLACK+DECKER™. See our power tools, garden tools and more. Find information on products, where to buy, news and customer service.

  26. Power Tools | Garden Tools | Household Products | BLACK+DECKER
    Official website of BLACK+DECKER™. See our power tools, garden tools and more. Find information on products, where to buy, news and customer service.

  28. Power Tools | Garden Tools | Household Products | BLACK+DECKER
    Official website of BLACK+DECKER™. See our power tools, garden tools and more. Find information on products, where to buy, news and customer service.

  30. Unbox Research
    Unbox Research is a machine learning research & development company. We use data to find new ways of answering questions and building products. Our work includes developing algorithms, building models, and creating tools. If a solution doesn’t exist yet, we’ll invent one.

  32. Marketing tools to sell your product or service
    We use powerful, industry leading tools to research, design, test and implement custom, relevant marketing tools to help you sell your product or service.
    Author: Mpulse Design; Communication

  34. ResearchTech - software for research | ResearchTech
    ResearchTech is a software company that provides RIXML standards-compliant tools for research. Our software enables you to manage and tag your research with less friction, send your research to aggregators using industry standards, and enables your clients to view what you write in new and innovative ways.

  36. Amazon Product Research Tool | Amazon Product Finder | ProfitGuru
    Find the best products to sell on Amazon. ProfitGuru is a free tool for researching products, tracking competitors and finding suppliers for your Amazon store.

  38. Tools Action - Best Tools Reviews For Your Daily Work
    Tools Action gives you the world's Best Tools Product Reviews , Air Compressor, Robot Vacuum,Home Improvement Tools ,& All Smart Tools Reviews Guides Based on in-depth research. Learn more here.
    Author: Ramon Chavez

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  40. Merch by Amazon Research Tool SpyAMZ - Merch by Amazon - SpyAMZ
    Merch by Amazon Research Tool SpyAmz - An Amazon Keyword Research and Merch Research tool helps you easily find the best keywords, sell more merch on Amazon

  42. Noldus | Advance your behavioral research
    Noldus develops professional tools for observational research: our products can be used to study behavioral processes, automate measurements, improve data quality, and more.

  44. Trusted Product Reviews - BestReviewsList
    BestReviewsList finds the best products by doing all the research for you. We analyize thousands of customer reviews using a proprietary algorithm and evaluate all products in terms of popularity, quality, value and freshness.

  46. Power Tools Master - Top Rated Power Tool Reviews
    Top rated power tool reviews and buyer's guides to help you find the best products in the market.

  48. PlayDrills - Best Power Tools and Home Tool Accessories
    Top rated product reviews on power tools and home tool accessories to help you find the right purchase

  50. Start building powerful leadership TODAY! IOL Tool
    The IOL TOOL Find out why so many of the good leadership is using our tools and how it can improve your working performance. Want to know more? Contact us today!

    Tool Nerds is the place that offers honest product reviews and guides to choosing the best tools. Want to stay informed? This is the right place for you.
    Author: Sean Masri

  54. BidVista - eBay Research Tools For Buyers And Sellers!
    BidVista has a range of clever tools to help sellers and buyers make the most out of eBay - eBay research tools, eBay misspelling, find the cheapest products, last minute deals and much more...
    Author: Www Auctomate Com

  56. Business Intelligence (BI) Software & Analytics Tools | Galaktikasoft
    Ready-to-use business intelligence software, solutions for developers, highly productive analytics tools, development services to custom software.

  58. Best Power Tools Guide. Air, Electric and Cordless Power Tools.
    Fine Power Tools helps you to find the best power tools and equipment for your job. Are you a DIY enthusiast, hobbyist, artist, craftsman or a pro looking for the right tools for the right job? See the power tools list and their uses and buy the best with our guide,

  60. Best Power Tools List - Top Rated Power Tool Reviews
    Top rated power tool reviews and buyer's guides to help you find the best products in the market.

  62. Your gateway to innovative technology - Alexia - Business Intelligence Solutions
    paper writer ALEXIA is a technological business intelligence solution that allows you to have information and insights at your finger tips. The search tool is powered by our algorithm that employs artificial intelligence to bring you the most relevant patents, technologies, scientific publications and news articles. Stay ahead of your competition Monitor and analyse … Continue reading Your gateway to innovative technology

  64. Welcome to ASPAC Industrial Tools
    Welcome to ASPAC Industrial Tools : - Search Products By Brand here Useful Tips before you purchase Home Tools, DIY, Garden, Discount, Power Tools,Home Improvement,Reconditioned,Accessories

  66. Stock Analysis & Best Financial Tools for Indian Stock Market Evaluation | Tickertape
    Use the best financial tools to analyse stocks and market sentiments with all information about Indian stocks, ETFs and indices to research better and invest smarter.

