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  2. Svelte Material Design Component Framework - Svelte Materialify
    Svelte Materialify is a Material UI component library for Svelte, with full support for light and dark themes.

  4. Home - mel mcveigh | ux/ui design | ux development | visual design | product design
    UX/UI Design & Development with a focus on creating enjoyable, usable, and accessible experiences for users.

  6. Formik: Build forms in React, without the tears
    React hooks and components for hassle-free form validation. The world's leading companies use Formik to build forms and surveys in React and React Native.

  8. Blog by Yigitali Toshboev
    Front-end developer in modern UI libraries such as React.js and React Native
    Author: Yigitali Toshboev Front-end developer; React Native

  10. MUI: The React component library you always wanted
    MUI provides a simple, customizable, and accessible library of React components. Follow your own design system, or start with Material Design. You will develop React applications faster.

  12. SHAWON | A WordPress Developer And Freelancer
    Professional WordPress Pro, and WordPress Theme Developer. 5+ years experience WordPress Design, Responsive Theme Design, Unique WP Theme Development, E-Commerce React Js , React Native , Laravel. Hope You Will Enjoy Working with me.

  14. Reakit – Toolkit for building accessible UIs
    Low level component library for building accessible high level UI libraries, design systems and applications with React.

  16. Notifee
    High quality notifications library for React Native, supporting iOS & Android.

  18. Home | Paul Gaumer
    Paul Gaumer - Software Developer | I develop smooth and accessible web experiences with a focus on React and all things JAMStack.

  20. Emily Duttinger | Front-End UX/UI Developer
    Front-End UX/UI Developer in South Florida with a passion for building beautiful, consumer-centric experiences with a focus on usability and accessibility.
    Author: Emily Duttinger

  22. Lipku: Free JavaScript | CSS/CSS3 | React | Vue.js Scripts
    200+ hand-picked JavaScript, CSS, React and Vue.js libraries, components and plugins for front-end/ React developers.

  24. Home | Sonnat Developer Tools, React Components & Resources
    React component library using Sonnat Design System to build faster, elegant, and accessible web applications

  26. Web & App Agency in London, UK - M10c
    We're an independent software design & development studio, with a focus on industry-leading technologies, such as React, React Native and GraphQL.

  28. Chonky - File Browser for React
    Chonky is a file browser component for React. It tries to recreate the native file browsing experience in your web browser.

  30. Home | Luccas Fraga De Moraes
    Luccas Fraga De Moraes - Front end developer with knowledge in React, React native, redux, redux saga/thunk, react testing library, jest, Html, Css, Sass, Less, Bem-css, JavaScript, Responsive Design, web accessibility, mysql, node, Jira, docker

  32. Home - React Suite
    A suite of React components, sensible UI design, and a friendly development experience.

  34. Home - Muhi Masri
    More than 10 years of experience in software development and user experience. Specialty in UI architecture and development with focus on designing scalable and test-driven front-end applications using modern JavaScript libraries and component-based architecture.

  36. About - Amit Kumar Trivedi
    Do you need a strong React Native Developers engineer? Are you ok with working with us remotely? Let’s Talk! We are a team of three highly experience React Native and Flutter developers with more than 4 years of experience. We
    Author: Amit N Trivedi

  38. Sunaryo Hadi
    Freelance Developer in Bandung Indonesia: React Native Developer, PHP Developer, WordPress theme/plugin development, CSS/HTML Development & Web Development

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  40. Vue.js React Angular components and examples jQuery widgets supply the lastest vue.js components,react library,jQuery plugins,angular components,and open source packages, modules and frameworks to every developer.

  42. Mike Riley | Pyrographic Design
    Mike Riley bridges that gap between UX Designers and Full-Stack Developers. His expertise lies in translating style guides and pattern libraries into accessible, performant component libraries that are user-friendly first and foremost, but also easy for developers to integrate into a front-end experience.

