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  2. TheCatSite - Where Cats Come First. All about cats, cat care, cat health, cat behavior and more!

  4. Cat Forum
    A forum community dedicated to breeds of cat owners and enthusiasts. Come join the discussion about breeds, training, kittens, food reviews, rescues, and more.
    Author: ChelseaLee

  6. Real health advice for your pets from real veterinarians - PetMD

  8. Puppy Forum and Dog Forums
    Come join a community dedicated to the discussion of grooming, food reviews, training tips, rescue groups, and dog pictures. All dog breeds and dog breeders welcome
    Author: Yingyang

  10. The Daily Kitten - A New Cute Kitten Picture & Story Every Day
    A New Cute Kitten Picture & Story Every Day
    Author: Tom "The Kittenmaster" Cooper

  12. The Spruce Pets - Make a Happy Home for Your Pets
    Bringing a pet into your home is a huge commitment. We'll help you navigate through everything–from adoption to training and care.

  14. Pets4Homes | Dogs, Puppies, Cats, Kittens & Pets for Sale in UK
    Pets4Homes is the UKs most popular free pet classifieds and information site. Buy, sell and adopt puppies, dogs, cats, kittens and other pets in your local area.

  16. Your Dog Magazine
    Dog friendly holidays, dog friendly attractions, offers and discounts on dog friendly places. Britain's best-selling dog magazine.

  18. Katzenbrunnen - Trinkbrunnen aus Keramik in Deutschland
    Katzenbrunnen motivieren deine Katze zu Trinken. Der Miaustore Katzentrinkbrunnen aus Keramik bietet 8 verschiedene Trinkbereiche zur Wasseraufnahme

  20. Katzenworld - Welcome to the world of cats!
    We provide cat advice, cat health, fun cat stories and would like to invite young and old cat lovers to join us and share their stories on our cat blog!

  22. The Guinea Pig Forum
    Guinea Pig Forum The UK's Most Popular Guinea Pig Forum. A forum for guinea pig advice and support. Also dealing with matters of guinea pig health and rescue.

  24. wikiHow Pet - Expert How To Instructions for Animals
    Learn how to care for, train and groom your pets with Easy, step-by-step, illustrated instructions to help keep your pets happy and healthy.

  26. Pet Travel | Pet Relocation | Pet Transport
    The UK’s Number One Pet Relocations Company. Safely transporting pets around the world since 1989

  28. Your Cat Magazine
    Types of cats, cat breeds, cat adoption, rescue cats, kitten care, cat advice, and much more! Britain’s best-selling cat magazine.

  30. PDSA - Saving pets, Changing lives
    PDSA is the UK's leading vet charity, providing free and low-cost treatment to pets in need. Find out more about us and how you can support our work.

  32. Wag! | Find Best Local Dog Walkers, Boarders, and Trainers
    On demand and scheduled pet care services with the most trusted local pet caregivers. Arrange dog walking, overnight care, in-home training, and vet advice!

  34. Veterinarians & Emergency Vets | VCA Animal Hospitals

    The UK's number 1 dog food advice site. Independent dog food reviews, feeding guide, ingredients glossary, retailer locator and much much more!

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  38. PetCoach - Ask a Vet Online 24/7
    Veterinarians and other pet experts are standing by to answer all your health, nutrition and behavior questions! Chat live now about your dog, cat, or any other pet.

  40. Pet Forums
    Discussion forums for all pet lovers, dogs, cats, horses, rodents, fish, etc.

  42. #1 FREE Pet Classifieds in Middle East | Dogs & Puppies - Cats & Kittens - Pets for Buy and Sale In Dubai and UAE Chihuah is the Middle east most popular pet classifieds and information site. Search through thousands of dogs, puppies, cats, kittens Like chihuahua persian cats and other pets for sale, adoption or stud. Post a free pet advert for your pet today .

  44. Celebrating Over 20 Years of Pet Adoption | Petfinder
    Petfinder has helped more than 25 million pets find their families through adoption. Search our extensive list of dogs, cats and other pets available for adoption and rescue near you.