  68. AnalyticsMarket - Articles and Tools for Google Analytics
    AnalyticsMarket is a resource for anyone who uses Google Analytics: we have help articles, free testing tools, and information about recommended products. Looking for something specific? Use the site search box to find what you need. Suggested Articles How Google Analytics Works Understanding Google Analytics reports and capabilities requires an understanding of the basic principles. …

  70. Marcus Dekenah Consulting - Contract research in power electrical engineering
    Our prime focus since 1995 has been electrical load research, using the following key research skills: customer documentation, data-collection, capture, validation, filtering, statistical analysis and model-building.
    Author: Renzo Blasa; Thorntree Web Solutions; Http; Www Thorntreeweb Co Za

  72. Wealthplicity | Your Wealth. Made Simple | Financial Tools and Research
    It's Your Wealth, Made Simple. Use our tools to map your financial goals and read our investment research so you can achieve them.

  74. Amazon Product Research Tool & Niche Finder | AMZScout
    Make Amazon product research quick and easy with accurate research software from AMZScout. Analyze niches and find the right products to help you make money.

  76. HashTagsForLikes - Best Trending Hashtags Research Tool
    Hashtags For Likes is a Powerful Instagram Hashtags Research Tool. It helps in finding top trending hashtags for you to grow your following organically.

  78. Home - Research Results
    Behind the scenes, You shouldn’t have to search through the research to get the critical information you need.Research Results not only finds your key data but also presents it in an easily accessible and applicable way. Our mission is to empower the research process by providing a best-in-class infrastructure, high-touch customer service and a dedication…

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  80. Behavior Data Systems-Research is designed for individuals new to testing, practitioners who need help finding a test, existing users looking for concise and current research on BDS tests, and researchers. Visitors can find information about individual tests, download copies of articles and inventories of scientific findings, learn more about the importance of using psychometrically sound tools, as well as read examples of how some tests have been used in clinical practice.

  82. Power Tool Clinic LTD. - The Electric & Air Tool Specialists
    The Electrical & Air Tool Specialists… Our Main Product is Great Customer Service. - We will get your parts to you as soon as possible

  84. Compare Business Intelligence Tools | Top BI Software 2021
    Find the best BI software for your business. Compare hundreds of business intelligence products side-by-side and read customer reviews. Business Intelligence Market is the most comprehensive database of BI-related products and tools.
    Author: Business Intelligence Market

  86. Sharewell | Validation in hours - Actionable insights that drive growth
    Sharewell provides a simple and fast way to find the users you need for customer research. Improve your product by learning from customers.

  88. Soldering Expert - Tool Purchasing Advice & Reviews
    Soldering Expert Providing Well-researched and Unbiased For Best Home Improvement and Hand Tools Reviews You Ever Find Anywhere Else.

  90. Scalenut | AI Powered Content Research & Copywriting Platform
    Scalenut is a content intelligence SaaS platform that helps you discover and create the most relevant content for your customers. It uses deep learning and AI to create the best content possible.

  92. Amazon Product Finder & Product Research Tool | SupplySpy
    Amazon Product Research Made Easy. Finding product to sell on Amazon can be challenging. Our Amazon product finder will help you find profitable products and make smart inventory choices.

  94. eCom Blast | Start Selling Today | Easy Product Research
    eCom Blast is India's very first online business coach with tons of training modules and tools. Sell on Amazon, Flipkart and ebay. Use our product research tool to find potential products.
    Author: Ecom Blast; Start Selling Today

  96. adnexio | Best Job Portal | Latest Vacancies in Malaysia
    Find the latest Vacancies in Malaysia. Get hired instantly. Get headhunted. We analyse vacancies every day to find the perfect career match for you using artificial intelligence. Malaysia's Best Job Portal.

  98. Optimal Workshop | User Experience (UX) Research Platform
    Optimal Workshop is a user research platform that enables you to improve the UX of your websites, apps, products and prototypes; with methods such as card sorting, tree testing, first-click testing, and more.

  100. Amazon Product Research Tool - Unicorn Smasher! Free Alternative to Jungle Scout
    Download Your FREE Product Research Tool for Amazon Sellers. Quickly Find the Perfect Niche, Gauge Your Competition, and Estimate Your Sales.

