Top 100 alternative sites to

  2. Launch Your Own E-Commerce App With
    Unleash The Full Scale Of Your Business By Creating And Releasing Your Own E-Commerce App As Well As Listing Your Store On The Global Malls Marketplace

  4. Communication Platform for SMS APIs: at StatsCrop
    Plivo(Communication Platform for SMS APIs): Plivo’s SMS API and Voice API platform enables businesses to communicate with their customers on a global scale. Sign up for free now. at StatsCrop.

  6. Business Communication Tools | Communications Apps | Sync.AI
    Sync.AI offers business communication tools that make scheduling & client management easy. Get rich insights not available with other apps. Download apps here.

  8. KeyComm App - Secure Communication Tools For Your Team
    What makes KeyComm different? Secure communication tools. Multiple ways to send your messages. Full control over your team. All in one convenient app.

  10. Home - Webitute
    Make your website for available for local customers as well as other & make your business a global brand.

  12. • Cloud Platform for Mission-Critical Communications
    Get access to Secure Communications Building Blocks and move fast to the market with solution that scales serverless – in size and globally.

  14. Refresh - Benefits, wellness, and communication platform for the the modern enterprise
    Refresh is a modular, customizable engagement platform focused on wellness, health, and communication. We provide users with a single point of engagement in a world of disparate single use apps and tools.

  16. The Well Coffeehouse | Where Coffee Changes Lives
    Welcome to The Well Coffeehouse. We are a coffeehouse with a bold vision to make a difference in both our local and global communities. As a missional coffeehouse, we turn profits into hope. With multiple locations in the Nashville, TN area and in Fishers, IN.
    Author: Jimmy D

  18. Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) app ElineSpeaks
    ElineSpeaks - the simplest Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) app in the world. Transforms iPad into a speech generating device. Try for FREE!
    Author: Marjan

  20. TeamTalk is Canada's New Hands-On Business Communication Platform
    TeamTalk is a way for businesses to better-connect their people. It is available on various platforms including portable two-way radios, in-vehicle radios & other mobile devices. Improving information flow throughout an organization is one of the simplest ways to operate smoothly & provide amazing customer service!

  22. Alosant - The Community Branded App
    Learn more about the leading community branded app platform.

  24. Front - Customer Communication Platform | Team Email
    Front is the customer communication platform that seamlessly combines emails, apps, and teammates into a single view. Stop being busy. Start making an impact.

  26. ValueFirst – Communication Platform for SMS APIs, Voice APIs, Video APIs
    Value First’s SMS API, Video APIs, Authentication, and Voice API platform enables businesses to communicate with their customers on a global scale. Best Conversational Messaging Platform Company.

  28. Home - Hanover Communications
    Hanover advises global brands, businesses and organisations on reputation, communications and public affairs.
    Author: Pizza Hut

  30. Health & Wellness Branding & Design Agency | Aventive Studio | Austin, TX
    Aventive is a branding studio based out of Austin, TX. We help health & wellness businesses and brands scale through brand strategy and design. Ready to grow?

  32. Mindspan - Brand Communication & Design Agency Chandigarh
    Mindspan is an agency that provides Brand Communication & Design Services for business ventures of different scales and plays a pivotal role in branding.

  34. Employee communication app and productivity platform |
    The employee app that packs internal communications, engagement apps, and productivity tools for distributed, frontline employees into a unified platform
    Author: Logos-Homepage

  36. Oliver Wieland Marketing Communications – WebTech & Marketing
    Oliver Wieland Marketing Communications - Web tech and development - Design, identity, and branding - Optimise and scale your business
    Author: Vicki Hearne - CEO; Alpha 1

  38. Fideles Tech & Services | App & Website Development Company
    Fideles is an app, eCommerce, and website development company that offers digital solutions to help organizations to scale their business Globally.

    Other sites like ongo app

  40. Team Circle - In-app Community SDK & Cloud
    Turn your existing app traffic into a loyal user community within days with TeamCircle SDK. 1-month free trial.

  42. Home - No code app building
    Your App, Built by You. TomYo is the most straightforward drag and drop No code app building platform. It is your best way to shift to mobile. Become the founder of your business to monetize your content, expertise, following and ultimately build your brand and community.

