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  2. Community Change
    Center for Community Change empowers low-income people to bring about positive change in the community.

  4. Teakisi – Community: Collaboration: Change
    Community: Collaboration: Change

  6. Community Culture Change
    Community Culture Change, Inc. was a 501(c)(3) organization that sought to promote a growth mindset culture, create change for the better, and cultivate our communities to be healthy and vibrant.

  8. The Change Space - change management community hub
    The Change Space is an online educational community that has been designed to bring change professionals (and those interested in change) together to learn, develop and share their insights on change.
    Author: With Tracey Penington

  10. Massachusetts Community College Council – We Change Communities
    We Change Communities

  12. anna feigenbaum | communication and social change
    communication and social change

  14. Social Change Projects - Communications and campaigns
    Socal Change Projects is a communications and campaigns agency that works with NFPs and communities to tell compelling stories and create lasting change.

  16. Women For Change Coaching Community
    Our mission at Women For Change Coaching Community® is to make coaching accessible for all women seeking positive change in their lives.

  18. Tiny Changes - A community of tiny change makers
    A community of tiny change makers, working together to help young minds feel better.

  20. Changes to Farming Practices and Communities | Change for Good | NZ
    Change for Good Consultants providing you with services for designing and developing change in farming practices and communities. Evaluate your farming with us through an environmental lens.

  22. Change Communications Software | GuideSpark
    GuideSpark’s change communications solution enables personalized, consumer-like experiences to engage employees and drive behavior change to achieve business outcomes.

  24. Meaning Business | communication | change | collaboration | +61412504252
    communication | change | collaboration | +61412504252
    Author: Jonathanchamp

  26. The Communication Initiative Network | convening the communication and media development, social and behaviour change community
    Convening the communication and media (for) development, social and behavioural change community through a social networking and shared knowledge strategy. Focus on health, governance, ****/AIDS, children, media development, conflict management, environment, rights, disasters, gender and other major Development issues.

  28. Humans Driving Change – Look at your whole community. Where will you drive change?
    Look at your whole community. Where will you drive change?

  30. Cook Family Foundation – Serving as a resource for the community and a catalyst for positive community change
    Serving as a resource for the community and a catalyst for positive community change
    Author: Yvette Collard

  32. Healthy Influence - communication for a change
    communication for behavior change, a practical and proven, efficient and effective way to get what you want with words
    Author: Steve Booth-Butterfield

  34. Construction's Change Order Communication Platform | Extracker
    Construction's leading Change Order Communication Platform. We help subs, GCs, and Owners communicate T&M Tags and Change Order Requests in real-time.

  36. Make The Change | Empowering and Transforming Communities | Singapore
    Make The Change Empowering and Transforming Community Through Design

  38. Climate Change Education - Climate Change Education Network
    About the Climate Change Education Network The Climate Change Education Network is an open collective of academics working in climate change education across various institutional, public, and community spaces of learning. We collaboratively research, write, teach and run events to "create climate change". We originally sought connection to one another in early 2020 with the
    Author: Admin

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  40. Organising for change, organising for communities | FutureGov
    FutureGov is a change agency, supporting public sector organisations with digital transformation, service design and community development, to build 21st-century organisations that are catalysts for change.

  42. Next Level Boys Academy – Changing a Generation of Men, One Community at a Time
    Changing a Generation of Men, One Community at a Time

  44. Visualizing Climate Change | Stephen Sheppard | Climate Communications
    Visualizing Climate Change, by Stephen Sheppard, is a guide to using visual media in communicating climate change.

  46. Change | Coaching | Communication - Marcel van der Haas
    Change, Coaching, Communication vanuit een systemische benadering. Bewustwording van de systemen, helpt bij het oplossen van vraagstukken.

  48. IT, Communications and Security | MPS Networks Limited
    At MPS, we focus on Information Communication Technology, IT & Cyber Security to ensure our clients can communicate and collaborate effectively.

