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  2. Welcome to
    Voyage Linux is Debian derived distribution that is best run on a x86 embedded platforms such as PC Engines ALIX/WRAP and Soekris 45xx/48xx/55xx boards.

  4. A Service of Scot's Newsletter offers friendly, experience, and understandable information about Linux. Written by Linux users, for Windows users or anyone who wants to test the Linux waters.

  6. Zevioo: User Generated Content for E-business
    Zevioo is a marketing platform that helps eshops generate and promote user-generated content, create personalised recommendations with Artificial Intelligence, track & optimise customer experience in order to boost UX, SEO and Conversions.
    Author: Zevioo Com

  8. Frugalware
    Frugalware Linux, a general purpose linux distribution, designed for intermediate users.

  10. Crash Recovery Kit for Linux
    Crash Recovery for Linux sounds a bit superfluous. Linux is regarded as one of todays most stable Operating Systems. In the case of some hardware failure like a broken disk it can however be handy. Of course your machine doesn't have to have linux installed to make use of the CRK kit. There are several uses and purposes for the CRK to be used. To name a few :

  12. Welcome to PCLOSUsers- Dedicated to those who use PCLinuxOS
    PCLinuxOS is one of the world's up and coming providers of a Linux Desktop Solution. PCLinuxOS allows you to boot directly from the CD and test for hardware compatibility before committing the distribution to your hard drive.PCLinuxOS is safe, secure and secure

  14. Raffle Ticket Generator for WooCommerce
    Raffle Ticket Generator for woocommerce that allows users to make raffles and generate ticket numbers that are emailed to the customers...

  16. ᐈ Pun Generator | Online Pun Maker
    Online Pun Generator tool help users to generate hundreds of funny pun jokes with examples, It makes really generic and sensible puns for free.

  18. Mikrotik OpenVPN Config Generator
    Looking for how to configure OpenVPN on Windows / Linux using a Mikrotik server? Mikrotik OpenVPN Config Generator will help you generating .ovpn file to connect your client with just a few clicks!

  20. Distrochooser
    The Distrochooser helps you to find the suitable Linux distribution based on your needs!

  22. Reevoo | User-generated content on demand
    We help some of the world’s smartest companies talk with, listen to and learn from their customers with user-generated content.
    Author: UI Farm Ltd

  24. Linux for me - Linux for the next generation
    the power of linux combined with the energy of the next generation

  26. Thor Pannel - The Best Linux Control Panel
    Linux Management with a friendly interface that helps you manage your users bandwidth and authentification.

  28. Learn The Linux Command Line. Write Shell Scripts. is a web site that helps users discover the power of the Linux command line.
    Author: William Shotts; Jr

  30. Ozone Generators | A2Z Ozone
    A2Z Ozone distributes ozone generators for all applications. We can help with our engineering expertise, excellent customer service, and fast delivery.

  32. - Business Internet Services located in Brisbane Australia, since 1995, to provide personalised web hosting services for business users, specializing in Wordpress. email, and DNS services, hosted on Linux or FreeBSD.

  34. Slogans Generator
    Slogans Generator create custom advertising slogans and taglines yourself using our free online generator app that requires no registration or download, make all the free slogans you need any time.

  36. Top Website Development & App Agency - Plexial Singapore
    We can help you build beautiful and user friendly custom website. Our App developmemt team will make stunning App for your business.

  38. Free forum : Vitha
    Free forum : Android, windows and linux forums. Apps and Custom roms

    Other sites like meilix org

  40. Games and mods development for Windows, Linux and Mac
    Mod DB covers game development and modding on Windows, Mac and Linux with downloads of the best user generated content.

  42. Help Generator help authoring software
    The Help Generator provides help authoring tools to create chm help files, browser based help and html help .chm, and printed user documentation. The modern help editing environment has many features to make you highly productive and guarantee quality output.

  44. Generous | Sell wherever. Pay whatever. Be generous.
    The Generous platform has shut down. Thanks for helping us make the world a more generous place!

  46. Computer Technician and Repairs Gold Coast | Generation Tech
    Generation Tech is here to make your life easier with customer-centric IT and computer help support. No matter what device you need help with, we can assist!

