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  2. Historic Delights - Welcome!
    Specializing in 18th century-style jewelry and accessories for the reenacting community and also for the modern world.

  4. North Great Georges Street – a unique and historic 18th century street
    a unique and historic 18th century street

  6. Historic Odessa Foundation | Programs and tours that bring the 18th-century to life
    Programs and tours that bring the 18th-century to life

  8. Hanover Tavern - The Hanover Tavern is a historic 18th century landmark in Hanover Virginia
    The Hanover Tavern is a historic 18th century landmark in Hanover Virginia

  10. Historical Costumes | Vintage Tailoring | | Clothing Reconstructions from epoch
    Clothing Reconstructions from epoch
    Author: Contexture International; Http; Www Contextureintl Com

  12. Worsell Manor - Rustic Barn Weddings & Historic 17th Century Manor
    Imagine Your Wedding and Reception on the beautiful historic property of Worsell Manor. Featuring a 17th Century Manor Home and 18th Century Barn with air conditioning and heat.

  14. Agustín Artesano - Historical shoes and original handcrafted with love
    Historical shoes and original custom designs. 18th Century shoes, Regency boots, Victorian button boots, Edwardian Shoes...

  16. Antique Maps and Historical Atlases - Götzfried Antique Maps
    Vintage maps, sea charts, old atlases and town views. We only offer authentic antique maps dating from the 15th to the 18th centuries.
    Author: Laurent Fries

  18. Vintage Visualizations: Posters of Old Maps and Historic Data Viz
    Prints of old-time vintage data visualizations and infographics - maps, charts, graphs and other design from the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries

  20. City Tavern - Historic Restaurant based in Philadelphia, PACity Tavern
    Established in 1773, City Tavern was where the nation's founding fathers dined, drank & celebrated. Join us for the most authentic 18th century dining experience in America.

  22. Unique Downtown Annapolis Hotel - Historic Inns of Annapolis
    Discover authentic 18th-century charm at our carefully restored boutique hotels plus the iconic Treaty of Paris restaurant and award-winning event space.

  24. Historic Glasshouse - Antique Bottles and Glass
    Antique bottle collecting web site with information on antique bottles, antique glass, antique bottle appraisals, value info, and history. Our antique bottle information spans the 18th to 20th centuries

  26. 18th century press
    Books about wars in the 18th century
    Author: Nigel Billington

  28. Historic Fort Steuben - Steubenville Ohio
    Historic Fort Steuben provides history, educational and cultural programs on its site with an 18th century military fort, Fort Steuben Park, Visitor Center, Memorial Fountain, and Berkman Amphitheater where concerts and civic programs are held.
    Author: Dotson Design Studio LLC

  30. Stephen Marvin - Historical Bows
    Stephen Marvin makes Historical Bows, that is, 17th, 18th, and 19th century model bows for violin, viola, 'cello and bass. His bows are also available for instruments of the viol family-treble, tenor, division viol, bass viol, violone, and other specialized string instruments such as the Viola D'amore.

  32. Feinste historische Bekleidung - Atrs et Metiers - Fine historical Garments
    Anfertigung erstklassiger historischer Bekleidung für Damen und Herren. Spezialitäten: 18tes und frühes 19tes Jahrhundert, Umstands- und Kinderkleidung. Historical Garments recreated as accurately as possible, emphasis on Georgian and Regency fashion, also featuring hisorical maternity wear and historical children's clothes.
    Author: Ann Dorothee Schlüter

  34. Rubato Appassionato - Rubato Appassionato
    Sparkling, virtuoso & different 18th century music

  36. Catherine Curzon’s Glorious Georgians
    Glorious Georgian dispatches from the long 18th century...

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  38. Donna Scott, Historical Fiction Author |
    Donna's debut novel, Shame the Devil, won a first place Chaucer Award for historical fiction. Before embarking on the exciting journey of writing historical fiction with an emphasis on the 17th and 18th centuries, Donna was an adjunct professor at a university in South Florida.

  40. Historical Pankration Project
    Heavy athletics reconstruction

  42. Quaker Hill Historic Preservation Foundation - Quaker Hill Historic Preservation Foundation
    The Quaker Hill Historic Preservation Foundation is a nonprofit organization established in 1992 to aid in the restoration and preservation of the Quaker Hill Historic District in Wilmington, Delaware. The district dates back to the early 18th century, when Quakers such as William Shipley and Thomas West built the first residences in the area. During […]

  44. A brief history of braces and orthodontics
    A brief history of braces and orthodontics from antiquity to the 18th century
    Author: Admin

  46. Shandon Bells & Tower, St. Anne's Church Shandon - Ring the Bells of Shandon at St. Anne's Church, See spectacular 360° views of Cork, View
    Ring the Bells of Shandon at St. Anne's Church, See spectacular 360° views of Cork, View the internal workings of the 18th Century clock, 'The Four Faced Liar', and see our 18th century Bells

