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  2. Epic Ride Weather
    A unique approach to weather forecasts for cyclists, for your ride, with your route, at your pace. Official supplier to Team Jumbo-Visma.
    Author: Epicrideweather

  4. Free weather forecasts for competitive cyclists
    Weather forecasts for cyclists, including historic Strava Leaderboard Weather Conditions.

  6. Cycling Locations - Climbs, Routes, Holidays & Camps
    Helping cyclists find training camps, cycling holidays, exciting routes, challenging climbs, historic and new events. Check out maps & GPX files

  8. Home - TreadBikely
    TreadBikely is a free resource where cyclists can read stories about the cycling community, along with in-depth reviews, original articles, and actionable guides about bike accessories.
    Author: Derek Lakin

  10. Home - Quantified Self
    A free premium analytical tool for your activity data.
    Author: Dimitrios Kanellopoulos

  12. TCX-Tools
    This is a repository for all tools to create, merge and modify TCX and other files generated by todays sportwatches.

  14. - Triathlon Training for Beginners
    Triathlon training program for the beginner triathlete offering instruction and tips in the swim, bike and run. Includes training logs, discussion and many important resources.

  16. Running, Personal Training Sydney | Fitness, High Performance Coaching, Caringbah | Sydney NSW
    Caringbah and Eastern Suburbs based Pulse Performance offer fitness services including high performance coaching, personal training, corporate training groups and more.

  18. SoLo Energy Bar | Your best fuel choice for endurance, long term energy and competition performance
    SOLO ENERGY BARS deliver long term energy for increased endurance and performance while training and competing by providing protein and slow-burning carbs. All natural SoLo energy bars are the best tasting and best performing sports nutrition bar available. See why so many professional teams and athletes prefer SoLo energy bars!

  20. - Online Running Log - Online Cycling Log - Online Swimming Log - Running/Walking/Biking/Swimming is a free service that allows the tracking of individual and team statistics. WinningStats serves as a utility to log individual and team performances along with custom statistical analysis of entered data. is a free service that allows athletes to enter information about their fitness routines and sporting events and allow them to track and monitor performances.

  22. Swimming, Triathlon, Cycling, Running coach tools based on Olympic preparation Training Methods, by SuperSportSystems
    Super Sport Systems is online Swimming, Cycling, Running, Triathlon coaching tools based on Olympic preparation Training Methods that will help you release your maximum potential utilizing personalized Weekly workouts and Daily Workouts and Season Planning Tools.

  24. BTS Dream Lab Colombia
    BTS siempre tendrá el apoyo de ARMY y aquí encontrarás todo lo que necesitas saber para ayudarlos en Colombia.

  26. London Writers' Salon
    Connect with fellow writers, level-up your craft, and build a successful creative career.

  28. Madi Leang - UX Researcher
    The portfolio site of Madi Leang, UX Researcher

  30. SmartHODL
    SmartHODL delivers the best cryptocurrency trading strategies available to crypto traders and investors on the top crypto trading platforms in the world.

  32. Natürlich Leben
    Natürliches Leben, natürliche Lösungen. Mein täglicher Begleiter ist der Healy, das kleine Frequenzgerät, Frequenztherapie mit individuellen Mikrostromfrequenzen und die reinen, gestesteten, ätherische Öle von Doterra, Hier findes du auch Rezepte mit ätherischen Ölen, Dufktkiste mit Musterproben, Access Bars Kurse, Ac

  34. Rotary Club Moscow International
    Rotary Club Moscow International Russia

  36. Capcap | Photographer Booking Platform
    Capture your magical moment

  38. Dina Norlund Portfolio
    The showcase of Dina Norlund's books, illustrations and other creative projects.

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  40. Weerthof | audio storytelling • podcasts • sounddesign • luisterverhalen • audiotours & -apps
    🎧 Kijken met je oren 👂 Hallo, ik ben Michiel van de Weerthof, die gozer van de podcast GEEL, Het Verblijf & Radio Kras.

  42. e-GUIDE: Electricity Growth and Use in Developing Economies
    Electricity Growth and Use In Developing Economies

  44. Safe Distancing SG 🇸🇬
    The one stop for the latest safe distancing rules in Singapore.

  46. Characterz
    The biggest 3D illustration library in the world. 10,000,000+ combinations of 3D characters.

  48. Ruta al Exilio 2021 – Conoce la historia desde donde ocurrió
    “Ruta al Exilio 2021: Un millar de huellas” es un viaje formativo en el que treinta jóvenes recorrerán, del 15 al 30 de julio, las rutas transpirenaicas del exilio republicano español, desde el Alt Empordà hasta el sureste de Francia, con todos los gastos pagados.

  50. The Scrapyard
    Balmung Goblet Ward 19 Plot 34

  52. :: WebHome ::
    Web System - The Organized Web - Logical X Logic - Power Of The Web - Modern Multi Web Mobile -

  54. - Bounce Back! from a job loss
    After a job loss, it’s hard to know what to do next. Bounce Back! is a step-by-step guide to help you recover and find work you love.

  56. Cobardes y Gallinas - El sabor de los huevos de antes - Huevos a domicilio
    Los huevos de los restaurantes Estrella Michelín - Comprar huevos Cobardes y Gallinas

  58. Magnato
    Socialize, Build and Learn

  60. Dragon's Wonderland
    Come with us down the rabbit hole, fun, and adventure awaits!

  62. Input Games
    Indie board games and RPGs from the nerds @ Input Logic

  64. lightScience - Official Site
    We are building a portable device that will make remote blood testing easier, faster, and cheaper

  66. Movimento CompreDoe
    O Selo CompreDoe certifica que todas as doações realizadas pelas marcas chegam efetivamente até as instituições sociais de forma transparente.