  50. Changes: A Wellness Community - Home
    Changes provides lifestyle resources and more from a personal trainer and a chef via a social community app where you can build your own positive experience.
    Author: Changes A Wellness Community

  52. Communication & Change Management Agency Canberra | RD Consulting
    A hands-on, independent transformation and communications agency, providing consultancy in marketing, communications, change management and transformation processes.
    Author: Sarah Tisdell Senior Manager

  54. Employee Communications Agency - Employee Engagement and Change Communication | Caburn Hope
    An award-winning employee communications and Internal Communications agency creating inspiring, strategic HR Campaigns and Employee Communications that promote employee engagement and drive positive change.
    Author: Employee Communications Agency - Employee Engagement; Change Communication; Caburn Hope

  56. KAIROS - The moment when change is possible
    We are teams of professionals partnering with emotionally at-risk youth, their families, and their communities to help them build on their strengths and find solutions to their challenges.
    Author: Parent New Beginnings

  58. Social Change UK :: Inspiring change in people and communities
    We are Social Change UK - a social research and campaign company working with Government, businesses, brands and public sector clients to make a difference to people and communities.
    Author: Social Change UK

  60. Creative Frontiers | Behavior change communication
    Creative Frontiers creates transmedia content that informs and motivate communities to change behaviors and provide disruptive solutions for destructive problems

  62. Networkers for Change ›
    Discover the horizon of possibilities! Be a Networker for a change
    Author: Unknown

  64. Climate Change Communication | Gyula Gabor Toth
    What I do is climate change communication through creative storytelling – developing sustainability narratives to create positive change. I believe that the best way to get to the heart and mind of your audience is through engaging stories.

  66. Home | Community Change Action
    Power from the ground up Community Change Action is a national organization that builds the power of low-income people, especially people of color, to fight for a society where everyone can thrive.
    Author: Community Change Action

  68. Catalyze | sustainability x communications x design x behavioural change
    Where sustainability, design, communications, and behaviour change intersect, we help our clients progress on their sustainability journey.

  70. Community Media Network 1986 Limited
    Community Media Network Limited is a New Zealand Outdoor Billboard company specialising in Rural billboards

  72. Community Relations | Social Change Miami
    Social Investment Holdings in Miami, FL seeks to improve police, race, and community relations by utilizing business strategies that aims for social change.

  74. Nuture Networks – Changes Starts Here
    Changes Starts Here

  76. Leitrim Community Networks - Informing Local Groups
    The main aims of Leitrim Community Networks is information sharing, highlighting and exploring policy issues affecting communities locally and nationally and lobbying for change that will benefit our communities.

  78. Hi, I'm Nicknox. | I am a change agent. I specialize in brand, marketing and communications leadership.
    I am a change agent. I specialize in brand, marketing and communications leadership.
    Author: Nicole Knox

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  80. Jodi Kovitz | Jodi Kovitz Inspiration, action, change, community
    Jodi Kovitz: A passionate community builder who incites action and inspires change.


  84. Communication skills, change management & Speaking Skills
    Organisational Behaviour & Internal Communication skills consulting to help you deliver complex people & cultural changes in your organisation - UK
    Author: Richard Riche

  86. Home - Community Change
    As environmental psychologists with 20 years experience, we can help you work on how to change behaviour and how to evaluate changes in what people say and what they actually do.

  88. MacLean Communications - public relations, marketing communications, writing and editing, internal and change communications
    MacLean Communications is a Wellington, New Zealand public relations consultancy providing PR, marketing communications, internal and change communications, writing and editing services for government, small-to-medium sized business and non-profit clients. We also work in Porirua and Kapiti.
    Author: Iain MacLean

  90. Accelerating Systemic Change Network
    The Accelerating Systemic Change Network (ASCN) is a network of individuals and institutions, formed with the goal of more quickly advancing STEM education programs. Our unique approach is to bring together those who are researching systemic change at higher education institutions, with those who are making systemic change happen at their individual institutions. By closing the loop between researchers and change agents, we aim to accelerate change at program and institution levels, and to improve STEM education nationally.

  92. Mar Vista Family Center – Helping families create positive change in their lives and their communities.
    Helping families create positive change in their lives and their communities.

  94. Marketing for Change Co.
    Marketing for Change Co. is an integrated marketing communication agency focused on behavior change. We make what's good fun, easy and popular.

