Top 100 alternative sites to

  2. LazyFrog Game
    Welcome to LazyFrog Game, We have a huge collection of fun games for you. Play them with your friends and have fun. Dare, Relation Finder, Love Calculator, Friendship Calculator, etc.

  4. Best Friendship Dare 2022, Love Dare, Quiz, Challenge Website
    This is the best website to play friendship dare with friends, Love calculator, Yes no challenge , Adult Challenge, Family Challenge, BFF Challenge

  6. - Stamp Dare - Which Friendship Stamp you will get?
    Play Quiz Dare Game and check which Friendship Stamp you will get from your friends. Original, Good, or Fake Friendship Stamp. Best Friendship Quiz Dare Game

  8. 2021 Friendship Dare
    2021 Friendship Dare. Friendship Trivia Quiz about how well do your friends know you.

  10. Create Your Own Dare Quiz in Tamil - Top 10 Friends Dare Quiz 2021
    Creations a Own Game for you in Tamil, Share the awesome game you create with your friends now on Whatsapp, Share Friendship Quiz - Test True Friendship or Love Challenge Quiz 2021

  12. Friendship Challenge Quiz for WhatsApp | Friendship Dare Challenge
    do your friends know you? Have them take the friendship dare challenge and test them on the challenge quiz for Whatsapp! Friendship dare quiz for friends.

  14. 2022 Friendship Dare
    2022 Friendship Dare. Friendship Trivia Quiz about how well do your friends know you.

  16. 2022 Friendship Dare
    2022 Friendship Dare. Friendship Trivia Quiz about how well do your friends know you.

  18. 2022 Friendship Dare
    2022 Friendship Dare. Friendship Trivia Quiz about how well do your friends know you.

  20. Gafla Quiz - Love Calculator, Friendship Dare, Whatsapp Dare, Secret Message
    Try our Love Calculator, Friends dare, Whatsapp Dare quiz, Secret Message 2020, Quiz link, Love Calculator Prank, Create and Send link to your friends on social media via Gafla Quiz .

  22. 2021 Top 10 Friends Dare
    2021 Top 10 Friends Dare. Best Friends Challenge of 2021. See how strong is your friendship

  24. 2021 Top 10 Friends Dare
    2021 Top 10 Friends Dare. Best Friends Challenge of 2021. See how strong is your friendship

  26. Top 5 Friends Challenge - Best Friendship Dare 2021 | Mixal Games [#NEW 🔥]
    Play the best friendship dare with your friends. Answer 10 hilarious questions about yourself and find out who your top 5 friends are!

  28. Truth or Dare Generator 2021 - Play FREE Online!
    Get access to unlimited truth or dare questions with this free online truth or dare generator. Have a great time playing this game with your friends.

  30. WhatsApp Dare Messages, Games & Questions (#New) - 2021
    WhatsApp Dare Games & Messages 2021 collection is here guys ✅! Get interesting WhatsApp Dare Questions with Answers, WhatsApp Smiley Dare, Dare Games, WhatsApp Puzzles and WhatsApp Dare Quiz. New Dare Games for Friends and WhatsApp Dares for Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Lovers & Couples. Also, get WhatsApp Slam Book & Naughty Dares.

  32. Friendship challenge quiz for whatsapp | Friends Dare Challenge
    How well do your friends know you? Have them take the Friendship challenge quiz for Whatsapp. Friends Dare Challenge is a fun way to challenge your friends.

  34. Play Friendship Quiz: at StatsCrop
    Helopal(Play Friendship Quiz): Create an Online Friendship Quiz, Send it to your Friends, Let them answer your questions, and see results. Friendship Bond 2021, Love Dare Quiz, Friendship dare quiz 2021. at StatsCrop.

  36. Magic Nations
    Magic Nations is a free to play fantasy card game full of magic and danger. The game features six races: Humans, Amazons, Elves, Orcs, Dwarves, and Necromancers. Magic Nations strategy card game will pit you against players from all over the world but most of all, Magic Nations is a casual game here you will be able to play and relax.

  38. EMUI Themes | MAGIC UI Theme | EMUI 10 Theme | EMUI 11 Theme
    Here You Got All the EMUI Themes and Relating Stuff. We Have the Huge Collection of EMUI Theme and Huawei Themes for EMUI 11, EMUI 10, Magic UI Themes
    Author: Satyajeet Kumar Rao; EMUI Themes

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  40. Playing Cards for Magic and Cardistry – House of Playing Cards
    We love custom playing cards for magic, cardistry, or collecting! Check out our best sellers - NOC playing cards, along with many other playing card releases.

