Top 100 alternative sites to

  2. Geekyard - Technology,Blogging,Computer Hacks
    Its a Technical Geek Site covering Blogging, Windows hacks, Linux, How to, Tech Updates and Photoshop Tutorials.

  4. Crack It Down Learn Ethical Hacking & More
    Crack It Down is a blog that talks about technologies. We cover about Ethical Hacking, Kali Linux Tutorial, New & Upcoming Technologies.
    Author: Admin

  6. CrackAppz
    This Blog about Technology, Windows, Softwares, Games, Apps, Linux, Tutorials, Education, Android, iOS,iPhone, Jailbreak, News.

  8. Learn and Share
    A blog about Linux,Unix,Windows and Networking problems and solutions
    Author: Judge Hawk

  10. Tech learning
    A blog about Technical knowledge and mostly .NET related technologies.
    Author: Visit profile

  12. Linux Tips, Tricks and Tutorials
    Linuxize is a Linux Sysadmin and DevOps blog that publishes articles and tutorials about server operations, new techniques and Linux security.

  14. PCs Place - Tips & Tricks | Tutorials | Web 2.0 | Software
    A Tech Blog with News, Reviews on Software, Web Applications and Tutorials, Tips and Tricks about Apple, Windows, Linux and Technology, Computers and Internet.

  16. Ryan Merritt's Information Technology Blog
    Blog about Linux Scripting Mac OS X Windows and Technology

    Blog Tutorial For Linux & Windows

  20. Bauer-Power Media
    Bauer-Power is a technology blog talking about free software, linux, windows, apple, hacking, freeware, open source, and other geeky goodness.

  22. Live to Learn! - Tech News, How-Tos, Tutorials, Programming Resources
    Computers & Internet, Easy Tutorials, Windows, Linux Tips n Tricks, Programming Resources, Sample Programs, Discussions, Blogs, Govt. Jobs, Competitive Examinations, Study Materials

  24. Blog | IT Network
    Amazing blog about Information Technology. Regular Publisher of Technology News, Tutorials, Smartphone, How to, Review & More.
    Author: Unknown

  26. Home - Whatsay
    Whatsay is a blog that publishes articles and tutorials about server operations, new techniques about various technologies.

  28. Technologies you should learn to love
    Finnish Microsoft technology architect blogging about Microsoft technologies and tools.
    Author: Panu

  30. DotNet Guide Technical Blog
    DotNet Guide is technical blog containing Guides, Tutorials, Programming, Technical News focusing on ASP.Net, Java, Windows, Android & other latest technology.
    Author: John Bhatt

  32. We love to Create, Develop, Learn and Share - Appophile
    Mobile development tutorials on major platform such as Android and Apple Platform. Interview Preparation , Training , one to one technical support.
    Author: Pawan Kumar

  34. TeknoCrash
    Websites About Technological Developments, Tutorials, Windows Android Linux Information and Free Full Version Software Downloads
    Author: Drajat Ari

  36. Techzost
    How-to’s, Tutorials, Reviews on everything about Technology, Internet, SEO, Software, Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, Android, Smartphone etc...
    Author: Ramakrishna

  38. Learn Linux
    A free technical blog site for learning Linux, Networking & security. Its a place to find easy to follow technical guides and articles to make learning easy and interesting.

    Other sites like lovetolearn in

  40. youresuchageek
    Blog about various Technical and computing Tips, Tricks, Howto, tutorials for Linux, Opensource, Ubuntu, Debian, XBMC, Apache...
    Author: Unknown

  42. DIMPost - Technology Blog
    A blog about various types of tips and tricks, tutorial about Internet tools, Blogger, Windows, Technological, Educational etc.
    Author: Shuvojit Das

  44. TricksMash | Latest Tech Tips, Tricks and Tutorials
    TricksMash is the web's destination for Latest Technology Tips, Tricks and Tutorials on Android, Blogging, SEO, Software, Windows, Linux, Security etc.
    Author: Anil Singh

  46. OSTechNix - Open Source | Technology | Linux And Unix
    OSTechNix publishes the latest news, how-to articles, tutorials and tips & tricks about free and opensource software, technology, Linux and Unix.
    Author: Karthick

  48. Technical Next - Hindi & English
    Technical Next - This Blog About Technology Post,Android Tips & Tricks,Android Studio Tutorials,And Many More
    Author: Shivank

  50. Swissen : Wanna Learn More , Video Learning
    Easy Learning with videos, Photoshop videos,Php HD Video Tutorial, video of Linux installation, Windows xp, Windows 7, Virtual Machines- Working and Installation,Notes and Projects Electronics Engineering and Information Technology Topics with specific details.

