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  2. Initiatives Océanes – Surfrider Foundation Europe
    INITIATIVES OCÉANES Collectes de déchets sur plages et le long des cours d'eau, pour comprendre et résoudre la problématique des déchets aquatiques. Participer Organiser Participer Organiser VOUS ÊTESÀ LA BASE DU CHANGEMENT

  4. Blue World Institute
    The Blue World Institute of Marine Research and Conservation (BWI) works to protect the marine environment in the Adriatic Sea. To that purpose, the Blue World Institute operates three programmes – research, education, and conservation. Our research focuses …

  6. Dolphin Discovery Centre – Australia's Premier Wild Dolphin Experience
    Australia's Premier Wild Dolphin Experience

  8. Ocean & Company
    Ocean & Company is an eco friendly beach brand with a mission to protect our oceans and marine wildlife. Every Sea Turtle Tracking Bracelet purchased comes with access to track a sea turtle. The best part is your purchase is supporting marine conservation efforts through our partnership with Mote Marine Laboratory.

  10. SEAQUAL INITIATIVE - Together for a Clean Ocean.
    SEAQUAL INITIATIVE works with NGOs, fishermen, communities, authorities, industry and brands to help clean our oceans of marine litter

  12. WWF Mediterranean Marine Initiative
    The Mediterranean Marine Initiative aims to bring innovative approaches to marine resource management and biodiversity protection to secure a sustainable future to Mediterranean’s wildlife and people.

  14. Australian Marine Conservation Society | Protecting Australia's Oceans
    The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) is Australia's only national charity dedicated exclusively to protecting ocean wildlife and their homes.

  16. Ocean Alliance - Whale Research & Conservation
    Ocean Alliance’s mission is to protect whales and their ocean environment through research, scientific collaboration, public education, and the arts.

  18. HOME - Oceans For All
    We finance and organize initiatives to restore, protect and nurture the Ocean's ecosystem wherever tourism activities affect its balance and health.

  20. Ocean Project | Every Purchase Makes A Difference
    Ocean Project - Here at Ocean Project and our mission is to help clean our oceans and save more marine life. We do this by making ocean inspired jewelry that helps raise awareness.

  22. Ocean Autograph | Ocean inspired Jewelry
    Ocean Autograph is a e-commerce shop Sell Ocean inspired Jewelry and Accessories. We love sea and all the creatures that live in, on and near it. Our mission is to raise awareness for cleaner seas and help clean up the world’s oceans and save marine animals. Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are on ocean.

  24. Marine & Ocean Plastic Pollution Awareness | Solutions for Ocean Pollution
    #SEA THE BIGGER PICTURE Ocean Initiative DONATE VOLUNTEER Marine & Ocean Plastic Pollution We are a Cape Town-based non-profit organisation established in 2018. Our focus is on coastal environmental education, solutions for ocean pollution and marine pollution awareness.We hope to assist in defending South African waters and beaches against marine litter through plastic pollution education and beach […]

  26. :: Ocean Shark ::
    Ocean Shark Marine Wear
    Author: Silver Sport Company S A

    Ocean Friends Images wildlife photograph

  30. Marine Megafauna Foundation
    We're working to Save Ocean Giants from extinction. Our ocean giants hold the key to marine conservation and healthy marine ecosystems. Our visionary team of scientist focus on critical, high impact, marine conservation work.
    Author: Jul

  32. Ocean Connections
    Ocean Connections marine mammal interactions.

  34. Home - Sea Change Project
    We are a community of scientists, storytellers, journalists and filmmakers who are dedicated to the ocean. Our work is motivating scientists, policymakers and individuals to engage meaningfully with nature and protect our oceans. Our goal is to protect South Africa’s marine environment by making the Great African Seaforest a global icon.

  36. Watch Ocean Vet | Prime Video
    Ocean Vet is a natural history series like no other. Narrated by Academy award-winning actor and producer Michael Douglas, this incredible series follows the exploits of English veterinarian Dr Neil Burnie and his Ocean Vet team. Together they set out to save, protect and learn more about Bermuda's incredible marine life.