  102. Amazon Product Research Tool - Unicorn Smasher! Free Alternative to Jungle Scout
    Download Your FREE Product Research Tool for Amazon Sellers. Quickly Find the Perfect Niche, Gauge Your Competition, and Estimate Your Sales.

  104. - Amazon Rank History Charts | Product Research | Amazon Rank Analysis 2016
    Amazon Marketplace Research And Fulfillment By Amazon Is Analysed By Big Data of,Can Be Easy To Rank Your Product On Amazon With Amazon Seo Tools Of Aqdata,Easy To Spy Competitors,Quickly Improve Your Amazon Sales.

  106. Skoob - Free contact tracing tool for your business
    STOP using manual logbooks to record your customer information when they visit your shop. FREE and EASY recording tool for you and your customers.

  108. Find, Research and Compare Web-Hosting |
    The best expert reviews, guides and product research tools to help you find the right hosting from the best companies on the market.

  110. Decision Maker | AI.Decider
    AI.Decider is intelligent decider that helps you make important life decisions, set goals and improve your productivity using modern machine learning tools

  112. SHA 1 / SHA 2 SSL Test Tool – SHA Checker
    SHA 1 / SHA 2 testing tool helps you to find that certificate using the SHA 1 hash algorithm. Check your website and migrate to SHA 2.

  114. Virtual Business Analyst Solution: Virtual Data Analyst Solution, Sales Data Analytics Tool, Chatbot Data Analytics – Beagle.
    Beagle is a Conversation Analytics & Intelligence platform that provides a virtual analyst for everyone on your collaboration tools! Create your personal Virtual Analyst. Beagle offers a vast range of pre-defined Domain-specific Virtual Analysts, it enables you to use complex advanced analytics algorithms like Growth Decomp, forecasting, etc in minutes.

  116. Find It Health: Trusted Research
    Our priorities are equipping you with helpful information, health product reviews, and buying guides. Let us find the health research for you.

  118. SEO Ranking Tool and SEO Checker for all websites
    Lighting SEO is a complete and easy-to-use SEO tool that allows you to track and control the evolution of a website's positions in Google search engine and also to improve your SEO thanks to customized SEO tools and guides.
    Author: Lighting SEO

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  120. Article Writing Tool, Research, Keywords, Persona & more. - Saia
    Write articles, increase traffic. Millions of useless articles are published every day. If you don’t take the writing process seriously, you’ll lose time & money. simplifies your SEO content writing. UX + SEO + AI = Focused UI for Writers Writing is hard, but it doesn’t have to be. has writing user interface … Continue reading "Article Writing Tool, Research, Keywords, Persona & more."

  122. Home
    A Free Tool To Speed Up Your Amazon Product Research. Add to Chrome - It's Free WHAT is AMZBase? AMZBase is a free and useful tool for assisting you in your search to find products
    Author: AMZBase

  124. The DIY Hubby - Tool Reviews And DIY Articles
    The DIY Hubby is an informational website aimed at DIY-ers. On our site you will find the latest tool reviews, DIY articles, and how-to guides.

  126. Senaryo - Senaryo - Media Spend Optizmization tool for E-commerce
    Media Spend Analysis E-commerce Tool Is the money you spend on advertising campaigns effectively improving your marketing ROI? Bring all your customer journey data together from multiple platforms and use AI-based, multi-channel attribution models to optimize your media spends. Improve Marketing ROI with Senaryo LEARN MORE → Key Features Senaryo helps e-commerce marketers and brand […]

  128. Mind Power Research
    Mind Power Reasearch is an amazing place where you can find useful important tools for your Personal Development, Spiritual Development, Personal Growth, Relaxation, Manifestation, Goal Achievement, Meditation, Fear Factor, Public Speaking, Obesity, Mind Images, Subliminals, Guided Meditation and Success video
    Author: Mani Ram

  130. Westlaw | The leading legal research service | MENA | Thomson Reuters
    Use Westlaw legal research when being wrong is not an option. With Thomson Reuters Westlaw, you'll find legal information you need quickly, confidently, and know your research is complete using the world’s most preferred online legal research service.

  132. Search listening tool for market, customer & content research
    Use our free tool to get instant, raw search insights, direct from the minds of your customers. Upgrade to a paid plan to monitor for new ways that people talk & ask questions about your brand, product or topic.

  134. The best app to search multiple documents for iPhone, iPad and Mac
    PDF Search is an app to search multiple documents. It enables you to find any information in seconds within thousands of them using Artificial Intelligence. It is available for iPhone, iPad and Mac.