  96. Welcome to The Sietch - A community of friends changing the world for the better.
    The Sietch is a community dedicated to changing the world for the better, through education and direct action. Do you have what it takes, if so become a member. A place of sanctuary in times of danger.

  98. APAC News Network | Connecting, Communicating, Changing
    India's Fastest Growing Media, Knowledge Consulting, Community Building & Event Management Organisation in the field of Governance, Healthcare and Education.
    Author: Editorial Desk

  100. LMC Solutions Limited Homepage, Changing Behaviours
    LMC Solutions works to bring about positive behaviour change for people and animals; changing behaviours, changes lives.
    Author: Surity Web Design - www surity co nz

  102. Home | MAMA HOPE - Championing Community-Led Change
    Mama Hope's mission is to champion community-led change. We envision the emergence of a new global approach to tackling injustice in which communities hold the power and resources they need to drive their own futures.

  104. Change the Agency
    Change the Agency is a full service communication agency in Gothenburg, Sweden.

  106. The Change Leaders
    A community of change practitioners and HEC/Oxford's CCC Alumni Network

  108. CHANGE Networks
    CHANGE Networks - Worldwide Distributor of Network Hardware Products - Cisco, HP, Juniper, Fortinet, Huawei, Dell, IBM, Netgear, Linksys, D-Link - Switches, Routers, Firewalls, Wireless Access Points, Servers and Storage - New and Refurbished.

  110. Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network | FACNET
    Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network (FAC Net) invests in people and in place-based efforts to change relationships with fire.

  112. Climate Change Education that Leads to Climate Change Solutions
    Learn about climate change and start working on climate change solutions today with the community.

  114. Complex Social Change - University of Lethbridge
    We are a community of change-makers, investigating how change is made.

  116. Home - Modern Change Management Community - Modern Change Community
    5 Universals of Change After traveling the world since 2014, visiting hundreds of organizations and training thousands of change agents, we discovered 5 Universals…

  118. Power to Change
    Supported by the National Lottery Community Fund, Power to Change supports community businesses to create better places across England.

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  120. Home ⋆ MAKE CHANGE
    Let us work together to MAKE CHANGE in our communities.
    Author: MAKE CHANGE

  122. Skills For Life Prison Ministry Changing lives through Servant Leadership and Communication Skills.
    Skills For Life Prison Ministry Changing lives through Servant Leadership and Communication Skills.

  124. The Family Center: changing lives. changing families. changing futures
    The Family Center is a change agent in the greater Nashville community, breaking multigenerational cycles of childhood trauma.

  126. Driving Change Network
    The Driving Change Network is committed to ensuring New Zealand’s driver licensing system helps, rather than hinders the journey to work, education and training.

  128. Change Leader's Network - Serving Conscious Change Leaders WorldwideChange Leader's Network | Serving Conscious Change Leaders Worldwide
    Serving Conscious Change Leaders Worldwide

  130. Laughter For A Change Home | Laughter For A Change
    At Laughter For A Change (L4C), we bring laughter and comedy into communities where a good laugh is in short supply.

  132. Your Communication Network
    Your Communication Network

  134. Voluntary and Community sector in Northern Ireland | Building Change Trust
    The Building Change Trust has been awarded over £10 million to help develop the Northern Ireland voluntary and community sector by 2018.

  136. APT Community Club | Changing lives
    Changing lives
    Author: Thomas Garay

  138. JazzTech Communications Ltd | Enterprise Networking & Connectivity
    CIENA certified and trained, our team can help your business communications adapt to the ever changing nuances & increasing complexities of todays networks.

  140. My IDOL - Những câu chuyện truyền cảm hứng
    Những câu chuyện truyền cảm hứng
    Author: Những thiên tài thay đổi cả thế giới nhưng từng bị coi là “điên rồ” – My Idol

  142. Malaysian Update – Berita Terkini Untuk Anda
    Malaysian Update memaparkan berita terkini di Malaysia dan Luar Negara setiap hari terus kepada anda. Malaysian Update publishes daily the latest news from Malaysia and around the world.
    Author: Malaysian Update

  144. Buenas Nuevas FM - Buenas Nuevas - El hogar de la fe y la esperanza
    El hogar de la fe y la esperanza
    Author: Juan Manuel Solis

  146. | Christian Guided Meditations
    Christian Guided Meditations, Bible Affirmations, Powerful Prayers, Christian Daily Devotionals, Articles and more!

