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  2. Studio Varo
    Studio Varo is a multi-disciplinary design studio based in Berlin. We consult and design brand identities, art direct & corporate magazines and other editorial projects, posters, music packaging, video & motion graphics, websites and mobile applications, user experience and spacial installations.
    Author: Studio-Varo De

  4. jho
    Graphic design studio based in Seoul. We are working with clients to serve art direction, brand identity design, poster design, package design, album cover design, typeface design, exhibition design, editorial design, motion graphic design, etc. through new attempts based on graphic design.

  6. Beau Bertens
    Beau Bertens (the Netherlands, 1990) is an independent Graphic Designer and Art Director. Her work ranges from identities, books, magazines, posters, to websites and visual concepts.

    Andrei Verioti is a Romanian multidisciplinary designer based in London working in the fields of motion graphics, graphic design, illustration and art direction.
    Author: Andrei Verioti

  10. Visual Communication - Daniel Stuhlpfarrer
    Visual Communication, Graphic – and Type Design in Berlin. Art Direction, Branding, Visual Identities, Magazines, Books, Posters, Websites and Typefaces.

  12. Woland
    WOLAND is an art and design studio that works with direction and production of motion graphics, video and visual design for stage, installations, broadcast and internet.

  14. Loes Claessens
    Loes Claessens is an independent graphic design studio based in Amsterdam. Working in the fields of art and culture the design practice is focussing on printed and digital publications, identities, art direction and exhibition design.

  16. grila grila
    grila grila is a graphic design collaboration. Our work ranges from books and magazines to websites and visual identities in both the commercial and cultural fields.
    Author: Andrei Ponomari; Spio

  18. XPONTO -- main
    XPONTO is a freelance design practice by Sandra Zarkovic, graphic designer and art director based in Vancouver. She works in many areas of design, from visual identities and printed matter to web design and art direction for a diverse group of clients.
    Author: Sandra Zarkovic

  20. Paul Voggenreiter | Home
    Paul Voggenreiter is a graphic designer from Germany, working and living around Europe. His clients’ scope ranges from the fields of art and culture to small businesses and individuals. He focuses on digital and printed media such as books and publications, visual identities, websites, moving images and motion design.
    Author: Jens Schnitzler

  22. Studio Baer
    Studio Baer is a London-based creative practice collaborating with a diverse range of clients in the fields of luxury, publishing and the arts to create contemporary graphic design and art direction.

  24. Stuudio Stuudio
    Stuudio Stuudio is a Tallinn-based design studio of four graphic designers working in the various fields of design and media, including: visual identity, book design, exhibition design, web design, package design, etc.

  26. Graphic Design | Studio Mothership
    Studio Mothership is a graphic design practice based in Bristol (UK). We design graphic identities, books, websites, posters & printed matter, way-finding systems, environmental and exhibition graphics.
    Author: Studio Mothership

  28. Martin Utíkal - Graphic Design & Creative Direction
    Martin Utíkal, graphic designer with architectural background, based in Prague, offers creative and art direction to cultural institutions, businesses and individuals. When designing books, exhibitions, publications, identities and websites, he aims to assert the identity and uniqueness of his clients through clear and precise design choices.

  30. Two Times Elliott
    Two Times Elliott is an award winning, design consultancy producing a diverse range of work spanning across strategy, brand identity, art direction, spatial and web design.

  32. raf thienpont
    graphic design studio, created in 1999, provides logos & visual identities, magazine, website, brochure & book design, art direction, multy-diciplinary missions, with a focus on the cultural sector.

  34. Horror Vacui Studio / Creative Studio
    A multidisciplinary creative design studio & consultancy specializing in brand expression and visual identity within fashion, luxury and lifestyle. Branding, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Graphic Design, Packaging & Web Design

  36. Unlimited / Design and Art Direction
    Unlimited is creative design studio based in Brighton. Our work spans branding, design for print, art direction, typography, exhibition graphics, web design, motion graphics and illustration. Unlimited was founded by Patrick and Sara Morrissey and clients include the Design Museum, Royal Academy of Arts, University of the Arts London and Thames & Hudson.

