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  2. Blue Ventures | Award winning marine conservation Blue Ventures
    Blue Ventures rebuild tropical fisheries with coastal communities. Find out about our award winning marine conservation work and volunteer expeditions.
    Author: Sir David Attenborough

  4. Coastal Conservation Association California
    CCA California is an organization working for the conservation and enhancement of our marine resources and coastal environments.

  6. Marine Conservation Charity UK | Sea-Changers
    Sea-Changers is a marine conservation charity, managed by a small team of volunteers who love the UK’s seas, shores and wildlife. We give grants to UK marine charities and not for profit organisations for conservation and research projects.

  8. Home - ORCA Foundation
    Our story in a nut shell. The ORCA Foundation is part of a volunteer community dedicated to marine conservation in South Africa, and like many conservation projects depends on the willingness of others to contribute their time and dedication to furthering the volunteer and conservation ethics that go hand in hand for a better future. […]

  10. Volunteer in Africa with EDGE of AFRICA - Empower, Restore, Volunteer!
    Volunteer in Africa on commumity, wildlife and conservation projects that make a real difference. We are a passionate team that loves what we do!

  12. Wildlife Conservation Volunteering in Africa | Wildlife ACT
    Volunteer and experience real wildlife conservation in Africa. Join our professional team and get started today with wildlife volunteering.

  14. YME Home
    Our vision is to inspire coastal communities to actively participate in the conservation of their marine environment and resources through community projects, research, education, and sustainability stewardship that honours local cultures and wisdom. Our

  16. Volunteer opportunities for the conservation of coral reefs
    Coral Cay Conservation is a marine conservation organisation which works to protect the health of coral reefs in the developing world. Learn more about our work and how you can volunteer on our expeditions.

  18. Marine Megafauna Foundation
    We're working to Save Ocean Giants from extinction. Our ocean giants hold the key to marine conservation and healthy marine ecosystems. Our visionary team of scientist focus on critical, high impact, marine conservation work.
    Author: Jul

  20. Conservation Projects in Malaysia - Volunteer in Malaysia
    Fuze Ecoteer manages and supports conservation projects in Malaysia. Volunteer in Malaysia with our projects or join with a school trip or company trip.

  22. What can you enjoy if become the part of our volunteering experience?
    The World Guide to Wildlife Work and Voluntary Work in Nature Conservation for international nature conservation and wildlife work and volunteering opportunities with animals all over the world with Green Volunteers.
    Author: Green Volunteers

  24. Nature Aurora | Volunteer citizen scientists working on conservation projects in Aurora ON
    Volunteer citizen scientists working on conservation projects in Aurora ON

  26. Home | Briggs Marine
    Experts in Coastal, Nearshore, Offshore & Subsea Operations, Briggs Marine has a wide range of experience and equipment at our disposal to undertake the majority of marine projects and the flexibility to create bespoke plans to our clients’ requirements.

  28. Marine Conservation Philippines - Marine Conservation Philippines
    Volunteer in our non-profit, Marine Conservation Philippines and learn scuba diving, get involved in community projects, aid research, meet lifelong friends.
    Author: Marine Conservation Philippines

  30. Home - Colobus Conservation | 2021
    Primate conservation and volunteering for colobus monkeys in the coastal coral rag forests of Kenya with science and research.

  32. Volunteer Programs Opportunities by KVCDP
    Volunteer in Kenya, looking for Volunteer work in Kenya, join Kenya Voluntary and Community Development Project. Volunteer work in Kenya community program, giving your time, share your passion, learn the traditional way of living and Kenyan culture while making a difference to the Kenya communities

  34. Our Water Our Lives
    Join us in taking simple steps to help conserve our precious drinking water on Long Island
    Author: Our Water Our Lives

  36. UWA Home - Underwater Africa
    Our Story Our conservation adventure began in 1992 when we fell in love with the idyllic waters of southern Mozambique and so started our history of marine research & conservation. Over time, our love for these waters grew and we wanted to share this through the Underwater Africa volunteerprogram and connect volunteers with marine biologists.For five … Continue reading "UWA Home"

  38. Restore Our Shores - Restore Our Shores
    Our projects are based on the efforts of volunteers from all across Florida who are responsible for virtually every aspect of each project.

