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  2. Simply NUC – Business Computing and NUC specialists
    Committed to providing the finest of small form factor computers.

    Ultra small form factor cases for desktop PCs.

  6. 10^n+7 - Factorizations
    Factorizations of numbers of the form 10^n+7 upto n=10000

  8. ATUS
    ATUS - Small Form Factor Neural Network Computing for the Universe

  10. NCASE
    NCASE specializes in small form factor (SFF) PC cases

  12. Relio² - Natural lighting in the palm of your hands
    Extreme color rendition and the smallest, most versatile form factor in the world.

  14. (DIY) Do it yourself Divorce & Annulment - No Attorney Fee!
    Best site for Do It Yourself Divorce Forms. File For Divorce with State Specific Divorce Forms.

  16. (DIY) Do it yourself Divorce & Annulment - No Attorney Fee!
    Best site for Do It Yourself Divorce Forms. File For Divorce with State Specific Divorce Forms.

  18. My Phone Factor Blog | Samsung Galaxy Tab All Models
    My Phone Factor is a review blog mainly focusing on Samsung Galaxy Tab all of the models and their specifications. Visit us today !
    Author: Author Ravindra Rathod

  20. The Institute for Neuro Physiological Psychology (INPP Ltd)
    INPP are specialists in identifying & treating physical factors underlying specific learning difficulties, under-achievement & behavioural problems.

  22. Standard Form Factors
    Standard Form Factors from the Technology Data Exchange - Linked to trusted TDE listed vendors.

  24. Same Day Electrical Services | ASAP Electricians Sydney | ASAP Electricians Sydney
    Electrician in Sydney When property owners choose an electrical company for their specific needs, their decision is largely based on the trust factor and this ...

  26. Home - Prevention Training Services
    ATOD Specific Courses are forming- December 1st-3rd, 2021 Skill Clinics are forming ! We need your help. Please click …

  28. Reviewer
    Small Form Factor PC News, Cases, Graphics Cards, Power Supplies, Coolers, Guides & Reviews.

  30. TempEye° Thermometers
    TempEye° designs, manufactures and sells digital thermometers. Light-switch simple functionality, in robust form factors.

  32. LOFTVR | High-End Virtual Reality for your Home - Upgrade Today
    With the best technology in a fit form factor for your living room or office, the LOFTVR ONE is High-End Virtual Reality for your home.

  34. MOHOC - Military and Tactical Camera
    The MOHOC® is a tactically-designed military helmet camera that revolutionizes form-factor, durability and user interface.

  36. AVITA | AVITA Official Website
    LIBER is a new journey of self-discovery through art and humanity in technology. Where the form of a laptop remains, it on top features chic and interchangeable form factors to reveal your true colors.

  38. Urban Creative Studio | Architects | Johannesburg
    A studio of architects focused on creating simple, unique and beautiful architecture. taking site-specific conditions, climate, and environmental factors into account.

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  40. How Much Does IVF Cost?
    Calculate the cost of IVF treatment based on your specific circumstances. Over 35 variables clearly defined and automatically factored based on simple yes/no questions.

  42. Invoice factoring - Fill in our enquiry form and we will make contact.
    Invoice bridging / Invoice Factoring / Invoice Discounting Fill in our enquiry form and we will make contact with you.

  44. - news
    Independent Mini-ITX Form Factor News, Suggestions, Links and Complete Plans for Projects, FAQ and Online Store

  46. interfacebus Home Page
    Dedicated to linking visitors with Hardware Manufacturers, Computer Bus Descriptions, Form Factors, Engineering Designs and other Electrical Engineering information
    Author: Larry Davis

  48. General Micro Systems, Inc.
    General Micro Systems, Inc. designs and builds small form factor systems, servers and displays for rugged and non-rugged environments
    Author: Ryan Steely

  50. Satochip - Secure the future
    Satochip cryptocurrency hardware wallet. An affordable, low form factor and open source solution to store and secure your crypto-assets.