  38. AZRAQ
    Azraq is a non-profit marine conservation organisation registered with the Community Development Authority in the United Arab Emirates. Our mission is to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world’s oceans in order to defend, conserve and protect ecosystems and species.
    Author: Apr

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  40. Ocean Navigator - Marine Navigation and Ocean Voyaging Resources
    Marine Navigation and Ocean Voyaging Resources.
    Author: Tim Queeney

  42. One Healthy Ocean
    REV Ocean is a game-changing initiative that has an ambitious yet simple goal – to ensure ‘One Healthy Ocean’.

  44. Eagle Ocean Marine - Home
    Eagle Ocean Marine

  46. Ocean Champions - Ocean Champions
    Ocean Champions teaches young children and others the devastating impacts that plastic debris in our oceans is having on marine life.

  48. Home | Oceans 5
    Oceans 5 is an international funders’ collaborative comprised of new and experienced philanthropists dedicated to protecting the world’s five oceans. We focus our investments and support on large, opportunistic projects and campaigns to establish marine reserves and constrain overfishing.

  50. Guardian of the Ocean
    Jewelry that gives back! Each Guardian piece includes a donation to our charity partners Ocean Unite and Guardian of the Baltic Sea. As our mission to raise funds for protecting the Baltic Sea continues, we have started a new charity partnership with Ocean Unite.

  52. Ocean Planet - Project Kaisei
    Project Kaisei is the ocean clean-up initiative of Ocean Voyages Institute, a non-profit organization based in San Francisco. It was established to focus on major ocean clean-up and to raise awareness regarding the global problem of marine debris/ocean trash. Since its inception in 2009, Project Kaisei heralds the need for our ocean ecosystem to recover and takes action both on land and in the sea.

  54. Wildlife conservation and education in Cameroon | Limbe Wildlife Centre
    TOGETHER WE CAN PROTECT WILDLIFE Wildlife is under threat in Cameroon. And for more than 25 years, the Limbe Wildlife Centre has been working to protect it. Through wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, educational initiatives and community programmes, we are working to conserve Cameroon's unique wildlife heritage. The mission of
    Author: Limbewildlife Sowg

  56. Global Ocean Forum
    The Global Ocean Forum remains committed to its mission of promoting good governance of the ocean, healthy marine ecosystems, and sustainable development. Since its creation in 2002, the Global Ocean Forum has been tracking progress achieved (or lack thereof) on major ocean-related goals, bringing together national and international data on the range of issues related…

  58. Rising Ocean Marine Enterprise
    Rising Ocean Marine Enterprise

  60. Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
    Protecting Marine Wildlife Worldwide

  62. Home - National Marine Mammal Foundation
    The National Marine Mammal Foundation (NMMF) has a mission to improve and protect life for marine mammals, humans, and our shared oceans through science, service & education.
    Author: Eric Franks

  64. Ocean Breeze AC
    Quorum Marine and Electronics, Inc. d/b/a Ocean Breeze is a manufacturer of marine air conditioning equipment
    Author: Wayne Bozer

  66. On a mission is to conserve our planets oceans · Arctic Whale
    Arctic Whale are on a mission to protect our planets ocean's by scientifically communicating the impact of plastic pollution in the arctic sea ice

  68. Ocean Love Group
    Respect, Protect and Love the Ocean

  70. Olivia for the Ocean – Ocean Protection Through Plastic-Free Living
    Ocean Protection Through Plastic-Free Living
    Author: Oliviafortheocean

  72. Marine Life Studies | Research Education and Conservation
    Monterey Bay Marine Life Studies is a non-profit organization which is committed to protecting marine wildlife and preserving the health and beauty of our oceans now, and for the future, through education, research and environmental stewardship programs.

  74. Home | Passport Ocean
    Passport Ocean focuses its charitable efforts on marine and ocean causes. 15% of our profits are donated to an Ocean charity organization each month.

    HoloHolo Hawaii Marine and Ocean Sports News, marine news, ocean sports: sailing, surfing, fishing, paddling
    Author: HoloHolo Hawaii

  78. Oceanic Marine Risks
    Oceanic Marine Risks is a specialist marine insurance broker. Few brokers understand and specialise in marine insurance as we do. Continuing our commitment to the marine industry.
    Author: Lizzie Wickham

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  80. Bienvenue sur OCEAN-NET
    Ocean-Net. Basée à Six-Fours Les Plages, la société Ocean-Net Conçoit et vend des bateaux et des équipements de dépollution marine, de servitude portuaire et d’aménagement pour les ports ports et les plages.

