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  2. Home | Healthcare Open Innovation Challenge
    If you have an innovative technological solution that improves the processes within healthcare delivery, enhance patient management and engagement, and form a complete seamless care continuum, this Healthcare Open Innovation is for you.

  4. Innovative Healthcare Systems – UHG
    UHG is dedicated to improving Africa’s medical systems through innovation and technology. Helping hospitals provide safe, high-quality patient care.

  6. Digital Healthcare I/O
    Delivering patient-centric digital healthcare solutions using blockchain technologies

  8. Innovative Healthcare IT Solutions – Speedum Canada
    Speedum is a leading provider of innovative Healthcare IT Solutions to empower healthcare professionals by implementing cutting edge digital technology. We deliver customized healthcare IT solutions that are scalable and respond effectively to the evolving healthcare business needs.
    Author: Adeline West

  10. QHR Technologies | Connecting Canadian Healthcare
    QHR is a Canadian Healthcare Technology Company, bringing innovation to the healthcare system for Providers and their Patients.

  12. QHR Technologies | Connecting Canadian Healthcare
    QHR is a Canadian Healthcare Technology Company, bringing innovation to the healthcare system for Providers and their Patients.

  14. PALASH Healthcare Systems Pvt Ltd
    Transforming Healthcare through innovative technology solutions

  16. Oberoi Consulting – Innovative Healthcare Solutions, Delivered
    We support the NHS to improve patient outcomes by delivering IT clinical support services that help enhance patient care and treatment at a primary care level. Our services include: Clinical audit - identification of patients for review Healthcare optimisation Supporting medicines management teams
    Author: Oberoi Admin

  18. Innovative Healthcare Solutions | Halyard
    O&M Halyard is focused on advancing health and healthcare by delivering clinically-superior infection prevention, and surgical solutions.

  20. Across Healthcare
    Across Healthcare was formed in 2012 and has been a trusted partner to our many clients helping them envision, design, and deliver innovative technology solutions.

  22. Healthcare Systems Home | GE Healthcare
    GE Healthcare Systems is a provider of technologies, digital infrastructure, data analytics and decision support tools used in the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of patients.

  24. Quatris Healthco – Innovative Healthcare Technology & Support
    Dynamic healthcare technology solutions & services coupled with local and knowledgeable support. Optimize your business so you can focus on patient care.

  26. Healthcare Revenue Cycle Technology |
    HealthWare Systems is a provider of healthcare revenue cycle management and patient management technology solutions.
    Author: Stephanie

  28. GE Healthcare Systems | GE Healthcare (United States)
    GE Healthcare Systems is a provider of technologies, digital infrastructure, data analytics and decision support tools used in the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of patients.

  30. Innovative Systems
    Innovative Systems designs electrical protection systems for large-scale power generation projects. The information technology division focuses on eLearning, eBusiness, eSecurity, and eManagement solutions.

  32. Healthcare Systems Home
    GE Healthcare Systems is a provider of technologies, digital infrastructure, data analytics and decision support tools used in the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of patients.

  34. ZIG MedTech Asia | An Integrated Platform for Healthcare Innovations
    ZIG Medtech Asia are an integrated platform for healthcare innovations headquartered in Singapore. Our focus areas are advanced medical technologies, digital healthcare and point-of-care innovations.
    Author: ZMA Editor

  36. Health Innovation Hub Ireland – Innovation in Healthcare
    Health Innovation Hub Ireland (HIHI) works across the health sector with Irish businesses to creatively solve problems and improve patient care. Harnessing this innovation, through development of new healthcare technologies, products, and services, will help to create Irish jobs and exports.

  38. Homepage - AMS Healthcare
    We envision compassionate, quality healthcare for all Canadians—in a system advanced by technology, innovation, and a rich understanding of our medical history.

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  40. Healthcare Innovation Solutions, Inc. (HCIS)
    The Healthcare Innovation Solutions (HCIS) software and services portfolio enables the data-driven transformation of healthcare service delivery.