    Other sites like osof org

  40. Home | Save Our Seas Foundation
    The Save Our Seas Foundation funds and supports research, conservation and education projects worldwide, focusing primarily on charismatic threatened wildlife and their habitats.

  42. Idaho Trails Association Idaho Trails Association - Idaho Trails Association
    As the voice for hikers, Idaho Trails Association promotes the conservation and enjoyment of Idaho’s backcountry on foot. ITA is a nonprofit that works with volunteers, organizations, and government partners to preserve Idaho’s incredible trail system through education, maintenance projects, and public lands advocacy. Join us today! Sign up for our newsletter Volunteer for a […]

  44. Crest Consultants | Building a better future with our marine solutions
    Efficient engineering and project management with added value With a team of highly competent engineers and project managers used to work on multid...


  48. Future Mobility Startup | Aikar | Torrance, CA
    Join our passionate team in building the world’s most advanced electrical vehicle technology platforms unlike anything seen in the industry. If you are interested in joining a team of future thinkers with a bold vision, send us your resume at

  50. Home - Residential, Commercial, Auto, Car, House Window Tinting Services
    Residential Tinting Commercial Tinting Auto Tinting Marine Tinting Decorative Window Film Talk With Our Experts 954-798-8468 100% Customer Satisfaction Gurantee Trusted Work From Passionate Experts Accountibility and Quality Guaranteed! Strong Commitment To Great Service A Passionate Team fighting To Win! Contact Us The Tinting Statistics The proof that tinting works! Regardless of if you are […]

  52. Service for people and the seas - CRM - Coastal Research & Management
    CRM works as a platform for independent coastal and marine experts. CRM has completed more than 250 studies, surveys and research projects for 25 years, therewith being the most successfull company in its field. As a partner in networks of aquaculture, marine biotechnology and the Intergated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) of the oceans, CRM is actively […]

  54. Home - Madison Project
    MADISON PROJECT ENDORSED CANDIDATES Conservative Standouts Electing trusted conservatives is not just a pipe dream. Conservatives can win if we all get involved. Madison Project is leading the way…connecting worthy challengers to millions of grassroots Republican voters and activists who are starving for authentic conservative change. Volunteer Donate MADISON PROJECT Our Endorsements Ordinary Citizens, Extraordinary…

  56. Oregon Marine Reserves - Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
    Oregon's marine reserves are areas in our coastal waters dedicated to conservation and scientific research. Managed by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

  58. Home
    A partnership of organizations, individuals, and governments working together to conserve the Coastal Douglas-fir Biogeoclimatic Zone.

  60. Gili Shark Conservation
    The Gili Islands Shark Conservation is a small conservation and data collection project seeking hardworking and enthusiastic volunteers who want to live and work in paradise and make a difference on your holiday.

  62. Home - B&S. One winning team.
    JOIN OUR TEAM Join the B&S Team JOIN OUR TEAM Join the B&S Team JOIN OUR TEAM Join the B&S team B&S A team full of
    Author: BSAdmin

  64. Home
    Superport Marine Services - Winner of the 2007 Export Achievement Award - Nova Scotia Business Inc. Superport Marine is one of the leading marine services companies in Atlantic Canada. Our team of experienced, skilled marine personnel works tirelessly to provide the right vessels and the best support services for your project.

  66. Home | Environmental Consultants - Care of Our Environment
    Welcome to COOE - we are a team of environmental consultants who provide professional services to mining, development and other ecological and marine projects throughout Australia and the region.
    Author: My Blueprint; Sampsonh

  68. Marine Dimensions - connecting people with our underwater world.
    We work with and for communities pursuing sustainable solutions for the marine environment. Our tools? Education, outreach, citizen science and innovation. We run marine biology courses, kids sea camps and school workshops through our Ocean School programme. Our research focuses on shark and ray conservation.

  70. Home
    Our Projects In 2020, The LivingPlant™ is going on a tour of independant theaters and schools as part of the American Conservation Film Festival's "Best of the Fest". Our Team Our board members come from all over the country and work for some of the industry's most recognizable companies.
    Author: Melanie Dearringer

  72. Home | Archive of Our Own
    An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works

  74. Home - Transblue Project Management Franchises
    We are world-class experts in project management seeking highly qualified talent to join our team. Transblue seeks motivated franchisees to lead the way!