  68. Gigly
    Δημιουργικές δραστηριότητες για παιδιά online!

  70. Troco Solidário | Troco Simples + Polen
    Você sabia que quando escolhe receber seu troco digital, além de todas as vantagens para o consumidor e para o estabelecimento, você ainda está ajudando milhares de projetos sociais em todo o país?

  72. DECARB - We fight climate change
    We are here to help you take action by measuring your greenhouse gas footprint and offering carbon offsets to reach net-zero emissions.

  74. start up! since 2017!
    an introduction page to get to know the boys of golden child ♡ updated: 210129

  76. consolecaito
    A cozy carrd meant for inspiration

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  78. Booxie
    Armazenagem + Aluguel de Caixas

  80. Grow Progress
    Power your communications with the science of persuasion.

  82. Exchange Current
    Limited Offer Fresh Fashion Drops !

  84. MCBuilds
    This is the official site for the Minecraft builds team known as MCBuilds. Our website has a digital store, offering customers quality builds at incredible prices. If you want something made exclusively for your server you can find out how to contact us here.

  86. Halla Tuotanto - Jäätävän hyvä tuotantoyhtiö
    Helsinkiläinen täyden palvelun tuotantoyhtiö, joka erikoistuu elokuvamaisen ja korkealaatuisen audiovisuaalisen sisällön tuottamiseen.

  88. ACS La Hulpe
    Site WEB de l'Amicale des Corps de Sauvetage de La Hulpe
    Author: Francois X LEYTENS

  90. Creative Ways | Kunsthandwerk nach Deinen Wünschen
    Creative Ways | Cornelia Webhofer | Kunsthandwerk nach Deinen Wünschen

  92. You Suck At Producing
    Take your music production skills to the next level. Learn how to make electronic music from a classically trained electronic music producer.

  94. sup
    me (takes a while to load sry)

  96. Jan Richter
    Web developer, QA Engineer and Consultant. PHP, Laravel. Building websites and helping your business since 2012. Check my work and projects.

  98. Grafika pro školy.
    Podporujeme kreativitu v českém školství. Canva for Education. Návody, tipy na grafiku ve škole.

  100. SpaceYurt
    An open-source walled tent for the homeless, buildable for under $500

  102. RCFTA Main Page

  104. Live Your List | App
    The Lifestyle of Living Your Bucket List

  106. Die Impropheten
    Die Impropheten - Die Improtheatergruppe aus Linz in Oberösterreich. Alle Termine | Improschule | Die Impropheten buchen

  108. TGCF
    Info about the novel and all its adaptations

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  110. LightWerx • Web | Print | Media
    Conscious Web, Print & Media Design... "Desire to Inspire"

  112. Co-Inspiration
    Co-Inspiration. Collective Intelligence and Kindness in Action.

  114. Recovery Room 7 Online from Home
    Online Bible based Christian addiction recovery accomplished through specialized, empathetic, uplifting, and compassionate Christian Recovery Life Coaching.

  116. Chatswood Chamber of Commerce
    Improving business opportunities on Sydney's North Shore.

  118. NFT Community
    The NFT Community, as heard on Clubhouse!

  120. Zeldathon
    We produce charity gaming marathons. Over $2.8 million raised.

  122. Snapbreak Games - A new adventure awaits
    We love puzzle games. Publishing games for mobile, PC, and consoles. #Doors, #FarawayGame and #TheAcademy.

  124. Mod Hoarders (copy)
    Gaming, Modding, Character Creation, Game and Mod Reviews, Reactions, Tutorials

  126. André van der Heide
    official website

  128. 38 Expert Medium Writing Tips Course by Dave Schools
    Expert writing tips, strategies, and growth tactics from an experienced Medium pro and new research based on top Medium stories

  130. Fahrradberatung, Bikeberatung, Fahrrad - | Unabhängige Beratung | Unabhängige Fahrradberatung für dein FAHRRAD | FAHRRADTEILE + ZUBEHÖR | FAHRRADAUSRÜSTUNG

  132. ABADÁ Capoeira Brno | Brazilské bojové umění v Brně
    Sportovní klub bojového umění Capoeira nabízející tréninky pro děti a dospělé v centru Brna již od roku 2002. Všichni zájemci o tréninky Capoeiry mají první trénink na zkoušku zdarma! :)
    Author: ABADÁ Capoeira Brno

  134. Treasure Guides by Treasure Union
    Guides and Tutorials by Treasure Union

  136. AWS Community Day, Bay Area, 2021
    A free, full-day conference by and for the AWS community.

  138. Lapynne Illustrations and Live2D Art
    Lapynne's commissions information. ラピンのイラストコミッション情報

  140. Vabasis. Community Architecture.
    Vabasis. Value-based architecture delivering a design service for communities through certainty, creativity, conformity and clarity driven by our social conscience & compassion.

  142. TRW
    The Rune Workshop, elder futhark, smudge wands, wicca, pagan, european, oracle, tarot

  144. Магистерская программа «Юрист в сфере науки и технологий»
    Магистерская программа «Юрист в сфере науки и технологий»

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  146. Trans FAQ
    All of your transgender related questions answered! Learn about what transgender means, what transitioning can be like, trans history, vocabulary, how to be a better ally, and more!

  148. Data Monkey - No more waiting for data at work
    Data Monkey is an AI assistant that makes data more accessible to staff in Government. Ask Data Monkey a question and get answers in seconds. It's as easy as sending a text.