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  2. Belgian Polar Research – Belgian research at the poles
    Belgian research at the poles

  4. Homepage • Belgian Building Research Institute • BBRI
    The Belgian Building Research Institute is a private research institute founded in 1960 under impulse of the National Federation of Belgian Building Contractors

  6. Belgian Society for Stem Cell Research (BeSSCR) | Meeting registration
    Belgian Society for Stem Cell Research

  8. Boussinesq Center for Hydrology | strengthen Dutch and Belgian research and education
    strengthen Dutch and Belgian research and education

  10. SafePedrug, the next step in ethical pediatric drug research
    SafePedrug is a Belgian based research project on ethical pediatric drug research.

  12. Baking bread on Mars | SpaceBakery
    Belgian cutting-edge & disruptive research programme

  14. Centre national de Logique, Nationaal Centrum voor Logica, CNRL/NCNL
    The site of the belgian national center for research in logic.

  16. - Belgian AI Researchers portal
    The portal for all Belgian AI Researchers. Home of the BAIR mailing list.

  18. DB-MSG - Dutch-Belgian Mycosis Study Group
    The Dutch-Belgian Mycosis Study Group (DB-MSG) aims to facilitate collaboration and research on invasive fungal infections by bringing Dutch and Belgian clinicians and researchers together with a common interest in these infections.

  20. Home | Kantar Belgium
    Kantar is a world leader in market research, global market information and business analysis and one of the Belgian leading market research companies.

  22. Home | Kantar Belgium
    Kantar is a world leader in market research, global market information and business analysis and one of the Belgian leading market research companies.

  24. Home
    Kantar is a world leader in market research, global market information and business analysis and one of the Belgian leading market research companies.

  26. Home | Kantar Belgium
    Kantar is a world leader in market research, global market information and business analysis and one of the Belgian leading market research companies.

  28. Home | Kantar Belgium
    Kantar is a world leader in market research, global market information and business analysis and one of the Belgian leading market research companies.

  30. Home | Kantar Belgium
    Kantar is a world leader in market research, global market information and business analysis and one of the Belgian leading market research companies.

  32. Home | Kantar Belgium
    Kantar is a world leader in market research, global market information and business analysis and one of the Belgian leading market research companies.

  34. Home | Kantar Belgium
    Kantar is a world leader in market research, global market information and business analysis and one of the Belgian leading market research companies.

  36. Home | Kantar Belgium
    Kantar is a world leader in market research, global market information and business analysis and one of the Belgian leading market research companies.

  38. Home | Belspo
    The Belgian Science Policy Office (BELSPO) supports the Federal museums and scientific institutes, the Belgian participation to the European Space Agency (ESA) and to other national or international organizations, finances research actions and grants, the Belgian telematics network Belnet, manages the coordination of science policy, the production of R&D indicators and the Federal compentences in education matters.

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  40. The Nile Institute Rwanda - Each Time A Discovery
    Discover The Nile Institute Rwanda. A stunning project initiated by Belgian entrepreneur Lode Van Pee. Research. Education. Economy support.

  42. Belgian Shepherd Dogs - Belgian Shepherds - Belgian Sheepdogs - Belgian Sheepdog
    Belgian Shepherd Dogs, Belgian Shepherd, Belgian Shepherds, Belgian Sheepdog, Belgium Shepherd, Belgian Sheepdogs, Belgium Shepherds at Bejekali Belgians
    Author: Craig Fynmore

  44. Belgian Shop Buy online ! The best way to buy !
    BelgianShop is a Belgian shop where you will be able to buy Belgian beers. BelgianShop proposes more than 800 Belgian beers, beer glasses, Belgian food, Belgian chocolates, Belgian waffles, Belgian cheeses, speculoos...

  46. BCRC - Accueil
    Mons, Wallonie, Belgique - Le BCRC (Belgian Ceramic Research Centre) est un laboratoire de recherche, de tests et d'analyses spécialisé dans les matériaux céramiques, le verre, les réfractaires, les sols et l'environnement.