  48. Latest Remixes | is where app users install or load remixes made by creative users to share custom in-app experiences. This is distribution without ads - every remix is shareable via URLs that deeplink into custom content inside mobile apps.

  50. Useful tips, tricks and articles about Linux, Windows and computers in general
    Useful tips, tricks and articles about Linux, Windows and computers in general

  52. Generate Everything Online - Free Tools
    Generate everything from this website. Enter to this facebook page and there are Many generators inside to help users with their requirements. such as Joke generator, Quotes Generator etc...

  54. CrossHelp - The Help file generator for Windows, Mac and Linux
    CrossHelp - Help file generator

  56. Volt Media - Email & SMS Marketing
    We help you generate more revenue, increase retention, and automate personalised experiences for your customers.
    Author: Darren Wilson Kabloom

  58. Blackdown - Linux Distros, Tutorials, Reviews and News
    Learn how to customize your linux distros through tutorials that are filled with tips and tricks. Let our top reviews help you pick the best hardware for your linux setup.
    Author: Jason Moth

  60. Home | Airim | Automatically personalize content for every user
    Effortless and Personalized. Make self-help easy for users on your website or web app
    Author: Airim Inc

  62. password generator
    password generator is a simple app that helps you generate a strong password , random password and also a secure password for better protection

  64. Tips General
    general tips or help your life more enjoyable,Tips General latest reviews and Best Tech for you, how to make and use all objects

  66. Pun Generator | Random Name Puns Generator
    Generate and play on thousands of list of cool and funny pun joke, meme name. This generator helps you to make very good random puns words.

  68. Hashtag Generator Tool -
    Hashtag list generator. Search and identify relevant hashtags. Research a hashtags popularity, user engagement, and frequency of use. Generate custom hashtag lists.

  70. Cash App Tips & Tricks - Just Explore Help Cash App
    Help Cash App is a platform that brings easy and reliable Cash App customer support services for the users of the cash app

  72. Home | appMixable
    appMixable invites your mobile app's creative users to build and share custom in-app experiences. Create distribution without ads - every remix is shareable via URLs that deeplink into custom content inside your app.

  74. The General Co | Luxury Craft Services and Artisanal Leather Gifts
    The General Co is a collective of new generation craftsmen and artisans offering luxury craft services to clients - including private individuals, brands or corporates. From personalised leather gifts, custom handmade goods to live craft experiences and workshops, our network of makers will help you realise your vision

  76. Salesforce Document Generation - Generate Reports & Invoices
    Salesforce Document generation App by Docs Made Easy helps you to generate invoices, Reports, Quotes, PDF, Word, Proposals in a simple way.

  78. Bitping | Distributed network intelligence for DDoS-hardened enterprise solutions.
    Get real network intelligence from a distributed network of users to help you build robust, DDoS-hardened apps and web services.

    What else alternative websites

  80. XEmacs: The next generation of Emacs
    XEmacs is a highly customizable open source text editor and application development system. It is protected under the GNU Public License and related to other versions of Emacs, in particular GNU Emacs. Its emphasis is on modern graphical user interface support and an open software development model, similar to Linux. XEmacs has an active development community numbering in the hundreds, and runs on Windows 95 and NT, Linux and nearly every other version of Unix in existence. This site provides links to all of the FTP sites mirroring XEmacs, contains the absolute latest version of the XEmacs FAQ, and has pointers to additional Elisp packages which work with XEmacs. This sit...
    Author: John S Jacobs Anderson Adrian Aichner Martin Buchholz Aidan Kehoe

  82. Enterprise Content Management. Digital User Experience Platform. E-commerce. Email. Mobile Apps. Forms. Acora CMS. - cm3 Acora CMS
    Acora CMS/DXP: Enterprise Content Management. Digital User Experience Platform. E-commerce. Email . Mobile Apps. Forms. Personalisation. CX - Customer Experience.

  84. Blue Crocus Solutions: Lead Generation, Web Development, SEO
    Blue Crocus Solutions wants to help you with your online presence, and make it convert to more customers. | Lead Generation | SEO | Web Design | (506)-323-8630

  86. Free Logo Maker & Logo Generator | Free Custom Logo Creator | Logo Verge
    Design and download free custom logo online in minutes as we have the best free logo maker software. Our logo creator helps you make your own logo online. With our online logo maker tool you can say I can create my own logo. Generate a logo now with our free logo design app.

