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  2. STEM NFT Infrastructure - The Decentralized Infrastructure for Fungible and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)
    The Decentralized Infrastructure for Fungible and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

  4. NFT Minting Platforms | Best NFT Tokens to Buy | Non Fungible Tokens Mining | NFT BOMB
    NFT BOMB is a decentralized NFT's Exchange, bringing Defi into gaming and true resources, items, administrations through advanced collectible NFT's.

  6. MetaMorph.Pro-The All-in-one Decentralized Platform to Secure, Manage and Trade Tokens.
    Are you ready to morph? Perform wallet to wallet trades, no custodianship, no signups, no compromises with low fees.

  8. Aphelion Decentralized P2P Trading Platform
    Aphelion ends: high fees, delays, frozen funds, locked trades and hijacked tokens.

  10. Authenticated Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) Index
    NFTNDX.IO allows you to check the authenticity of the NFTs, the transfers and other activities in the NFT space
    Author: NFTNDX IO

  12. Alles over handelen in Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) |
    Op vind je alles wat je wil en moet weten over Non Fungible Tokens. Lees over kopen, marketplaces en het laatste nieuws ✅
    Author: Peter

  14. A Decentralized NFT Platform has the vision to bring NFTs to the next level, unlocking the potential - beyond digital art- the use cases are endless. This platform will be governed by a DAO, making it truly community owned.

  16. StarsX | StarsX is A Revolutionary De-Fi DEX Platform for Sports Enthusiasts to trade and invest on NFT or non-fungible tokens.
    Walking your dog can be a fun and relaxing time for both of you. But getting those walk times in every day is not always possible.

  18. | Blockchain Stamping and Non-fungible Tokens (NFT)
    Use the public blockchains to timestamp your files with indelible proof. Create non-fungible tokens (NFT) in Cardano.

  20. NFT Non Fungible Token Minting Service - Chicvoyage
    Chicvoyage is a Vancouver Canada Based company offering Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) service for individuals, business, and Digital artists. Nft's have become increasingly an increasingly popular application where you can certify ownership of your digital asset whether it is a Video, Image (Phone), Audio, or 3d Model. Chicvoyage is well positioned to help clients give our decade background in the Video and Media and over 4 years in the cryptocurrency space. We have our own Videos NFT's currently listed on the Ethereum block for you to view on Opensea.

  22. Eporio: The sustainable marketplace for NFT [Non Fungible Tokens]
    Trade NFTs like POAP or create your own CryptoArt while enjoying some of the lowest fees in the crypto world.

  24. Angry Bunnies NFT - Digital Non Fungible Token
    Games Roadmap FAQ Terms and Conditions X Connect Wallet ANGRY BUNNIES COLLECTION OF 7,777 UNIQUE RARITY NFTS PRICED AT Ξ0.06 RANDOMLY GENERATED DIGITAL COLLECTABLES FROM HAND DRAWINGS LIVING ON THE ETHEREUM BLOCKCHAIN AS ERC-721 TOKENS Twitter Discord Launch in: Days Hours Minutes Seconds Where are Angry Bunnies from? The Burrow-verse is another world that is […]

  26. Swaddly – Trading platform for secured tokens

  28. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), Crypto Art & Blockchain Gaming

  30. NFT (Non Fungible Token) and Crypto artist Melbourne Australia
    NFT (Non Fungible Token) and Crypto artist based in Melbourne Australia minting on Nifty Gateway, SuperRare and MakersPlace.

  32. NFT Cryptokunst Homepage - Alles over Non-fungible token crypto(art)
    Dé website over NFT's, oftewel 'non-fungible tokens'! Informatie over wat NFT crypto art is, hoe je NFT's kunt kopen en verkopen.

  34. P2PGO – Decentralized P2P lending platform

  36. Token Broker | Non Fungible Tokens

  38. Decent - Social Tokens, Nfts, Decentralized Finance
    We equip future-makers - personalities, brands, & organizations - to leverage their influence for good via social tokens and NFTs. Join the decent community.

