Top 100 alternative sites to

  2. Creative software studio | Binmatter
    We are a skilled team of computer geeks who love technology and video games.

  4. Kosmi
    Watch videos together, play games, or simply chat with friends or strangers all from within your browser!

  6. Kosmi
    Watch videos together, play games, or simply chat with friends or strangers all from within your browser!

  8. GOBAN
    Goban gives you a Go board to use however you want. Play a game with a friend, analyze a position or simply play around with it to your heart's content

  10. - Play draughts online for free. Checkers board game
    From London to Sydney, from New York to Tokio, everybody loves draughts. Called checkers in US and draughts in United Kingdom, this is a board game where you can have as opponents the computer or another person. How to play You can play against computer or with a friend. Each player can move only once. […]

  12. Dog at Home
    Play the DOG board game for free with your friends.

  14. Geek Night
    Geek Night, board games, role-playing games and online accessories store.

  16. Play chess online for free
    Play a game of chess within seconds. Play chess against computer, challenge a friend or find a random opponent simply by one click! No registration or additional download required.

  18. Top Shelf Fun
    Top Shelf Fun was born out of a love of the tabletop gaming hobby. Board games, card games, dice games, and anything that you can play with friends and family around a table.
    Author: Tom Vasel; The Dice Tower

  20. Computer Repair by Friendly Computers
    Friendly Computers is the nation's premier on-site computer repair and computer service company. Why Call A GEEK When You Can Call A FRIEND!
    Author: Diann S

  22. Online sandbox arena for playing board games just like in real life
    Play 1800+ board games online with friends for free

  24. Video Chat Games For Your Party - ThreeOne
    Play video chat games with your friends online. Live interaction with your friends over online meeting lets you play video games and have fun.

  26. MexicanTrain.Online – Play Mexican train online with your friends and family!
    Stay Connected! Play Mexican train online with your friends and loved ones for free! Simply sign in and start a game. Enjoy hours of free, leisurely fun!

  28. Skrebl - online word playing board game
    Play Skrebl - a Scrabble-like board game online with your friends.

  30. Free Games Online at
    Free Games Online. Play computer video games and platform games at A selection of games to play online including board games, puzzles, card games, sports, arcade, kids games and links to other good game sites.

  32. Earn Money By Completing Offers,Surveys And Many More
    Earn Money just by completing simply tasks , Daily with High Paying Surveys,Offers,ref Friends,Playing Games,watch Videos and Downloading Apps and more

  34. Get Started with AtibuxerGPT and PTC platform
    Earn Money just by completing simply tasks , Daily with High Paying Surveys,Offers,ref Friends,Playing Games,watch Videos and Downloading Apps and more

  36. Play Carrom Online I Best Carrom Game I
    Carrom is fun to play game for all ages. A multiplayer game played between family and friends. Play online carrom at Download this Exciting board game now.
    Author: Yoozoo Games

  38. What is online bingo?
    Bingo can be played on gambling websites such as online-casino-za . It is a fun game and can be played among friends. There is a board that has …

    Other sites like knapsu eu

  40. Gaming Geek Dad Plays Video Games : Apex Legends, Neverwinter : San Diego, CA
    Gaming Geek Dad cjdotcom Plays Video Games : Apex Legends, Neverwinter : San Diego, CA
    Author: CJ obo GilbertBusinessSolutions

  42. GG| - Video Game Collection Tracker
    Discover new video games, track your game collection, see what your friends are playing.

  44. Home - Been Boom
    We are designer, creators, artists, and programmers who share the same passion for board games. As experienced creatives, longtime board game players, we believe that board games can bring people together. By providing the most enjoyable playing experience, each of our board games is a product of the hearts and minds of everyone in the company. We make board games because we love board games.

  46. ROMSFOREVER.CO | Download ROMs and ISOs of Nintendo, Playstation, XBOX...
    Play Video Game Roms on your Computer or Phone

  48. ROMSFUN.COM | Download ROMs and ISOs of Nintendo, Playstation, XBOX...
    Play Video Game Roms on your Computer or Phone

  50. Feierabend Crew | 🛋 We believe in couch games 🎮
    Gather all your friends and get ready to play. We create games for people who love a relaxed game night with their friends 🎉

  52. Geekster | Geekster - Toys, Tools and Gadgets for Geeks
    Geekster - Toys, Tools and Gadgets for Nerds & Geeks. We carry retro video games consoles, LED light up stuff, board games, clothing and more geeks!

  54. Zillions of Games -- Unlimited Board Games & Puzzles
    Board games you can play with the computer, other people or over the Internet! Zillions of Games for Windows plays over 300 board games and puzzles. Change rules and add new games. Chess, Checkers, Reversi, Shogi, ...and more.