  42. Innovative Systems Inc | Innovation at Work
    InnoSyS Gives You The Technology You Need To Be Successful We utilize advanced technologies to provide solutions that work for and grow with your business. InnoSyS' Business Systems allow managers to take advantage of the latest innovations in Business Processing and Management Solutions. HR and Payroll
    Author: Admin

  44. Vitrana - Partnering Innovation and You | Lifesciences | Healthcare
    Vitrana drives major advances in the quality, efficiency and cost of clinical research & patient care through leveraging key technology innovations

  46. ConnexHealth | Healthcare Simplified!
    We're dedicated to improving access to quality care services by delivering integrated, and innovative healthcare technologies throughout Canada.

  48. MEDWORLD - Innovative Healthcare Solutions
    MEDWORLD - Innovative Healthcare Solutions

    HEALTHCARE INNOVATORS Innovating healthcare by increasing safety & efficiency in hospitals and nursing homes worldwide! For the benefit of patients and personnel, IMS Medical develops standardized products and solutions that contribute to the sustainability, efficiency and safety of workspaces and processes in hospitals and nursing homes around
    Author: Dirk

  52. Codonics | The Innovator of the Safe Label System
    Codonics is a global corporation, providing the healthcare industry with some of the most advanced patient safety solutions and medical imaging products.

  54. Healthcare Software | Sorsix
    Transforming the patient experience into a seamless journey, Sorsix is an Australian technology company that builds revolutionary and innovative healthcare software and solutions to streamline care delivery to patients and workflows for care providers.

  56. PRASIMAX - Solve Through Innovation
    Prasimax is a products and solutions provider in advance technology of embedded system world in which utilizing ultimate technology and innovations

  58. Pycas Design Innovations
    Pycas Design Innovations are a leading provider of software solutions. We offer solutions for Android, Java, Perl, ASP and latest Mobile technologies. Our dedicated team of specialists deliver cutting edge solutions for all your Software development needs. We have expertise in the latest technologies and deliver solutions based on latest advances in Open System Design and Integration. We provide technological advanced solutions for our customers and does the job with efficiency and competency. Pycas provides innovative solutions by constantly upgrading our Software's and providing you the best breed of Software's. We at Pycas listen and understand your needs and provide t...

  60. Patient Monitoring System | Wireless Health Monitoring System | Wearables Technology in Healthcare
    Vincense provides the Best Wearables Technology in Healthcare in India. It offers a perfect Patient Monitoring System, Wireless Health Monitoring System and more.
    Author: Dr Sudhir Rajasekaran Devadoss multispeciality hospital

  62. CaseNetwork | CaseNetwork
    CaseNetwork advances skills in clinical care and self-care by delivering innovative healthcare education and evidence-based solutions on the most advanced technology platforms.
    Author: Dec 8

  64. Scalable Systems | Inspiring Innovation
    Scalable Systems is a Data, Analytics & Digital Transformation Company providing next-generation technology solutions and services for an innovative edge.

  66. Home - Harris Healthcare
    Harris Healthcare delivers a fully-integrated solution set to hospitals around the world. We offer software solutions designed to meet the needs of patients, caregivers, administrators and others in all aspects of healthcare.

  68. Medimarx | Medical Marketing Xperts | Healthcare Marketing
    Medimarx healthcare provides innovative medical marketing solutions designed to enhance brand value & generate more patient volume for healthcare organisations

  70. Advaite – Innovative Therapeutic and Healthcare Solutions
    Innovative Therapeutic and Healthcare Solutions

  72. Innovative Medical Imaging Solutions | RamSoft
    RamSoft’s innovative medical imaging solutions help healthcare providers work efficiently and deliver better patient care. Learn more now.

  74. Healthcare IT Networks ¦ Healthcare Virtualisation ¦ Hospital IT Systems ¦ IT Infrastructure
    Centriq offer innovative computing and communications healthcare IT solutions for hospitals, reducing costs, optimising clinical workflow and improving patient care.