  52. Ipsolon Research, Inc.
    Ipsolon Research Inc. specializes in ultra small form factor high performance SOFTWARE DEFINED RADIOS, RF TRANSCEIVER

  54. > | Community hub for Warp Developers and Makers
    Warp is a small-form factor embedded computer designed for wearables and IoT devices. is the community hub for developers and makers.

  56. Valencell - The most accurate PPG Sensors for wearable technology
    Valencell has the most accurate PPG sensors for wearable technology that continuously measure heart rate and many other biometrics in any form-factor.

  58. Polywell Computers
    Computer manufacturer since 1987. Developing high quality computers for an affordable price. Specialists in Small Form Factor PCs.

  60. Wilke Technology - Startseite
    Embedded Industrial Multitasking Computer, Small Form Factor, Single Board Computer, Bluetooth, Wireless LAN, Ethernet and Displays.

  62. Gaming, small form factor and specialist PCs - Reload PC
    Specialising in gaming and small form factor, Reload PC delivers amazing, aesthetic, performance-oriented PC system builds.

  64. Industrial IoT 4G LTE Routers - IoT Router
    Advanced LTE router solutions for a robust connection in industrial IoT environments. The small form factor and advanced software features.

  66. Exporter, Importer, processor of herbal raw material, spices, oil seeds, gums, dried flowers, Herbal powders, seasonings, super seeds & Her
    All items are available in natural form, different grades- Whole / Tea Cut size / Fine Cut / Coarse Cut / Powder form as per buyer's specifications.

  68. The Venus Factor : Does it Work ? Detailed Review of one of the best Fat/Weight loss Program
    The Venus Factor was made for women everywhere looking to lose weight because our advanced program was designed specifically for women. How Does it Work | What

  70. Salon Factor - Websites for Hair Salons and Beauty Professionals
    Salon Factor provides websites and hosting designed specifically for hair salons and beauty professionals. We make it easy to put your website online in style.

  72. Automotive technology solutions | ESI Automotive
    Our specialist knowledge across the global automotive industry enhances system-level solutions to challenges of reliability, form factor and performance.
    Author: Oct 6

  74. Powering AI Innovation at the Edge - Deepvision
    Deep Vision ARA-1 Edge AI processor offers optimal balance of compute, memory, and energy efficiency in a compact form factor.

  76. SFP Fibre - Small Form-factor Pluggable | Apollo Technology
    Apollo Technology is specialising in supplying high-quality SFP Fibre & small form factor pluggable products to the data and telecommunication fields.

  78. Trident Infosol | Embedded COTS & Engineering Software
    Manufacturer of Rugged Small Form Factor Computers & Solution Provider for Embedded COTS Hardware, Signal Processing, Telemetry & Engineering Software
    Author: Trident Infosol

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  80. Buy a Computer Online | Small Form Factor PCs | Inside Tech
    Buy a computer online from the leader in small form factor computing. All of our computers are fully customisable. Get free shipping in the UK!

  82. OMS Groups | Medical Supplies procurement service for Healthcare Professionals
    OMSGROUP was established specifically to meet the demands of the UK Healthcare market, our extensive product range, experience and professionalism is a major factor in our continued success

  84. Usable Web
    Usable Web is a collection of 786 links and accompanying information about human factors, user interface issues, and usable design specific to the World Wide Web.

  86. Image CDN | Dynamic image resizing | imageOpt
    Dynamic image resizing and optimization for individual devices, from a nearby CDN location. Design freedom to use different images on different form factors.

  88. Touch Dynamic | All in One Touch Computers, Touch Monitors, PCs
    Touch Dynamic is a leading manufacturer of all-in-one touch computers, touch screen monitors, small form factor PCs, mobile POS and receipt printers.

  90. Lazer3D
    Lazer3D specialise in ultra customisable high performance small form factor PC cases. Designed and made in the UK, we ship Worldwide!