  52. Tech Guide that Matters - PremiumInfo
    Premiuminfo is a one stop destination for complete Tech guides, Tricks and Tutorials on newly Emerging Technologies about Windows, Android, iOS, Linux.
    Author: Durai Jiiva

  54. PCMobiTech - Howto Technology & Tutorials
    A How to Tutorials and Technology Blog. Here, we publish PC (Windows, Mac, Software), Smartphone (Android, Apps, iOS), Gadgets, and Internet related technology articles.
    Author: Pramod Kumar

  56. StackInk
    StackInk is a blog for developers, which publishes how-to articles, guides, tutorials, tips & tricks about Linux, Server Maintenance, Operations, Security, and Development.

  58. ServerKaKa
    A Technical Blog for System Administrator's How to guides, tutorials, Linux DevOps Tutorial, Scripting tutorials, IT news, Tips and Tricks.
    Author: Subhash Vadadoriya

  60. Technical Speaks Blogs - The Complete Learning Platform is officially blog website of Technical Speaks. You can get here free online tutorials & blogs on technologies like Java, Android, SEO, Web Design
    Author: Kannu

  62. APDaga DumpBox : The Thirst for Learning...
    The free tutorial blog about learning Technical - IoT (Arduino, Rasberry Pi), ML, AI, Data Science & Finance, Investment knowledge with videos & codes
    Author: Akshay Daga APDaga

  64. TutoBlog » Tutorials And Guides For Newbie
    A tutorial blog on technology, windows, linux, web, server, computer, centos, redhat, ubuntu, wordpress, woocommerce and other web development issues and fix.

  66. Linoxide - Linux Tutorials & Tips
    Linoxide is a blog website that publishes the World's best quality Linux tutorials and tips by a team of Linux experts.
    Author: Bobbin Zachariah

  68. MimasTech - Linux Technical Blog & Services
    Mimastech - Linux Technical Blog, Services, Tutorials, Full Solutions, Tips and Tricks.

  70. Hacker's King - Learn Ethical Hacking in free
    Learn Free Ethical Hacking Linux tutorials, Termux tutorials, Android tricks, Windows tricks, Free Mod Software.
    Author: Mohit Saran

  72. Home - ITechonicS
    ITechonicS - Blog publishes articles, tutorials, vedios and resourses about the latest information technology trends, techniques, and new possibilities.

  74. How To Get Rid Of Spam Comments In WordPress | Setup Akismet FREE Anti-Spam WordPress Plugin
    All about Technology & Blogging Tutorials
    Author: Admin

    This blog share useful web sites, windows softwrae , linux tips & tricks, free open source tools, linux tutorials, system administration, configuration.
    Author: Nadun Ranaweera

    Welcome to TECHmarC, a Home Assistant and Information Technology blog dedicated to bringing you tutorials on Home Assistant as well as guides, tutorials and technical documenation for various technologies including; Windows 10, SCCM, Office365, Sophos UTM and much more.
    Author: Marc

    What else alternative websites

  80. TechBrackets - For Tech and Programming Geeks
    TechBrackets is a leading source of technology news and programming tutorials. We talk about Windows, Linux, Gaming, Android, macOS, Security, tips, tricks & more.

  82. Serverlab -
    Serverlab is a blog dedicated to writing Linux, OSX, and Windows tutorials for operations and DevOps.
    Author: Shane Rainville

  84. :: Linux | Security | Networking | Admin Blog
    Technical admin blog about Linux, Security, Networking and IT.
    Author: Tomas Nevar

  86. Learn OS Programming Online with the System Code Geeks
    OS developers resource center. Windows, Linux news, tutorials, code examples and snippets, articles and more.
    Author: Ilias Tsagklis

  88. iTechCube- Blogging Guides, WordPress Tutorials, Tech Solutions
    iTechCube is Technical Guides and Tutorials Blog. Publish WordPress Tutorials, Blogging Guides, Online Money making Ideas, SEO Guides, Internet Solutions, etc
    Author: Abhay Pratap Singh; Itechcube- Blogging Guides; WordPress Tutorials; Tech Solutions