  44. Run and manage your apps in one place with D2C. - D2C — Platform for configuring, deploying and scaling apps with Docker
    D2C is a platform which automates routines in building the infrastructure for applications. It gives professional developers the easiest way to configure, deploy, and scale apps with Docker.
    Author: Alexey Golev

  46. zzBots - Integrate Your Apps & Automate Your Business with Our Easy to Customize Bots!
    Easily Make All Your Apps Work Together the Way You Do Business!

  48. - the banking platform for your business
    We are empowering brands and banks to accelerate financial innovation and inclusion. With scale and compliance built-in, swys makes modern finance better for people, businesses, and banks.

  50. B2B Marketing Communications — O'Brien Communications Group
    We’re a B2B brand-management and marketing communication firm. We’ve been making brands prominent and businesses successful since 2004.
    Author: Mark O'Brien

  52. Cooperative Community Wellness | Integrate Columbus
    Integrate Columbus collaboratively resources individuals, small businesses, and the healthcare system to foster cooperative community wellness.
    Author: Joseph Chekanoff

  54. Codepiller - Mobile App Strategy, Design & Development Agency
    We develop apps which get trending & multiply your ROI, turn your customers delighted & make you Brand Visible.

  56. Red e App | Mobile Cloud Platform for the Non-desk Workforce
    Red e App is the mobile cloud platform purpose-built for the world’s deskless workers and managers, turning communication chaos into engaging connection.

  58. Branding | Ace Daytons Communications | Singapore
    At Ace Daytons Communications, we transform brands, grow businesses, and tell brand and product stories in a most creative and fascinating way.

  60. JouleBug Enterprise | Simple Employee Wellness App
    Increase engagement and strengthen relationships with a fun app that helps people make choices that are more Sustainable and better for their Well-Being.
    Author: Erica Kose

  62. Toku | Cloud Business Communications Provider - Toku
    Work from anywhere Move your business communications to the cloud Boost your customer engagement with cloud communications solutions that include CPaaS, UCaaS and CCaaS. Quick to implement, scale, and easy to integrate with your existing business apps. Discover More Making business communications smarter in APAC Harness the Power of the Cloud - Team Up with the Leading Communications Provider in APAC Easy to implementHassle-free

  64. Accelerate your App growth | GreedyGame
    All-in-one solution for all your app monetization and user acquisition needs so that you can concentrate on making better apps. GreedyGame solves the problem of scalability in a unique way to acquire users globally for your apps.

  66. Pakistan's First Cloud Communication Platform -
    Yovo is Pakistan's First Cloud Communication Platform, Making Communication Simple, Building reliable connection between businesses and customers.

  68. Community Connection of Central Illinois - Enhancing the Well Being of Central Illinois Residents, Businesses, and Communities
    Enhancing the Well Being of Central Illinois Residents, Businesses, and Communities

  70. Cultivate Improvements in Personal and Community Wellness
    Our mission is to: Cultivate Improvements in Personal and Community Wellness The people in our 5 Healthy Towns Eat Better, Move More, Avoid Unhealthy Substances and Connect with Others in Healthy Ways. How we can help your community »

  72. A communication platform that help you to grow your business productivity.
    More Productive Business Compact communication platform for more productive businesses Easy to setup and utilize Associate and work together any way you need.
    Author: Admin

  74. Fluid Minds Consulting - web design & mobile apps
    Fluid Minds builds business websites, mobile apps and custom software to bolster your brand and engage users. Personal, quality service and ongoing support.

  76. Social Wellness Co | Impactful Content Marketing That Builds Communities
    Welcome to Social Wellness Co. We are a boutique content marketing agency for storytelling brands that want to build communities, not just 1-off customers.

  78. Men's Preventative Health & Wellbeing | Well Man App Inc. | Australia
    Well Man App Incorporated provides preventative phsical, mental and social wellbeing strategies, information and pratical tips and tactics to boys and men globally.