  38. Oilinwater Design Studio - Homepage
    Oilinwater is a graphic design studio which can help you for any design related need. Our field of expertise ranges from art direction, brand identity, brand space to web design, scenography, illustration and much more.

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  40. Thomas Humeau - Graphic Design/Art Direction
    Thomas Humeau is a multidisciplinary designer living and working in London, covering a wide range of fields including print, web, and art direction.

  42. Thomas Hervé
    Thomas Hervé Independent art direction & design studio. The Paris based practice offers solutions within the range of visual communication in both print & digital ( such as: Identity, editorial, type design, web and art direction ). Working ( closely or remotly ) for local and international clients ( Individuals, Institutions, Brands or Companies ) accross cultural and commercial fields.

  44. Handpress Graphics | Warriewood | Graphic Design
    Handpress Graphics – Corporate identity programs, logos, books, brochures, posters, packaging, labels, magazines, newspapers, television, signage, multimedia, exhibitions, advertising printed material. Website design.

  46. Eye Studio
    Eye Studio is a creative direction and graphic design practice that specializes in branding, developing visual identities, editorial and book design for brands and individuals in the fields of art, culture, and commerce.
    Author: Eye Studio

  48. Solari Creative - NJ Graphic Design Studio
    Red Bank, NJ graphic design studio, Solari Creative, is revered for our compelling identity, print, web, 3D animation, video, and motion graphics work.

  50. Adèle H.
    Adèle H. — Graphic Design and Art Direction Adèle Hurbault is a french graphic and creative designer working between France, Italy and Germany specialising in visual identities, branding, print, editorial, illustration and designing compelling books, posters, flyers, fabrics, websites…

  52. Freundlich Design Studio
    Independent multidisciplinary creative designer with 20 years of experience in the advertising and graphic design. Works across media within the areas of identity, branding, advertising concepts, campaigns, motion graphics, film, websites, online, book design, print and packaging.

  54. Laura Moor
    I’m a Zurich-based graphic designer. I’m working in the fields of art, culture and architecture. Specialized in design in space (signage, exhibition, scenography), visual identities, editorial and web design.

  56. de_form
    Eniko Deri and Nora Demeczky are Hungarian Graphic designers, founders of the Budapest based de_form studio. They create simple and bold visual concepts with striking design solutions in the fields of Art Direction, Branding, Typography, Editorial Design, Motion Graphics, and Exhibition.

    Form und Konzept is a Graphic Design Studio founded and based in Berlin since 2009. We work in the fields of visual identities, websites and book and editorial design.

  60. Wrong Studio | Untitled
    Wrong Studio is a Copenhagen based creative design studio, working with art direction, visual identity, graphic designs in print and digital for clients in fashion, art and culture. Wrong Studio is art directors Andreas Peitersen and Jess Andersen.
    Author: Wrong Studio

  62. Home | Jamie Langevin | Branding + Design
    Senior graphic designer + brand identity specialist. I work with a diverse range of clients to design memorable logos, comprehensive brand identity systems, strategic websites, and elegant print pieces.

  64. Confetti Studio - Creating Forward Thinking Brands
    Confetti is a Melbourne based multi-disciplinary Design studio. Founded by Kevin McDowell and Tom Shanahan in 2012, Confetti consult and design brand identities, art direct & design magazines and other editorial projects, bespoke display typefaces, posters, music packaging, video & motion graphics, websites and mobile applications, user experience, spacial installations, sound design and live art. Confetti offer services across a wide range of mediums where no project is too abstract or outlandish. We welcome collaborations of all kinds. Confetti are particularly interested in exploring the space where chaos and order overlap. We believe this space to be a playground for ...

  66. Work | D-E-A-L
    Work | D-E-A-L is a design band and creative studio working across digital & printed mediums by offering art direction and graphic design services such as visual identities, custom typefaces, websites, editorials, scenographies, 3D objects, and more.