  44. Web developer portfolio, UI/UX javascript specialist and react consultant
    Personal Web Developer Portfolio. I'm a Front-End & Back-End Software Developer and UI/UX Javascript Specialist. Check out my React and React-Native components, Github repositories and play the classic Destroy My Portfolio game.
    Author: Rafael Caferati

  46. Material-UI: A popular React UI framework
    Material-UI is a simple and customizable component library to build faster, beautiful, and more accessible React applications. Follow your own design system, or start with Material Design.

  48. Sanmith Kurian
    An ardent engineer. A JavaScript developer with experience developing web and mobile applications using Next.js and React Native, respectively.

  50. Finishing First - Web Experience
    Finishing First - Total Web Development and User Experience: usability, accessibility, responsive design and consultations.

  52. Hi, I am a developer dude...
    I am a developer dude from Romania with over 15 years of experience building accessible, usable websites & database applications.

  54. Shadman Ahmed
    Full stack web developer proficient in Ruby, JavaScript, React/React Native/Redux. Passionate about creating simple, user-friendly, and accessible applications.

  56. A Tech Blog by PrimeTimeTran
    Professional software developer, Loi Tran is a Solutions Architect with over 5 years of professional development experience. He specializes in Node, React, React Native, Electron, & Ruby on Rails.
    Author: Loi Van Tran

  58. Welcome to the personal website of Matt Halliday
    Matt Halliday is a Front End Developer at Shopify Plus in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. His focus is on creating usable, accessible, and performant websites.

  60. Jason Cooke - Software Developer
    Personal page of Software Developer Jason Cooke. Passionate JavaScript Full-Stack Developer, who loves building web and mobile applications, with an focus on modern technologies, such as React, Node.js, React Native & GraphQL.

  62. Vince Navarro - Web Design, React Apps, Print, and More!
    Portfolio of Vince Navarro. Web development, landing pages, eCommerce, react native apps, shopify themes, print, and graphic design.

  64. MBGames - we make magic happen on your screen
    MBGames creates simple and fun experiences to enrich people's lives. We have experience in game development, app development, react-native, app marking, social media.
    Author: MBGames xyz

  66. UX designer. Front-end engineer. Language enthusiast. — Griffen Schwiesow
    With a degree in HCDE and professional design and development background, I am passionate about crafting beautiful, usable, and accessible experiences.

  68. Red Tally Studios
    Red Tally Studios is a design and development collective situated in Sydney, Australia, with a focus on innovative design and the use of cutting edge web technologies, such as React, React Native, Laravel and Symfony.

  70. Michał Taberski - frontend, React, React Navite, Redux and mobile apps developer
    I'm Michał. Pragmatic frontend developer with focus on details, and good communication. My big love is JS, especially React, React Native. I like to do user friendly mobile apps for iOS and Android.
    Author: Michał Taberski

  72. Web & Mobile Templates and Admin Dashboard Themes built with React, Vue, Angular, Bootstrap and React Native @ Flatlogic
    React, Angular, Vue and Bootstrap templates and admin dashboard themes built by and for professional web developers. Hundreds of components and ready-to-use solutions
    Author: Flatlogic LLC

  74. Adapty — Grow Mobile In-App Purchases
    The all-in-one service for in-app subscriptions. Develop, optimize and grow apps with iOS, Android, React Native, Flutter, Unity and Web support.

  76. Victor Cabieles - Senior Developer
    Victor Cabieles, Senior Full Stack Developer. 8+ Years of experience. JavaScript, React Native, React, Node.JS, ExpressJS, MongoDB, Photoshop, AdobeXD, Adobe Illustrator

  78. Hoang Nguyen **** - CREATIVE CV
    4 years experience with Fullstack Web Developer, 2 year experience with android java for my personal app, 1 year experience with React Native for my personal app too.