  46. » Search Forums
    Labrador retriever chat board and forums site featuring puppies, pets, rescue, pictures, dogs, health and training tips.

  48. Welcome!, pet store, dog food, cat food
    Four Paws & Co. is a pet food store that specializes in premium natural foods and treats, including frozen diets and raw bones. Along with the excellent choices in food for cats and dogs, we carry supplements, grooming supplies, leashes & collars, toys, beds, and cat condos. Visit us on our website to see how we can help you help your best friend.

  50. Dogs, Pets, Free Pictures, Famous Quotations
    We For Animals - Useful resources for animal lovers and pet owners, such as, dog names, dog breeds, animal hospitals, ambulance, vets and animal welfare organizations. Informative and interesting articles. Beautiful pictures of dogs, birds, butterflies, insects, wild animals, flowers and more. Inspirational quotes by great people.

  52. - Plumbing forum for problems, questions, repairs, remodeling and advice in a discussion forum style.
    The popular discussion advice forum for plumbing problems, questions, repairs, remodeling, home projects and problems with questions and answers. Here you can ask questions about issues regarding toilets, faucets, pumps, and so on and get problems solved. is frequented by expert plumbers, plumbing manufacturers, master plumbers, architects, engineers and home owners alike for questions on plumbing remodel, toilets, faucets, repairs and new construction. is where plumbers, contractors and homeowners meet to ask questions and share their knowledge. We are THE premier plumbing advice, discussion, help, chat and dynamic advice bulletin board.

  54. Bimmerforums - The Ultimate BMW Forum for News, DIYs, Technical Talk and More!
    Bimmerforums is the preferred online BMW Forum and community for BMW owners. At Bimmerforums, you will find technical how-to information maintenance specifics audio advice wheel and tire combinations and model specific details not found anywhere else. Our professionals are here to help make sure you find the answers you need to your questions and our community is here to help other brainstorm ideas for the future.
    Author: Martin Banks

  56. BimmerBoard BMW Forums and the world's best online BMW community. Sharing the knowledge!
    BimmerBoard is an online community for BMW owners and enthusiasts. On BimmerBoard, you'll find technical how-to articles and information for all BMW models, expert advice for repairs, maintenance, modifcations and upgrades, including unique forums not found anywhere else. Our archives contains the answers and information you need, and our community will put you in touch with people you'll be glad to call friends.

  58. SẠP CHỢ ONEMALL - Chợ mua bán Online
    Chợ mua bán online OneMall hoạt động với phương châm miễn phí và hiệu quả. SẠP chợ OneMall là nơi mua bán thời trang, công nghệ, dịch vu trực tuyến

  60. Null-prog ru форум web мастеров!
    Null-prog ru форум web мастеров! Скрипты для создания сайтов , скрипты интернет магазинов, хаки и модули, модули openkart, шаблоны для различных cms, помощь в создании и раскрутке сайтов интернет магазинов,помощь в выборе хостинга, бесплатный хостинг, дешевый хостинг, отзывы о программах, курсы и учебные материалы, складчины и многое другое!
    Author: Sam Jack

  62. Kulaklık, Müzik çalar ve Hi-Fi ekipman forumu
    Türkiye'nin tek Kulaklık, Müzik çalar ve Hi-Fi ekipman forumu, kulaklık incelemeleri, müzikçalar incelemeleri, amfi incelemeleri, dac incelemeleri

  64. escorts ads
    escort ads - Popular fast growing Escorts Forum, dedicated to Escorts advertising, escorts reviews, escorts discussions. Loved by many users for its simplicity and productivity (MOBILE-OPTIMIZED)
    Author: Hannahelite

    Форум о геодезии, маркшейдерии, кадастре и других науках о Земле. Фотогалерея и обширная база полезных программ.
    Author: - Atp

  68. Not606
    The Not606 online sports community, an alternative place to to talk about your team and other people's teams freely!