  76. Home - Dynorobotics
    Have a look at what the team is working on! Our instagram is a great place to keep up to date with the team and our projects!

  78. WIZIN - La plateforme des professionnels de la transformation humaine et digitale
    Entrust us with your project Join our pool of experts…

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  80. Home - NZ Warbirds
    NZ Warbirds hosts a variety of family events, air shows, group tours, flying tours, and more! Volunteer and/or join our team.
    Author: Mike Co Nz

  82. NC Coastal Land Trust – We save the lands you love at the coast.
    83,000 Acres Saved...and Counting! The Coastal Land Trust conserves lands with scenic, recreational, historic and/or ecological value. Our mission is to enrich the coastal communities of our state through conservation of natural areas and working landscapes, education, and the promotion of good land stewardship.
    Author: Coast

  84. Home - Smith Gardens
    Our Businessis Growing Join Our Team At Smith Gardens, our business is growing: Growing annuals and perennials, growing our relationships with partners, growing our love of gardening, and growing our team’s passion and expertise in horticulture—all for the benefit of the consumers who love our plants. Whether we are out in the greenhouses or working […]

  86. Home -
    Learn how you can join our team and be a part of Super Bowl LVI in Los Angeles through Volunteer, Business Connect, and Legacy opportunities.

  88. Home -
    Conservative Party USA Welcome to our online community. Our mission here is to help our party supporters cast meaningful votes in national and local elections. All members and volunteers periodically receive the Conservative Party USA online newsletter. If a party voting member we will seek their opinion from time to time through our online polling system. Last, please join our group

  90. Home Page - Oceans2Earth
    Great Barrier Reef Marine Conservation Promoting environmental protection and sustainability, this unique dive program is conducted on the stunning Great Barrier Reef and is designed for volunteers interested in scuba diving, marine…

    To learn about joining PDHC's team of staff and volunteers, click here .

  94. Welcome - Burdekin Community Association Inc.
    Helping the Burdekin since 1975,we strive to fulfil the social, welfare and health needs of our community. HOW CAN WE HELP? JOIN OUR TEAM WORK WITH US VOLUNTEER

    Do you know the Magento platform? Lets's start working with us. We are looking for passionate individuals who will join our team in Koszalin, Poland.

  98. Home | Cashmore Contractors
    Our team of experts collaborate to deliver a precise, timely, and effective project.

  100. Enkosini Eco Experience
    Enkosini Eco Experience offers self-funding volunteers opportunities to work in wildlife conservation projects and reserves in South Africa, Namibia and Botswana.

  102. Ánh Hoa PRESCHOOL – Our passion, their future
    Our passion, their future
    Author: Anhhoa

  104. Our Jobs in Germany | POSSIBLE
    Interested in joining our team in Germany? Tell us why!

  106. Home - Dolphin Research Australia.Org
    Dolphin Research Australia is a marine conservation charity dedicated to the protection and conservation of dolphins, whales and our oceans.

  108. Coastal Construction Projects | Home Builders & Renovations Experts | Northland
    New home build & renovation experts in the Northland area. Coastal Construction Projects works with both owner & architect to achieve top quality builds.

  110. Home and Commercial Glass Specialist Sydney | Mark Rogerson Glass
    Mark Rogerson Glass is your Sydney's leading glass specialist that works on large commercial and residential projects. Call our glass experts team today!
    Author: Gayda

  112. Strathallan Family Landcare
    "Working with passionate locals and farmers in conserving our native flora and fauna in Northern Victoria".
    Author: Strathallan Family Landcare

  114. Home
    We are looking for team oriented individuals with a passion for food and hospitality! We are always accepting applications. If you are interested in joining our team please send your resume to ...

  116. Save Batemans Sanctuaries – Together we can save our critical marine sanctuaries
    The NSW government plans to remove protection within Batemans marine sanctuaries. This puts our spectacular marine life, tourism businesses and enviable local lifestyle at risk. Our marine sanctuaries, just like national parks on land, are crucial to the health of our marine life and are investments in our future.Support our coastal heritage, local jobs and fishing future.