  68. Studio Friday | Web & Graphic Design | Wollongong Shellharbour Illawarra
    studio/friday offers a full range of graphic design services, from branding to specific design work for all businesses: identity, web design, packaging.

  70. Simao Studio | Graphic Design & Development
    A freelance designer creating bold, positive work for a diverse range of clients, with a focus on art direction, brand and visual identity, interface / experience design, digital design and development.
    Author: Simao Studio

  72. Fourtist | Creative Design Studio
    Fourtist was founded by four artist from different fields. The studio was launched in 2017, It offers a wide range of services including Branding, Advertising, Marketing, Graphics Designing, Web Development, Photography, Community Consultation. The studio works for a diverse range of private, public and third sector clients and has specialist artist in theirs fields.
    Author: Akash Awaskar

  74. Emilie Pallos Design - Glendale, CA - Graphic Design, Print Design, Web Design
    Emilie Pallos Graphic Design has been helping clients in many different industries since 1996. We offer a wide range of services, including print design, web design, art direction/design, copywriting and editing, photography and illustration.
    Author: Emilie Pallos Design

  76. Blue. | Graphic Design Studio Torino
    Blue. is a Graphic Design and Visual Communication Studio, based in Turin. It's specialized in Brand Identity, Video making, Art Direction, Web Design, Advertising and Communication.

  78. Home - Above + Beyond Design Studio Sydney
    Above & Beyond Graphic Design specialises in all aspects of brand identity, print & web design, packaging, apparel design, restaurant graphics, uniform design, social networking – co-ordinating messages across a broad range of media. We work on projects of all sizes, budgets and work with clients who are equally diverse in size and industry. Above & Beyond Graphic Design will help inform, persuade, enlighten, influence, direct and expand your audience.

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  80. luminous & metropolitan zurich · Buch, Bilder, Plakate und Karten · Stadtbilder, Nachtbilder, Photos, Cityimages, Zurich by Night, Images
    Blink Design is a multi-disciplinary design studio, specializing in graphic design, interior design, product and lighting design. Graphics projects range from corporate identity, posters, book design and packaging to transportation graphics and signage. Interior design projects include; exhibitions, museums, corporate and retail showrooms. Lighting Projects include Neon and Light Sculptures or Installations and Architectural Lighting
    Author: © blink design; Iver Knebel; Catharine Woo

  82. Mehrdad Arta design
    Mehrdad Arta is a graphic designer, that works with brand identities, packaging, products, magazines, books, store displays, exhibitions, websites, moving images, as well as collaborating with other artists and galleries.
    Author: Mehrdad Arta

  84. kela-mo
    kela-mo is a Berlin based graphic design and photography studio. We are doing conceptual design that connects graphic design with photography. Within our work we are developing visual languages ranging from image campaigns, classic printed matter such as books, publications, posters & visual identities to websites.

  86. D'Apostrophe is design and communication, studio based in Florence
    D’Apostrophe is design and communication. Founded in Florence in 2009, D’Apostrophe is a studio specialized in product, interior, exhibit/installation, art direction, corporate identity, editorial and web design. The founders, Donatello ...

  88. Adrien Menard
    Adrien Menard is a French Graphic & Type designer based in Brooklyn. Co-founder of and currently working with WSDIA. He creates graphic identities, books and publications, exhibition design, typeface, signage, art direction and website for cultural, businesses and individuals — on my own or in collaboration with fellow specialists.

  90. A+M Creative
    A+M Creative is a multidisciplinary, international design studio specialising in the fields of brand strategy and brand identity creation. We also offer graphic design, packaging design, label design, product design, logo design, document design, website design and lots more. Our studio is in Grey

  92. No Ideas — Still Open For Biz
    No Ideas is a graphic design studio in Brooklyn, New York. We create identities, websites, printed matter, editorial design and art direction for commercial and cultural clients.

  94. Flat 6 Concepts | A Luxury Branding Agency
    FLAT 6 CONCEPTS is a Los Angeles based award-winning, luxury branding agency partnering with clients to develop a diverse range of work including brand identity, art direction, website design, packaging, and advertising design.