  48. The Grub Street Project
    The Grub Street Project is an edition of 18th-century London, containing works published and sold in London, information about the city and its people and trades, and annotated maps of London from the 16th to the 18th century.
    Author: Allison Muri

  50. Our Catalog specializes in American Civil War buttons, collectibles, historial memorabilia and militaria from the 18th century through the 19th century.
    Author: NCRelics com

  52. James Mackinnon
    James Mackinnon European Paintings and Drawings, 18th and 19th Century
    Author: James Mackinnon

  54. Townsends
    Townsends is dedicated to exploring the 18th century living, cooking, clothing, and much more.

  56. The Adventure Begins
    The Adventure Begins Plunge into the legendary world of 18th century buccaneers!

  58. Antiques in Time - antique watches, vintage watches, antique clocks and more - sales, repairs and service
    We offer a large selection of antique clocks and watches, dating from the mid 18th century through to the early 20th century.

  60. Campbell Fine Art - original prints
    Campbell Fine Art for British and European prints 18th - 20th Centuries.

  62. Old Guns Canada Home
    Antique American and European handguns, revolvers and pistols from the 18th and 19th centuries

  64. Chavonnes Battery Museum Historical Visitor Attraction
    Time Travel below sea-level to 18th Century to explore the history of Cape Town among the Archaeology ruins. Marvel at the detailed Cannon display, Model Ships, dioramas, large graphic info boards. Join a guided tour to find out more. Entry includes international Photo Exhibition & Hat for selfies!

  66. Friends of Devereaux House - Historical Antique Classical 1860's Home Community Owned Heritage Auction Donations Halton Hills Georgetown Ont
    Devereaux House of Friends Historical Georgetown Halton Hills Ontario .ca, Antique 1800's 18th, 19th Century heritage community owned Auctions Dontation 1860 agricultural history organization
    Author: Mediapull ca

  68. Gli Angeli Genève
    Gli Angeli Vocal and instrumental chamber music of the 17th and 18th centuries 2020

  70. Antique Porcelain, antique Pottery
    Fine 18th / 19th Century British, European and Oriental Antique Porcelain and Pottery

  72. Home - Bloodstained
    A gothic horror action side-scrolling rpg set in 18th century england

  74. Frides Laméris
    Glass, 17th century, 18th century, 16th century, porcelain, Wine glass, engraved, Roman, Tiles, Delft, Ceramonial glass, wheel, diamond, goblet, antiek glas

  76. Commonwealth Vintage Dancers - historical dance in America -
    The Commonwealth Vintage Dancers reconstruct, teach, and perform American ballroom dance of the 19th and early 20th centuries. In addition to performing dances of the Federal, Civil War, Gilded Age, Ragtime and Roaring Twenties Eras, we host public balls, dance classes and multi-day workshops for historical dancers.

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  78. 17th and 18th Century Clothing and Equipment
    Merchants of 17th and 18th Century Clothing & Equipment - Owners and Craftsmen - Bethlehem, New Hampshire

  80. Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation
    An 18th century living history farm located in Ridley Creek State Park, Pennsylvania.

    Enjoy 18th century ambiance with all the modern comforts of a Canada Select 4-star Cottage.

  84. Smiths Hall Home Page
    Smiths Hall is an 18th century English home with extensive gardens, located in West Farleigh.

  86. Fine European Antiques, Furniture, Lighting and Decoration
    Fine European Antiques. 18th, 19th and early 20th Century Furniture, Lighting & Decoration
    Author: Richard Stearman; Jan Miele

  88. Sacrewell Farm
    Heritage farm attraction, 18th century watermill, indoor soft play centre and campsite

  90. Home - Casali di Bibbiano
    Owned and operated by Alberto Guadagnini, this 18th Century country estateoffers all of the modern comforts and services.
    Author: The Scorsetti Family

  92. Silvermine Antiques
    Antique dealers in select American and English pieces from the 17th, 18th and early 19th centuries.

  94. France Vacation Home
    Spend your holidays in a luxury restored 18th century holiday vacation home in Yonne, Burgundy.

  96. Fashion Museum, Bath – Welcome to the Fashion Museum
    The official website for the Fashion Museum which houses iconic attire from the 18th century to modern day.

  98. The 18th Century Artisan Show Lewisburg PA Contemporary and Antique American Folk Art Show
    18th Century Artisan Show Lewisburg PA Contemporary and Antique American Folk Art show

  100. Nidd Hall Hotel | Harrogate North Yorkshire | UK Breaks
    Built in the 18th century by a wealthy Bradford wool merchant, Nidd is a potpourri of architectural styles.