  56. Forest City Comicon
    London Ontario's celebration of nerd and geek culture featuring costumes, vendors, panels, board games, video game tournaments and more!

  58. VU Bingo
    Come lets play Vu Bingo !!!, An Online Multiplayer Board Game to kill your free time with friends

  60. Board Games and More - Your family friendly board game store
    With a great range of board games on the Sunshine Coast, we'd love to help you find and play your favourite board game today.
    Author: Martin Mutzelburg

  62. Play free games online @
    2,500+ free kids games at now. Cool games that girls & boys simply love to play online!

  64. Free Games
    Free Games Online. Play computer video games: Cards, strategy, puzzles, arcade, board and other free PC games for big kids, boy roms and internet sharks. the spot for online classic games.

  66. Juegos Gratis, sitios de juegos en linea. Video juegos PC online
    Juegos Gratis, Free Games Online. Play computer video games: Cards, arcade, board and other free PC games for big kids, boy roms and internet sharks. the spot for online classic games.

  68. Main Street Board Game Cafe
    Buy Board Games, Play Board Games, After School Events Programs and Camps Family Fun Long Island Beer and Wine Food & Drink, Fun & Friends

  70. Board Game Central - Traditional and Family Board Games
    Board Game Central is one of the web's premier sites for traditional and family board games that you can play with friends, family, or online with people from around the world.

  72. SquareOne – The board game console
    SquareOne, the new board game console created by Wizama, combines board and video games for a brand new way of playing.

  74. Game Academy
    A programme that helps you skill up for life, playing the games that you love.

  76. LudoChat - 5 Things You Should Do For Becoming Ludo Chat Pro
    LudoChat is one of the popular Ludo game which loves by every Ludo lovers play this game and make new friends.

  78. How To Pick Online Casino
    Pick a couple of video games that you feel you will be proficient at. It is not simply enough to understand about the casino video game or how to play. The first tip is to play throughout peak times.
    Author: Wrote By Admin

    What else alternative websites

  80. Board Game Online
    Board Game Online is an incredibly weird multiplayer game. Join the fun and play for free in your browser with friends or strangers! No account required!

  82. Crosswords Arena
    Crosswords Arena is a free word game for two players. Play online against friends or the computer.

  84. Board Games is an online gaming website with many popular game genres. Our goal is simple, easy, and fun. To get started, simply choose any of the games above. There are many games to choose from and you can play on your phone or computer. Enjoy the latest and most exciting game genres today.

  86. The Best Board Game Cafe in Cary & Raleigh - Gamers Geekery & Tavern
    Gamers Geekery & Tavern The First Board Game Cafe in Cary, NC Gamers Geekery & Tavern is a unique gathering spot for friends and family to come together, play and enjoy friendly competition! Come for our massive board game library, video
    Author: Kevin

  88. Welcome - Play different.™ | Days of Wonder
    Days of Wonder publishes top-quality board and card games. Our name is derived from the sense of wonder that we all had as children, when we first fell in love with playing games.

  90. Welcome - Sogon Security
    My name is Chris Humphries, and some of my hacker friends call me "sog". This is my personal website where I will blog about hacking and security research work. I am a geek enjoying doing geeky things with computers.
    Author: Chris Humphries

  92. Play Now is an io rhythm game where you can create games out of YouTube videos and play with your friends!
    Author: @Theniggachin

  94. Play Free Board Games Online
    Play board games in your browser for free. Compete against your online friends or play locally. Free and open-source software project.

  96. Othello Game - Play Othello online
    Othello is a multiplayer board game based on the popular game Reversi. On this website you can play Othello by yourself or compete with a friend.

  98. Free online pc games, play computer flash games, mochi games @
    Free online pc games, play computer flash games, new action games, adventure games , board games @ Free Online Pc Games

  100. Pente Net - play Pente now!
    Play Pente with friends anywhere in the world. Pente Net provides the board, stones, rules, and game system for you.

  102. Repos Production
    Time's Up!, 7 Wonders, Just One, Concept... Discover all the board games from Repos Production to play with your family or friends!

  104. 247 Checkers
    Play checkers with the computer or with friends in this free, no sign-in required, easy to use, classic Checkers game!

  106. Barrie Game Exchange |Video Games & Geek Culture Trade Show | Ontario
    Barrie Game Exchange Canada's Largest & Longest Running Video Game & Geek Culture Trade Show featuring Video Games, Artist, Vintage Toys, Action Figures, Table Top & Board-games and so much more!!!