  42. Startheria A Magical Virtual World For Girls And Boys
    Explore the Magical World of Startheria, a virtual world for kids of all ages. Create your own character, play fun games and chat with your friends!

  44. Play Magical Casino
    Play Magical Casino offers you a wonderful chance to win ridiculous sums of money while playing online casino games that you enjoy.

  46. Plinga - Games. Friends. Fun.
    Play with your friends at Plinga! We have a huge selection of fun, interactive, and entertaining social games.

  48. Unblocked Games - Free online games for school
    Welcome to Unblocked Games website. We have a huge collection of free unblocked games for play at school and work. Let's play and have fun!

  50. Drinktator: Wine, Beer or Cocktails?
    Your magical robot holiday drink gift finder. This quiz helps you decide on alcohol related gifts. Play now!

  52. Feierabend Crew | 🛋 We believe in couch games 🎮
    Gather all your friends and get ready to play. We create games for people who love a relaxed game night with their friends 🎉

  54. Australian Online Casino Reviews & Comparison 2021
    Online Casino Mate offers you premium online casino & pokies reviews 2021. Collect huge bonuses, play the best pokie games in Australia.

  56. Bangla wishes
    Bangla wishes sms, bangla love sms, bengali shayari, bangla shayari. Dear friends, here you will get huge bangla sms and kobita about love, friendship

  58. Piper Magic | Magic tricks, books & DVD's for Australian Magicians
    Magic Shop Brisbane. Piper Magic stock a huge range of magic tricks, books and DVD's for the discerning magician. We also carry playing cards from Bicycle, Ellusionist, Theory 11 & many more. We service magicians across Australia with the highest quality customer service, and free shipping on orders over $100.

  60. Friv 2021: Awesome Free Friv 2021 Games To Play
    Friv 2021 providing a lot of the latest Friv2021 games in order to play them. Enter & search the Friv games that you love to play everyday.

  62. Magic Box Toys
    At Magic Box Toys we are creators, we build our own brands and create new trends in the collectable toy market. We are the creators of Zomlings - In The Town and Star Monsters - Pocket Friends.

  64. Vito Games - Play Free Online Games on
    Play free online games at Vito Games, We have a large collection of high quality free games selection and offers the most fun experience to play alone or with friends.

  66. Solve All Problems in Life – Authentic Magic Spells
    If you are here, I can help you with issues related to love spells, black magic, luck spells, & all sorts of witchcraft along with any other failed work cheaply

  68. Angry Bear Promotion!
    DarkStory is a 2D online role-playing game (ORPG) where you can have fantastic adventures filled with action, magic, and friendships. The game has hundreds of playtime hours, and it is inspired in classic RPG games. You’ll find yourself in an epic role-playing experience where you can finish dungeons, fly on top of a dragon, fight amazing creatures, and explore the different continents with your friends.

  70. npio :: Get connected.
    Loved mig33? You will love npio. Share gifts, play games, make new friends and have lot of fun. Join now.

  72. Word Finder and Unscrambler
    Word Finder and Unscrambler. Here you can find many tools related to words and word games like Scrabble and Word With Friends.

    Here You Got All Themes Of EMUI and Relating Stuffs.. We Have The Large Collection Of Themes And Theme Relating Information
    Author: Aniket Kumar; EMUI THEMES

  76. Dark Horror Games
    Welcome to DarkHorrorGames online games. We dare you to play the scariest horror online games, room escape and Slender Man. Not for the faint of heart.

  78. The Magic Review
    In this never ending flow of magic tricks, books and DVDs we are continuously bombarded with reviews by "authorities" on magic and furthermore these often end up being merely friends reviewing friend's work. It is no wonder everyone gets a great review... this blog is the honest goods. If you want a review on an item let me know and I will make it happen as best I can.

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  80. Top Shelf Fun
    Top Shelf Fun was born out of a love of the tabletop gaming hobby. Board games, card games, dice games, and anything that you can play with friends and family around a table.
    Author: Tom Vasel; The Dice Tower

  82. New Browser Games /
    Collection of best browser multiplayer games, frequently updated on private unblocked servers so you can play online games with friends from anywhere!