  70. Slivsell - Библиотека курсов. Лучший слив инфопродуктов в России!
    Библиотека курсов Slivsell - это форум по обмену приватной информацией и различным видам заработка.
    Author: Avernus1

  72. Internet Marketing Forum
    Online Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Forum where web marketers, webmasters and siteowners meet to discuss various topics.
    Author: Babar

  74. CaravanVN
    Diễn đàn Caravan Việt Nam, nơi gặp gỡ trao đổi cho những ai đam mê du lịch caravan. Vietnamese Caravan Forum.
    Author: Region

    What else alternative websites

  76. TaiLieuSo - Thư Viện Tài Liệu Việt Nam : Nơi download Tài Liệu, Luận Văn, Đồ Án, Tiểu Luận, Giáo Trình, Báo Cáo phục vụ cho việc nghiên cứu của các Học Viên !

  78. ForumTeam
    ForumTeam - минимум хайда, максимум информации.

  80. ForumTeam
    ForumTeam - минимум хайда, максимум информации.
    Author: Ch

  82. MCW Network
    Author: Itzmonsterpvp Iballistictroll

  84. Видеорегистратор | ВР-Форум.РФ | Видеорегистраторы автомобильные - Отзывы
    Форум о Видиорегистраторах. Тесты, обзоры, обсуждения и отзывы об автомобильных видеорегистраторах

  86. Diễn đàn chia sẻ file thiết kế đồ họa miễn phí
    Chia sẻ file thiết kế đồ họa miễn phí

  88. Unplugged Craft - Forum
    Forum de la communauté Unplugged Craft
    Author: Drunk

  90. SENIORSonly CLUB
    The Seniors Only Club is a free online discussion forum for baby boomers and seniors only, defined as being fifty years of age and older. Registration is required for participation.

  92. Форум администраторов и разработчиков игровых серверов
    Сообщество администраторов и разработчиков игровых серверов
    Author: Makc

  94. Minecraft Sunucuları
    Minecraft Sunucuları

  96. Diễn đàn Y Dược - Cộng đồng sinh viên Khoa Y Dược Việt Nam
    Diễn đàn Y Dược nơi chia sẻ kiến thức, kinh nghiệm thực tế về ngành y dược cho cộng đồng sinh viên y dược Việt Nam phát triển và nâng cao tay nghề.

  98. Club of joint purchases
    Club of joint purchases of information goods on the Internet

  100. Вилейский уезд – генеалогия и краеведение. Архивы, история семьи, происхождение рода. Генеалогия Беларуси.
    Вилейский уезд | Генеалогия и краеведение Вилейщины. Генеалогия Беларуси. Помощь в генеалогических исследованиях, в работе с архивами, в восстановлении истории семьи и родины предков. Происхождение рода. Генеалогическое древо и родословная роспись.
    Author: Alenija

  102. AZSat Fórum
    AZSat Fórum - Soluções de A a Z

  104. T-Bucket Forums
    Welcome to the REAL T-Bucket Forums, the Internet's fastest-growing T-Bucket forum site, providing resources to builders, owners and lovers of T-Buckets and other streetrods
    Author: Cfciii

  106. Club of joint purchases
    Club of joint purchases of information goods on the Internet
    Author: Domenico Mik

  108. Club of joint purchases
    Club of joint purchases of information goods on the Internet
    Author: Masibulele

  110. Club of joint purchases
    Club of joint purchases of information goods on the Internet

  112. انجمن تاپ فروم
    تاپ فروم یک تالار گفتگوی اینترنتی است که در تمام موضوعات فعالیت می کند.
    Author: D

  114. Club of joint purchases
    Club of joint purchases of information goods on the Internet

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  116. Elektronik Sigara - Tam Bağımsız Bilgi Paylaşım Forumu
    esigara,elektronik sigara, likit,elikit,elektronik sigara likiti, elektronik sigara sıvısı,e-sigara,sanal sigara,yapay sigara,sigara,sağlıklı sigara,sağlık,sağlıklı yaşam,biansi imist,joyetech,eco6,eco9