  118. Our Dietitians Are Here to Help You Sustain A Healthier Life
    Join our team of dietitians to sustain a healthier life. We are experts committed to help you SUSTAIN the healthiest version of you or your company.
    Author: Jennifer McDaniel

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  120. Home
    SAVE Volunteering - Home - SAVE Volunteering is a Non-Profit Organisation. We run, manage and fund all of our Humanitarian and Wildlife Projects with the help of volunteers.

  122. Creative digital agency from Croatia - NI-NA DIGITAL SOLUTIONS
    We work together with teams of experienced developers and seo experts to bring our digital projects to the highest level.

  124. Home - TEAM for West Virginia Children
    Author: Websupport Com

  126. Home - Gay For Good | LGBTQ+ Volunteer Network
    Join our national network of LGBTQ+ volunteers. ALL are welcome.

  128. Home | Oceanwatch Australia
    National Marine NRM OceanWatch Australia Ltd is a national not-for-profit environmental company that works to advance sustainability in the Australian seafood industry and we operate community based coastal habitat restoration programs. OceanWatch works on a broad range of projects to improve en ...
    Author: Drapple

  130. Blue World Institute
    The Blue World Institute of Marine Research and Conservation (BWI) works to protect the marine environment in the Adriatic Sea. To that purpose, the Blue World Institute operates three programmes – research, education, and conservation. Our research focuses …

  132. Our Little Charity Canada
    Our Little Charity Canada is a group of volunteers driven by a passion to value the most vulnerable children in Kenya by restoring physical health & hope.

  134. Home | UTS
    We provide an amazing approach to all projects our team works on, This is the reason our clients do business with us and keep coming back. Do you have a project

  136. Home | WISE Advise + Assist Team
    All ideas and no time to execute? That's where WISE comes in. Team up with an expert project manager who implements with our dynamic team of military spouse professionals. Talk with WISE Military Spouse Professionals Not only are you working with highly qualifed project managers and virtual ...
    Author: Diana Jaquith

  138. Home
    We are expert in surgery, our doctors and team will work with you through every step of your jour...
    Author: Robert

  140. Home | Avanir Pharmaceuticals
    Our passionate team of thinkers is working to alleviate the burdens of those affected by central nervous conditions.

  142. Homepage - Cookie Brigade
    Cookie Brigade Cookies for Charity What started in 2007 as two people generously giving out cookies to people waiting in lines at the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) has become a unstoppable force for good! Brigadiers bake cookies and other tasty treats and give them out for free, while accepting donations to charity. Since 2007, we’ve… Read More »Homepage

  144. Sikhona Foundation – Invest | Educate | Mentor | Empower

  146. Autoankauf & Export - ganze Schweiz - Auto Itani - Autohandel
    Wir kaufen Autos aller Marken und Modelle schweizweit; Autoankauf & Export; gratis Abtransport; Barzahlung; unverbindliche, kostenlose Onlineofferte
    Author: Chris Stettler

  148. CEDR – Centrum Edukacji Diagnozy i Rozwoju

  150. Making Impact On Lives - Grace and Enoch Nwosu Foundation
    Gracefoundation MAKING IMPACT ON LIvES Every person whose life is improved or saved, stems from an act of generosity that’s purely voluntary. you too can change someones life today. Get involved today About Grace foundation more about us Our Programs Grace Foundation programs provide support in some of the poorest and most underprivileged regions. About… Read More »Making Impact On Lives

  152. Abbazia San Paolo fuori le Mura – Honi soit qui mal y pense

  154. Campanha Percentual Solidário – A nova rede de solidariedade em apoio aos profissionais de cultura

  156. Homepage - Municipality of Lupon
    ARAW NG LUPON CELEBRATION LUPONAN FESTIVAL Commemorates local history and culture, and promote the community’s products, and celebrate a bountiful harvest. COME CELEBRATE WITH US Lupon Festival Street Dancing THE… Read More »Homepage

  158. Homepage - International Sailors' Society Canada
    show seafarersYou care Many people don’t realize that seafarers play an important role in our lives. They provide safe passage for people and goods that we use and/or consume every… Read More »Homepage

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  160. VeggaXDoc – Tecnologia para Mitigação de Riscos

  162. Maielo & Assada Consulting – Soluções Corporativas

  164. Home | MainHOONPakistan
    MainHoonPakistan is primarily focusing on the Youth Empowerment, through Social Media. We aimed at building a Harmonious, pluralistic, emphatic, progressive egalitarian, and democratic Pakistan.