  84. - Black & White Comic Strip
    This series is about a bunch of friends (if you can call them friends) lives and experiences. You will see love, hate, violence, profanity, comedy and sci-fi all in one! So we dare you to join the world of Kinjokids.

  86. Gary Con XIV is March 24-27, 2022 at the Grand in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin! - GaryCon
    Gary Con is an annual game convention celebrating the life and works of Gary Gygax, the Father of Role Playing Games. We do this by doing what he loved so much in life, playing Games! Join Gary's children, friends and fellow game enthusiasts as we celebrate a life well-played.

  88. Online Casino Malaysia - Best Games And Slots - 100 Free Spins
    This is a great collection of Online Casino Malaysia games. Whether you love slot machines or table games, card games. Play Now!

  90. Home » Brotato Games
    Brotato Games creates games for you and your friends to play. Their latest creation is 420 - The Card Game, highly acclaimed by sycophants and fan-girls alike, it is the ultimate and only weed party game. Epic, Social and Daring, their games are unique and fun, guaranteed to make you laugh.

  92. Silver Goblin
    Located in the heart of Downtown Montreal we sell Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Flesh and Blood. We have a huge play area to host for Board Games and Dungeon & Dragons

  94. AC Market [Latest 2021] #1 App Store For Android, iOS and PC
    AC Market is an alternative platform to the Google Play Store, It has a user-friendly interface and a huge collection of apps & Games. Download and Install Now!
    Author: Admin

  96. TCG Culture – TCGCulture
    Welcome to TCG Culture! We're all about the experiences that come with trading card games, the friends you make, the games you play and the cards you buy, sell, trade or collect. The Culture! We specialise in Yu-Gi-Oh! but have more on the way!

  98. Magic Supply Company > Catalog
    Magic Store, Magic Shop, Huge selection - USA based‎‎ delivery. We are real magicians who just happen to own a magic shop with everything for the amateur, hobbyist or magic professional. Whether you are shopping for a beginners magic set, a coin magic trick or the latest magic effect, or magic DVD, The Magic Supply Company is the magic shop for you. PLEASE NOTE ABOUT CURRENT SHIPPING CONDITIONS.Please be aware that during this COVID-19 pandemic, some customers have reported that their packages are taking longer than normal to arrive.

  100. Roblox on PC Free Download - Play This Adventure Game Now!
    Download and play Roblox on PC! Everybody is sure to love this fun and exciting game for free. Build anything you want along with friends now!

  102. Trickster Cards
    Play the game you love with friends and family or get matched with other live players at your level. Trickster Cards offers customizable rules so you can play Cards your way!

  104. Fallball Game
    This is a strategy game in which you have to collect the points. You can play against your friend or the computer. You can take a look at your scores in the scoreboard. Enjoy!! :)

  106. Play The Best Games Online For Free at
    On you can play hot free online games, we have the best online game selection and offers the most fun experience to play alone or with friends.

  108. Play The Best Games Online For Free at
    On you can play hot free online games, we have the best online game selection and offers the most fun experience to play alone or with friends.

  110. Play The Best Games Online For Free at
    On you can play hot free online games, we have the best online game selection and offers the most fun experience to play alone or with friends.

  112. Tortuga™ Casino – Register with The Best Bonus of the Captain
    At TortugaCasino we welcome you with a big bonus. Use it to explore the casino and the huge selection of games and game providers. Come play with us!

  114. Play Online Casino Games -
    We know the drill, we understand the excitement and we also love to play Casino Games, just like you! Find the best casino games and where to play them. 18+

  116. Spin Rio – A Carnival of Online Casino Games
    Spin Rio brings you a huge collection of online casino games in a carnival atmosphere complete with generous bonuses and easy mobile play.

  118. JWMatch - Jehovah's Witnesses And Friends Dating - Home Page
    Jehovah's Witnesses Dating. JWMatch is a safe and fun place for Jehovah's Witnesses and Friends to build loving and trusting friendships that can lead to lasting, offline relationships. The beauty of meeting and relating online is that you can gradually collect information from people before you make a choice about pursuing the relationship in the real world. Whether you are looking for love, or just making new friends, JWMatch is a great way to meet other people and getting to know them.
    Author: Desiree

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  120. Play Risk Online Review - Where To Play Risk Game Online
    We want to show you the best websites to play Risk online. Playing Risk with friends is everything you would expect and want from a gaming website.