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  80. Language selection - Web Experience Toolkit / Sélection de la langue - Boîte à outils de l’expérience Web - Working examples - Web Experienc
    Web Experience Toolkit (WET) includes reusable components for building and maintaining innovative Web sites that are accessible, usable, and interoperable. These reusable components are open source software and free for use by departments and external Web communities

  82. Full-Stack Web Developer - Pradhan
    Full-stack web developer with 7 years of experience working on several client-based websites and web applications using WordPress, Laravel, Vue, React and React Native.

  84. Effectus Software
    We are a group of enthusiastic professionals that develop web and mobile apps with a vast experience in ReactJS, React Native, Ruby on Rails and Node.js.

  86. Appar | Build High Quality Products
    We build apps that amaze. Customer Experience, iOS/ Android, React Native App, Cloud Development, Machine Learning Integration.

  88. Home • Code Workshop
    An intentionally small software development team in Sydney, Australia who get things done. Stack. A React and React Native driven bespoke software provider. We talk a lot about React & React Native, but deliver the whole platform to support the effort. Laravel based API’s with third party integrations. Serverless data and functions to support scale… Continue reading Home

  90. Nokee Gradle Plugins
    Painless development for any native language with Gradle. Focus on what your are building, not how. Nokee plugins support C, C++, Objective-C and Objective-C++.

  92. ITES Offshoring, Consulting, Outsourcing, Support and Maintainance Services India
    We provide solutions for Nodejs, Angular, React, MEAN stack, MERN Stack, React Native, Ionic/Cordova, iOT, Blockchain Application Development, Maintainance and Support Services India

  94. Premium React Native App Templates & Themes - Download
    Free React Native App Templates to make mobile apps for iOS and Android. Buy source codes, themes, starter kits and free projects to bootstrap development.

  96. Tomas Pustelnik
    Personal website of Tomas Pustelnik. A front-end developer with focus on HTML/CSS, React, performance and accessibility. Founder of and tooling addict.

  98. Whiteley Designs :: Designing & Developing WordPress Sites
    Specializing in bespoke WordPress development with a focus on performance, accessibility and an easy user editing experience.
    Author: Karen Aroian Owner – Aroian Editorial

  100. Network Technology Expertise & Support |
    Experience in SDN, NFV, OpenDaylight, Cloud-Native & more | Custom Integration | Research & Development | Support & Training

  102. Phuoc Dinh - Web, Mobile, PC Apps Full Stack Developer
    Phuoc Dinh - a Full Stack Developer. Worked with PHP, React-Native, ReactJS, VueJS, NodeJS, Python, C#. Five years of remote work experience.

  104. Robert Uridge
    Hi I'm Robert, a Web Developer with ten years of experience. I specialise in React applications, CSS architecture at scale and building responsive, testable and maintainable UI components.

  106. Kohlbahdin - Home
    Kohlbahdin- We particularly specialise in development and application support services designed to improve business user and usability experience with SAS implementations.

  108. Taye | Front-End Developer
    I am a self taught developer, passionate in building responsive, beautiful and accessible apps using clean and elegant code using technologies like ReactJs, React Native, Electron Js

  110. Basetools – A paywall for your GitHub repository
    Earn money as a developer by selling access to your GitHub repository, npm package or react component within minutes. Basetools takes care of payment, taxes and access management. Sign up now, it only takes a few minutes.
    Author: Npm Pa

  112. TetraLogical
    Accessibility consultancy with a focus on inclusion. We can help you with knowledge, experience, strategy, assessments, and development.

  114. Subodh Ghulaxe
    Subodh Ghulaxe is a Full Stack Developer with 9+ years of experience building efficient, scalable, modern web and mobile applications. Skilled in JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, React, React Native, HTML5, CSS3, Node.js and Ionic.

  116. Xseed is a tech firm that has almost a decade experience in the LATAM and US markets. Very strong on the multi-device mobile development and location solutions as well as web development with a strong focus on React + Node + native iOS & Android and .NET technologies. Also integrates artificial intelligence and multi-device connectivity solutions very useful for IoT implementations.