  48. Home - Belgian Smaak
    Belgian Smaak is an award-winning website and podcast about Belgian beer, Belgian culture, and Belgian beer culture.

  50. Home
    The Belgian Group for Primatology was created to encourage all areas of non-human primatological scientific research, to facilitate cooperation among students and scientists engaged in primate research, and to promote the conservation of all primate species. The Group is a member of the European Federation for Primatology.

  52. Chocolatesville, LLC
    Where Fine Belgian Chocolate Becomes Fun Belgian Chocolate!
    Author: Chocolatesville; LLC

  54. Belgian Museum of the Quad Cities 3.0
    Belgian Museum of the Quad Cities / Center for Belgian Culture
    Author: Imagician Qc

  56. From Belgium wit loof
    veganized belgian cuisine, belgianized vegan cuisine, and silly portmanteaux...
    Author: Afficher mon profil complet

  58. Freon Belgians
    Freon Belgian Sheepdogs, breeder and handler of quality Belgian Sheepdogs
    Author: Thomas Kraus

  60. Zinneken's – Home
    Belgian waffles made by real Belgians. We use the finest ingredient imported from Europe to make the most authentic Belgian waffle in Boston Zinnekens

  62. The Louis Van Lint website - Home
    Louis Van Lint was a Belgian painter, major figure of the Belgian post-war abstraction.

  64. Genitek Engineering
    Genitek Engineering is a Belgian firm specialized in research and development for electronic design. As a consultancy focused in embedded electronics, we provide tailor-made solutions fitting our partner’s needs.
    Author: Pierre-Jean Barbet

  66. Sven Van Dorst
    Sven Van Dorst is a Belgian paintings restorer and researcher, experienced in the cleaning, retouching and exhibiting of old master paintings. As a contemporary artist he is specialized in painting still life's and portraits in a realistic manner.

  68. Belgian Beer Bank
    Belgian Beer Bank - Buy Belgian Beer Online - Dedicated to providing you the very best of Belgian craft-and popular beers with worldwide delivery

  70. Buy Belgian Beer l Online Beer Store - Beer of Belgium
    Buy Belgian Beer at Beer of Belgium. The online Belgian beershop with more than 400 Belgian beers, beer Glasses & beer gifts. Worldwide delivery!

  72. The One and Only Original Belgian Fries Website
    The One and Only Belgian Fries Website was created in 1995 and contains all information on Belgian Fries.

  74. Belgian Fries
    Belgian Fries is a casual spot on Commercial Drive offering Belgian-style fries

  76. SKYcastle.BE light sport aircraft
    Belgian dealer for the PS28 cruiser | SportCruiser Belgian dealer for czech sport aircraft

  78. Royal Chocolates - Home
    Royal Chocolates makes Belgian chocolate thins in differente flavors. Discour the Belgian thins and find out how you can serve our Belgian thins.
    Author: Adagio Agency

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    Belgian Malinois Breeder with trained dogs & pups for sale ph786.280.7352 Belgian Malinois Breeder Order Puppies now. Belgian Malinois Breeder, Dutch Shepherd Breeder.

  82. Belgian Malinois harness, Belgian Malinois dog muzzle, Belgian Malinois dog collar, Dog leash, Belgian Malinois
    Belgian Malinois harness, Belgian Malinois dog muzzle, Belgian Malinois dog collar, Dog leash :- Chain/Pinch Dog Collars Bite Sleeves/Covers/Suit Belgian Malinois Muzzle Belgian Malinois Harness Dog Leashes/Leads Belgian Malinois Collars Bite Tug and Toys Kennel Accessories Dog Training Supplies Resources (Links) Artisan Collars FDT Wear ecommerce, open source, shop, online shopping
    Author: Belgian-Malinois-Dog-Breed-Store Com

  84. MARECO – OD Natuur MARECO
    Welcome to MARECO Welcome to the website of the Marine Ecology and Management (MARECO) team of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (RBINS). Our team has a large expertise in marine environmental research in a wide variety of domains. Linking research to policy and management support is a key asset of our work. We…

  86. Home | Belgian Spirits Company
    Belgian Spirits Company is a Belgian based distillery that embraces expertise and the use of local products.