  76. Welcome to Radia
    Radia's Mission: Deliver the highest quality patient centered healthcare to the communities we serve through collaborative partnerships, innovative technology and customized service solutions.

  78. Bright Health | Integrated Software Solutions for Healthcare Providers
    The future of healthcare is Bright! We design and build software solutions to deliver the best patient and provider experiences.

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  80. Sienna Technologies, Inc. — Sienna Technologies, Inc. was formed with a mission… Delivering innovative solutions through advanced material's
    Sienna Technologies, Inc. was formed with a mission... Delivering innovative solutions through advanced materials technologies.

  82. Medical & Healthcare Innovation Solutions, Support, Funding | Medical Innovation Funding
    Medical & Healthcare Innovation Solutions, Funding, Support by Innovation Experts - Innovation Institute serves the world healthcare & medical innovation.

  84. ADEC Innovations Healthcare, Inc.
    ADEC Innovations Healthcare offers customizable and integrated solutions responsive to the dynamic requirements of the healthcare industry.
    Author: ADEC Technology - BSD Web Development Team

  86. Home - Hamilton Healthcare System
    Hamilton Healthcare System stands at the forefront of rural Texas healthcare facilities. With a licensed medical/surgical hospital, 3 clinics, a special care clinic, a wellness center and EMS service, community-owned HHS provides a wide range of patient-focused care and treatment with a commitment to patient satisfaction. HHS is a hometown healthcare system. Staff members care … Continue reading "Home"

  88. Kailo - Healthcare Simplified
    Appointment scheduling and patient management system made to improve and simplify healthcare delivery and enhance patient experience through technology.

  90. Healthcare Innovation
    Healthcare Innovation

  92. Harrington Healthcare System serving South Central MA & NE Connecticut
    Delivering optimal healthcare to the residents & communities of South Central MA and Northeastern CT, we are committed to providing personalized, compassionate care and advanced technology.

  94. Learning Healthcare Systems - The Learning Healthcare Project
    ...and alternative research methodologies offer the possibility of a healthcare system that learns from each patient who is treated...

  96. Wilhelm Integrated Solutions - Innovative Healthcare Technology
    Wilhelm Integrated Solutions is a proudly Australian owned and operated company committed to providing high quality and innovative technology within healthcare.

  98. Home - Whitecat Healthcare Instrument Tracking and Workflows
    Stop Guessing. Start Knowing. SOLUTIONS Clinical Workflows Healthcare solutions that bring everyone and everything together, so you have more time to care for patients and people. Healthcare Solutions WHITECAT provides innovative technology and products designed for the perioperative ecosystem. Learn how to create predictive workflows to maximise your triple constraints within our Healthcare Solutions range. […]

  100. SparkHealth is dedicated to driving innovations in healthcare
    SparkHealth is dedicated to driving innovations in healthcare. We create healthcare ecosystems by bridging the innovators in bigdata and AI with healthcare decision makers. Our special focus is Leadership Roles in Change management where healthcare is an increasingly data-driven, value based, physician and patient-centric, dynamic innovations network.
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  102. Embody - An Innovative Solution to Restore Peak Performance
    Embody: An Innovative Solution - Our goal is to restore peak performance for orthopedic patients through advanced manufacturing & regenerative technologies.

  104. Innovative Technology for Healthcare and Safety | Soom
    Soom mobilizes the power and efficiency of technology to advance the quality and safety of healthcare. For everyone.

  106. NCH Healthcare System
    NCH healthcare system provides personalized care to over 40,000 patients a year with 2 hospitals, 700+ physicians, and a 700+ bed system in Naples, FL
    Author: Fantasktic Migration

  108. Innovative Pharmacy Solutions | Heartland Pharmacy
    We deliver quality products and services and provide innovative solutions to enhance the services of our healthcare partners.

  110. Healthcare | Eyecontrol | Tel Aviv District
    EyeControl is a medical technology company specializing in innovative communication solutions. We implement advanced AI-technologies to bridge information barriers, facilitating better care and decision-making in healthcare environments.