  118. Xseed is a tech firm that has almost a decade experience in the LATAM and US markets. Very strong on the multi-device mobile development and location solutions as well as web development with a strong focus on React + Node + native iOS & Android and .NET technologies. Also integrates artificial intelligence and multi-device connectivity solutions very useful for IoT implementations.

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  120. Mohamed Adel
    Mohamed Adel is a software developer experienced and dedicated full stack mobile & Web application developer more than 5 years of expertise to the IT industry. Dynamic and personable with strong focus on application lifecycle. Strengths in cross-platform mobile development with React Native.

  122. Retiring the Nuclide Open Source Project
    Nuclide is built as a single package on top of Atom to provide hackability and the support of an active community. It provides a first-class development environment for React Native, Hack and Flow projects.

  124. Dustin Kelly's Portfolio
    Dustin Kelly is a Front End Developer Living in Toronto Ontario. With experience building responsive, accessible sites using JavaScript, jQuery, Firebase and React

  126. Norman Syarif
    Hi, my name is Norman Syarif. A backend developer with over 3 years of experience designing, enhancing, and maintaining web and mobile applications. Proficient in PHP, Java, Javascript, as well as modern libraries and frameworks such as Laravel, Express, and React Native. Love to learn new technology and work in a team to make a fast, secure web app for your company.

  128. Shift Media Project · Native Media Development Libraries for Windows
    Shift Media Project aims to provide native Windows development libraries for FFmpeg and associated dependencies to support simpler creation and debugging of rich media content directly within Visual Studio
    Author: Matthew Oliver

  130. Joseph Lawson | Full-Stack Web Developer
    Welcome to my portfolio! I am a full-stack developer with experience creating websites, mobile apps and apis.I favour my front-end web development skills most and like to focus on web accessibility.
    Author: Joseph Lawson

  132. Free Management Library
    Welcome to the Free Management Library, one of the world's largest, free, online libraries about personal, professional, business and organizational development. Its focus is on highly practical resources that you can immediately apply. We do not ask for your personal information in order for you to access them.

  134. HireStarter
    The most advanced Bootstrap Admin Theme on Themeforest trusted by 94,000 beginners and professionals. Multi-demo, Dark Mode, RTL support and complete React, Angular, Vue & Laravel versions. Grab your copy now and get life-time updates for free.

  136. Cobra Coding
    Cobra Coding works closely with clients to develop their online presence with a focus on user experience first design ensuring that all our websites are user friendly and easily navigated by digital natives and non digital natives alike. We develop aesthetically pleasing websites which showcase the clients services and products in a spacious non cluttered environment with a focus on achieving maximum user engagement.

  138. Professional Web Development for Any Industry - Robert Noakes
    Two decades of experience with a focus in WordPress theme & plugin development. Clean and efficient coding for speedy development and faster page loads. I strive to make each site better than the last.
    Author: Robert Noakes

  140. Martin Croonenbroeck ✌
    I’m an front end developer specialising in responsive web design, modern UI & UX solutions with great usability and accessibility. My keen eye for visual detail and analytical skill help me to deliver a crisp experience on any device.

  142. Sourcery | Automatically Improve Python Code Quality
    Sourcery instantly refactors your Python code. Try Sourcery for free to improve the quality of your code and speed up your team's development.

  144. DAS42 | Faster Insights. Better Decisions.
    DAS42provides cloud-based data analytics consulting and professional services. We help Fortune 500 companies access and understand all of their data.

  146. Rodrigo Pinto
    Information about my experience and knowledge. Blog about development, life style and self improvement.

