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  2. Obie Egwim - Software Engineer
    Obie Egwim is a software engineer currently focused on the web, and building multitier applications.

  4. Matt Yutzy - Software Engineer | Matt Yutzy
    I am a software engineer focused on building and customizing full-stack enterprise web applications.
    Author: Matt Yutzy

  6. Adarsh Singh | Front End Software Engineer
    Front-end software engineer focused on building beautiful interfaces and experiences

  8. Sharad Joe| Software Engineer
    Design-minded front-end software engineer focused on building beautiful interfaces and experiences

  10. Dodi Rivaldi | Software Engineer
    Design-minded front-end software engineer focused on building beautiful interfaces and experiences

  12. Adarsh Pandey | Front End Software Engineer
    Design-minded front-end software engineer focused on building scalable products and experiences

  14. Brittany Chiang | Front End Software Engineer
    Design-minded front-end software engineer focused on building beautiful interfaces and experiences

  16. Nicolis Yuvienco - Front-End Software Engineer Portfolio
    Front-End Software Engineer ❯ HTML ❯ CSS ❯ JavaScript ❯ Building exceptional websites and applications.
    Author: Nicolis Yuvienco

  18. jinyoungbang
    Software engineer focused on building reliable and scalable applications
    Author: Jin Young Bang

  20. Yassine Missoum | Back End Software Engineer
    Architecture-minded backend software engineer focused on building scalable networked servers for games and applications

  22. Andrea Marino - Software Engineer
    I am Andrea, a Software Engineer building full-stack web and mobile applications.

  24. Jimmy Aldape | Software Engineer |
    Jimmy Aldape is an experienced software engineer who focuses on building high performance scalable web applications, beautiful and functional interfaces, all with the user experience in mind.

  26. Fervento Business-Driven Software Engineering
    Fervento is a cross-domain innovation partner and focuses on software engineering building quality-driven products

  28. Software Development | Develop, Automate & Integrate | Sunshine Coast
    Software Development company. Front & back end custom software engineering & web application design, integration & business automation.

  30. Antonino Samperi - Software engineer
    Personal Software Engineer Portfolio. I'm a Front-End & Back-End Web Software Developer and Javascript Specialist. Check out my Angular libraries and Github repositories

  32. Cloud Based Software
    CBSoft is a software development company in Romania, focused on building web applications and providing web application development services
    Author: Bjørn Eide CEO

  34. Liam Hales | Software Engineer
    Software Engineer from Manchester. My job is to craft clean looking front end apps and build robust backend API’s that scale and house the brains of an application.

  36. Home - Lucas Mendelowski
    Software engineer focused on building web applications.

  38. Galen is a front-end engineer and web designer
    Galen Wilk is a lead front-end software engineer and product designer with over a decade of experience building web applications.

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  40. Sushen Kumar | Software Engineer
    Software engineer focused on building beautiful products from zero to one.

  42. Timo Zacherl | Full-Stack Software Engineer
    Full-Stack Software Engineer with a focus on the development of reliable Web-Applications with the usage of modern technologies.

  44. Apoorv Taneja | Software Engineer
    Apoorv Taneja is a software engineer based in Pune, India specializing in building web applications and contributing to OpenSource.

  46. Izqalan | Software Engineer
    Fullstack software engineer focused on building scalable, beautiful interfaces and experiences

  48. Home - Code Engineers Software House - Professional Automation Facilitator
    CODE ENGINEER is a group of professional people, CODE ENGINEER is always available to serve them by designing or developing their products as per their requirements and need like Web Designing and Development, Software Development, Application Development, Back-End / Front-End Development and much more....

  50. Lenny Melzer - Software Engineer
    Senior Software Engineer Web Applications

  52. Samjay — Software Engineer
    A Software Engineer from Hong Kong, dedicated to the development of mobile applications and web applications.

  54. Avapex: Internet Software Engineering
    Avapex is focused on Custom Software and Web Application Development.

  56. Pascal Pepe - Software Engineering Consultant
    Pascal is a software engineering consultant from France. He works with Django and Angular to build traditional websites, web APIs and applications.
    Author: Pascal Pepe

  58. Vinicius Ribeiro - Software Engineer
    Software Engineer skilled in building high-level interfaces focused on user experience.