  112. Edenbridge, specialists in healthcare innovation | Edenbridge Healthcare
    Edenbridge Healthcare are specialists in the design, development and deployment of healthcare solutions to the health and social care sector.
    Author: Edenbridge Healthcare Ltd

  114. Summit Advanced Systems | System Integration | UAV for HLS
    Summit Advanced Systems offers solutions in the homeland security using innovative technologies, Integration of UAVs, perimeter monitoring solutions, radars, IR cameras, training and maintenance services and upgrade of existing solutions.

  116. Patient Identification & Safety For Hospitals and Healthcare Providers - PDC Healthcare
    PDC connects people, products, and technology through innovative ID solutions that deliver superior customer experiences worldwide. Our products and services provide safe and efficient patient care, as well as patron, inmate, and animal identification. PDC’s innovative solutions incorporate automatic identification technologies, including bar code, RFID, and QR code.
    Author: Sign In

  118. Health care furniture, hospital furniture, hospital beds, bed, hospital chairs, healthcare furniture, patient handling, mrsa infection contr
    Innovative healthcare furniture solutions for hospitals from Newstyle Healthcare Services. A leading UK contract supplier of specialist health care and hospital furniture including beds, chairs, and patient handling systems.

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  120. Graham Healthcare Group, Post-Acute Excellence. Together.
    As an innovator in an evolving healthcare world, Graham Healthcare Group has been designing business and technology solutions to drive better care for over 20 years.
    Author: Oryan

  122. Jay Tex Systems
    Jay Tex Systems is an innovative model, providing affordable Information Technology solutions, designed to bridge the digital and information divides. We service and deliver systems to the San Antonio, Texas and surrounding areas; but also offer express shipping outside of the servicing area, an ...
    Author: Site Admin

  124. Electronic Systems, Integrated C4I Systems - Trident Systems
    World Class Teams Delivering Innovative Technology Solutions That Make A Difference In Aerospace and Defense. Electronic Systems, Integrated C4I Systems, RDD

  126. Virtual Healthcare | Enable Healthcare | United States
    Enable Healthcare (EHI) is a medical software company that provides solutions for Healthcare Providers. From AI based billing apps and EHR software to Chronic Care Management solutions we simplify healthcare technology for Providers and Patients.

  128. Nurse Call Systems | Nurse Call Solutions | West-Com Nurse Call Systems
    Our innovative nurse call systems and healthcare communication solutions help improve care team collaboration, clinical workflows, and patient engagement.
    Author: Jane Madsen

  130. Rely Healthcare Technologies | Best Hospital Software | Pharmacy Software & IT healthcare solutions | Guwahati
    Rely Healthcare Technologies is a healthcare IT technology company that designs one of best Hospital Management Software and also provides IT solution & services that transform the administrative and clinical operations of healthcare organizations of all sizes.

  132. Tristate Healthcare System
    A world-class healthcare service provider driven by the compassionate move to provide patients with optimal care.
    Author: Tristate

  134. Home | Healthcare Innovation
    Healthcare Innovation

  136. Worrell | Design for Healthcare
    Worrell is a global design firm, specializing in healthcare innovation and strategy. We partner with leaders from all corners of the healthcare ecosystem to design and build a better future for patients in need.

  138. LN2X - Applied Innovation
    Driving Human Innovation & Advancement with Technology and Design
    Author: Shell

  140. Varidi - Healthcare Financing | Affordable Guaranteed Payment Plans
    Varidi is an innovative payment management solution for in-house offered payment plans, designed to take care of a patient's healthcare financing needs with no hassle.

  142. GoSmokeFree | Best Way to Quit Smoking
    Triple your success rate! GoSmokeFree's combination of behaviour change techniques, medicine and support give you the best chance to stop smoking.

  144. Multipurpose Locking Latches For Home Security | LockLatch™
    Up your home security with our easy to install LockLatch products. Reliable and secure, window and door latches. Keep them open, but secure. Great as an alternative to a pet door too!