  122. Break From Reality Games | Home | Online Store Powered by Storenvy
    Break From Reality Games started in 2011 with a group of friends, and an idea for a couple games. Since then we have four published game titles, and a line of table top accessories. We hope you love playing our games, and find our GripMats to be a fantastic addition to your game nights. Be su

  124. Playing Card Store & Online Magic Tricks Shop | CardCutz Global
    Discover hundreds of high quality designer playing cards designed for cardistry, magic, card games and collecting. Featuring popular brands such as Anyone Worldwide, Fontaine, Art of Play, Theory11, Gemini, Ellusionist and more! There is something for everyone. Free shipping available on USA & Canada orders!
    Author: Derek Skaggs

  126. Dark Horror Games: at StatsCrop
    Darkhorrorgames(Dark Horror Games): Welcome to DarkHorrorGames online games. We dare you to play the scariest horror online games, room escape and Slender Man. Not for the faint of heart. at StatsCrop.

  128. Game Haven Utah Game Store | Magic The Gathering, Board Games, CCG, Table Top Games, and Comics
    A family friendly game store to play Magic The Gathering, Board Games, or even read Comics. You can always count on our staff to help with any questions.
    Author: Name

  130. Online Cricket Games - Free Cricket Games - Cricket Games
    Welcome to Cricket Games Cricket. We offer a great collection of free cricket games for you to play online.

  132. Magic FM | The Finest in Soul, Funk and R&B!
    Welcome to Magic FM! Magic FM is a web radio station for those who deserves the Best! For those of you who do not know our concept! We do not play: Commercials, Rock Music, Polka Music and we do not have boring DJ’s! Nope, Magic FM serves U the Finest Soul,Funk and R&B Music 24/7! Continue Reading

  134. Best Online Casino Games - WinPalace
    If you love playing the best online casino games then you've come to the perfect place. Win Palace features an updated collection of table & slots games
    Author: Best Online Casino Games

  136. Lotto Magic Marketing Videos
    Lotto Magic video marketing is a collection of video's from team Whitney. Lotto Magic is a lottery ticket pool, it's been professionally managed since 1996 and we've been building a team since 2005. Come and see what we have to offer you for free!

  138. Govt. Degree College, Udhampur(Boys) udhampur
    Quintessence of Quest & Quality

  140. Catalytic Converters
    There are two different types of catalysts in a catalytic converter. A reduction catalyst and an oxidation catalyst. Both consist of a ceramic structure coated with a metal catalyst, usually platinum, rhodium and/or palladium. This creates a structure that exposes the maximum surface area of catalyst to the exhaust stream, whilst minimizing the amount of catalyst required. Some of the new converters have started to use gold mixed with the traditional catalysts which could increase oxidation.

  142. Red Hot Singapore | Singapore latest news live from mainstream media and alternative independent media
    Find out what is trending in Singapore news live in realtime with Red Hot Singapore. Red Hot Singapore a live aggregator for all the latest news in Singapore from prominent mainstream media sites as well as independent media and blog sites. The Red Hot Singapore search engine makes all searches relevant to the Singapore news context. The royalty free images are images that are from royalty free image sites from across the internet such as unsplash and pixabay. Users will be able to search millions of images across the internet that are royalty free.

  144. Software Development Training in Abuja, Nigeria -- Codeflare
    Buid real-time projects and receive practical training with our software development training in abuja. Build Mobile applications and websites
    Author: Codeflare Limited

  146. wDownloader - Free Online Video Downloader
    Do you want to download videos from Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, Vimeo and other video sites? Well, wDownloader is a free video downloader to download videos online.

  148. lampangcenter ลำปาง,เที่ยวลำปาง, ที่พักลำปาง, ร้านค้าลำปาง, เมืองลำปาง
    lampangcenter ลำปาง,เที่ยวลำปาง, ที่พักลำปาง, ร้านค้าลำปาง, เมืองลำปาง

  150. SilverActivities - Games and Activities For Elderly in Singapore
    Activities for Elderly

  152. Professional services ads and free tools | Les Services PV
    Les Services Publiez-vous offers an eCommerce website creation system, billing tools, service announcements and much more to help self-employed workers and SMEs.