  82. Oceanic Research Group
    Oceanic Research Group, Inc. is a non-profit environmental organization dedicated to the conservation of the world's oceans and marine life through education.

  84. Wildlife of Africa Conservation Initiative – A Special Wildlife Conservation, Research, Education, and Rescue Initiative
    A Special Wildlife Conservation, Research, Education, and Rescue Initiative
    Author: Admin

  86. Ocean Unite
    Ocean Unite is an independent 501c3 organisation. Through their Ocean Unite Network of global influencers, their aim is to amplify crucial Ocean messages to decision-makers in support of highly protecting at least 30% of the ocean by 2030 and building ocean resilience.
    Author: OceanUnite @oceanunite

  88. Sharks Lair – One Ocean, Respect it, Protect it
    One Ocean, Respect it, Protect it

  90. Bite-Back Shark & Marine Conservation - Save the sharks, protect the oceans.
    Bite-Back is the shark and marine conservation charity committed to making Britain shark fin free. Save the sharks, protect the oceans. Join us today.

  92. Seaweed Sally l Marine Education and Southern Ocean Education Services l We Come To You!
    Seaweed Sally Marine Education and Southern Ocean Education. Provider of marine education programs incursions by qualified scientists, to kindergartens, schools, holiday programs, events, and birthday parties. Located In Parkdale and visiting throughout greater Melbourne and beyond.

  94. GCE Ocean Technology
    GCE Ocean Technology was established in 2006 in Bergen, Norway and is an industry driven cluster within ocean technology with more than 130 partners and members. The cluster develops and supplies innovative ocean technology within a wide range of applications, including: - Subsea oil and gas production - Marine renewable energy production - Marine food production - Exploration of marine mineral resources.

  96. Oceanic Films - World-class films about the wildlife in our Oceans
    Oceanic Films produce world-class films about the wildlife in our oceans, telling new, engaging and dramatic stories from above and beneath the waves.

  98. Aqua Shiba - Aqua Shiba
    A Community Initiative Protocol Designed To Protect The Ocean.

  100. Initiative Factory
    A mi-chemin entre hackathon et consulting, notre mission est de transformer votre initiative en une solution fonctionnelle.

  102. MBI - Marine Breeding Initiative
    MBI-The Marine Breeding Initiative was created as a tool to encourage marine aquaria hobbyists to get involved in the captive breeding of marine organisms

  104. CleanSea - The bracelet cleaning the ocean one kilo at a time.
    On a mission to stop plastic pollution from harming marine life. Doing it by simply removing plastic from our oceans. Our cleanups are funded by our CleanSea bracelet, each bracelet removes 1 kilo (2 pounds) of trash from the ocean. Together we are saving our oceans, 1 kilo at a time.
    Author: Mikaela Persson

    The Fins United Initiative aims to show you diverse Chondrichthyans (sharks, skates, rays, and chimaeras) and the diverse scientists that study them around the world.


  110. Home - Mission Blue
    Igniting public support For a global network of Marine protected areas Learn More Subscribe Now! Our Mission “Mission Blue inspires action to explore and protect the ocean.” News and Updates View More News Mission Blue Webinars Hope Spots Hope Spots are special places that are critical to the health of the ocean — Earth’s blue [...]Read More...
    Author: Mission Blue Join Forces

    HoloHolo Hawaii Marine and Ocean Sports News, marine news, ocean sports: sailing, surfing, fishing, paddling
    Author: HoloHolo Hawaii

    Projects to learn how do we cleanup ocean plastic and marine litter

  116. Far Out Ocean Research Collective
    To foster knowledge and conservation of the oceanic marine environment through research, education and awareness.

  118. The Austrian Ocean Race Project – Climbing the Ocean
    Das Austrian Ocean Race Project ist ein junges Team aus internationalen Seglern mit österreichischem Kern. Das Ziel ist die Teilnahme am Ocean Race 2022.

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  120. HELP Initiative Pittsburgh
    The Homewood, East Hills, East Liberty, Lincoln-Lemington-Belmar, and Larimer Protection Initiative (HELP) is a comprehensive resident-driven initiative to protect, strengthen, and rebuild targeted East End communities.