    What else alternative websites

  80. Home | Android App Development | iOS App Development | Web Application Development | Full Stack Cloud Application Development | Rajasthan |
    The fastest way to get online, and make your business from local to global Emails, Website, Hosting, E-Commerce, SEO, SEM .
    Author: Nahid Ali

  82. Connect smarter with our community platform app - Bundeling
    We offer communication solution for organizations. Through our community platform app you connect smarter with customers, members and colleagues. Plan your demo.
    Author: Eric van den Brand

  84. Sell Online with Mobile App and Website -
    Want to Sell Products Online? Well paves a way to grow your Business with e-commerce Mobile App & Website

  86. Brand Happiness®: Affordable Brand Communication & Digital Marketing
    Brand Happiness® OPC Pvt Ltd. is an affordable brand communication & digital marketing agency working with global businesses!

  88. Corporate Wellness Platforms - Corporate Wellness Programs - Step Counter App
    Stepathlon organized Corporate Wellness Programs like stress management programs, corporate yoga programs, healthy balanced diet, walking health benefits & step counter app.

  90. Fast development platform for business apps | 4D
    Find out how to quickly and simply design and develop powerful business apps for the Web, the mobile as well as for macOS and Windows.

  92. Fast development platform for business apps | 4D
    Find out how to quickly and simply design and develop powerful business apps for the Web, the mobile as well as for macOS and Windows.

  94. Cannabis Doing Good | A Platform For Connecting Cannabis & Community
    Cannabis Doing Good is a platform for cannabis and communities to collaborate, to inspire new ways of people, planet and business engagement.

  96. Weelko, the wellness company that makes it easy.
    Weelko is a new concept that goes beyond wellness products. It is an attitude and a way of understanding well-being in a global scale. With this aim, we develop specific lines for beauty, Spa&wellness, physiotherapy and podiatry fields. All of them designed to guarantee the maximum well-being to professionals and to their patients, without forgetting those specialists in distribution who trust in the quality of our service. From Europe to all over the world.

  98. Home | Echochat | App | Chat | Communication | Voip App
    Echochat App, designed to make calls cheaper, easier and more efficient. Have an office anywhere in the world, allowing you to travel, be remote and have fun knowing you have peace of mind with all of your communications, on one app, on one device.

  100. Broadcast Communications International | Broadcast Specialist
    BCI is an authorised distributor for numerous international professional brands in the broadcast equipment market, as well as a system Integrator to meet and offer turn-key solutions to the broadcast & communications industries.

  102. Havas Group
    Havas Group is one of the world’s largest global communications groups and its mission is to make a meaningful difference to brands, businesses and people.
    Author: Havas Group

  104. Appago Apps App
    The Appago Apps CRM App allows businesses who have built an app using the Appago Apps Business App CMS, a simple way to manage customer App actions, send and schedule Push Notifications and review App Download Stats. Features Include: +Login to access Customer Relationship Management features for app owners -Communicate with customers -View customer actions -View app analytics -Schedule push notifications

  106. Sinapis : Business Training for Faith-Driven Entrepreneurs
    Sinapis is a global community blending intensive training with faith-based principles and access to capital. Entrepreneurs learn how to scale their businesses while also making a social and spiritual impact in their community.

  108. Best Voice-Based communication App Provider
    Contact Voicesnap, one-stop destination for Voice-based communication app that fulfills your business needs.

  110. Beauty, Kosmetik, Schönheit, Wellness, Pflege, Körper, Gesundheit,Make-up, Frisure, Homepage, Community
    Beauty,Wellness , den Körper, Dienstleistungen, Wellness,Beauty, Kosmetik, Schönheit, Wellness, Pflege, Körper, Gesundheit,Make-up, Frisure, Homepage, Community

  112. Beauty, Kosmetik, Schönheit, Wellness, Pflege, Körper, Gesundheit,Make-up, Frisure, Homepage, Community
    Beauty,Wellness , den Körper, Dienstleistungen, Wellness,Beauty, Kosmetik, Schönheit, Wellness, Pflege, Körper, Gesundheit,Make-up, Frisure, Homepage, Community

  114. Agence de communication Nantes - Paris - Nouvelle Vague
    Nouvelle Vague est une agence de communication globale au service du business des marques : stratégie digitale, brand content, social média, publicité ...