  118. Elektronik Sigara - Tam Bağımsız Bilgi Paylaşım Forumu
    esigara,elektronik sigara, likit,elikit,elektronik sigara likiti, elektronik sigara sıvısı,e-sigara,sanal sigara,yapay sigara,sigara,sağlıklı sigara,sağlık,sağlıklı yaşam,biansi imist,joyetech,eco6,eco9

  120. Dramasian: Asian Entertainment News
    Established in 2005, Dramasian is one of the largest Asian entertainment communities. Find the latest gossips and news about your favorite Asian Celeb while meeting members with similar interests!

  122. Mnetgroup Việt Nam - Diễn đàn rao vặt quảng cáo thông tin doanh nghiệp
    Diễn đàn rao vặt quảng cáo thông tin doanh nghiệp. Rao văt nhà đất, mua bán sửa chữa đồ điện tử, giới thiệu dịch vụ du lịch, rao vặt tổng hợp...

  124. Hội Quán Bạn Câu
    Forum software by XenForo

  126. Рецепты тортов
    Простые рецепты вкусных тортов пошагово с фото. Пошаговое описание приготовления классических и домашних тортов.
    Author: Жужлева С

  128. Про Рецепты
    Forum software by XenForo

  130. Thế giới Tâm Linh - Tín Ngưỡng của Người Việt
    Thế giới Tâm Linh - Tín Ngưỡng của Người Việt
    Author: Batquantrai

  132. Đề Thi Việt - Diễn đàn tài liệu học tập lớp nhất Việt Nam
    Đề Thi Việt - Diễn đàn đề thi thử Việt Nam. Tài liệu học tập, thông tin tuyển sinh nhanh nhất các ngành nghề miễn phí tải về cho học sinh, sinh viên và giáo viên.

  134. BMW 1er Forum & Community
    Das 1er BMW Forum bietet Tipps, Informationen, Diskussionen sowie Fragen und Antworten zu allen Modellen des 1er und 2er BMW.

  136. انجمن تفریحی و تخصصی پاپ موزیک
    انجمن پاپ موزیک - انجمن های سرگرمی , چت روم , تفریحی و تخصصی
    Author: •Ρɳɦเ

  138. Business Advice Forum, Webmaster and Business Forum
    Business Advice Forum is an active, friendly webmaster and business forum, where members can get advice & support for their small business or website.
    Author: Trinity Angel

  140. Форум о косметике, красоте, здоровье
    Форум о косметике, красоте, здоровье
    Author: Drozdov

  142. ZerocoolPro.Biz - SEO форум о продвижении в поисковых системах, оптимизации и монетизации кино сайтов
    ZerocoolPro.Biz SEO форум о продвижении в поисковых системах Яндекс и Google внутренняя оптимизация кино сайта. Всё о монетизации трафика на кино сайтах
    Author: Bambasiki

  144. Форумы о попугаях
    Форумы о попугаях Содержание, уход. Волнистые попугаи, неразлучники, кореллы и др. попугаи
    Author: Автор

  146. Sevenoaks Forum
    Sevenoaks Forum for all the Community
    Author: BBC News - Kent

  148. stKFUPM | منتديات طلاب جامعة الملك فهد للبترول والمعادن
    منتديات طلاب جامعة الملك فهد للبترول والمعادن تجمع يناقش أخر المستجدات المتعلقة بمنسوبيها أو خريجيها من مواضيع أكاديمية أو غير أكاديمية

  150. Just Anime Forum
    Your gateway to a world of anime. Discuss anime series, news, reviews. Connect with your community.
    Author: Urayamashi

  152. Hip Forums
    Over 500 Free Speech Forums on Hip subjects
    Author: Varmint

  154. Computer Help Forums - Free PC Help
    Free PC help and tech support site and forum to get free help with computer problems.