  96. Pure+Applied | Pure+Applied design studio
    Pure+Applied is a multidisciplinary design studio that specializes in exhibitions, exhibition graphics, interiors, street graphics, spatial graphics, wayfinding, catalogues, reports, books, websites, magazines, identities, illustration, performance, ephemera, and community-based projects and work.” Rather than apply a signature style, we develop an approach to each project based on the content and context of the material and on our assessment of the needs of our client. After clarifying client goals through face-to-face meetings, in-depth observations and self-initiated research, we start conceptualizing designs, establishing timelines, and exploring and presenting soluti...

  98. Atelier Centrifug
    Dan sandström is Atelier Centrifug a Stockholm based creative design studio, founded in 2001. Working with visual identity, graphic design and art direction in the fields of interior, lifestyle and culture. Atelier Centrifug is Dan Sandström.
    Author: Dan Sandström

  100. WABBIT
    Wabbit is an arts and design studio in Singapore offering professional creative design services and consultation. We consist of a creative collection with diverse background in the arts, graphic designs, motion graphics, animations, video productions as well as 3D modeling and renderings.

  102. Christian Gruber
    Christian Gruber is an independent graphic designer working mainly the fields of editorial design and typography. He is currently based in Weiden i.d.OPf. in Southern Germany. His practice is content and research driven and ranges from the design of books, magazines, visual identities and self initiated projects to art direction and type design. Precise organization of information and a systematic focus on typography constitute an important factor in his work.

  104. Fiete Lühn | Studio Gerhardsson | Multidisciplinary Design
    "Moin" is the North German word for "Hi" or "Hello". Uncomplicated and to the point. Just what Studio Gerhardsson stands for as a multidisciplinary design studio based in Hamburg, Germany — working on a variety of projects from art direction and graphic design solutions to typographic and illustrative design forms. All created in-house by Fiete Lühn — an art director who knows his way around the diverse field of nowadays graphic design disciplines with his main focus lying on the printed media.

  106. Studio Bolland
    Studio Bolland is a Cape Town based studio that specialises in animation, illustration & motion graphics. We script, produce and direct animated videos for a wide range of clients around the world. See our work below.

  108. Incarnations | Graphic Design New Delhi
    Incarnations Design is graphic and digital design studio based out of New Delhi. Our work encompasses a wide range of design disciplines. Incarnations diversifies in the areas of graphics including logos, stationery, brochures, signage, brand identities, packaging, exhibitions and installations, w

  110. Stefan Thorsteinsson
    Stefan Thorsteinsson is a graphic designer with experience from Copenhagen and New York City. He works primarily with typographic projects of all scales, ranging from books and publications to exhibitions, websites and identities. He received his MFA in graphic design from Yale University.
    Author: Stefan Thorsteinsson

  112. Patt Mann Berry Graphic Design & Production
    New Direction in Graphic Design and Art Direction. Professional graphic design and creative art production. I design really clean, classic solutions for brochures, web sites, books, annual reports, advertising, identity, exhibits, signage, and packaging. Experienced in design and production of marketing collateral, corporate identity, annual reports, ads, brochures, data sheets and corporate presentations.

  114. STUDIO—BA®
    Award-winning design and art direction practice working with a broad range of clients across a mix of disciplines that includes web design, creative direction, graphic design, and photography.

    Strategic branding, design, and technology across all platforms. Brand Identity Systems, Responsive Websites, Video and Motion Graphics, UI/UX, Digital Product Design, Art Direction, Photography Direction, Editorial, Packaging Design, Experiential, Event Branding and Design.

  118. The PD Group - Design company Hampshire / graphic design / website design / packaging POS print
    The PD Group offer creative, cost-effective design solutions for a varied and diverse range of clients across graphic design, branding, web, print, retail, packaging and exhibition.