  136. Powder Metal Parts Design, Production and Manufacturing - Perry Tool & Research, Inc.
    Powder Metal Parts manufacturer Perry Tool & Research. Our Powder Metallurgy (P/M) process enables us to produce complex, precision metal parts with a high degree of part configuration. We specialize in producing gears up to 12 AGMA, self lubricating bearings, soft magnetic components, and custom mechanical parts.

  138. Innovative Chemistry Equipment & Laboratory Tools | Radleys
    Radleys provide innovative chemistry equipment for safer, cleaner, greener & more productive chemical research. Find out how our chemistry tools can help you today.

  140. VariQuest Visual and Kinesthetic Machine Learning Tools For Students | Academic & Interactive Learning Tools For Teachers, Kids and Visual L
    VariQuest® supports educators and engages every student in their quest for learning by providing easy-to-use visual and kinesthetic learning tools. Comprehensive academic tools, curriculum, educational research, & customer support! Explore our products or Call @ (800) 328-0585.

  142. National Center for Health Research | The Voice for Prevention, Treatment and Policy
    The National Center for Health Research (NCHR) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan think tank focused on research that can improve the health of adults and children. We are a voice you can trust, providing information you can use for prevention, treatment, and policy.

  144. Power Tools,Screwdriver,Cordless Drill, TMG Tools-Ningbo TMG Tools Co., Ltd-Ningbo TMG Tools Co., Ltd.
    Ningbo TMG Tools Co., Ltd has been established on December 2014. We have passed BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) audit by TUV NORD in March,2016.Our personnels have years of experiences in designed and manufactured of DC Power Tools,especially in Li-ion based Technology.We aimed to produce quality, useful and competitive products. Our team is dedicated also in both Sales and After Sales Servise. Our philosophy is customers orientated and our goals are to provide customers with most values added products and minimised of products quality problems.

  146. Tool Dizer - Find All The Best Tool & Buying Guides
    The world of DIY is truly vaster than you can even imagine. From the projects that you can execute to the tools you can use, there’s just so much to learn and explore.Having had some experience in the field as I’ve been an avid DIY-er since I was a child, I decided I should create an integrated website dedicated to DIY projects.You’ll find articles reviewing various tools such as bench grinders, power saws, pressure washers, air compressors, and more.Moreover, some articles explain how each tool works, how to choose the best one for your needs, and various tips that can help you optimize the operation of your tool.

  148. Mike's Marketing Tools (Official Site)
    The NEW VERSION of Mike's Marketing Tools, by Michael Wong, helps you find the best internet marketing and ecommerce software, products and services, free marketing tools, and useful marketing tips from around the Web.

  150. DrawKit - Beautiful vector illustrations
    Free and premium vector SVG illustrations for you to use on your next project, no attribution required! Vector illustrations, packs, icons and more.

  152. Freelance Copywriter Cape Town | Autumn Press
    Freelance copywriter based in Cape Town, South Africa offering professional writing services. Autumn Press will create engaging and specialised content for your website, social media platforms, business marketing material and much more!

  154. iV Bars | Vitamin iV Infusions
    iV Bars, is the number one medical spa for intravenous infusions. Our signature iV infusion formulas are comprised of Vitamins, Nutrients, and essential Minerals absorbed directly into your bloodstream. Call Today. IV infusions. Customize Your Cocktail. First time customer receives discount.

  156. Hotel Alp Wellness Mota
    Hotel 4 stelle nel centro di Livigno. Gode di una posizione incantevole, direttamente sulle piste da sci e sulla promenade dello shopping. Posto ideale per trascorrere una vacanza con tanti highlight, dalla cucina al benessere, dalla piscina alle saune, dalle e-bike alle passeggiate, etc

  158. SONG X JAZZ
    新しい音楽の発見は、 新しい星の発見よりも人々を幸せにする。 People often feel happier when they discover new music rather than discover a new star.

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  160. Welcome to Aurora Medical Centre
    We are a General Practice Medical Centre serving our Local Community since 2001. We are a fully Accredited Practice with GPA Plus which means our Medical Centre meets the Safety and Quality Standards set by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.

  162. Resto Karfoer - Lekker eten in een leuke sfeer
    Resto Karfoer, een restaurant in Betekom, brengt heerlijke gerechten van Belgische en Franse keuken met een internationale toets. De mensen laten genieten van hun avond met lekker eten en vriendelijke bediening is wat wij als restaurant voor staan.
    Author: Ingrid Van Roosbroeck

  164. NEXT Wellness | Bringing you what's NEXT in wellness equipment
    NEXT Wellness is a global leader in cryotherapy and wellness equipment, training, marketing, and support.