  154. | Love, Relationship Tips and Health
    Love Message, Love Poem, Love paragraph, Children Day message, Father SMS, Reletionship Tips and Love QuoteQuote, health,

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  156. UKS - Uttrakhands Article Services
    This is the Uttrakhands Article Services website where authors post different types of Articles and earn money, the Uttrakhand Article Services provides its own category to post your article.

  158. MCQ's Master - Best MCQ's For Online Exams, Competitive Exam MCQ
    Mcq on Hindi gk exam. GK in Hindi Get Study tips of Hindi gk questions and also examine your ability of online hindi general knowledge preparation and polytechnic rgpv online exam mcqs all subject with answer. best mcqs in hindi, mcqs in hindi,

  160. Movie Font Generator | Life Liker
    Yash Movie font generator , Life Liker
    Author: Madhan Umk

  162. Saudi Arabia News | Breaking News Saudi Arabia | Gulf News
    Latest Breaking Gulf News and News from Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia Today. Gulf News. Saudi Arabia Breaking News

  164. Maps and Words Backpacking Blog - Home
    Welcome to Maps and Words, a Travel Blog from backpackers to backpackers. Discover new destinations, and find everything you need to plan your travel.

  166. The adhd adult
    Content for people with ADHD to laugh with, feel with, and learn from.
    Author: Teish Robert

  168. Birds of Gujarat - Database of Birds in Gujarat, India
    Birds of Gujarat is an exhaustive database of almost all birds that are found in the State of Gujarat, India. Browsing this site is absolutely FREE!

  170. webJob
    webJob is a blog that reviews the best sources for earning income online. The main inspiration behind this blog is the people from under-developed cou
    Author: Mohit Yadav

  172. Job ads in Assam l Jobs in Assam and NE India »
    Job Ads in Assam ,entral Govt Job advertisements will be listed here. You can find career options in Assam,Northeast India. Assam Career, jobs in Assam,Job Advertisement in Assam, Govt jobs in Assam you can find here.
    Author: Admin

  174. Všechny půjčky na jednom místě — Půjčka na účet
    Porovnáváme nejvýhodnější bankovní i nebankovní půjčky v ČR.
    Author: Pujcka-Na-Ucet Cz

  176. Welcome | FreePressers |
    Author: PSYCLONE MEDIA; INC; Freepressers Com

  178. K R E A T I Z E N
    Kreatizen mempunyai arti "Segudang Pengetahuan" dan mempunyai slogan "Berbagi Tata Cara dan Informasi".
    Author: K R E A T I Z E N Team

  180. fusionstories
    A magazine blog study updates, informative articles about education, & social topics. Urdu kahani, English guide, poetry, novels, Urdu guide, Recipes

  182. Home || Lake CIty News
    Lake City News. Lakecity news will provide you all updated news of udaipur and its related regional areas.
    Author: Mr Sanjay Khokhawat

  184. Front-End Board | Organized Repository of Tools, Articles and Jobs for FrontEnd developers.
    Front-End Board | Organized Repository of Tools, Articles and Jobs for FrontEnd developers.

  186. Cara Memilih Sepeda Untuk Orang Gemuk — Pastiin Dulu
    Berikut ialah tips sebelum membeli sepeda untuk orang gemuk atau memiliki berat badan lebih, agar tetap bisa berolahraga menggunakan sepeda.
    Author: Kak Fitri

  188. Tapaloaded - Tapaloaded No 1 Favorite Entertainment Blog %
    % % % % Tapaloaded No 1 Favorite Entertainment Blog
    Author: Bashir Omotayo

  190. Search Australia wide Car, Motorcycle, 4x4, Truck & Machinery Wreckers
    Search / Request parts from Car, Motorcycle, 4x4, Truck & Machinery Wreckers across Australia
    Author: Theo Yale

  192. apkpuress - Apps World
    Apps World
    Author: Kashif

  194. SuppliersPlanet- B2B Suppliers, Manufacturers and Products
    Browse millions of solar, pumps, robots and home building Supplier, Products, Brands and Manufacturers with their contacts, description and Price List

  196. MAG OF WORLD | 365 Online News | News | Blog | Video | Cinema | Social Media | Sports | Tech | Education | World - MAG OF WORLD BY DAILY LIV