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  2. Sustainable, Connected and Livable Cities | Smart Cities Dive
    Smart Cities Dive provides in-depth journalism and analysis into the most impactful news and trends shaping smart cities. We cover the latest trends on sustainable, connected, and livable cities.

  4. Shared Mobility Principles for Livable Cities
    The 10 Shared Mobility Principles for Livable Cities, produced by a working group of international NGOs, are designed to guide urban decision-makers and stakeholders toward the best outcomes for all in the transition to new mobility options.

  6. Livability
    Livability - a new name but an experienced team!

  8. Livable Software - Building software worth using. Making sure it's sustainable
    We all want to live in a livable city. Push for livable software as well. In our current information society both are equally important.
    Author: Jordi Cabot

  10. Bike Walk Wichita – Transforming Wichita into a more livable, accessible, connected city by making biking and walking safe, equitable, and a
    Transforming Wichita into a more livable, accessible, connected city by making biking and walking safe, equitable, and appealing.

  12. Livability
    Livability showcases America's best places to live, covering research-driven topics about communities around the country through engaging stories, photography and video.

  14. Center for a Livable Future
    The Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future—working toward a healthy, equitable, resilient food system.

  16. Home - Livable
    Livable makes our mission simple, provide a simple way to recover rising utility costs, increase net operating income, and build a community around conservation.
    Author: Dan Trujillo

  18. City of Clinton
    Designated as a Mississippi Main Street City, a Mississippi Most Livable City, and a Certified Retirement City, Clinton is truly Mississippi’s family city and one of the premier cities in the state of Mississippi. Clinton is consistently rated as Mississippi's third safest City.

  20. Livabl - Know more, live better
    Livabl publishes real estate market news and home design tips and trends for homebuyers and homeowners.
    Author: Michelle McNally

  22. Livable Nashua
    We encourage you to explore resilience and sustainability in Nashua virtually during this time. For more information on the official response to the pandemic, please visit has laid the foundation for a more livable community through promoting renewable energy, managing stormwater, and protecting natural areas. This dashboard pulls all this information into one place so that Nashua residents and businesses can understand how we track our progress and can actively engage in setting goals and taking action towards a more livable future.

  24. Tony Valente, North Vancouver City Councillor
    Bringing fresh and community-focused ideas to a more livable City of North Vancouver
    Author: Tony Valente

  26. CLRC — Arvada News and Commentary | Citizens for a Livable Ralston Community
    Citizens for a Livable Ralston Community
    Author: Ralstoncommunity

  28. Designing Visually Accessible Cities - Designing Visually Accessible Cities
    Consider how cities can be designed to creative more inclusive and livable spaces from the perspective of low vision and blindness.

  30. The Weekly Nabe | On Brooklyn neighborhoods, urban exploration, and livable streets.
    On Brooklyn neighborhoods, urban exploration, and livable streets.
    Author: Keith Williams

  32. Creating lovely, livable homes.
    Specializing in affordable, attainable and livable design solutions through E-Design services. Follow along for design inspiration, decorating tips, tricks and talk of the latest trends!
    Author: Happy Holidays

  34. About Us - Livable Places Consulting
    Livable Places Consulting is a public interest consulting firm focused on providing technical assistance, policy research and strategic planning to foundations, nonprofit organizations, local governments and public-private partnerships in support of livable communities, including creating great places to live, work and shop near transit, with walkable streets, efficient transportation solutions, resulting in more choices and cleaner air. Our mission […]

  36. Livable Landscapes Design & Construction Brisbane 
    Livable Landscapes offers turn key premium landscaping solutions in Brisbane. We provide comprehensive range of residential landscape design & construction
    Author: Rachel

  38. Leaders for Livable Communities – Local Government Commission
    LGC connects innovative leaders from across the nation, advances transformative policies and implements innovative solutions for livable communities.

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  40. Home | Saint Paul, Minnesota
    The most livable city in America

  42. MDC Architects - Quality of Space & Livability Perth Architecture
    Fremantle based Architecture practice led by Matt Delroy-Carrwith, focusing on quality of space and livability in architectural design.