  92. Top Accounts Receivable Invoice Factoring Company in US for Trucking, Freight, Staffing, Oil &
    Gulf Coast Business Credit is the Accounts Receivable Factoring and Asset-Based Lending Division of Gulf Coast Bank & Trust Co. As a division of a bank, GCBC doesn’t rely on financing from outside sources, giving us lower cost of funds than other Invoice Factoring Companies, which is passed on to our clients in the form of lower Accounts Receivable Factoring fees.
    Author: Gulfcoast Business Credit

  94. 10A UPSU: 12V / 24V industrial/embedded UPS, PC104 or DIN-Rail, with Supercapacitor / Ultracapacitor / LiFePO4 Battery
    10A UPSU is a 12V or 24V Ultracapacitor/Supercapacitor-UPS for embedded and industrial applications in PC104 form factor or in DIN-Rail case. 10A UPSU is also with Batteries available.

  96. Raspberry Pi cluster. Host Kubernetes, Docker and cloud apps locally.
    Turing Pi is a 7 node Raspberry Pi cluster in mini ITX form factor. Run and learn Kubernetes, Dockers, Serverless locally or at the edge.

  98. BeamU - Secure your life with one device!
    BeamU is a powerful all-in-one secure online login device, offline storage vault, and Bluetooth tracker that comes in a convenient credit card size form factor.

  100. Color Kinetics Official Website | Homepage
    Color Kinetics delivers LED lighting systems in a wide range of types, form factors, and output levels — empowering you to achieve your unique vision.

  102. Color Kinetics Official Website | Homepage
    Color Kinetics delivers LED lighting systems in a wide range of types, form factors, and output levels — empowering you to achieve your unique vision.

  104. Home - DENT Instruments
    Our PowerScout HD family brings increased measurement performance, communication options, with multiple form factors into DENT's single-point meter offering.

  106. Energy | Australia | Eco Synergy Systems
    ECO correction of poor Power Factor also improves network efficiency and release capacity form the network that can be better utilised at any time in the future

  108. Long-Form Mixes - Style of Sound
    The Style of Sound amplifies electronic music through long-form mixes focused on specific artists, labels, and genres.

  110. Home - Extreme Cleaning Solutions
    Extreme Cleaning Solutions (ECS) is a specialist decontamination company formed for the specific purpose of providing the latest processes and…

  112. Home - Maria Mercader
    A form of self-expression and autonomy at a particular period and place and in a specific context, of clothing, footwear, lifestyle, accessories

  114. Multisyllabic Word Assessment | Word ID
    Discipline-specific formative assessments to identify secondary students who would benefit from instruction in multisyllabic word identification.

  116. EMMETT Technique | Body Therapy | EMMETT Therapies
    The EMMETT Technique is a unique form of body therapy. It involves the application of light finger pressure at specific points.

  118. Q-SIP • Quality Surgery Implants & Prosthetics.
    We are a company formed to cater specifically to the needs of clinicians practising in the areas of implant dentistry and oral surgery.

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  120. UK Manufacturer |Pottery Throwing Batts | Drape Forms |Tools/Ribs
    UK Family owned manufacturer of Pottery Throwing Batts, Drape Forms and Tools / Ribs. Bespoke service available to manufacture Batts, Forms and Tools to your specific requirements. Worldwide Shipping.

  122. Factor Calculator | Find The Factors
    The Factor Calculator finds the factors, factor pairs and prime factors. Enter an integer number to find its factors.

  124. Frame Cosmetics - Advanced mediterranean pro-aging solutions
    Beauty, at any age, is never superficial. It is a visible reflection of our health and a direct consequence of a multitude of specific, individual factors. Frame Cosmetics – Advanced Mediterranean Pro-Ageing Solutions.

  126. IdealSpan Application
    The IdealSpan application allows users to evaluate specific positions using the following factors: work predictability, work complexity, strategic impact of work, complexity, risk, and location/geography. IdealSpan allows users to dynamically evaluate how each of these factors affects the ideal span of control for a position in your organization.

  128. DENSITY - ...when volume matters
    Small Form Factor cases and rugged computer systems with great design, small footprint and high quality manufacturing. The best choice for enthusiasts, professionals and gamers.
    Author: Dmitry Novoselov Hardware Canucks

  130. DATEL |DMSMS and Data Acquisition Products
    Find DATEL DAQ products in a variety of form factors and for major applications, including military, aerospace, telecommunications, imaging, medical, scientific and high-rel industries.