  148. Canal 20 Ceres - El Nuevo Canal de la Ciudad
    El Nuevo Canal de la Ciudad

  150. Home Page - IndusTV Global
    Empowering Global Indian Diaspora

  152. Inicio | 5to Poder
    5to Poder Periodismo ConSentido. Plataforma digital de noticias de Quintana Roo, México y el mundo.

  154. SFD Nutrition - Odżywki i suplementy
    Odżywki i suplementy
    Author: Dmis

  156. Home | JOBS2.0's JOBS 2.0 #FutureOfJobs
    Author: Adminjof

  158. Blog de Viagens e experiências turísticas feitas por Agentes de Viagens
    O único blog de experiências turísticas feito por Agentes de Viagens do Brasil. Sua próxima viagem está no Blog de Viagens.

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  160. فوتبال آنالیسیس اولین وبسایت تخصصی تحلیل فوتبال - یک سایت دیگر با وردپرس فارسی
    یک سایت دیگر با وردپرس فارسی

  162. Canal 190 - As notícias policiais de Caldas Novas e Região
    As notícias policiais de Caldas Novas e Região

  164. China Connect - China Expat Network
    China Expat Network

  166. ATH NEWS ZA - As Things Happen
    As Things Happen
    Author: A WordPress Commenter

  168. - Just another WordPress site
    Just another WordPress site
    Author: A WordPress Commenter

  170. Navakhabar - خبرهای داغ فرهنگی ، اجتماعی
    خبرهای داغ فرهنگی ، اجتماعی

  172. Home - IMPACTO
    El Diario

  174. - The Leader Newspaper Online | Nigerian Newspapers
    Get the Latest News and Features at The Leader Newspaper - Editorial, Local, National, Catholic World, Foreign, Metro, Sports and Opinions

  176. Ana səhifə - Hafiz Times
    Eksklüziv müsahibə, araşdırma, xəbərlərin ünvanı

  178. Home - PedaWan.Com
    No. 1 Entertainment & Lifestyle Blog

  180. Tellitall - Our ears are everywhere
    Our ears are everywhere

  182. Bitácora Marítima - El Portal de Noticias del mundo marítimo
    Bitácora Marítima es el Portal de Noticias más completo del mundo marítimo. Aquí encontrarás todo lo que quieres saber sobre el mundo marítimo a nivel mundial.

  184. Trang chủ - Thế Giới Tri Thức
    Khoa Học, Công Nghệ và Đời sống
    Author: Jawn Staff

  186. الخليج جازيت | اخر اخبار الخليج العربي
    اخبار الخليج العربي لحظة بلحظة، تابع معنا اخر اخبار الوطن العربي و اخبار السعودية و اخبار الكويت و اخبار الامارات وجميع دول الخليج

  188. NFT Hours
    Your source of Non-Fungible Trending news.

  190. Home
    Toronto Caribbean Newspaper - Canada's Leading Caribbean Newspaper serving the Ajax, Pickering, Scarborough, Vaughan, North York, Rexdale, Malton, Brampton, Mississauga, Hamilton and Kitchener area

  192. Home - RPTV.RO
    Stirile zilei la tv Tema zilei SONDAJ CURS – România şi preşedinţia Consiliului UE: Ce îşi doresc românii în cele şase luni Centrul de Sociologie Urbană și Regională – CURS a dat publicității datele un sondaj realizat la nivel naţional în perioada 26 octombrie – 5 noiembrie 2018. Potrivit cercetării sociologice, românii sunt foarte divizaţi când […]

  194. Anasayfa - Mersi Plus
    Mersi Plus

  196. HOME — NewsDay
    Deliver you the latest news

  198. Home -
    Conteúdo OnLine WebTV