  88. Ambigram Generator – Best Free Ambigram Generators
    You can use the best Ambigram Generator to style your text. Here we have shared a number of high quality Generators sources that help you to make an ambigram easily.

  90. Home - Floating Pen
    Namaste! I am Jigar Shah, a HubSpot Certified Content Writer from India who helps businesses to generate organic traffic and convert users into customers. Generally, I jumble words (from A to Z), make SEO-friendly content, and create a story out of it that connects with your users and tells your story. If you want content […]

  92. DIEGO Token | Diego is a blockchain based user generated content platform for interactive apps and games
    Diego is a blockchain based user generated content platform for interactive apps and games

  94. Zespół Szkół Sportowych w Lubinie
    Deploy this site to your users before or at launch time, to help them make the switch to Google Apps. The site guides users step-by-step through the transition and includes comprehensive resources for learning Gmail, Calendar, and other Google Apps. This site is ideal for large enterprises, and you can customize it for any deployment in less than a day. For a site that requires no customization on your part, see the Apps Learning Center template.

  96. Generate HTML5 video player
    AngularJS Web app which let users create their own video player by selecting video controls they want in video player and generating dynamic code based on them

  98. Mandav-Every Drop of Water Counts
    Committed to customer satisfaction, helping our clients reach their goals to personalising their business experiences, to providing an innovative environment, and to making a difference

  100. Random Password Generator
    The Random Password Generators at can make custom passwords where you choose the length and quantity.

  102. Reneka App Builders - Custom Mobile App Builder Development (iOS Android Windows) Houston Texas
    Reneka will help you make the most out of mobile app platforms (iOS, Android and Windows) with a custom app.
    Author: Reneka App Builders

  104. Netcore Cloud - The Most Comprehensive Customer Experience Platform
    Netcorecloud's customer experience platform helps marketers increase conversions, user engagement, and retention on websites & apps

  106. CSS Gradient Generator - Make and generate beautiful gradients
    Free tool to easily make and generate cross browser linear or radial css gradients. You can generate your custom css gradient in HEX or RGBA color format.

  108. Boom AI - AI Powered Lead Generation
    Artificial Intelligence powered lead generation and new customer acquisition. We are experts in helping you acquire new customers with maximum conversion.

  110. The Next Generation Interactive Email
    The Next Generation Email - Enabling mini-apps inside emails turning every reader into a potential customer

  112. Foresight Linux - Cool distro, view YouTube, productivity tools
    Foresight Linux the future is here Foresight uses Conary, that makes it different from all other Linux distributions out there. Rolling updates and easy to rollback system to a earlier stage. Latest and greatest Foresight Linux is a desktop operating system featuring an intuitive user interface and a showcase of the latest desktop software, giving… Read More »Homepage

  114. ToDesktop - Convert your Web App to a Desktop App in 2 minutes
    Users can install your web app or website to their computer on Windows, Mac & Linux. Your app can be acessed from the start menu, desktop or dock. Dropping the URL bar makes your app look more native & less cluttered.
    Author: Michael Fitzgerald Co-Founder of Interplay

  116. Steam Distribution | Steam Generation | Steam Services
    Volfram Systems specialized in Steam Distribution, Steam Generation, Customized Package Solution, Boiler House Accessories, Steam Services and related products
    Author: Meow Themes

  118. CrossChain-DeFi Development
    Custom built decentralized applications, infrastructure and security auditing. We help businesses like yours build beautiful, user-friendly blockchain apps - no technical knowledge required. We help you go from concept to launch - and make your dreams a reality.

    Other websites similar as

  120. Feature Monkey | Customer Feedback Management Tool
    Feature Monkey is a customer feedback management tool to help organise and ananlyse user feedback to make informed decisions.

    GetTerms makes it easy to generate your own customized policies for your website or apps.