  132. Etusivu -
    Tervehdys! Me alle 40-vuotiaat nykyiset kamarilaiset sekä ikärajapyykin jo ylittäneet senaattorit, kunniajäsenet ja ns. poispotkitut olemme toimineet Kaarinan, Paimion ja Paraisten alueella jo pian 40 vuotta. Tänä aikana olemme pyrkineet luomaan jäsenistöllemme sekä kumppaneillemme paikallista sekä kansainvälistä verkostoa, jonka veroista saa maailmalta hakea. Olemme myös olleet vieressä todistamassa kun moni jäsenistöömme kuuluva etenee työurallaan. Tähän …

  134. Förstasidan -
    Väntar du på bussen? Låt tiden gå snabbare med spelbolag utan licens!

  136. Etusivu -
    Paikallisseurakunnassa on potkua! Seurakuntien yhteys ry on yhdistyspohjaisten kristillisten seurakuntien kehitystä tukeva yhdistys. Yhdistyksen päämääränä on toiminnallaan tukea ja rohkaista erilaisia seurakuntia kokemaan rakentavaa hengellistä yhteyttä. Seurakuntien yhteys ry ei ole kirkkokuntiin sidonnainen yhdistys.

  138. DEWABETเว็บพนันออนไลน์อันดับ 1 ในเอเชีย ให้บริการแบบครบวงจร
    DEWABET เป็นเว็บพนันออนไลน์อันดับ 1 ในเอเชีย การเงินมั่นคง เกมพนันหลากหลาย บริการครบวงจรด้วยระบบอัตโนมัติ ตลอด24ชั่วโมง

  140. - Hundsidan för sig som vill skaffa en retriever
    Gemensamt för alla retrievers är att de är apporterande fågelhundar och används vid fågeljakt. Dessa hundar avlades fram främst under 1800-talet i England och i nordöstra USA.

  142. HOME - Home Furniture Solution

  144. Mẫu Thiết Kế Nhà Đẹp | Kiến Trúc Nhà Xinh | Không Gian Đẹp

  146. Center Play – Assuntos de Tecnologia – Conteúdos sobre tecnologia, otimizações de serviços na internet

  148. Layanan Ini Wajib ada Pada Jasa Basmi Rayap Berkualitas -
    Mencari jasa basmi rayap, apa indikator yang harus dipenuhi oleh penyedia jasa tersebut? Sama seperti mencari jasa pada umumnya, kita harus memenuhi berbagai indikator yang harus ada pada setiap jasa anti rayap tersebut. Karena hal ini menyangkut kualitas. Pastinya kita ingin jasa yang kita pilih memiliki kualitas yang baik. Sehingga mereka bisa mengatasi permasalahan rayap […]

  150. Présentation - Kayak Michel
    Nous vous proposons de venir vous détendre parmi nous dans la région de la célèbre ville de Durbuy, la plus petite ville du monde. Que ce soit pour une heure, un week-end ou une semaine, vous êtes les bienvenus chez nous. Situées au confluent des rivières Ourthe et Aisne, en Ardenne Belge, dans un cadre […]

  152. – en informasjonsportal om tobakk
    På denne nettsiden vil du kunne lese alt om snus, tobakk, vannpiper, lovgivning rundt tobakk, de nye tobakkspakningene og mye mer!

  154. We Buy Riverside California Houses For Fast and Easy Cash
    We buy Riverside, California houses in any condition and any circumstance for fast and easy cash. Call, text, or submit your address for a Fast Cash Offer!