  44. Zero waste | Plastic free | Online store | Livable Planet | India
    To make our Planet Livable again, we bring you Zero waste online shop with Chemical free, Bamboo products , Vegan, Sustainable fashion, Organic, and Plastic free product. Shop Planet friendly with Livable Planet.

  46. Livable yachts, floating islands and blue development | Arkup
    Arkup, next-generation floating house, rethinks life on the water with its livable yachts, floating islands, communities, and eco-resorts.

  48. Adar Poonawalla Clean City Initiative
    Pune is the first city to adopt the Adar Poonawalla Clean City. While this is a first step towards achieving the vision of making cities livable, the Movement's long term goal is to ensure that more and more cities adopt this movement and Urban India becomes cleaner, greener, healthier and happier.
    Author: Adar Poonawalla Clean City

  50. Home - Chandigarh Smart City
    Chandigarh is amongst the 13 cities selected in second round of smart city challenge under Government of India’s (GoI) Smart Cities Mission to implement the smart city program. With a vision to become a vibrant and unique regional center, Chandigarh is envisaged to become leader in livability, sustainability, equality, and innovation with the various proposed Area Based Development (ABD) and PAN city projects to be implemented as part of Smart City.

  52. Transforming Cities into Urban Farms | Wicking Garden Beds | Biofilta
    We are innovators. We use clever design and engineering to build sustainable, livable and edible cities. Check out our latest wicking garden beds.

  54. Integrating Mobility and Land-Use | Moving in a Livable Region | Metro Vancouver
    The stakeholder consortium from across Metro Vancouver coming together to improve mobility and land-use planning to create a more livable region.

  56. Departments
    Focusing on everything that makes Eugene one of the "most livable cities in America"

  58. Events, Entertainment, Community Development: Charlotte, NC
    The vision of Charlotte Center City Partners is a viable, livable & sustainable city with modern infrastructure, great neighborhoods & thriving businesses.

  60. kwnaradio - Homes, livable houses, reviews, share house ideas, gardens, garden ideas, garden ideas and healthy homes.
    Homes, livable houses, reviews, share house ideas, gardens, garden ideas, garden ideas and healthy homes.
    Author: Bananaclub

  62. City Manual, City Information, City Guide, Citymanual, City Maps, City Yellowpages, City Directory, City Classifieds, City Shopping, City Tr
    City Manual, City Information, City Guide, Citymanual, City Maps, City Yellowpages, City Directory, City Classifieds, City Shopping, City Travel, City Real Estates, City News, City Guide, City Tourism, City Info Guide, City Manual
    Author: Webmaster In

  64. Home - City Center West Orange (CCWO)
    Our mission at City Center West Orange is to create a human-scale community with a livable, walkable downtown core designed to foster an improved quality of life for all of our residents. Visit our real estate development in Ocoee, FL at the Intersection of Luxury & Convenience.

  66. Riverworks – Placemaking Lab for Livable Cities

  68. Home | International Making Cities Livable

  70. In Livable Cities is Preservation of the Wild | Drupal

  72. GREENPASS® | enabling livable cities

  74. Home
    Dance is an e-bike subscription service founded with the purpose of positively impacting health, sustainability and livable cities.

  76. 株式会社不動産情報社 - Long Livable - 永く、快適な暮らしを。-
    Long Livable - 永く、快適な暮らしを。-

  78. REPLICA HQ - See Your City Better
    Replica is a data platform for the built environment. We empower decision-makers to plan more resilient, equitable, and livable places.

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  80. City to City Moving - City to City Moving
    This Online City Moving Cost Calculator will assist you in calculating the cost of moving house from city to city.

  82. Living With Water
    The Urban Water Plan addresses groundwater and stormwater as critical factors in shaping a safe, livable, and beautiful city.