  102. Bärenjäger | The Original Honey Liqueur
    AN 18TH CENTURY RECIPE THE ORIGINAL HONEY LIQUEUR Dating back to 18th Century Germany, this honey liqueur recipe was formulated to lure bears out of their dwellings by hunters. DISCOVER RECIPES FROM BEEHIVE TO BOTTLE Originally called Barenfang (“Bear Trap”), this drinkable honey
    Author: Dditzel

  104. Fas-antik - Antique dealer in Sweden - Antikhandlare i Sverige
    Fas-antik specializes in highly collectible objects from 18th Century antiques to 20th Century Scandinavian Modern including Swedish Grace and Art Deco.
    Author: Fas antik har uppdaterat sitt omslagsfoto

  106. Duchess Milianda
    Duchess Milianda Dress Store printed skirts and historical dresses from 18th and 19th century Rococo Era.

  108. The Connexion | The Countess of Huntingdon’s Connexion
    The Connexion is the legacy of arguably the most influential woman in the Evangelical Revival that swept England and America in the 18th century.
    Author: Dolia Design Developer

  110. earlymodernengland
    The world the English (and Welsh, Scots, Irish) created between the mid-15th and the mid-18th centuries
    Author: Balkanization

  112. Susan Silver Antiques English formal furniture 18th and 19th century
    Susan Silver Antiques - Dealer in English & Continental 18th & 19th Century Formal Furnishings Berkshires of MA

  114. The Horseshoe at Mamhilad
    01873 880542 A charming 18th Century pub in the Brecon Beacons national park.> <meta name=

  116. Get PDF Enlightenment
    The Age of Enlightenment was an intellectual and philosophical movement that dominated the world of ideas in Europe during the 18th century, the

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  118. Pierre Marteau's Publishing House
    Homepage of the notorious 17th-century publishing house - which is still one of the best places to publish late 17th- and early 18th-century materials and contributions dealing with the period.
    Author: Clitander; Verlagsdiener

  120. Museum of historic buildings in Buckinghamshire
    An outdoor museum in Buckinghamshire. Explore over 30 rescued and reconstructed historic buildings from the Chilterns.

  122. costume cocktail – a toast to the beauty of historical costumes!

  124. Chiswick House & Gardens
    Discover Lord Burlington's 18th century villa with classical landscapes and 65 acres of gardens in West London.

  126. Evangelisch–Lutherische Kirchengemeinde Hofstetten
    Evangelisch–Lutherische Kirchengemeinde Hofstetten

  128. Startseite Bergmann Haarpraxis Laupheim
    Bergmann Haarpraxis Laupheim - Ihr professioneller Partner für Haarersatz. Wir finden die richtige Lösung: Perücke, Toupet, Haarsystem, Haarintegration, Haarverlängerung, Haartransplantation oder Haarpflege. Bei Haarverlust durch andorgenetische Alopezie, Schwangerschaft, Stress, etc.
    Author: Martin Pecher; Https; Iwantmyown Website

  130. Russell Gilmour | Natural Trumpet
    Russell Gilmour is a natural trumpet specialist and a skilled cornetto player. Performing on the natural trumpet, keyed trumpet, modern trumpet and cornetto, Russell has given live performances, as well as radio and television broadcasts, in more than 20 countries in Europe, Asia, North America and Australia. He has also featured on several professional recordings.

  132. eBeeldskool - Tuisblad vir aanlynklasse Graad 8-12

  134. Fleminga Residence - kameralna inwestycja. Mieszkania na sprzedaż.
    Kameralna inwestycja mieszkaniowa na ul. Fleminga w Warszawie. Dogodna lokalizacja, najwyższy standard wykończenia, nowoczesne mieszkania. Dowiedz się więcej

  136. Fly Fishing with Mauritia
    Publicist specified on the topic fly fishing. Partner for press, media, and tourist boards for promoting fishing destinations.

  138. Toruńska Wołomin - prestiżowa inwestycja. Mieszkania na sprzedaż.
    Prestiżowa inwestycja mieszkaniowa na ul. Toruńskiej w Wołominie. Dogodna lokalizacja, najwyższy standard wykończenia, nowoczesne mieszkania. Dowiedz się więcej

  140. Osiedle Słoneczna w Markach. Mieszkania na sprzedaż.
    Inwestycja mieszkaniowa na ul. Slonecznej w Markach. Dogodna lokalizacja, najwyższy standard wykończenia, nowoczesne mieszkania. Dowiedz się więcej

  142. Zarzecze - kameralna inwestycja premium w Pruszkowie. Mieszkania na sprzedaż.
    Kameralna inwestycja mieszkaniowa na ul. 3 Maja w Pruszkowie. Dogodna lokalizacja, najwyższy standard wykończenia, nowoczesne mieszkania. Dowiedz się więcej

  144. KWON.EE
    Taekwondo klubi Kwon pealeht

  146. Monteurwohnung im Schlaubetal
    Herzlich Willkommen im kleinen Ort Fünfeichen, unweit der Stadt Eisenhüttenstadt, inmitten des Naturpark Schlaubetal. Hier steht Ihnen eine sehr ruhig gelegene 75qm große Monteurwohnung für bis zu 6 Personen zur Verfügung.