  156. Maisha Mema – We believe in close relations

  158. Hagby Trä – Din lokala bygghandel

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    SAMBUTAN KETUA WILAYAH RAPI KOTA JAKARTA BARAT Salam RAPI 51-55 Terima kasih banyak telah mengakses website RAPI Kota Jakarta Barat. Website RAPI Jakarta Barat diluncurkan dan dirancang untuk memenuhi kebutuhan informasi tentang Radio Antar Penduduk Indonesia Kota Administrasi Jakarta Barat. Melalui website ini, RAPI Kota Jakarta Barat bisa berbagi Informasi ysng berhubungan dengan kegiatas Internal […]

    Si le côté touristique de la France ne fait aucun doute, il faut reconnaître que c’est surtout sa capitale qui attire un grand nombre de visiteurs chaque année. Ce qui est d’ailleurs très facile à…

  164. Bubbles Sieraden – The weblog of Femke Sieraden

  166. Healthy and beautiful teeth - Tooth and gum problems
    Whether it’s caries, gingivitis or periodontal disease – problems with teeth and gums are not only annoying, but can also be quite painful.

  168. Hepburn Springs Golf Club – Hepburn Springs Golf Club – Information, Events, Competitions, News

  170. SEA Agentur Berlin - SEA Agentur Berlin
    Über 246 Millionen Unique Visitors, 3,5 Milliarden täglichen Interaktionen und einem geschätzten ROI von 700%. Google-Ads. SEA Agentur Berlin

  172. Future path – Business opportunities in Iraq

  174. Сайт доцента кафедры "Эксплуатация автомобильного транспорта и автосервис" Московского автомобильно-дорожного государственного технического университета (МАДИ), канд. техн. наук Григорьева Михаила Владимировича - Искусство и философия автомобильной диагностики, обучение, консалтинг
    Комплексная диагностика агрегатов, узлов и систем автомобилей. Экспертиза автомобильной техники в эксплуатации. Новости, лекции, учебно-методическая литература, бланки документов, тесты, задания, вопросы к экзаменам или зачетам, примеры отчетов и курсовых работ или проектов, а также множество других информационных данных по курсам преподаваемых дисциплин. Информационные материалы для студентов-выпускников по подготовке, выполнению и защите выпускной квалификационной работы (ВКР).

  176. Helsinki-Tallinna risteily alk. 2,5€! |
    Edullisimmat Helsinki-Tallinna -risteilyt | Katso parhaat tarjoukset sivuiltamme ja varaa risteily Tallinnaan jo tänään! Helsinki-Tallinna alk. 2,5€

  178. Startseite - ngl-berlin
    Klassische Literatur einmal anders Ein Buch ist nicht einfach eine Sammlung aus bedruckten Seiten, sondern eine Reise in eine andere Welt. Unwichtig, ob Fantasy, Science-Fiction oder Thriller – mit jedem Buch erlebt man ein neues Abenteuer. Genau das hat mich schon immer begeistert. Als Kind begann alles mit den Gute-Nacht-Geschichten, bis ich endlich selbst die […]

  180. Tūrisms Eiropā: labākās viesnīcas -
    Ballyfin, County Laois, Īrija Brīnišķīgā Ballyfin ir viena no labākajām Īrijas lauku mājām, tagad restaurēta elegantai dzīvošanai un tajā atvērta viesnīca. Skaistā māja un ezers blakus, kā arī augstie viesmīlības standarti šeit, padara viesnīcu par tiešām neatkārtojamu vietu. Iedomājies 2.5 kvadrātkilometrus lielu īpašumu mežā, ar kalniem un ūdeni Īrijas sirdī ar neoklasicisma stilā celto Ballyfin. […]

  182. John Dawkins MLC – President of the Legislative Council

  184. - Hur fungerar det på flygplatsen Stockholm-Västerås
    Lär dig mer om vad som finns på flygplatsen Stockholm-Västerås genom att klicka här.

  186. LANMonkey Geocaching Adventures – Outdoors, travel, geocaching, and adventures.

  188. 记忆裂痕 – 为了将来的回忆,请对我好一点。

  190. Look For The Useful Tips How To Find The Best Mail-Order Wife
    International mail-order brides are women who are ready for serious relations. They know exactly what they want. To find such a girl, you should register on one of the specialized websites offering mail-order bride services.

  192. | Les mer om kronisk utmattelsessyndrom på vår nettside om CFS/ME
    Har du spørsmål om CFS/ME og vil ha mer informasjon? Få kunnskap og råd på vår nettside om CFS/ME.

  194. Lambimo – Bureau Imobilier SPRL