  148. Pradžia | Mūsų pėdutės
    MŪSŲ PĖDUTĖS – tai Vilniuje, šalia Pašilaičių ir Perkūnkiemio, veikiantis privatus vaikų darželis gryname ore, gamtos ramumoje, kuris priima vaikučius nuo 1 metukų

  150. Bienvenue | Cedric Grolet - Click & Collect
    Qu’est ce qui vous ferait plaisir aujourd’hui ?

  152. ASCENZA España
    Cultivar un futuro mejor para los agricultores es el propósito que nos guía en ASCENZA para desarrollar soluciones diferenciadas en la protección de cultivos.
    Author: Mosca Digital

  154. le Marche de Noël 'Virtuel & Durable' | Marché virtuel
    De nombreux articles et produits locaux 100% belge, pour faire le plein d'idées pour tes cadeaux de fin d’année ! Une façon de soutenir les acteurs locaux à Impact Positif en cette période compliquée.

  156. Home | Miami Regional University
    Nursing schools in Miami, MRU - Miami Regional University, earn a degree in nursing, Associate and Bachelor degrees in nursing, Miami, Florida

  158. artboxONE - Dein Händler für bezahlbare Artworks bei artboxONE
    Der neue Look für deine Wände! Entdecke jetzt tolle Geschenke für deine Liebsten. Lass' dich inspirieren!

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  160. Уроки, конспекты, курсы по программированию для веб-разработчиков
    уроки, конспекты, курсы по программированию на bxnotes

  162. Cédric Delpoux
    Bienvenue cher visiteur . Je partage ici les passions ****’animent et dans lesquelles je m’épanouis au quotidien. Développeur En tant que…

  164. NetMax - Homepage
    NetMax - your specialist for digital signage and room management - Take a look around and don't be shy!

    Die GLOBART Academy Triade leben-macht-SINN ist zurück!

  168. LaundryToGo - Home
    We pick up your dirty laundry and bring it back to you clean, folded and sorted, all on the same day
    Author: LaundryToGo - We Make Laundry Easy

  170. Digital marketing company in Chennai | Award-Winning Marketing agency - Billiontags
    Billiontags, the Top Digital marketing company in Chennai. We are experts at finding ultimate digital marketing solutions. Get your free demo now!

  172. Home
    This is the home page for Highrock capital.

  174. Home | JonathanPeel
    Jonathan Peel's personal site

  176. Software de Gestão para Alojamento Local - Talkguest
    O software mais avançado de gestão para alojamento local. Automatize, simplifique e melhore o seu negócio. Registo totalmente grátis. Descubra mais!

  178. Htag IT Solutions agence web à Bruxelles
    Agence web à Bruxelles spécialisé dans la création de site web, le webdesign, le référencement/SEO et l'identité graphique.
    Author: Htag IT Solutions

  180. New Zealand & Australia Epic Adventure Tours | Wild Kiwi
    Book your New Zealand or Australia small group epic adventure tour today. Choose from a range of 7 - 28 day tours, perfect for 18 - 35 year olds.
    Author: Frank Plessers Belgium

  182. Home - Befreedom | Shop
    Shop portal

  184. ▷ Encuentra tu móvil ideal en 5 minutos | Themis
    📱❓ ¿Quieres ahorrar tiempo y dinero en la compra de tu próximo móvil? Entra y descubre en sólo 5 minutos cuál es tu smartphone ideal. ¡Gratis!

  186. bsms - brand sales & marketing support
    Aģentūras mārketinga un merčendaizinga nodaļas izstrādā un realizē kampaņas & pasākumus, nodrošinot radošos, digitālos, kā arī dizaina un ražošanas risinājumus.

  188. DSC-DTU
    Developer Student Club(DTU)

  190. Perdy
    Artificial Intelligence Engineer & Software Architect

  192. Buckltour
    Offizielle Website der Buckltour, dem Berglaufcup im südlichen Niederösterreich.

  194. Home | CodeLink | Agile Development and Design Studio
    CodeLink are a fully collaborative team of passionate and experienced product designers and developers. We strategize product development through design thinking methodologies and rapidly develop web and mobile platforms following strict agile processes.

  196. Home - Beunleash | Shop
    Shop portal

  198. Find email addresses in seconds | Tomba
    Tomba is the leading solution to find and verify professional email addresses. Start using Tomba and connect with the people that matter for your business.