  60. | Software Engineer | SRE | Web Developer | Portfolio
    'Software Engineer, Site Reliability Engineer, Web Developer'

  62. Jake Feldman - Software Engineer
    Hello, my name is Jake Feldman. I create stuff for the web. I'm a software engineer based in Denver, CO specializing in building high quality web applications and websites.

  64. Andrew Erickson | Software Engineer
    Software Engineer in Portland, OR currently focusing on Serverless/Cloud-based Applications and Frontend Accessibility & Performance

  66. Custom Software Solutions & Dedicated Developers | Sanmark
    We are a web based custom software development company that builds web applications, REST APIs, back and front ends, and provides dedicated developers.
    Author: Sanmark Pvt Ltd

  68. Calvin Freitas | Principal Engineer and Tech Leader
    I am a Principal Front-End Engineer and Technology Leader. I build web applications and provide technology leadership and consulting services.
    Author: Calvin Freitas

  70. Dave Feltz, independent software engineer
    Dave Feltz - Independent software engineer building reliable, secure, maintainable software for business clients.

  72. Nexpur | Engineering Growth
    Nexpur is a software development company focused on engineering web and mobile applications for businesses.

  74. committed software
    Software company focused on simple, clean solutions for complex demands. With expertise to build multi-tier web systems and custom software. We commit to implement fast, reliable and scalable applications.
    Author: Committed Software Romania

  76. Software Engineer | Keith Mifsud
    An independent Software Engineer focused on business and #IOT applications. Providing consultancy, workshops, project and team lead, full stack development and technical authoring services.

  78. Favour Ori | Software Engineer
    Software Engineer passionate about building innovative products geared toward simplifying and improving life
    Author: Favour Ori

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  80. Golam Rabbani | Software Engineer
    Golam Rabani is a Full Stack Software Engineer specializing in building (and occasionally designing) exceptional, high-quality websites and applications for both mobile and web.

  82. Jack Tomaszewski - full-stack freelance software engineer
    A freelance software engineer specialized in both front-end and back-end. See 'My offer' and 'my portfolio' to read more.

  84. Jack Tomaszewski - full-stack freelance software engineer
    A freelance software engineer specialized in both front-end and back-end. See 'My offer' and 'my portfolio' to read more.

  86. Custom Software Engineering & Consulting | Open Sky Software
    Open Sky Software provides custom software aplication development, software engineering and software consulting services for web and mobile software applications using in-house and onshore software developers.
    Author: Open Sky Software; Inc

  88. Kyle Galbraith | Software Engineer, Author, Entrepreneur
    Software engineer and entrepreneur based in Portland, OR focused on building exceptional software solutions leveraging the cloud.

  90. Software Engineer | Tim Smith
    Tim Smith is a software engineer focused on making the web a more enjoyable place to be

  92. Ryan Long - Software Engineer 20210928
    Ryan Long is a Software Engineer from the United States with nearly 10 years of experience in Front and Back end technologies

  94. Andrew Kordampalos – Software Engineer at Vowel
    Software engineer specializing in modular and scalable web applications.
    Author: Andrew Kordampalos

  96. Ruben Amorim | Software Engineer
    Software engineer passionate about building things for the web!

  98. Fouad Olaore - A software engineer.
    Hi, I'm Fouad. A software engineer with years of study and work experience. I hold an Advanced Diploma in Software Engineering and a B.Sc. in Information Technology from Middlesex University. I build accessible and highly-performant web applications with Angular and mobile apps on Android.

  100. Anton Lebedev — Software Engineer
    Anton Lebedev is a software engineer. He is skilled in various web technologies and passionate about to build web-services and automation everything around.
    Author: Anton Lebedev

  102. Software Developer Recruitment Agency | Ripple Recruitment London
    Recruiting Developers for Software, Creative, Web, Front End, Back End and Data Wrangling. Innovative recruitment services for your next hire

  104. C Tidd
    I’m a software engineer focused on building large-scale, interactive web applications.

  106. Linkup Studio - Software engineering company
    EU-based top software engineering company. More than 8 years we specialize in the design and development of web and mobile applications, focusing on strategy and exeptional user experience.

  108. Korbinian Fritsch | Fullstack Software Engineer
    Hi, I’m Korbinian, a freelance Software Engineer and New Work Enthusiast living in Munich. I love building Web Applications, User Interfaces & Rapid Prototypes.

  110. Pavan Kumar | Software Engineer
    Pavan Kumar is a software engineer based in Bengaluru, KA who specializes in building and designing exceptional applications, and everything needed for that.