  116. Home - NDM Apps
    Does your business have customers?If yes, you need an app! WHY? THE CREATIVE, AFFORDABLE AND EFFECTIVE WAY TO ENSURE YOUR BUSINESS STAYS ONE STEP AHEAD WHY DO YOU NEED AN APP? Increase Repeat Business Reward your customers for thier loyalty, so they come back time and time again. Make Money Having an app will bring …

  118. Best Ecommerce App Platform for Business Owners to Build their Apps: at StatsCrop
    Growcify(Best Ecommerce App Platform for Business Owners to Build their Apps): Growcify brings you the fastest and easiest way to go digital (Android app, iOS app, and Sales & Inventory Dashboard) within 24 hours of your purchase. No hidden charges. at StatsCrop.

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  120. Community App - Community Events and Issue Reporting
    Community App connects you back with your neighbourhood, allowing you to see a full list of local events. It'll also allow you to make reports of any gripes you may have.

  122. Team Communication and Collaboration App | Flujo
    Flujo is a business communication app built with key business essentials like messaging, kanbans, drive, meetings, tasks, notes & more to create a happy & productive workspace.

  124. Redpost Media - Global Digital Media and Communications Agency
    Global Digital Media and Communications Agency in Devon, with a passion of combining business and human nature to create a company brand that stands out.
    Author: Duncan Haddrell International Tiles Owner https; Tiles Uk Com

  126. Business Phone Systems | Communication App for a Mobile Workforce - Netlines
    Communication for a mobile workforce. Run your business from an app – NetLines gives you the features of a professional business phone system in an affordable, convenient smartphone app.

  128. Local is Lekker App | New Online Shopping Sites | South Africa
    The Local is Lekker App is about Supporting Local Business and the Community in an authentically South African Way. list of local businesses in my area

  130. 021c communication concepts
    021c communication concepts is an international integrated marketing agency tailored to the needs of global businesses and organizations. International brand marketing is our specialty – we build and maintain brand equity across various channels.

  132. SharesInside - Investor Relations & Shareholder Digital Communication Platform (Free App)
    SharesInside offers companies, investors and shareholders a true digital communication platform. With a free App (Download from the Google Play Store or Apple Store) public companies can now engage directly with shareholders and new investors. SharesInside is the new way for investors to follow in real-time companies and funds.

  134. Top Rated Mobile App Development, Web Design, Development and Digital Marketing Company in Mumbai INDIA | Aogies Pvt. Ltd.
    We are well established Custom Website Design and Development, Mobile Apps, E-commerce platform and Digital Marketing company for making online presence strong and grow Business and brands.

  136. Food Ordering App(s) designed for Food Trucks - OrderUp Apps - Orderup Apps | Custom Ordering Apps
    A BETTER WAY TO FOOD TRUCK Reach and engage your customers like never before with a custom branded ordering app HOW IT WORKS HOW IT WORKS Fully Customized App Fully customized Android & Apple phone apps branded with your colors, logo and business details. Include your entire menu, even the most complex menu’s are cool […]

  138. - The digital Wealth Platform
    Welcome to Gopien Community! Here, on our global platform, we bring together and empower communities to connect the unconnected, host educational and networking opportunities, and practice a new way of doing business. With little effort and investment, you can easily; start growing your own business, learn new skills, share life experiences, make real business connections and support each other to grow. It is all about making great efforts to reach common and personal goals together. Gopien’s mission is to empower you to go beyond – beyond borders, limits and expectations, with the power of community. In today’s digital world, Gopien enables you to access new economic opp...

  140. iLINK APP - Passionately Local | Private Local Community
    iLINK APP is the free, location-based, private social network for local communities. The best way to connect with other locals over shared passions and values.

  142. LiveCasino
    LiveCasino brings authentic, Monte Carlo table games such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat and more to you. An exclusive experience like no other awaits you!

  144. Rentablo - macht Fondssparen rentabler
    Über Rentablo kaufen Sie Fonds ohne Ausgabeaufschlag und erhalten die Verwaltungsvergütung als Cashback erstattet. Dadurch steigt Ihre Rendite erheblich.

  146. Kamerové systémy, s.r.o. – špecialisti na bezpečnosť
    Zabezpečovacie systémy na báze digitálnych (IP) alebo analógových kamier. Poradenstvo a profesionálne riešenia pre rodinné domy, bytovky, firmy a obce. Kamery, kamerové sety, zabezpečovacia technika.

  148. Greatest service. Best experience. Lowest cost.

  150. KidBit | Coding Classes for Kids Online
    KidBit is the best coding class for kids where kids learn to code online through an “Engage-Play-Reflect” approach. Book a free coding classes trial now.