  88. Belgian stamps on line, more than 5.500 stamps
    Belgian stamps online belgian stamps belgium stamps belgische postzegels postzegel stamp
    Author: Peter Vermeulen

  90. BePA - Belgian Proteomics Association
    The Belgian Proteomics Association is embodied by a workgroup that aims to bring together the Belgian proteomics community.

  92. Buxbeer – Passion for Belgian hops
    Passion for Belgian hops

  94. Enjoy the music!
    A belgian Recordlabel
    Author: Steven Willems

  96. Viaggi in bici in Olanda | Dutch Biketours
    Belgian Biketours

  98. The Belgian Hedgehog
    The Belgian Hedgehog

  100. Coelsss Sssite
    The Belgian Bomber
    Author: Nicolas Colsaerts

  102. Roberson Belgians
    Belgian Puppies for sale

    Belgian Hackerspaces

  106. The Belgian Night - Accueil
    The Belgian Night
    Author: MV Studio

  108. ORBEL - Belgian OR Society
    Belgian OR Society

  110. Belgian Billiards
    Welcome to Belgian Billiards

  112. Thomas Croonen
    Belgian photographer
    Author: Croonenvisuals Be

  114. Belgian Heart Rhythm Association | BeHRA
    Created in 1980, the BeHRA (Belgian Heart Rhythm Association) is a working group of the Belgian Cardiology Society that brings together Belgian cardiologists who specialise in treating cardiac rhythm disorders.

  116. Code des sociétés
    Is your organization ready for the new Belgian Company Code? The Belgian corporate landscape is about to get revamped with changes set to impact the legal, tax, accounting and advisory aspects of all Belgian legal entities. The objective of the new Belgian Company Code is clear: revise the Belgian enterprise law in terms of simplicity, flexibility and alignment with progress made at a European level.

  118. Vatsquare Home » Vatsquare
    Vatsquare provides Belgian VAT advice and Belgian VAT compliance services to a wide range of companies, governments and organizations.

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  120. Belgian Working Group On Non Invasive Cardic Imaging | BWGNICI
    Official website of the Belgian Working Group on Non-Invasive Cardiovascular Imaging - an affiliate of the Belgian Society of Cardiology.

  122. The Belgian Chocolate Makers
    The Belgian Chocolate Makers is a true artisan chocolate store in Brussels with workshops every week. Handmade Belgian chocolates and real premium Belgian chocolate. Discover our Chocomeli brand.
    Author: The Belgian Chocolate Makers SRL

  124. Home |
    OPTIMOC stands for “optimization of the multidisciplinary oncology consultation (MOC) at Belgian oncology departments”. OPTIMOC is a research project funded by All.Can Belgium that aims to enhance patient-centred treatment decision-making for cancer patients.
    Author: Super User

  126. Home | Dirk Castelein
    Belgian painter Belgian painter Belgian painter Belgian painter About Dirk Castelein When you allow Dirk Castelein to speak about his work, there is no stopping him. Not using decisive, charging, full-blown sentences, but a rapid succession of onsets that are presently dismissed to construct new ...
    Author: VisionAgency

  128. The Belgian Society of Medical Oncology (BSMO) - BSMO
    The Belgian Society of Medical Oncology unites Belgian physicians – internists specialized in the treatment of cancer. LEARN MORE ABOUT ...

  130. Al het basketbalnieuws op een rij -
    Alle info en nieuws uit de NBA, de Belgian Lions, de Belgian Cats en de EuroMillions Basketball League, de eerste klasse van België.

  132. Artisan Belgian chocolatier and chocolate fountains hire - Chocolique
    Handmade Belgian chocolates and chocolate fountain hire company in Adelaide. Choose local, quality, and Belgian chocolate.