  90. Komputer Tutorials
    Komputer Tutorials adalah blog yang mebahas cara belajar, tutorial, dan tips trik komputer Windows, Ubuntu Linux, dan Tutorial Microsoft Office
    Author: Komputer Tutorials

  92. Catatan Bro Ari
    Blog terlengkap tentang tutorial internet, web, hack tutorial, e-learning, blogspot, jaringan komputer, program, tutorial game, windows, linux
    Author: Ari

  94. The Fanman Show - Tech Blog
    The Fanman Show – A Technology Blog about SEO, SEM, SMO, Windows, Android, iOS apps tutorials and how to make money with blogging through Google Adsense.
    Author: Imran Chandio

  96. We Tech-Geeks
    We Tech-Geeks is a blog by-shubham singh, about free softwares,cracks,serials,keygens,pc tutorials,pc tweaks &tricks on windows and ubuntu os etc.
    Author: Shubham Singh

  98. Alok Garia
    A blog about tips and tutorials of technology
    Author: Alok Garia

  100. /home/zero
    Blog about Linux, Windows and the World around.
    Author: Beitragsautor Von zero

  102. Tutorials, Design Ideas, Programming and Technology
    Blog about technology, tutorials, programming, inspiration and technology.

  104. TechMeSpot-How to Guides & Tech Tutorials
    TechMeSpot is a place to find Tutorials related to Technology, How to Guides, Windows, Linux, Wordpress & Much More,
    Author: TechMeSpot

  106. Carbon Blog
    A blog about Computer, Software, Windows, Tutorial, and Blogger
    Author: Unknown

  108. AutomationTalks - Learn Automation Testing is a platform to learn automation testing, Technological blog for automation testing tutorials, Selenium Tutorial, TOSCA Tutorial

  110. Learn To Blog | Learn How to Blog Successfully
    In depth Blogging tutorials that will walk you through everything there is to know about building a successful and profitable blog.
    Author: Author Bradley Will

  112. Syiainfoku
    Blog Info Mengenai Tutorial, Windows, Linux, Android, Programming, Serta Seputar Otaku. Yang Bermanfaat Tentunya.

  114. ITSLOT.DE | Ein IT Blog
    Anleitungen für Windows und Linux Systeme. Tutorials für Blogs. Tipps für Internet-Services auf ITSLOT.DE
    Author: Sergej Friesen

  116. Tech2Hack — HowTo Guides, Hacking Tutorials & More Tech.
    Hacking, Android, Tech, Tutorials, Blogging, SEO, Linux, Windows, How-To, Internet & many more.

  118. Desinerd is a blog about technology. We love to blog about technology, gadgets and how to's. Android, Kodi, Hacking etc: at
    Currentweek(Desinerd is a blog about technology. We love to blog about technology, gadgets and how to's. Android, Kodi, Hacking etc): Desinerd is a blog about technology. We love to blog about technology, gadgets and how to's. Android, Kodi, Hacking etc. at StatsCrop.

    Other websites similar as

  120. Giaosucan's Blog - Chia sẻ kiến thức theo cách bá đạo
    A blog about technical, information technology
    Author: Giaosucan

  122. Linux Guide, Tutorials, Blogs, Posts | LinuxPanda
    LinuxPanda is a Linux based technical encyclopedia where anyone can find articles and tutorials about Linux servers setup, security, optimizations.
    Author: Lazy Panda

  124. Eve the Analyst's Adventures in the Data Wonderland
    Data Wanderings is a personal blog space where I post about good practices in data engineering and information visualisation, publish tutorials, and play around with fun tools and libraries.
    Author: Eve The Analyst

  126. KickerTech - LEARN IT WITH US
    KickerTech offers tutorials on Flutter, and Artificial Intelligence, various articles about technology and information technology, and amazing technological gift ideas.
    Author: KickerTech

  128. Welcome to - Media Technology Site - Find information about various media players for Linux, Unix and Windows. Chat about the old Mplayer gaming site.