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  120. Stuart McDowell | Graphic Design | Illustration | Photography
    Since 2005, I have been a self employed / freelance graphic designer trading as 'Creative Beast' in Northamptonshire working on a diverse range of projects for a wide portfolio of customers. I have created fiction book covers, magazines for law and business and souvenir guides for lifestyle events and live en-tertainment. Created brand identities for large corporates and SMEs together with strategic advertising campaigns and photography. Art directed photography and exhibition stands and created illustrations for clients in live entertainment and lifestyle events, created memorable advertising campaigns in automotive and Motorsport merchandise.

  122. Lilkudley
    Petr Kudláček is a graphic designer, art director and occasional illustrator from Prague, Czech Republic. He acquired his work experience during the four years he worked in the multidisciplinary studio Fundaluka. Since 2013 he has been freelancing under the name Lilkudley. He likes most to occupy himself with visual identities, from website wireframe designs to selecting coloured paper for business cards. In order to be able to work on these projects, he surrounds himself with competent programmers, motion designers and photographers.

  124. KATAPULT | design studio
    Katapult is a cooperative design studio consisting of Mika Kastner and Simon Graf. We make books, websites, visual identities and films, primarily for clients in the fields of arts and culture.

  126. Alan Greco Design
    Alan Greco graduated from Rhode Island School of Design in 1984, with a BFA in Graphic Design. He has been working in that field since that time, including work with flexographic, silk screen and offset printing, film preparation, and all the latest software applications used in this field. He has held the position of art director for a trade publication, junior art director for an advertising agency, and senior graphic designer in an in-house design department. He opened Alan Greco Design, Inc. in 1992. His clients have ranged from small independent companies to industry giants such as Hewlett Packard, Motorola, and Textron. Work ranges from corporate identity to product...

  128. Blok Design – There is always another way
    Blok is an award-winning graphic design studio based in Toronto that works across media and disciplines, including identity, packaging and products, editorial, websites and digital experiences, exhibitions and installations as well as strategy.

  130. Multidisciplinary Design Studio | Graphic Design Firm | Art. Lebedev Studio
    Art. Lebedev Studio is a global multidisciplinary design company. We bring a deep tech approach to design for advertising, apps, architecture, books, cities, environments, fonts, graphics, identities, interfaces, patterns, packaging, products, wayfinding, and websites.

  132. R2 Design
    R2 is an award-winning studio specialised in graphic identity, editorial and environmental design, with a strong focus on theatre, contemporary art and architecture. Created by Lizá Defossez Ramalho (Troyes, France) and Artur Rebelo (Porto, Portugal), the Porto-based studio has secured international recognition for its exhibition-based pieces and installation work, and produces visual identities, poster design, way-finding systems, web design and motion projects for cultural institutions, museums and other commercial clients.Founded in 1995, the studio uses its profound knowledge across different media, formats and applications. Be it a museum signage system or the façade...

  134. KASUGA – Studio for design, technology and art
    KASUGA is an interdisciplinary studio, active in the field of design, technology and art. The spectrum of the studio’s work ranges from audio-visual installations for and with spaces, physical objects, graphic and interaction design, specialized software solutions and interactive media experiences.

  136. :: Studio 8H Web Management / Dan Beach ::
    Dan Beach's Studio 8H Website Design. Simple, graphical, informative, cost-effective websites for entertainers and the arts, as well as clients in many other fields. We pride ourself on our fast response to client needs.

  138. City Edition Studio
    City Edition Studio is a graphic design studio in Bristol. The studio was established by Jono Lewarne, a graphic designer who likes to collaborate with clients and other practitioners on projects like books, printed matter, identities, exhibitions, installations and digital projects. It’s Nice That has written about City Edition Studio. Clients include: The National Trust, Architectural Association, Arnolfini, Plymouth Arts Centre, Spike Island, Watershed, Edge Arts, Ginkgo Projects, Antlers Gallery, The Crown Estate, Bristol City Council.