    Other sites like nfttrader io

  40. GIFRun - Create High-Definition GIFs and Mint Non-Fungible Tokens NFTs
    Create GIFs from YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Vimeo, Twitter and more. Mint Ethereum ERC-721 Non-Fungible Tokens using MetaMask

    Author: - Yoshimoto Nakamura Artist

  44. Non Fungible Tokens (NFTS) + Physical Vinyl Toys = CryptoKaiju 🦖
    CryptoKaiju are Adding Even More Fun to Non Fungible Tokens With our Range of Highly Collectible Vinyl Toys. Each is Individual & Backed by a Non Fungible Token. Find out More & Shop Online Today.

  46. – Non-Fungible Tokens
    Non-Fungible Tokens

  48. GBN TOKEN | Equity, Decentralization, Trade

  50. NFTX — Mint and trade NFT index tokens
    Mint and trade NFT index tokens.

  52. Tradings, Tokens och NFT´s - Tjäna pengar

  54. Regulated Trading Platform for Crypto, Security Tokens, etc. | INX
    INX Trading Platform is aiming to enable the listing and trading of regulated security tokens and cryptocurrencies for institutional and retail investors.

  56. A decentralized social trading platform.
    A decentralized social trading platform.

  58. Slingshot - Decentralized trading platform.
    Fall in love with DeFi all over again with Slingshot, the next generation of decentralized trading.

  60. Slingshot - Decentralized Trading Platform
    Experience the power of decentralized trading with Slingshot.

  62. - Decentralized P2P Network For Secured Loans
    Decentralized P2P Network For Secured Loans

  64. Non-fungible Token Hard Asset Diamond Investment | NFT Marketplace | Icecap
    Icecap leverages non-fungible tokens to launch the first global investment-grade diamond marketplace. Diversify your hard Assets with NFT diamonds.

  66. NFT ART TOKENS - NFT Art Tokens
    nft Art Tokens Rarest Most Valuable 1/1 NFT Art Tokens Minted by Famous Artists Museum – Art Gallery – Museum SOLLOG New King of NFT Art What are ...

  68. DIW Token | Decentralize Security - Password Manager and more
    DIW is a secure blockchain-based digital platform which safeguards and secures your digital life granting access to an encrypted decentralised world. Our plan starts by providing the ultimate password manager with more to come.

  70. Babyinu NFT | A Decentralized Meme Token that Evolved into a Vibrant Ecosystem

  72. PUGG COIN — An NFT ecosystem of nurture-like pet trading derived from the decentralized token PUGG
    An NFT ecosystem of nurture-like pet trading derived from the decentralized token PUGG

  74. NFT : Tokens non fongible, la blockchain en folie - Nft Tokens
    C'est quoi les Nft Tokens ? Ces jetons non fongibles qui excitent la blockchain et va sans doute révolutionner le monde de la crypto-monnaie.

  76. PolkaWar - The Decentralized Fighting Game Platform - NFT Gaming - NFT MarketPlace - MultiChain Gaming Platform
    PolkaWar is a blockchain based NFT gaming platform and marketplace. Inspired by the recent crypto NFT and gaming narratives, PolkaWar will combine and synergize them both to build an attractive platform.

  78. DETOFI TOKEN - Tokenized Crypto Token | Decentralized Tokenized Token

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  80. Social Club – The Decentralized Social Media Token and Platform

  82. UnicornX | Tokenized Asset trading platform
    Tokenized Asset trading platform focused on Ravencoin(RVN) and premium digital assets

  84. Tokenizer - Digital Securities Platform on Blockchain
    Tokenizer is a platform for Digital Securities Marketplace on Blockchain that enables compliant issuance of asset backed tokens, initial sale to eligible investors and trading among investors, all while being compliant at a global scale

  86. STONetwork | Security Token Offering platform
    STONetwork is Security Token Offering platform.STONetwork focuses on news and development around security token for professional investors.sharing platform.
    Author: Benso

  88. Cube Tokens: Decentralized Leveraged Tokens
    Decentralized leveraged tokens on Ethereum

  90. Totos NFT token
    Totos NFT community and meme token

  92. NFTGEM.IO - Find the most valuable Non Fungible Token

  94. AutoBitco - P2P Cryptocurrency Online Trading Platform
    Buy and sell Crypto on the safest P2P trading platform. The best place for wholesalers & retailers to trade securely with complete anonymity
    Author: LEONG YANZHEN; ELIZABETH Silver Seller