  152. Precialo Argentina - Comparar precios está bueno
    Precialo es un comparador de precios online que te ayuda a descubrir el producto más barato entre miles de tiendas de todo el país.

  154. Badania genetyczne, testy DNA - Bezpłatna porada Genetyka **550 punktów pobrań**
    NAJSZERSZA oferta badań: ✓ genetycznych ✓ na nowotwory złośliwe ✓ na nietolerancje pokarmowe ✓Koronawirus ✓ pod kątem diety DNA ✓ na choroby intymne ✓ badań krwi. ZADZWOŃ do specjalisty: ☎ 22 123 95 55 ➜ **CERTYFIKOWANE LABORATORIUM** Wykonaj test i działaj PROFILAKTYCZNIE.

  156. Trabiz | 働きやすいワークスペースを探す

    More other alternatives for ongo app

  158. ConCon 2021 - 3rd New Content Convention
    #CONCON21 Learn, Create, Connect - New Content Convention Mainz - Neue Themen + Neue Kanäle + Neue Technologien - 19.11.2021, ab 10Uhr.

  160. Peer-to-business platforma, lidé půjčují firmám |
    Firmy získají šanci na dostupné úvěry, investoři zhodnotí peníze lépe než na spořícím účtu v bance.

  162. GoGoCasino - Where the fun happens!
    Get away from the hassle and experience the fun of the game. Enjoy the most popular slots & live casino. Ready. Set. GoGo!

  164. Global Manufacturing & Industrialisation Summit | GMIS 2021
    Global manufacturing & industrialization summit aims to prosper manufacturing, digitalization, and innovation industry to build stronger societies, communities, and business. Join us on GMIS 2021

  166. Hjem
    Good Work - kontorinnredning med ombruk inkludert.

  168. Offsyte | Discover and book high-quality virtual team events
    Stay connected with your remote teams & bond over high-quality virtual team events such as cooking classes, mixology classes, online woodworking workshops, magic shows and many more.

  170. Celent | Experts in financial services
    Celent is the leading research and advisory firm focused on technology for financial institutions globally.

  172. Bitkub academy
    We're on a mission to educate the masses on the transformative potential of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. On this website, you'll find over 200 articles covering everything from computer security to economics. Oh, and they're in 17 different languages.
    Author: See more Latest releases

  174. KYC-as-a-Service for Regulated Industries | Seamless onboarding of your customers using the Blockpass secure eKYC system. | Blockpass
    Blockpass offers digital identity verification for businesses that participate in regulated industries, including crypto wallets and exchanges, virtual banks, traditional financial institutions and gaming.

  176. Activities as a Building Block | Nako
    Nako gives your users the activity feed they expect, without asking you to build the infrastructure behind it. Whether you are looking to build an activity feed, a user operation history, or an audit trail, we got you covered.

  178. Livip Incentive - A melhor forma de viver eventos esportivos
    Nós oferecemos a você a melhor experiência VIP que você pode oferecer aos seus clientes em um evento esportivo.

  180. Le Cèdre Familles - Ensemble pour des économies bienveillantes !
    Le Cèdre Familles est un groupement d'achat engagé qui a pour mission d'aider les familles à faire des économies et à consommer autrement.

  182. BELLHOP
    Bellhop allows you to choose from a variety of local, long-distance, and labor-only moving services that suit your needs and budget.

  184. Skillr | Talent Intelligence Platform
    Web site created using create-react-appn

  186. Majorpack | Главная
    АО “Торговый дом НПО” – официальный дистрибьютор продукции majorpack. Защита от АСПО. Виды антикоррозионных покрытий majorpack для труб с защитными вставками Streamer позволяют добиться лучшей защиты НКТ.

  188. Rassegna Stampa Quotidiani | Notizie di oggi dalle prime pagine dei giornali nazionali e internazionali
    undefined Rassegna Stampa Quotidiani é una piattaforma di raccolta e analisi di notizie nazionali ed internazionali. Il nostro obiettivo e' di produrre strumenti e informazioni utili e di qualita'. Al servizio delle comunita' e in particolare a giornalisti, ricercatori e istituzioni.

  190. Remoty
    This is best task tracking tool

  192. - Professional app development