    More other alternatives for petforums co uk

  156. ReisForum
    Welkom op, een forum door en voor reizigers met de beste informatie over alle uithoeken van de wereld.
    Author: Rafaelwd

  158. Test Pirates
    Free test preparation for the smart student
    Author: Charlesthogs

    A friendly community centered on Neopets cheating and discussing.
    Author: Zach

  162. Diễn đàn - KORG VIỆT NAM
    Diễn đàn KORG VIỆT NAM là nơi học hỏi, chia sẻ kinh nghiệm, dữ liệu, tin tức về các dòng sản phẩm của KORG. Dữ liệu, style, sound, sample, Korg Pa3X, Korg Pa3xle, Korg Pa900, Korg Pa800, Korg Pa600, Korg Pa300, kronosx, krome, kross.......
    Author: Sao Biển

  164. - St. Louis-San Francisco Railway
    St. Louis San Francisco Railway Historical and Modeling Information
    Author: Gadabout

  166. Бизнес Форум
    Добре дошли в сайта на Българския Бизнес Форум
    Author: YAPPI

  168. Diễn đàn Designer Việt Nam
    Diễn đàn dành cho những ai đam mê thiết kế đồ họa, multimedia có thể giao lưu, thảo luận về kinh nghiệm học Photoshop và các phầm mềm đồ họa khác như Illustrator, Corel Draw, Lightroom, Cinema4D, After Effect,...
    Author: Thuykuru

  170. Diễn Đàn Nghệ An
    Cộng Đồng Xứ Nghệ Online

  172. PriusChat
    The largest online resource for the Toyota Prius offering discussion forums, research, and shopping for the Prius, Prius Plug-in, Prius v, and Prius c hybrids.
    Author: Bisco

  174. eSportsKosova - Gaming Community
    Powered By: LongHorn
    Author: PIONERI

  176. UyduTürk - Uydu Dünyasının Güncel Paylaşım Forumu
    UyduTürk Güncel Uydu Ve Teknoloji Forumu. Dreambox,Vu+,Gigablue,Wetek,İptv ve Diğer Uydu Alıcıları Vede Ekipmanları Destek Forumu.
    Author: Coscos

  178. Sách Việt Nam
    Sách Việt là nơi giới thiệu nguồn tài liệu số hiện đang lưu trữ tại thư viện số của các tỉnh thành & các trường đại học cao đẳng trên toàn quốc, việc cho phép thành viên sử dụng nguồn tài liệu số hóa này như thế nào thì hoàn toàn phụ thuộc vào sự quản lý của từng thư viện!
    Author: IGJLatanya

  180. Форум о заработке и инвестициях
    Форум о заработке и инвестициях. BIG MONEY MAKER CITY. Заработок денег в интернете и оффлайн. Форекс, ПАММ, ДУ, МЛМ, Hyip, бизнес онлайн
    Author: Fima

  182. SindhSalamat
    سنڌي ٻولي کي دنيا جي اڳيان متعارف ڪندڙ دنيا جو پهريون سنڌي فورم
    Author: صراط بلوچ

  184. Football Forums
    Feel the passion
    Author: Foxwell

  186. GTA-Online: Viskas, ko reikia geram žaidimui
    GTA-Online: Viskas, ko reikia geram žaidimui
    Author: SasXvraboypegt

  188. - Q500, Typhoon and Breeze Discussion Forum
    Online community for Yuneec products, q500, q500+, 4k camera, Typhoon H, Breeze, H920, H520, Mantis Q, cgo2, cgo2+, cgo3 4K, cgo4, UAV-Pilot and the E-GO, E-GO 2, E-GO X skateboard

  190. اردو محفل فورم
    محفلِ دوستاں، بزمِ یاراں

  192. Vogelforen
    Die wohl größte Vogelseite im WWW. Über 15.000 Besucher besuchen täglich das Vogelnetzwerk. Kommen auch Sie und entdecken Sie jeden Tag neues aus der Vogelwelt. Wenn Sie auf unserer Seite eine bestimmte Information nicht finden, steht Ihnen unser Experten-Team per Mail oder über das Forum zur Verfügung.
    Author: Hennchen