  112. Plotkin Software LLC Provides Application Engineering - home
    Custom application development and software engineering services for scientific applications
    Author: Jeff Plotkin

  114. Sascha Klatt - Freelance Software Engineer
    Freelance Software Engineer focusing on web apps, data visualization and gamification.
    Author: Sascha Klatt

  116. Nerissa Lamug - Software Engineering Manager
    Nerissa Lamug. A software engineering manager and a software engineer with over 15 years experience writing stand-alone and web applications.

  118. Furqan Software - Elite Software Engineering Services
    Based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Furqan Software provides software engineering services with a focus on reliability, efficiency, security and maintainability.
    Author: Furqan Software

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  120. Jayden Windle - Product-focused Software Engineer
    Hi, I'm Jayden Windle. I’m a product-focused software engineer building world-class apps for mobile, web, and desktop. Let's work together.

  122. Axel Guilmin - Software Engineering Freelance
    Software Engineering Services, iOS and OSX Application, Responsive Websites.
    Author: Axel Guilmin

  124. Jan Mikolič - software engineer
    I am a Software Engineer currently living in Slovenia. I have a special love for area of the signal processing and I love working at the intersection of hardware and software. I also have a diverse set of skills in web development which I perfected over many years of working as a back-end and front-end developer on many projects.
    Author: Jan Mikolič

  126. Jamal Neufeld, Software Engineering
    Jamal Neufeld, Engineering Manager at Bevy. Has 17 years of experience building web applications.

  128. Ajaykumar Prathap | Software Engineer
    Hi, this is Ajay. Software Engineer, Passionate about Web and love building things

  130. Hossein Margani, Software Engineer | Personal Website
    a software engineer based in London, UK. specializing in building high-quality websites and applications.

  132. Roberto Simonetti | Software Engineer
    Roberto Simonetti, Software Engineer, founder of New Artisan: design & development of web applications

  134. Smartgeist Engineering — software for automotive and smart devices
    Smartgeist Engineering GmbH provides software development and software consulting services. Especially software development services are provided to customers in the automotive and consumer electronics industry, that help manufacturers and supliers to integrate innovative electronical applications into future products.

  136. Hagedorn Software Engineering
    Hagedorn Software Engineering – Innovative Software für Landwirtschaft und Bioenergie.

  138. Hagedorn Software Engineering
    Hagedorn Software Engineering – Innovative Software für Landwirtschaft und Bioenergie.

  140. Chalamphong | Software Engineer | Product Maker | Ping Pong Master
    Hey, I'm Chalamphong. I am a software engineer and enjoy building robust and reliable systems

  142. WaFd Bank
    Washington Federal, now known as WaFd Bank, offers services including checking and savings accounts, mortgages, HELOC, construction and lot loans.

  144. Covered California™ | The Official Site of California's Health Insurance Marketplace
    Covered California is a free service from the state of California that connects Californians with brand-name health insurance under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. It’s the only place where you can get financial help when you buy health insurance from well-known companies.

  146. DataOps platform for Apache Kafka and Kubernetes
    Lenses for your DataOps enterprise platform, to operate with confidence on Apache Kafka with intuitive ui and fine-grained controls
    Author: Team

  148. IDP | Home Page
    Created using @India Data Portal

  150. AdminKit - Free & Premium Bootstrap 5 Admin Template
    Responsive Bootstrap 5 Admin & Dashboard Template that comes with 100+ of UI components. Check the live demo and join over 3000+ developers using our products!

  152. سفارش طراحی وب‌سایت | بهترین و ارزانترین | 09028888092
    Author: مسعود جواهری

  154. CloudDog | Home
    Web e desenvolvimento de aplicativos, performance, segurança e gestão de toda a infraestrutura e recursos utilizados pela sua empresa em qualquer cloud.

  156. BitTorrent File System (BTFS) | Scalable Decentralized File Storage
    BTFS is the first scalable, decentralized file storage system, revolutionizing file storage while improving security and combating censorship. Learn more here.
    Author: BitTorrent; Inc

  158. Shop Online for Next-Gen Vape Pens & E-Cigarettes | RELX Canada
    Looking for an online vape store in Canada? Click here to check out RELX, your one-stop shop for quality e-cigs, vapes, accessories with domestic shipping.