  166. Global Ecovillage Network Nederland
    Website under construction: Ecovillage Network Netherlands, GEN-NL

  168. Home - Young Nigerians and Governance
    Leading conversationS between today’s leaders and tomorrow’s leaders without boundaries Get involved who we are Young Nigerians And Governance (YNAG) is a non-partisan initiative dedicated to teaching young people (age 17-35) action-based civic education to become better citizens of their communities. We aim to educate young people to become engaged and active citizens through action-based… Read More »Home

  170. Pensione per Cani Milano e Provincia Lombardia
    Pensione per i cani della provincia di Milano e del resto della regione Lombardia: Un oasi di verde in Totale Sicurezza...

  172. Faculdade Materdei – Graduação

  174. Homepage - My WordPress
    Neve Charity Help others by giving Every person whose life is improved or saved, stems from an act of generosity thatâs purely voluntary. Thatâs why donating is so extraordinary when… Read More »Homepage

  176. Jayid - Marketing & Business Consultancy in Dubai
    Boutique marketing & business consultancy company based in Dubai. We help entrepreneurs & SMBs to fight with inefficiency and achieve better results.

  178. Homepage - Confnow!
    try IT! HAVE YOUR CONFERENCE AT YOUR FINGERTIPS Keep calm and stay organized with Confnow! We are here to help you keeping everything under control, since the very first “Call”, up to the very significant days of the conference itself. Forget the mess of emails as well as (dis)organized sheets, and let us walk with… Read More »Homepage

  180. Naprawa Jachtów ✔️ Serwis Motorówek, Skuterów Wodnych
    Naprawa Jachtów ✔️ Serwis Motorówek, Skuterów Wodnych, Łodzi z laminatu, Drewna, Remont Jachtu, Obsługa, Warszawa, Gdańsk, Wrocław, Gdańsk, Gdynia.

  182. Strona główna -
    INFORMACJE Z KRAJU I ZE ŚWIATA GRANIT Każda osoba to inna historia. Codziennie różne historie mają do dodania ważny wpis w pamiętniku życia, a my zawsze jesteśmy w centrum tych wydarzeń. Dowiedz się więcej O NAS CECHY, które nas wyróżniają Współpraca Jesteśmy zainteresowani kontrybuowanie z pasjonatami różnorodnej tematyki. Pomysły Publikowane artykuły różnią się od mainstreamowych… Czytaj dalej »Strona główna
    Author: Karolina Lenglk

  184. Blóðgjafafélag Íslands – The Blood Donors Society of Iceland

  186. Team We Care – Rebuilding Community Abroad

  188. Operation Fistula – Working to end fistula for every woman, everywhere.

  190. IPMS - IPMS
    50 anos formando jovens aprendizes Missão Promover a inclusão de jovens por meio de ações socioassistenciais e orientação para o mundo do trabalho. Visão Formar cidadãos livres e de bons costumes para atuarem em sociedade conscientes e capazes de mudar a sua realidade de vida através do conhecimento. Valores Ética, transparência, responsabilidade social e educativa,… Continue a ler »IPMS
    Author: Admipms2

  192. Homepage - SEAngels
    segeln; verein; sailing; charity; hilfe; spenden; Toleranz; freundschaft; krankheit; gesund; kinder; teens;

  194. 澳洲墨尔本卫理公会荣恩堂 – Glory Methodist Church Melbourne

  196. Pa Lions Beacon Lodge Camp – Special Needs Camp
    Special Needs Camp

  198. Homepage - Sqeq'petsin
    No consent, No Trans Mountain Pipeline Secwepemc Say No TMX We, the Secwepemc, are standing for clean water, healthy salmon and for the livlihood of our people. Living in Secwepemc… Read More »Homepage

  200. Homepage - Rotary Club de Santos
    servir para transformar vidas Se envolva em nossos projetos Realizemos o sonho de vivermos num mundo melhor para todos! Com a força dos companheiros do Rotary Club de Santos para essa caminhada, sempre comprometidos com nossa missão de TRANSFORMAR VIDAS. Marco Antonio Tadeu Deniz Sanches (Presidente 2021-2022) conheça rotary club de santos nossos projetos Temos diversas… Continue a ler »Homepage