  134. Home Page - Belgian Nursery
    Welcome to Belgian Nursery Belgian Nursery is open year-round, and our plant and product selection changes with the season

  136. Belgian Waffle Workshop in Brussels & Bruges - Best Finest Greatest Supreme Waffles in Brussels! Top thing to do in Bruges
    Make the greatest Belgian Waffles in 90min - Learn where to find the best Belgian Waffles and finest biscuits in Brussels!
    Author: Brussels Waffle Workshop

    Homepage of a belgian developer
    Author: Michael Willemot

  140. Belesco - Home
    Belgian ESCO Association
    Author: Jean Hins

  142. ECHC 2021 XXIX European Colloquium on Heterocyclic Chemistry
    The XXIX European Colloquium on Heterocyclic Chemistry deals with all aspects of heterocyclic chemistry. The Symposium will be virtual this year and will present new results, stimulate interactions between academia and industry and create an atmosphere for establishing networks, useful also for young chemists.
    Author: Nadia DE VRIEZE

  144. EFMC-ISMC 2022
    Key European MedChem symposium to learn about drug discovery advances in major therapeutic areas! Particular focus on 1st time disclosures, Chemical Biology, recent highlights in Medicinal and Organic Chemistry, and impact of artificial intelligence (AI). EFMC-ISMC 2022 will take place in Nice, France on Septembre 4-8, 2022.
    Author: Delphine MASSA

  146. Cryo-EM in Drug Discovery Series 2022 | EMEA Edition
    The Cryo-EM in Drug Discovery Symposium intends to bring together researchers and scientists to keep the drug discovery community up to date. It will focus on achievements and practical considerations of adopting and accessing these exciting new methods.
    Author: Bernard DACIER

  148. SOGELUB lubrifiants spéciaux pour industriels du verre creux, verre plat, de l'industrie alimentaire et de l'isolation
    Depuis notre création en 1976, notre mission est de réduire le frottement entre les surfaces pour des applications industrielles difficiles. Nous créons, formulons et produisons des lubrifiants spéciaux destinés, notamment aux industriels du verre creux, du verre plat, de l’industrie alimentaire et de l’isolation. Nos formulations sur mesure améliorent la productivité, réduisent l’us ...
    Author: Vincent Gerniers

  150. Celsius : entreprise de chauffage sanitaire
    N’hésitez plus et prenez contact avec notre équipe au +32 69 22 71 57,par mail à l’adresse ou via notre formulaire de contact.
    Author: Vincent Gerniers

  152. LD Organisation : Professional Conference Organiser Belgium Louvain-La-Neuve
    Author: Vincent Gerniers

  154. 3DCM Consult - modélisation et préparation de projet pour gestion BIM (Building Information Modeling)
    3DCM Consult est une société de service spécialisée en modélisation et en préparation de projet pour une complète gestion BIM (Building Information Modeling) de dossier.
    Author: Vincent Gerniers

  156. Dream watches on
    Author: Vincent Gerniers

  158. Café 5 Clochers torréfaction
    Installée à Tournai depuis 1950, la torréfaction de cafés 5 clochers est une entreprise artisanale et familiale.Nous proposons à notre clientèle des cafés de grande qualité issus des meilleures origines et torréfiés à l'ancienne.
    Author: Vincent Gerniers

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  160. Entreprise de construction générale FAVIER Pecq Tournai Mouscron Mons Renaix Bruxelles
    Favier SA est une entreprise générale de construction pour tous vos projets de nouvelles constructions ou de rénovations d'habitations, de bureaux, de batiments industriels ou publics
    Author: Vincent Gerniers

  162. Laatste nieuws
    Author: Vincent Gerniers

  164. Bureau de traductions révision rédaction textes documents traducteur professionnel Tournai Selena
    Selena est un bureau de traductions situé à Tournai en Belgique
    Author: Vincent Gerniers

  166. 1ère manche du challenge du Hainaut au SCT à Tournai le 30/09/2018
    Le 30 septembre 2018 aura lieu au Negundo à Tournai la première manche du Challenge du Hainaut. Adresse du jour: Negundo Sportsrue du Progrès, 47503 TournaiInscrivez-vous par téléphone au +32 (0)69 45 54 22 ou en ligne via le bouton ci-dessous.
    Author: Vincent Gerniers

  168. SUWEDI | agence web
    SUWEDI est une agence spécialisée dans la communication sur Internet et la gestion de l’information multimédia.