  140. Collide: A Creative Studio | 615.852.7023 | Nashville | Art Direction, Graphic Design, Advertising, Brand Strategy & Consulting…Collide |
    Collide | A Creative Studio | Branding & Visual Media Experts | Art Direction, Graphic Design, Brand Strategy, Media Production, & Consulting… Collide is a creative studio based in Nashville, Tennessee. Headed by Kevin Tucker, Collide provides brand strategy, art direction, graphic design, writing, and consulting services, and producing media for print, web, video, motion and interactive for clients in advertising, marketing, ministry, publishing, corporate communications, healthcare, tourism, and entertainment, among others. We specialize in strategic, conceptual creative solutions, from logo design, identity, to product packaging to websites, broadcast, direct mail, and...
    Author: Derri Smith; End Slavery Tennessee

  142. — A Nimble Branding Agency
    A nimble branding agency founded in 2011.

  144. Amaury Hamon
    Graphic Designer based in Lausanne, Switzerland.

  146. Ward Heirwegh
    Ward Heirwegh · · Marialei 29, 2018 Antwerp, Belgium · +32 494 91 76 51

  148. Paul Faure
    Paul Faure — Designer graphique basé à Rennes. Formé au design graphique, j'interviens sur des projets d’identité visuelle, de livres, d’affiches, de sites internet, ou de signalétiques. J'estime que que chaque projet nécessite une réflexion singulière selon son contexte. En celant, je tâche de transmettre par les formes, les couleurs et les supports des propositions originales et significatives.

  150. Axel Pelletanche
    Axel Pelletanche Thévenart est designer graphique et dessinateur de caractères typographiques. Il vit et travaille à Paris.
    Author: Axel Pelletanche

    Architectural Photography Photographer documenting Architecture, Interiors and the man-made Landscape. Based in Lisbon, working worldwide.

    Córdova Canillas is a design studio established in 2012 by Diego Córdova and Marti Canillas developing creative direction, design, identity and visual strategies.

  156. Liberation Architects
    Architecture Design Urbanism

  158. Ward Heirwegh
    Ward Heirwegh · · Marialei 29, 2018 Antwerp, Belgium · +32 494 91 76 51

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    Service Local, Atelier de design(s) à Lyon

  162. Matthias Willi Photography & Motion Picture

  164. Carla McKee
    Carla is a visual communication designer.

  166. IB Pretterhofer
    Ihr Partner bei Planung und Umsetzung Wir arbeiten als planende Ingenieure auf allen Gebieten der Elektrotechnik. Unsere Auftraggeber sind staatliche und private Institutionen, Unternehmen und Privatpersonen. Wir betreuen Projekte vom Konzept bis zur Fertigstellung.

  168. Pierrick Brégeon, Graphic Design – Eurostandard, Pinus Brepo®, E-mail

    Sander Vermeer is een freelance fotograaf uit Eindhoven. Gespecialiseerd in product & portret fotografie.

  172. A N D R E | G E R M A R — Home
    Hannover based photographer and artist

  174. BANG
    Scarlett Bang is a Swiss Graphic Designer based in Zurich.

  176. Herendi Artemisio
    Herendi Artemisio is a Zurich based graphic design studio founded by Milana Herendi and Tiziana Artemisio. We focus on projects in all areas of print and spacial graphic design. We design books, identities, exhibitions and websites.

  178. Annika Soja
    Annika Soja — Graphic Design and Art Direction, Berlin

  180. Anime Architecture
    Anime Architecture is an exhibition and publication project by Les Jardins des Pilotes. In an ongoing exhibition series we trace the architectural world-building process of Japan's most influential animated science fiction films and the visions of their creators.

  182. Victor & Arthur Brun
    Victor & Arthur Brun - Graphic Design

  184. GeneralPublic
    GeneralPublic — Graphisme & Direction artistique, Graphic Design & Art Direction. General Public Studio

  186. Bureau Rabensteiner
    Bureau Rabensteiner is a branding and graphic design studio based in Innsbruck, Austria – right in the heart of the Alps. We design everything from brands to packaging, from books to bottles, for clients big and small. With strategic thinking and the creation of meaningful designs, the studio has built an international reputation for crafting high-quality solutions.

    David Neman is a Swedish photographer based in Malmö and Berlin.

  190. Florian Voggeneder
    people, signals, interferences.
    Author: Florian Voggeneder