  122. Boulanger Initiative
    Boulanger Initiative’s mission is to promote music composed by women through performance, education, and commissions.

  124. Global Ocean Observing System
    GOOS is a permanent global system for observations, modeling, and analysis of marine and ocean data.

  126. Green Diver Initiative - NAUI Green Diver Initiative
    The NAUI Green Diver Initiative is a registered nonprofit organization empowering divers to preserve and conserve our ocean planet.

  128. Let's Be Ocean Wise |
    Our vision is a world in which oceans are healthy and flourishing. Our mission is to inspire the global community to become Ocean Wise by increasing its understanding, wonder and appreciation for our oceans.

  130. Home - Save The Whales
    Our mission is to preserve and protect the ocean and its inhabitants.

  132. Ocean One Marine Construction - Docks and Boat Lifts
    Welcome to Ocean One Marine, Inc. Ocean One Marine Inc is a licensed marine contractor operating in South Florida. We sell and install docks and boat lifts. With over 35 years of experience we build and sell only the best. Our experienced staff can help with any marine project from
    Author: Ocean One Marine

  134. Home - Inland Ocean Coalition
    | Why An Inland Ocean Movement? The ocean is our planet's life support system, and its health is in crisis. We often think that to protect the ocean, you have to be near the ocean. But we all have a direct impact on the cycles of life in the ocean—no matter where we live. The […]

  136. Debris Free Oceans - Start with you!
    Debris Free Oceans is a volunteer-run organization that inspires local communities to eradicate marine debris from our beaches, reefs, and oceans.

  138. DOSI - Deep Ocean Stewardship Initiative
    DOSI seeks to integrate science, technology, policy, law and economics to advise on ecosystem-based management of resource use in the deep ocean and strategies to maintain the integrity of deep-ocean ecosystems within and beyond national jurisdiction.

  140. Oceanic - Marine services provider
    Oceanic are world-leading marine hospitality and catering specialists, providing service for all types of vessels.

  142. Schmidt Ocean Institute
    Schmidt Ocean Institute works to advance the frontiers of global marine research by providing state of the art operational, technological, and informational support to the pioneering ocean science and technology development projects at sea.

  144. 2021 Ocean Pacific Marine Store & Boatyard » Ocean Pacific Marine Store & Boatyard
    WELCOME TO OCEAN PACIFIC MARINE IN CAMPBELL RIVER outfitting and servicing commercial and pleasure craft – SINCE 1985 – THE BOATYARD COMPLETE & CONVENIENT SERVICE 110 Ton Travelift ABYC Certified … Continue reading "2021 Ocean Pacific Marine Store & Boatyard"

  146. The Alps need your initiative - Alpine Initiative
    The Alpine Initiative is an independent Swiss association that aims to protect the Alps from transit traffic and to preserve it as a home for humans, animals and plants.

  148. Academia de Treino TECNIQUITEL Bem-Vindo à nossa Academia de Treino TECNIQUITEL
    ACADEMIA DE TREINO Bem-vindo à nossa Academia de Treino, onde encontra todas as opções de Cursos Presenciais e respetivas Unidades de Formação B-Learning. Educar e formar com qualidade para assegurar a Segurança Laboral é o nosso principal objetivo. CONTACTE-NOS QUEM SOMOS Os nossos progra...

  150. Laurie Halse Anderson – Mad Woman in the Forest
    Laurie Halse Anderson is the New York Times-bestselling author who writes for kids of all ages.

  152. - Actualités auto, Essais, Lifestyle...
    Actualités auto, essai, lifestyle Toute l'actualité automobile en continu sur Retrouvez les derniers essais auto, les découvertes lifestyle et les events!
    Author: JM

  154. Home - Integrative Health Institute
    IHI is downtown Toronto's leading integrative health clinic. Our team of experienced practitioners are dedicated to unlocking your health potential.

  156. Dr. Trish Ring
    It's time to love your life again. I’m Trish Ring — a certified Life Coach with a tendency to get to the heart of the matter, fast.