  170. Medialternative | | Portail d'information
    Medialternative est un Mediarezo : un site participatif s’inspirant des pratiques du cyber-journalisme et de l’information militante et un réseau de sites internet sélectionnés par ses animateurs pour s’informer et informer autrement.

  172. The European Federation for Medicinal Chemistry (EFMC)
    The European Federation for Medicinal Chemistry (EFMC) is an independent association representing medicinal chemistry societies in Europe. Its objective is to advance the science of medicinal chemistry by promoting cooperation and networking, by providing training and mentoring, by rewarding scientific excellence, and by facilitating communication and influencing stakeholders.
    Author: Vincent Gerniers

  174. | Créateur de sites & de contenus
    Bitin•fr : créateur de sites et de contenus Agence de communication web & print Veille IT - Internet & Media | Actualité | English
    Author: Bitin fr

  176. AnTháiCafé - Cà phê đậm chất Việt
    Vượt qua nhiều chỉ tiêu chất lượng và công nghệ. Sản phẩm thương hiệu AnTháiCafé góp phần làm rạng danh xứ sở cà phê Buôn Ma Thuột

  178. Ореншарик: Воздушные шары в Оренбурге
    Воздушные шары в Оренбурге, шарики в оренбурге, шарики для свадьбы оренбург, купить шары в оренбурге, оренбург шары для свадьбы, шарики на день рождения в оренбурге, светящиеся шарики оренбург

  180. портал Казачинско-Ленского района
    Казачинско-Ленский район официальный сайт
    Author: Kirenga

  182. Hébergement Web Maroc, Noms de domaine et certificats SSL | 02system
    Découvrez les meilleures offres d'hébergement web au Maroc chez 02system, Hébergement web Maroc, nom de domaine, référencement web naturel SEO

  184. Blog de Karmenka | Karmenka
    // ...

  186. Pontaj Electronic & Condica de Prezenta | Control Acces | Creasoft
    Aplicatii Software Inovative: 1) Pontaj Electronic (incl. Telemunca / WFH), Condica de Prezenta 2) Control Acces Wi-Fi, 3) Monitorizare & Localizare Vending prin Telemetrie. Deductibil UAP

  188. I Love You To | Главная
    Love You To– самый большой интернет-маг ewrer

  190. Gym And More - Spor Malzemeleri ve Daha Fazlası
    Spor malzemeleri ve daha fazlası, online mağazamızda ücretsiz kargo ile sizleri bekliyor. Kampanyalar ve yüzlerce çeşit ürünlerle birlikte Gym & More'da.

  192. Купить спортивное питание, спортпит ✅ Киев ✅ Черкассы | Магазин Спорт Питания WAYSPORT
    Заказать ⏩ спорт питание ⏪ Вы можете в нашем интернет магазине с доставкой по всей Украине. ⭐Большой выбор ✅ Выгодные цены ⚡ Черкассы, Кропивницкий

  194. Farmacia Amica - Realizza le tue richieste - Farmacia Cingolani - Home Page
    Home Page

    Home Page

  198. Farmacia Blasi - La tua Farmacia di Fiducia Online
    La consulenza e la preparazione dei nostri farmacisti anche online. Più di 17.000 referenze sempre disponibili con sconti fino al 50% e consegna gratuita da 50€. Tipi: Farmaci da Banco, Cosmetici, Integratori, Elettromedicali, Mamma e Bimbo, Veterinaria,