  124. Panilux
    Panilux, is a new generation Linux control panel designed having in mind end users. Panilux allows you to control your servers in a fast and secure maner. Performance, using the nginx and php-fpm for web services.
    Author: Panilux Softwares

  126. | Lead Generation | Appointment Setting | Customer Service & Sales | Order Management |
    Probient helps small- and mid-sized businesses generate customers and manage customer relationships.

  128. Keen Media Group - We breathe the Internet!
    B2C Software distribution for desktop environments. Providing end-users with high-value apps, while generating high-level eCPMs for our business partners.
    Author: Keen Media Group

  130. AppLaunchpad - Free App Store Screenshot Generator
    AppLaunchpad is an android & app store screenshot generator to create customized App Store & Google Play images for your app & export them in resolutions Apple & Google require.

  132. The Song Lyrics Generator
    A smart, automatic song lyrics generator to help you create! Make your own song lyrics and write my own song online.

  134. Seamless CRM - Making More of Act!
    At Seamless CRM we help Act! users make more of their CRM system by creating add-ons and doing custom development. Make more of Act! with Seamless CRM.
    Author: Paul Berry Power Systems International

  136. Help Desk Software | by 500apps
    Help desk software with powerful ticketing and knowledge base capabilities to help you serve your customers better, improving customer satisfaction. Get access to 30+ apps for .99 per user.

  138. One Generation Away
    WIPING HUNGER OFF THE FACE OF AMERICA One Generation Away distributes healthy foods to families throughout Middle Tennessee that currently do not have access to food sources due to economic and physical barriers. We need your help & support. Join us for our next mobile
    Author: AMWN Dev

  140. The Next Generation Interactive Email | SeatAssignMate
    The Next Generation Email - Enabling mini-apps inside emails turning every reader into a potential customer

  142. Quickbooks Learn & Support Online | QBO.Support
    Author: Admin

  144. Bixio Music Group Ltd.
    IDM Music Publishing International has been the administrator of the Bixio Music Group Catalogue since 1992. It’s 600 plus collection of Original Soundtrack Scores by distinguished Film composers has become the ultimate resource for music professionals, in addition to its already well know evergreens such as Mamma, Parlami D’Amore Mariu, and many more.Bixio has made its songs and masters available for Djs, Film and tv producers, Music Supervisors.All 5,000 plus masters are now available for sync, sample, remix, compilation releases or pure listening pleasure.Now available for easy browsing on , Bixio’s 5,000 plus masters, of which it also ow...
    Author: Done

  146. Reliable Source Music - Production Music Library
    Production music for television, movies, trailers, advertising & more!!! Our multi genre music library contains over 100,000 stock music tracks with one stop licensing.
    Author: Done

  148. اپلیکیشن تحت‌وب رایچت

  150. Транспортные перевозки
    Логистическая компания Migoff - это всегда качественная перевозка грузов, доставка грузов из Китая в Россию по доступным ценам и в срок. Транспортные перевозки из Китая!

  152. Reisen 2021/2022 ⭐️ online weg bis -70%✔️
    Reisen 2021/2022 ☀️ einfach online weg bis -70%! ⭐️ Frühbucherangebote für Mallorca, Türkei, Ägypten, Kreta & den Rest der Welt.✅

  154. Ferien 2021/2022 ⭐️ online weg bis -70%✔️
    Ferien 2021/2022 ✅ einfach online weg bis -70%! ⭐️ Frühbucherangebote für Mallorca, Türkei, Ägypten, Kreta & den Rest der Welt.✅

  156. Urlaub 2021/2022 ⭐️ online weg bis -70%✔️
    Urlaub 2021/2022 ☀️ einfach online weg bis -70%! ⭐️ Frühbucherangebote für Mallorca, Türkei, Ägypten, Kreta & den Rest der Welt.✅

  158. Дилер завода «ПСО». Инфракрасная система отопления ЗЕБРА ЭВО-300 (пленочный обогреватель).
    Инфракрасная система отопления ЗЕБРА ЭВО-300 для частного дома. Новое поколение ПЛЭН.

    More other alternatives for meilix org

  160. Генезис - Главная
    Корпоративный сайт конгрессно-выставочной компании. Тренинг центра, организатора форумов.

  162. Генезис - Главная
    Корпоративный сайт конгрессно-выставочной компании. Тренинг центра, организатора форумов.