  108. Canasta: Play the card game online or against the PC
    Play Canasta on your computer. The popular card game Canasta offers an exciting challenge. If you like games like Solitaire and Hearts, you'll enjoy Canasta too! You can play against the computer, or play a friend online over the Internet

  110. home - Middle-earth Games
    Middle-earth Strategic Gaming is a hybrid computer game / board game / MMO based on J.R.R.Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings | MEPBM play by mail

  112. The Gaming Geek's Blog | Video Games and Other Geek Stuff
    I'm a geek who enjoys Nintendo video games, superhero movies especially Marvel movies, Japanese anime, TV shows, board games, and others.
    Author: Gerard Sto Tomas

  114. Crucible Gaming Group – RPGs, Board Games, Geek Things
    Crucible Gaming is the result of a group of friends with an avid interest in RPGs, Board Games, Video Games and other geeky hobbies deciding to organize all of

  116. Board Game Junkies - All board games, All the time
    Board game reviews, video game reviews, puzzle reviews and more! Helping you find the perfect game for you and your family and friends.
    Author: Board Game Junkie

  118. Multiplayer Chess • Free Online Chess
    Play chess online against a computer opponent or a friend, multiplayer. Improve your skills - Play free Chess - Chess game online.

    Other websites similar as

  120. npio :: Get connected.
    Loved mig33? You will love npio. Share gifts, play games, make new friends and have lot of fun. Join now.

  122. Multiplayer Checkers Draughts • Free Online Checkers
    Play Checkers online against a computer opponent or a friend, multiplayer. Improve your skills - Play free Checkers - Checkers game online, Play Draughts Online.

  124. Multiplayer Domino • Free Online Domino
    Play Dominoes online against a computer opponent or a friend, multiplayer. Improve your skills - Play free Domino - Domino game online, Play Dominoes Online.

  126. Video Game News and Reviews - GameDom
    Gamedom delivers the latest comprehensive video game news and video game reviews. Gamedom brings you closer to the video games you play and love.
    Author: Ben Kemp

  128. Home |
    Just an ordinary developer who loves coding, guitar playing, video games and dragons

  130. Video Gamer Dating | Single Video Gamers
    You love playing games and we love playing games - so come and meet our many single video gamers! Come and check out our many singles tonight and find yourself a new gaming partner!, Video Gamer Dating
    Author: Video Gamer Dating

  132. Hardwood Games - card and board games Home
    The home of great card and board games. Its the best place to play your favorite classic games with friends and family. But don't take our word for it, pick a game below and have fun!

  134. Fanaticus Board Games™! Your Friendly Local Board Game Store!
    Your Friendly Local Board Game Store! Friendly staff, good service, great coffee! Play your games with new friends or discover new favourites!

  136. LazyFrog Game
    Welcome to LazyFrog Game, We have a huge collection of fun games for you. Play them with your friends and have fun. Dare, Relation Finder, Love Calculator, Friendship Calculator, etc.

  138. Gather Together Games
    Find video tutorials and written explanations to a variety of games. Learn how to play card games, dice games, tile games, board games, and more.

  140. Boardgames and videogames | I Play'd It
    I Play'd It is a price comparison website for board games, video games and anything that you can play. Find the best prices for your favourite games.

  142. IndiOdyssey Coaching | Helping You Find &ForgeYour Own Path
    Author: Gaylelawrence

  144. Ignite Your Power: Unmasking the Five Faces of Anger by Eve Dyer
    Ignite Your Power: Unmasking the Five Faces of Anger by Eve Dyer Clinical Psychologist, Di Fingleton, Robert King, Domestic Violence, DV, emotional abuse, bullying, manipulation, anxiety, depression, stress, assertiveness, power, ignite, trauma, self doubt, anger, aggression, self harm

  146. Senju Notary | Kay Manabe | North Vancouver
    Notary Public Real Estate Conveyance Mortgage Notarization Wills Powers of Attorney Representation Agreements, 日本語ノータリーサービス
    Author: Theo Matheou

  148. Mifo | Meedenkers in financiële oplossingen

  150. Home - Scuba Bikers Bonaire
    Home: Rent a Motorcycle or discover Bonaire by joining a guided tour. Harley Davidson, Yamaha, Suzuki and Triumph. Guided tours in English, German and Dutch.
    Author: CHN

  152. Original Only | Uitleganimaties in 1 week voor €997,-
    Uitleganimaties van Original Only maken je boodschap glashelder in enkele minuten. Wij leveren in 1 week voor maar €997,-. Plan vandaag je briefing in.
    Author: Willem Ammeraal

  154. MORILLO DE TOU. Camping y bungalows en Aínsa.
    Morillo de Tou, Centro de Vacaciones en el Pirineo. Camping y Bungalows en Aínsa. También disponemos de hoteles y apartamentos. Ideal familias.