  158. Voiture Conseil -
    Author: VoitureConseil

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  160. Lindas Matstuga - Man tager vad man haver
    Välkommen till min värld med massa mat, bak, trender, restaurangbesök, vänner på middag och inte minst ett allmänt härligt kaos som mamma till ljuvliga minitonåringen Annie 7 år och charmiga yrvädret Magda 4 år.
    Author: Linda

  162. Explore shopping, dining, and living at The Amazing Brentwood
    PHASED OPENING HAS BEGUN COMING IN 2021 SMALL VICTORY LUX SKIN LAB GRAM CAFE MCDONALD'S RITUAL SPA + MANY MORE IMPULSE SEESAWS Multi-sensory experience featuring nine illuminated, sound-producing seesaws, now live at The Amazing Brentwood. LEARN MORE Reside The Amazing Brentwood is taking shape as a 28-acre
    Author: Brentwood

  164. Classic Car & AC Cobra specialists | Unrivalled Expertise
    Redline Classic Cars. Based in Surrey, serving customers globally. Sales, restorations & services for all classic car models. AC Cobra & AC specialists

  166. St Benoit Creamery - Natural Organic Yogurt from Natural Ingredients
    No fillers, stabilizers, or junk. Just extraordinary milk & real flavor. "Organic” is just one reason why this delicious dairy is better-for-you

  168. George Walker Events – Planning, producing and managing an extensive range of events for our private customers and business clients througho

  170. J|Z - Γυναικεία Παπούτσια | Τσάντες | Αποστολή σε όλη την Ελλάδα
    Μεγάλη ποικιλία σε γυναικεία παπούτσια και τσάντες, επώνυμα brands, δωρεάν αποστολή σε όλη την Ελλάδα!

  172. DrSalts+ | Dead Sea, Himalayan & Epsom Bath Salts
    DrSalts+ harness the therapeutic benefits of Dead Sea, Himalayan & Epsom Bath Salts to create natural bath & shower products to soothe mind & body. Free P&P over £15.

  174. Home | Markham Ribfest
    Join us July 5 - 7 2019 at the 16th annual Markham Rotary Ribfest. 100% of admission proceeds go to charities of choice.

  176. Table ART - The ART of Table Serving and Dining Etiquette
    Your exquisite guide to elegant table setting, tableware, floral arrangements and table manners.
    Author: Table Art

  177. envidraç
  178. Envidraçamento de Sacadas de Vidro ® Fechamento Varandas
    Vidraçarias e Vidraceiros ✆ Especializados em Envidraçamento de Sacadas de Vidro » Fechamento de Sacadas | Varandas ✓ Cortinas de Vidro na Região

  180. Главная - Millers Oils Россия
    Millers Oils производит инновационные моторные, трансмиссионные, индустриальные масла и смазки для спорта, автомобилей, коммерческого транспорта и индустрии

  182. Главная - Millers Oils Россия
    Millers Oils производит инновационные моторные, трансмиссионные, индустриальные масла и смазки для спорта, автомобилей, коммерческого транспорта и индустрии

  184. ARTDREAMS welcomes you! - ARTDREAMS
    This site is for everyone who loves creativity,loves art, for artists and illustrators. For whom art is a dream, inspiration is a flight!
    Author: Nataliyatori

  186. New York Facial Plastic Surgery | Facial Plastic Surgery
    New York Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Andrew Jacono specializes in facial plastic surgery and is one of the best facelift surgeons in the world.
    Author: Dr Andrew Jacono

  188. Primaberita | Berita Harian Kota Medan Terbaik
    Berita Harian Kota Medan Terbaik

  190. Natural Beauty Therapist Sydney | Health Coach Sydney
    I’m a natural Beauty Therapist, Health Coach and Nutritionist in Sydney who specialises in Superfood Facials and inspires women to love themselves and embrace the power of food to enhance their health, happiness and authentic beauty.

  192. Home - North King Lodge
    Fly-in floating Westcoast BC salmon fishing lodge resort, Caamano Sound, Canada. Trophy king salmon fishing 50lbs+, coho salmon, cod & halibut fishing

  194. Asociacion Argentina de Paintball
    Author: Sergio Daniel Soliz

  196. 阿華田的美食日記

  198. Agence TOP IMMO Nouméa | Nouvelle-Calédonie
    L'AGENCE TOP IMMO est spécialiste de l'immobilier en Province Sud et dans les communes avoisinantes. Créée en 2010, l’agence TOPIMMO vous accompagne sur l’ensemble de vos projets immobiliers en mettant à votre disposition une équipe de professionnels compétents.