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  160. Оптичен Интернет и Цифрова Телевизия | NetSurf | Монтана, Враца, Благоевград, Лом, Вършец, Козлодуй, Берковица, Оряхово

  162. Grandbox | The subscription box for older parents and grandparents
    Grandbox is the best subscription gift box for grandma, grandpa, or older parents, packed with healthy snacks and personalized gifts

  164. Restaurant Reservations, Takeout & Delivery | Seated
    Get up to 30% back when you book a reservation or order takeout or delivery from the best restaurants in NYC, Boston, Atlanta, Chicago, and more.

  166. Tienda online de vapeadores y cigarrillos electrónicos | RELX
    La tienda online de cigarrillos electrónicos y vapeadores de RELX ofrece una variedad de elegantes dispositivos y cápsulas de vapor de última generación que enviamos a todo el mundo. Visita nuestro sitio web hoy para más detalles.
    Author: RELX Colombia

  168. RELX Malaysia | Online Shop For RELX Vape Pen and Pods
    RELX’s online vapor and e-cigarette store offers a variety of stylish, next-gen vape pens and pods that we provide Malaysia domestic shipping. Visit our official website today for more details.

  170. Boutique en ligne pour solutions de vape et cigarettes électroniques n
    La boutique en ligne de solutions de vape et cigarettes électroniques RELX propose une variété de produits innovants de nouvelle génération que nous expédions en France et dans le monde entier. Visitez notre site internet aujourd'hui pour plus d'informations.
    Author: RELX France

  172. Página Inicial | Drogaleste
    DISK ENTREGA. Faça seu pedido e receba os produtos no conforto da sua casa! Confira!

  174. Jubal Dordrecht
    Jubal Dordrecht - Al meer dan een eeuw garant voor spektakel, door haar continue vernieuwingsdrang altijd actueel en een garantie om het publiek op vele manieren te boeien en te verbazen. Opgericht in 1911

  176. sg飞艇官方开奖直播APP-在线查询开奖历史记录-168正规开奖网件|Intelligent Power and Sensing onsemi

  178. Web solutions & mobile apps for your next project

  180. Dental Jobs, Careers and Employment | DentalPost
    Find over 16,969 dental jobs on DentalPost, the leading job site for dental professionals.

  182. Meet new people & find friends - Social Dating App coopz
    ✔ coopz Social-Dating App ✔ meet new people nearby ✔ innovative onboarding for Matchings

  184. Сортон - интернет-магазин Подоконников, отливов, откосов, панелей пвх, водостоков и софитов в Москве и области
    Продажа оптом и в розницу со склада Подоконников, отливов на окна, откосов для окон, сэндвич-панелей пвх для откосов, водостоков и софитов для кровли в Москве и московской области

  186. Requestly - Lightweight Proxy to Intercept & Modify HTTP(s) requests
    Requestly allows you to Intercept & Modify network requests. Main features include Modifying headers, Setting up redirects, Switch hosts, inserting custom scripts and much more

  188. DIA Supermercado | Ofertas, Economia e ClubDIA
    O Supermercado DIA tem mais de 1000 lojas nos estados de São Paulo, Rio Grande do Sul, Minas Gerais, Bahia e Rio de Janeiro, que promovem economia de verdade.
    Author: DIA Supermercados

  190. HiMama - The Best Childcare App for Daycare Centers
    HiMama is the all-in-one daycare app with parent messaging, daily reports, check in and more. It's childcare management made easy! Book your demo now.

  192. Welcome
    Description de ma page web

  194. FIETZ Digital-Agentur - Hosting, Online-Shops, Design, Webentwicklung
    Full Service Internet- und Werbeagentur fuer eCommerce und Content Management - von WebDesign, Shoperstellung, WebHosting bis zur Beratung - bundesweit auch in Celle, Hannover, Braunschweig, Wolfenbüttel und Wolfsburg
    Author: FIETZ MEDIEN GmbH

  196. Best Online Photography Classes, Tours, Workshops & Camps | Sudhir Shivaram
    Learn Photography online from one of the best Indian Wildlife Photographer. Discover how to create amazing photographs by adjusting focus, exposure, and white balance settings.

  198. UV Light Phone Sanitizers and Universal Chargers | PhoneSoap
    PhoneSoap is the first and only phone charger that uses UV light to disinfect your phone, while also charging your phone. Join the clean revolution today!