  166. SIR - Serviços e Residência Médica em Radiologia
    O SIR realiza Serviços de Radiologia e Diagnóstico por Imagem e Ensino em Radiologia com Residência Médica e Cursos de Especialização.

  168. Reseau ICM - Investissement Clés en Main
    Investissez dans un projet clés en main à haut rendement avec ICM. Réussissez votre investissement locatif en toute sécurité grâce à nos accompagnateurs.

  170. Patient Experience Platform - Interactive Patient TV | eVideon
    Improve patient satisfaction, outcomes, and productivity with HD TV, digital whiteboards, video on-demand, personalized education videos, real-time surveys, and hospital information.

  172. le site 100% dédié aux Product Managers
    Découvre JesuisPM : le premier site 100% dédié au Product Management en France. Une sélection de ressources, événements, offres d'emploi et entreprises pour Product Manager.

  174. Kreuz & Quer - Atelier und Bistro
    Wir lieben kreatives Arbeiten - und den kreativen Austausch - denn wir sind überzeugt, Kreativität ist am schönsten, wenn man sie mit anderen teilt. In unserem Kreativ-Atelier können Sie Ihre kreative Ader ausleben - oder ganz neu entdecken. Mit Workshops - einem grossen Angebot an "Kreativ-Material" und vielem mehr - sind Ihrer Kreativität keine Grenzen gesetzt.

  176. d.a. Niels Gourmet Kitchenware | Winnipeg, MB
    Tucked in the city’s west end, d.a. Niels Gourmet Kitchenware features a variety of fun and functional products from around the globe. The store is a one-stop shopping experience for chefs and home cooks. The staff at d.a Niels are happy to source your unique cookware requests. Giftware registry available for all occasions. We look forward to your visit.

  178. Home
    We specialize in developing Kontakt Instruments and intuitive sample libraries that amplify productivity and ease workflow. The Virtual Instruments we craft are tailored to fit your needs and designed to inspire and enhance your musical creativity.

  180. Throw Blankets l Irish Gifts l Loominations
    Loominations Throw Blankets l Premium Quality 100% Cotton Throw Blankets l Free Shipping In Ireland l Irish Roots, Global Inspirations

  182. «САМи» — содружество актёров, музыкантов и...
    Театр, в афише которого, на сегодняшний день уже четыре спектакля: «Магия Музыки Магия Слова...», «Гамлет Story», «Онегин», «Культурное Вторжение».

  184. Hotel zur Post Illmitz am Neusiedlersee, Burgenland
    Willkommen im Hotel Post in Illmitz! Dort, wo einst der Postillion Station machte, am Weg in die ungarische Tiefebene, steht heute das Hotel Post. >>

  186. Modern Hypothyroid Care | Paloma Health
    Paloma offers a new way to treat and monitor hypothyroidism. Get your blood tests, medical guidance and prescriptions online from the best thyroid specialists.

  188. Ondernemersmagazine - Het kennisplatform voor de ondernemer
    Leer van de ondernemers uit de regio over duurzaam ondernemen, innovaties en start-ups en inspirerende verhalen op het kennisplatform van Ondernemersmagazine

  190. Thomas Kemp - Content Strategie und Copywriting
    Du brauchst Content für dein Marketing, deine Website oder dein Recruiting? Ich unterstütze seit 15 Jahren Startups, besten digitalen Content zu entwickeln. Mit Content Strategie Workshops, Online-Sparrings, Trainings und als Copywriter.

  192. Drive Your Sales Team with AI Powered Leads - Prospex
    Prospex is an exciting new way to generate sales and marketing leads using artificial intelligence. Prospex drives sales and marketing teams with hyper-relevant leads. Prospex is cost-effective lead generation for small to medium size businesses, wherever you are. Prospex is easy to use and delivers ten lead per day, every day. Prospex is powered by LOMi, our own artificial intelligence engine. Prospex is the future of lead generation.
    Author: Prospex

  194. Les Maisons de Campagne | Hotels and Seminars Near Paris
    Discover Les Maisons de Campagne, kids-friendly hotel in the heart of nature. Enjoy a weekend with your family or an exceptional setting for your seminars.

  196. North Richmond Family Medical Practice
    Centrally located in the community, we provide specialist and allied health services for North Richmond NSW and surrounding areas which include Agnes Bank, Bligh Park, Cumberland Reach, East Kurrajong, Ebenezer, Freemans Reach, Glossodia, Grose Vale, Grose Wold, Kurrajong, Londonderry, Maroota, McGraths Hill, Pitt Town, Richmond, South Windsor, Windsor, Wilberforce, Yarramundi NSW.