  96. Game of Doge – A decentralized cross-chain NFT and Defi platform​
    A decentralized cross-chain NFT and Defi platform NFTs | Deflationary token | Swap | Staking | Donations Dogecoin, the tongue-in-cheek, meme-based cryptocurrency that's exploded into the limelight this year, has again found support from Tesla TSLA billionaire Elon Musk. The rise of DogeCoin community led to real-world use-cases. Therefore, we
    Author: Superadmin

  98. The Next-Gen Decentralized Exchange & Trading Platform
    Position Exchange is the new community driven decentralized trading platform powered by the POSI token. Trade, Swap, Farm, Stake & Earn in an attractive and user-friendly platform.

  100. Decentralized Platform for the Physical Trade of Commodities - ChainTrade
    ChainTrade is a decentralized trading platform to buy and sell tokenized commodities via Smart Contracts on a blockchain.
    Author: Shane Black

  102. Traders Hub | All-In-One Crypto Trading Platform

  104. BCUBE — Token Sale — The Ultimate All-in-one AI-driven Platform for Crypto Traders
    The BCUBE token is the fuel of our ecosystem for gaining access to free trading signals, bots, education courses, and various other benefits by staking the required number of BCUBE tokens, get extra benefits by holding for certain periods of time and earn interests (APR) by participating in the Liquidity Pool. The APR is paid on hourly basis.
    Author: Acintya Global Holdings SAS

  106. Dolphin Network – Dolphin Network is a fully decentralized, the NFT MarketPlace for Meme tokens.

  108. NFT Consult - Consultoria em NFT e criação de Tokens
    Conheça a NFT Consult. Criamos projetos que envolvem criação de Tokens, sendo eles fungíveis ou não fungíveis (NFT).

  110. Tokenize Exchange | Digital Currency Trading Platform
    Tokenize is a digital trading platform that aspires to build the next generation currency exchange that supports established and emerging digital currencies

  112. Tokenize Exchange | Digital Currency Trading Platform
    Tokenize is a digital trading platform that aspires to build the next generation currency exchange that supports established and emerging digital currencies

  114. Sell nft collection – Buy and collect nft NFT-token

  116. The MonkeyFirm Official - Trade Token Backed NFTs on our Marketplace
    The MonkeyFirm is the Easiest Solution for peer-to-peer Token Transactions on Binance Smart Chain

  118. DETOFIN | Decentralized Tokenized Finance

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  120. Detofi | Decentralized Tokenized Finance

  122. Safenut | Decentralized Meme Tokens

  124. HARP Coin - A Decentralized De-Fi Token!

  126. RigoBlock | Decentralized Token Management
    RigoBlock is a blockchain protocol for digital token management. The RigoBlock protocol offers new types of incentives for the different actors by aligning their interests through the Proof-of-Performance algorithm, eliminating standard management and performance fees.

  128. Shiba Token — A Decentralized Ecosystem
    SHIB, LEASH, BONE - ShibaSwap - Innovative Reward System - The Shiba Incubator - And more. 585k+ Community Members and Growing Fast!

  130. Shiba Token — A Decentralized Ecosystem
    SHIB, LEASH, BONE - ShibaSwap - Innovative Reward System - The Shiba Incubator - And more. 585k+ Community Members and Growing Fast!

  132. Detofi – Decentralized Tokenized Finance

  134. NFT.NYC | The Leading Annual Non-Fungible Token Event
    Since its inaugural conference in February 2019, NFT.NYC events have hosted thousands of attendees, hundreds of leading speakers and the best projects in the Non-Fungible Token ecosystem.

  136. CNFT.IO - #CNFT - Cardano Marketplace Non-Fungible Tokens
    CNFT.IO - #CNFT - Cardano Marketplace Non-Fungible Tokens

  138. Hodl Hodl - a multisig P2P Bitcoin trading platform
    Hodl Hodl - a global multisig P2P Bitcoin trading platform that doesn't hold funds
    Author: Log