  146. Multipurpose Locking Latches For Open Windows & Doors | LockLatch™
    We make home security easy, with a reliable and secure, locking latches allowing for open doors & windows to be open but locked. Great for ventilation or securing pet access to your home!

  148. Leave any Window or Door Open but Locked | LockLatch™
    New LockLatch™ allows you to leave any window or door open but locked, whatever it's made of and whichever way it opens.

  150. Durable Locking Latches For Open Doors & Windows | LockLatch™ USA
    Looking to secure your open windows and doors with a lockable latch? Our trademarked LockLatch™ provides versatile home security that is super easy to install.

  152. Multipurpose Locking Latches For Open Windows & Doors | LockLatch™
    Looking for an adjustable lockable window or door latch? We manufacture a durable, secure and multi-purpose lockable latches to secure you home .

  154. Volvo Bus on Hire | Tempo Traveller On Rent | Luxury Cars on Rent in Delhi

  156. Investonline | Financial Planning | Allan Gray Approved Advisor
    Investonline is an Allan Gray approved advisor. We provide online unit trust investment solutions for beginners and experienced investors.

  158. Manly Dental Care | Caring for Teeth and Good **** Health
    Welcome to Manly Dental Care Manly Dental Care is a family practice caring for the whole community. Our services include cosmetic and preventative dentistry, orthodontics, crown and bridge. We are able to enhance the natural beauty of your smile. Keeping up to date with the latest techniques and products means we can offer you a […]

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    Who We Are The Rural Development Department of Government of Jharkhand (GoJ) has established a separate and autonomous society named as “Jharkhand State livelihood Promotion society”(JSLPS) which works as a nodal agency for effective implementation of livelihood READ MORE ... Our Mission Self-Help Groups (SHGs) are found to have not only positively impacted the social … Continue reading Home →

  162. GRD School of Commerce & International Business

  164. Welcome To Garage Door Repair Toronto
    Our technicians are not just well trained and qualified, but give attention to details, which is essential when garage door opener repair is needed.

  166. Vita Animal | Tierphysiotherapie | Corinna Arlt

  168. Motorkleding winkel - Motorkleding winkel
    De mooiste motorkleding van de beste merken voor een goede prijs vind je bij

  170. Tallahassee Personal Injury Attorneys | Caminez & Yeary, P.A.
    Personal Injury Attorneys in Monticello and Tallahassee About Caminez & Yeary The personal injury attorneys at Caminez & Yeary are dedicated to

  172. - Patrizia Müller Reitunterricht Mental-Coaching Driedorf-Roth
    Reitunterricht (Dressur, Springen, Sitzschulung, Reiten als Gesundheitssport), Ergotherapie mit Pferden sowie Mental Coaching in Driedorf-Roth:

  174. Conveyancing Index | Compare Conveyancing Quotes Online
    Conveyancing Index is the UK's leading conveyancing quote comparison service. Quickly compare exclusive, no obligation conveyancing quotes from regulated property lawyers.

  176. bądźmy poszukiwaczami | MIŁOŚCI w RODZINIE

  178. Wings of Roses - Voor geïnteresseerden in parapsychologie
    Deze website is bedoeld voor iedereen die geïnteresseerd is in parapsychologie. Neem voor meer informatie contact op via 0162-423876.

  180. de derde tempel | een historische roman
    "De Derde Tempel" is een historische roman die zich afspeelt in het Rome van de Flavische keizers. Het verhaal draait om de moord op keizer Domitianus.
    Author: Marcus

  182. Whale Watching | San Juan Cruises | Seattle | Bellingham | Anacortes
    Welcome to San Juan Cruises There are many ways to get on the water with us - whale watching tours, trips to Friday Harbor, crab dinner cruises on Chuckanut Bay or in the Swinomish Channel, beer & wine tasting cruises, picnics on Sucia Island, and private charters. Come aboard for an adventure in the San … Continue reading Home →

  184. hölzig gmbh | Bau mit Holz – Das wird dein Stolz!

    Besuche den Beitrag für mehr Info.