  164. 府中町の駅近くの向洋みらい歯科クリニック

  166. Nemzeti Filmintézet
    Nemzeti Filmintézet Közhasznú Nonprofit Zrt.

  168. Nemzeti Filmintézet
    Nemzeti Filmintézet Közhasznú Nonprofit Zrt.

  170. Приём металлолома в СПБ: сдать лом с вывозом дорого по цене за 1 тонну
    Сдать металлолом в Санкт-Петербурге в пункт приема металла по выгодным ценам с возможностью вывоза и демонтажа. Осуществляем прием лома металла максимально дорого. Оставить заявку на сайте онлайн.

  172. Офисная мебель в Москве - доставка, сборка - Купить недорогую мебель для офиса в интернет-магазине Orgmebel
    Купите отличную офисную мебель в Москве по низким ценам в магазине Orgmebel. Наша компания предлагает огромный выбор недорогой мебели для офиса с доставкой и сборкой уже на следующий день после заказа! Звоните ☎️8 495 648 61 49.

  174. Производство металлоформ, оборудования для ЖБИ —ООО "Завод спецформ"
    Металлоформы и оборудование для производства ЖБИ ✔гарантия ✔низкие цены ✔лизинг ✔доставка ➨спецформ.рус

  176. Danmarks største og absolut billigste webshop inden for billige låse
    Billige låse og god betjening. Abus, Ruko, Salto og Evva. Se vores store udvalg af kvalitetslåse, låsesystemer og Videoovervågning og bestil online her.

  178. Køb trykluft, kompressor, køletørrer, trykluftfiltre, trykluftbeholder
    Vi er specialister i trykluftudstyr med over 20 års erfaring. Vi forhandler alt indenfor trykluft. Vi udlejer kompressorer til erhverv.

  180. Vandslange - Vi er eksperter i Fleksibel Vandslange
    Danmarks største udvalg i Vandslanger og slangeopruller, alle former for vandslanger finder du hos os. Bedste kvalitet samt priser.

  182. Billige Blækpatroner | Udvalg Toner til printer -
    Se vores store udvalg af billige blækpatroner, hvor vi har et stort udvalg til enhver printer. ✓Bestil inden 18:00 og vi sender i dag! ✓Fri fragt over 250,-

  183. stø
  184. Støvsugerposer. Fragtfrit & Billigt. Alt i tilbehør
    Billige støvsugerposer sendes fragtfrit i DK. Kæmpe udvalg også i tilbehør. NYHED. LOYALITETSRABAT. SPAR OP TIL 15% YDERLIGERE

  186. Dino-Lite Danmark
    Dansk forhandler af mikroskoper, okular-kameraer samt tilbehør fra Dino-Lite.

  188. Speedway-Shop
    Salg af Motocross og Speedway reservedele, udstyr.

  190. - Vejen til det rigtige valg af sportsudstyr
    Find dit sportsudstyr her - Masser af forskellige produkter til dig som står og mangler nyt udstyr. Kig ind på hjemmesiden og find de bedste produkter.

  192. XtraHunt - XtraService - bedste priser
    Jagtgrossist - største udvalg - bedste priser. Vi har det meste udstyr til jægeren eller friluftsmennesket.

  194. HeidisButik - Stort udvalg af online modetøj hos
    Køb dametøj online her!| Butikken har eksisteret i over 18 år og ligger i Albertslund|Det nyeste modetøj til damer online på | Gratis Fragt over 300 kr.|Mærker som Ze-Ze Nordic, Kaffe Clothing,Fransa,Ofelia,Prepair,Fashion,B.young soaked in Luxury, One-Two Luxzuz og Etly Klarborg nisser og meget mere!

  196. Generator ⇒ Danmarks største udvalg ⇒ Hurtig levering
    Ved PowerGenerator.DK tilbydes professionelle kvalitets generatorer som er til at betale. Hurtig levering ! Største udvalg og bedste rådgivning. Se vores webshop.

  198. Danmarks billigste blækpatroner og billig toner til laser
    Billigste kompatible blækpatroner og billig toner til print, laser og kopi fra Brother, Canon, Epson, HP og Samsung. Hurtig levering, god kvalitet og service