  130. Perception and Learning in Machines
    Technical blog about Computer Vision and Machine Learning
    Author: Unknown

  132. ServerComputing
    A freelance Tech Blog about Linux and Windows server configuration manuals, Smartphone and Tablet news and reviews & all latest trends in Technology

  134. Digitfeast - Reasons Why We Love Technology, Reviews You Need Learn
    Digitfeast is a blog that covered all topics related to technology, digital marketing, SEO, blogging, business, web development, and gadgets.
    Author: Jennifer Betts

  136. Learning, Sharing, and Being Updated.
    A blog about Windows server and programming.
    Author: Onehundredpanda

  138. Technicalsquad - All About Technology
    Technical Squad is a technology-based blogging platform. We provide all the latest news and blogs related to technology and cyber-security. Technical Squad is one of the leading digital publishers.
    Author: Helen Smith

  140. Chrysanthium // Blog
    A technical blog about software development and technology

  142. Aruns yoga - Enlightenment is for foolish buddhas who can sing dance and meditate
    Enlightenment is for foolish buddhas who can sing dance and meditate
    Author: Admin

  144. Digital English –
    Author: Prakash Saha

  146. - Magazín pro poutníky a moderní poutnictví
    Magazín pro poutníky a moderní poutnictví
    Author: Poutnictvi

  148. Sergey Dorokhin — Programmer, its my life
    Author: Papa Karlo

  150. DPOC -
    Author: Administrator

  152. - Acedenmark
    Author: Editor

    Author: Admin

  156. Mevolve – Grow Within….
    Author: Akhil Chatrath

    More other alternatives for lovetolearn in

  158. Formy Gospodarki Nieruchomościami – Mieszkania, Nieruchomości, Budownictwo
    Author: Karol Gustawski

  160. Reckless Dice Podcast – A podcast featuring Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. We bring you live play sessions, commentary, and unceasing witty rep
    A podcast featuring Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. We bring you live play sessions, commentary, and unceasing witty repartee to satisfy your hobby needs.
    Author: Gitzman

  162. Glasacties - De blog voor woon- & tuininspiraties
    De blog voor woon- & tuininspiraties
    Author: Admin

  164. Sensual Nudist – My Journey To Experience And Normalize Naturism
    My Journey To Experience And Normalize Naturism
    Author: Alexis James

  166. Sean & Alisa's Blog
    Author: Sean

  168. Jak oszczędzać - praktyczne porady - Oszczedzanie na etacie
    Publikujemy praktyczne porady o tym jak oszczędzać. Jak oszczędzać prąd, wodę, nie marnować jedzenia. Jak wydawać mniej pieniędzy.
    Author: Natasza Lech

  170. Laboited aluminium
    Welcome to laboited Aluminium. Are you looking for a splendid aluminum? Find out here!
    Author: Dustin Phillips

  172. The F orager Magazine
    Accessories To Decorate The House
    Author: Derrick Taylor

  174. Indralika — Тайны жизни и творчества
    Author: Indra

  176. Link Placc – Browse The Web Better
    Author: Link Placc

  178. Amestad - 5 ideas prácticas para adaptar tu hogar a los gatos
    5 ideas prácticas para adaptar tu hogar a los gatos
    Author: Floyd Harrison

  180. Modry Medved | Newest PC Games Released
    Modry Medved is a gaming website about the newest pc games released. We are the first that announce upcoming popular games.
    Author: Hill Carol

  182. Erotic Spanking Clips
    Sparkling videos, erotic shows and a lot of sexy pictures of cheap London escorts. We will clear it out - what are the cheap escorts agencies around the world
    Author: Larry B Polk

    Interiørdesign, designere og idéer
    Author: Adminy

  186. dna-kommunikation - Büro für Kommunikation, Redaktion und Recherche
    Büro für Kommunikation, Redaktion und Recherche
    Author: Nathalie Doleschel

  188. گوناشیل
    Author: Gunashiladministrator

  190. В мире алкоголя - Пей вино — это вечная жизнь, это то, что дарует тебе юность. Это время вина, роз и пьяных друзей. Наслаждайся этой минутой
    Пей вино — это вечная жизнь, это то, что дарует тебе юность. Это время вина, роз и пьяных друзей. Наслаждайся этой минутой, ведь эта минута — твоя жизнь.
    Author: Admin

  192. Its Only Words
    Author: Neelambari S

  194. SBOBET NEWS UPDATE - เว็บไซต์ข่าว SBOBET และคาสิโนทั่วไทย
    เว็บไซต์ข่าว SBOBET และคาสิโนทั่วไทย
    Author: JJ