  84. City of Morgan City
    City of Morgan City, Louisiana.

  86. City of California City
    City of California City Website

  88. Welcome to FDA City City with in a City
    FDA City Deals in sale and purchase of Plots in FDA City Faisalabad

  90. Belize City - Belize City | Belize City Vacations | Belize City Sell Offs | Belize City Hotels | Belize City Flights | Belize City Tours | B
    Belize City, Belize City Vacations,Belize City Sell Offs,Belize City Hotels,Belize City Flights,Belize City Tours,Belize City Cheap Tickets

  92. City City ® • City City Inc.
    City City ® is an Internet Media Company. Online publishers of World-Class Travel and Tourism websites. Internet City Guides and Geo sites.

  94. Any city. Your city | CityMe
    Any city. Your city.

  96. Livable
    We verbinden design, industrie en gemeenschappen door het belang te onderstrepen van elke materiaalkeuze en menselijke inbreng rond een object.

  98. Community Solutions Portal
    The Portal, part of Future Cities Canada’s Community Solutions Network, is a platform for the resources, tools and connections needed to build more inclusive, livable communities within the smart cities landscape.

  100. City of Elk City, Oklahoma
    City of Elk City, Oklahoma. City Government Website. Elk City has always been a shining example of western hospitality.

  102. Bengalheritage – Oh Calcutta ! The city of Joy, city of palaces, city with a soul
    Oh Calcutta ! The city of Joy, city of palaces, city with a soul

  104. Livable Cities Forum 2020 | ICLEI Canada

  106. City Chain (CITY) - Blockchain for Smart Cities
    Learn about the City Chain, the foundation for the Smart City Platform. Install City Hub, which is your portal into the platform for modern citizens.

  108. City of Culver City
    The official website for the City of Culver City located in Los Angeles county in California, USA. Find City services, news and events and contact information.

  110. Home - City of Overland Park, Kansas
    A Livability, Niche and Wallethub best place to live. See why more than 200,000 people call Overland Park a great place to live, work, and play.

  112. Thule City - City
    Author: Károly

  114. Civic Ecology | Ecology of the city, for the city
    Ecology of the city, for the city

  116. The City of Rapid City South Dakota
    City of Rapid City
    Author: Derek Olson

  118. Boyne City Michigan | City of Boyne City - City of Boyne City
    The City of Boyne City is committed to working with the community to provide ethical and responsible local government so everyone can enjoy the benefits of living and working in Boyne City in beautiful Northern Michigan.

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  120. Mackinaw City | Mackinaw City Michigan
    Mackinaw City Information your guide to Mackinaw City Hotels, Mackinaw City Events and attractions in Mackinaw City Michigan.

  122. City Channel 4 - Government Access Television from the City of Iowa City
    City Channel 4 is the video source for the City of Iowa City.

  124. SIMLAND :: Sim City, Cities Skyline The Sims, Cities XL
    Micro nation virtuelle dédiée à Sim City, Cities Skyline, The Sims, Cities XL
    Author: Djay; Maël et hiphip

  126. SIMLAND :: Sim City, Cities Skyline The Sims, Cities XL
    Micro nation virtuelle dédiée à Sim City, Cities Skyline, The Sims, Cities XL
    Author: Djay; Maël et hiphip

  128. This Is My City
    This is My City is a show about what cities mean to the people who live in them.

  130. Carson City Plumbers | Carson City Plumbing, Carson City NV
    Carson City, a directory of Carson City Plumbers offering wide range of Carson City Plumbing Services for residential Carson City plumbing and commercial Carson City plumbing in Carson City, Nevada.

  132. Gensler Architecture and Design - architecture and design
    Personal insights and opinions from Gensler's global experts on how design innovation makes cities more livable, work smarter, and leisure more engaging.

  134. Ring-Ring® Fietsers zijn goud waard!
    The bicycle is a simple solution to some of the world's complicated problems Climate | Health | Public Space | Livable cities | Local Economy | Inclusion
    Author: Janine

  136. Hotel CITY Pardubice | HOTEL CITY
    HOTEL CITY | Hotel CITY Pardubice
    Author: E-WORKS CZ

  138. SUMANI MAMA - Nėštumo ir vaiko priežiūros vadovas
    Nėštumo ir vaiko priežiūros vadovas

  140. TZ Club France - La passion de la mythique Yamaha TZ
    TZ Club France : Association rassemblant les propriétaires de Yamaha de course 2 temps type TZ.
    Author: Bruno MINGRET