  156. Rubens Tuinen | Hoveniersbedrijf
    Author: Guus Krot; Harry van Os

  158. Forside - Stine Bo - Multimediedesigner
    Stine Bo, uddannet multimediedesigner, arbejder med webdesign, grafisk design, online marketing og kommunikation. Hvis du vil vide mere, så kig ind
    Author: - Nadia Nadim

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    1000shoes, Vluchtelingen in Duinkerke hebben loopgraafvoeten. Daarom willen we nieuwe schoenen kopen en de versleten schoenen het verhaal laten doen in Brussel

  162. Home | In de Spotlight met FiZZLEDZ ledverlichting
    FiZZLEDZ is gespecialiseerd in het vervangen van uw conventionele verlichting in energiezuinige LED-verlichting.✓energiebesparing✓Minder Onderhoud✓Minder CO2 uitstoot✓Beter voor Milieu
    Author: Admin

  164. TW.Solutions | Especialistas en Teletrabajo
    Author: Roberto Ballon

  166. Welkom bij F€®®Y Tekent | De Tekenende Accountant!
    Uw verhaal of bijeenkomst ook visueel maken? Ontdek de kracht en het effect van visualisatie door De Tekenende Accountant in te schakelen!

  168. Kávé webshop - Rendeljen kávét online! - KAVE-DISZKONT.HU
    Rendeljen online kávét webshopunkból. A KAVE-DISZKONT.HU webáruházban kedvező árak mellet válogathat szélesz választékbó. Közismert márkák & Kézműves kávék.

  170. Gîte Durbuy, la Ferme au pré charmant Durbuy - Grandhan
    Gîte Durbuy, aux portes de l'Ardenne, Grandhan est un petit village tranquille dans la vallée de l'Ourthe, à 5 km de Durbuy. Au coeur du village, une ferme du 19ème siècle accueille 3 hébergements totalement indépendants. Ces gîtes à la ferme vous permettent de goûter au plaisir d'un séjour en famille ou entre amis
    Author: Emmanuël-Nathalie Delfosse-Pirard

  172. Olga Rosi Photography | Wedding and Family Photographer in the Algarve
    Algarve wedding, engagement and family photographer - Olga Rosi. Based in Vilamoura, Portugal.
    Author: Chandni; Jordan

  174. atc la lumière et le son
    Installée depuis 30 ans en Moselle, la société ATC vous accompagne dans tous vos projets. Découvrez nos locaux, notre matériel et ce que nous proposons.

  176. Brand Advocacy for Hotels, Hotel Digital Marketing
    The Brand Mix enables hotels to establish all-encompassing, effective, marketing campaigns by engaging guests and the social media channels that they rely on

  178. Trastorno del Espectro Autista Mesa de Ocaña | Trastorno del Espectro Autista Mesa de Ocaña
    Trastorno del Espectro Autista Mesa de Ocaña. Asociación dedicada a defender los intereses de las personas diagnosticadas con TEA/TGD y sus familias.

  180. Euripole Business Center Sens - Euripole
    Author: Pascal Carlot

  182. Home : Vineyard Cottages
    Author: Sarah; David; Robert

  184. Des Hedel | De gezelligste Fanfare uit Hedel

  186. Expert career advice Career Clinic Auckland New Zealand
    Whether you’re looking to gear up your own career or better engage with your people, Career Clinic New Zealand can help. Get expert career advice.
    Author: Chris

  188. Harris Dental - Your Family Friendly Esperance Dentist
    Harris Dental, your family friendly Esperance dentist, has been providing quality oral care and dental treatments in Esperance for over 20yrs.

  190. Bílá Růžekt svatební salon – svatební salon svatební šaty společenské šaty

  192. Asociación Chilena de Derecho de la Salud | Asociación Chilena de Derecho de la Salud
    Author: ACHDS

  194. Mundeshwari Group | Best Real estate developers in Patna
    Mundeshwari is being hailed as the best real estate company in Bihar with its root spread all over the entire city in construction and development Projects.
    Author: Mr Sanjay Singh

  196. Digital Clack | Digital Marketing and Web Design Company In Lagos
    Author: Sheriff Fakunle Ekundayo

  198. Home - Oro-Suites
    Aromas and hospitality of Syros are tied to the luxury of the new hotel Oro – Suites. Featuring 5 lavishly designed Suites, Oro offers the perfect place..