  142. Bibliocook – All About Food – Award-winning blog of Irish food writer and broadcaster Caroline Hennessy.
    Author: Caroline

  144. Anew Traveller - See the world Anew
    See the world Anew

  146. Стилното - Мода, Козметика, Здраве...
    Стилни и красиви
    Author: Мариана Димитрова

  148. Lean Production ⋆ Haciendo más con menos
    Haciendo más con menos
    Author: Lean Promotor

  150. Conspiracy Archive – Secret Societies, Cryptocracy and Deep Politics
    Author: Generalfeldmarschall von Hindenburg

  152. Andreea Palici - Despre marketing, idei si experiente.
    Blog Personal in care vei gasi intamplari cu si despre branduri, idei traznite, analize de campanii, ganduri diverse si povestioare cu talc.

  154. Justrandomthings - lyrics reviews and song meanings
    Welcome to JustRandomThings where we discuss all things music. From the latest releases to the classics from the past, music reviews, lyrics breakdowns, and song meanings.

  156. Hermandad de la Sangre de Cristo de Zaragoza – Muy Ilustre, Antiquísima y Real Hermandad de la Preciosísima Sangre de Nuestro Señor Jesucris

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  158. NC Arquitectura. Rehabilitación, sostenibilidad y eficiencia energética.
    Project Management y Gestión inmobiliaria
    Author: Nicolas Carazo

  160. - Kennis en inspiratie
    Ruim Begrip - Online kennis en informatiebron. Lees meer over Geschiedenis, Natuur & Klimaat, Cultuur & Samenleving, Technologie, Astronie & Ruimtevaart, Lichaam & gezondheid.
    Author: Yves

  162. The Fanboy SEO - Popculture, Tech and Lifestyle in the Speed of Light
    Popculture, Tech and Lifestyle in the Speed of Light
    Author: Fanboy SEO

  164. Tiny Homes Digest - дома на колесах и маленькие дома | проекты и обзоры
    Проекты и обзоры, маленькие дома, дома на колесах, загородные дома, дома на воде и дачи.
    Author: Tiny Homes

  166. Diocesi di Chiavari -
    Author: Admin

  168. NFV – Kreis Nordharz – Bei uns dreht sich alles um Fußball
    Bei uns dreht sich alles um Fußball

  170. Puce et Média – Recherche et développement
    Author: Birnou

  172. Quentinweb : le numérique pour tous -
    Site officiel de QuentinWeb : Espace de formation Informatique et d'accès libre gratuit pour les habitants de Saint Quentin et de sa Communauté d’Agglomération. (02100)
    Author: Quentinwebstq

  174. miasto Ł
    łódzka gazeta społeczna

  176. miasto Ł
    łódzka gazeta społeczna

  178. – Aby jeździć na motocyklu nie wystarczy mieć benzynę we krwi, trzeba mieć jeszcze olej w głowie!
    Aby jeździć na motocyklu nie wystarczy mieć benzynę we krwi, trzeba mieć jeszcze olej w głowie!
    Author: Drfugazi

    Los Ángeles en Internet

  182. Rene Vorndran
    Homepage von Rene Springmann - Programmierer und Hobbyphotograph
    Author: Rene Vorndran

  184. Food Reviews and Experiences by Rohit Dassani | A Gastronomical Journey
    A Gastronomical Journey

  186. urban bohemian
    Dilettante, gadabout, ne'er do well, etc...
    Author: Brian Gray

  188. Bem Auto Soluções Automotivas | (48) 3241-0044 / 3035-2244 / 9 9987-3075
    (48) 3241-0044 / 3035-2244 / 9 9987-3075
    Author: Bem Auto

  190. AI Marketing Spot | Explore AI implications for digital marketing
    Explore AI implications for digital marketing

  192. La discothèque de l'amateur – There is more to life than music… but not much more
    Author: Frédéric Duton

    Çekilişler ve Kazananlar
    Author: Ahmet Selman

  196. Media Geeks - Everyone's A Critic
    Games, Films and Nerd stuff
    Author: Matthew Kennedy