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  2. Reticulating splines is your resource for game development with forums, tutorials, blogs, projects, portfolios, news, and more.

  4. About Me
    IT developer Nerius Buteikis personal web site

  6. drawk | Product Research + Development - Creative Engineering + Game Development
    Product Research + Development - Software Engineering + Game Development

  8. ایران سازه، وبسایت مهندسی عمران
    Author: ایران سازه، وبسایت مهندسی عمران

  10. Andy's Homepage
    Andy's Homepage.
    Author: Andreas Block

  12. Flax - Flax Engine
    Flax Engine - A true game changer

  14. Jeesdev
    We fulfill power fantasies.
    Author: Kuvis

  16. Ennui Studio Games
    Ennui Studio was founded in March 2013 as an indie video game studio in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. We are an interactive media studio, which focuses their core in Video Games, Interactive Apps and Education. We develop games for platforms such as iOS, Android and PC, from Action, Puzzle, Educational Games, Platforms to AdverGames and Branded Games. Love, Passion and Commitment! This is a team of professionals that enjoy video games and everything that involves creating them. When we work on our projects, we put a lot of passion on them.
    Author: Ennui Studio

    A co-op browser game where you must free the ship stuck in the Suez Canal

    A zombie survival io game with an unique mechanic: noise - generate too much and you'll be spotted by zombies. Build your defences and survive the incoming apocalypse!

  22. Clouzy! - Tinymoon
    Explore the world alongside your flying pet, collect delicious fruits, and cook tasty meals to look after your cloud daycare in this cute and wholesome farming game.

  24. Matthias Thomann - Aspiring Game Developer
    Hi, I'm Matthias Thomann, an aspiring indie game developer and passionate gamer. Please feel free to check out my personal portfolio! - 2021
    Author: Matthias Thomann

  26. Crown of the Gods | An empire-building multiplayer strategy game
    An empire building MMO real-time strategy wargame. Join an alliance today and begin your journey towards the Crown. Play now in any browser!

  28. Rogalia
    Rogalia is the MMO-sandbox with fantasy open world, meal-based character leveling, fulldrop PvP, nice graphics and cozy atmosphere.

  30. Gala Collider – by NeoCrux ltd.
    Prepare to launch into Gala Collider Gala Collider is the fusion of turn based strategy games with the fluid tension and fast-paced play of digital card games. Join the Alpha to begin building your fleet and exploring the galaxies in epic battles of conquest.

  32. DigiNana
    DigiNana is a indie game development company with a goal to make not just good games but great games!
    Author: DigiNana LLC

  34. Federico Aliprandi
    Website of Federico Aliprandi, game designer

  36. PestoForce - Games and Pasta
    PestoForce | I make games and pasta | Official website of Nick Pasto

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  38. PIXSYNT - Indie developer of unusual gameplay mechanics
    I try to create games for fans of unusual and new mechanics in games. The game should challenge the player - that's my goal!

  40. Starfare - A free 3D real-time strategy game.
    If you can read this, I did not add any description. Oh well.

  42. EvilStar Studios
    We're an indie studio from Romania that makes interesting games!
    Author: EvilStar Studios

  44. Gingerbred LLC
    Makers of ExoCorps
    Author: Gingerbred LLC

  46. OurGames - Independent video games developer
    Author: Eryk 'Eri' Przychocki; Wojciech 'Saurian' Danaj

  48. Departure Games
    Departure Games is an independent game development studio based in Boise, ID. This site serves as a hub for sharing our projects with other gamers and developers.
    Author: Richard K Stack

  50. Antreya Chronicles Online
    The official website of Antreya Chronicles Online; an in-development Fantasy MMORPG set in a steampunk, post-apocalyptic world called Antreya.

  52. GhostID
    Hey there. I'm Jesse, but you can call be Ghost. I make games! You found them :)

  54. Divided Land - RPG | Multiplayer | Survival | Strategy| Open World
    Divided Land is an upcoming multiplayer RPG game featuring realistic survival and strategy mechanics in a vast medieval open world
    Author: Rount Table Entertainment

  56. Bocil Mania - Game & Mobile programmer
    Game & Mobile programmer

  58. *drawlogic - web, mobile, game + interactive development

  60. Sam Seltzer-Johnston
    Sam Seltzer-Johnston: Game Developer and Software Engineer

  62. Ludum Dare - the original online Game Jam

  64. Tiled
    Flexible level editor

  66. Traditional and casual AI game engines, characterisation and full 2D & 3D games from AI Factory
    AI Factory provides quality AI engines for traditional and casual games, instantly recognisable brands, all with shared interface, a wide variety of AI characterisation and easy implementation for 3rd party developers to use for PC, console and mobile games. We also produce fully rendered lavish 3D games, including shotest shogi for xbox live arcade, quality 2D games based on these engines, and a new range of board, card and puzzle games including chess, spades and move it! on android's google play.

  68. 学校法人・専門学校HAL|ゲーム・アニメ・音楽・CG等が学べるIT・コンピュータ専門学校(東京・大阪・名古屋・パリ)

  70. Gaffer On Games
    Glenn Fiedler's game development and networking articles

  72. GameRes娓歌祫缃�

  74. ความแตกต่างในการใช้งานของ GET และ POST is the resource for game and application development, featuring monthly news updates, articles and tutorials, and the most activity game development forums!

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  76. Talented recording artists from around the US • SGS Records
    SGS Records is an indie record label with an amazing lineup of talented musicians.

  78. 1 ON 1 Entertainment
    1 ON 1 Entertainment | Professional Website Design, Graphic Design, Music Marketing, Promotions, Worldwide Distribution, Social Networking, PR and Publishing for Businesses, Independent Musicians, Artists and the Entertainment Industry...................web, website, design, website design, web design, graphic design, website designer, web designer, graphic designer, internet, design, facebook, twitter, google +, google plus, cd, cd design, package design, cd package, cd cover, album, album art. artwork, album artwork, google, online music marketing, online marketing, social marketing, online promotions, internet promotions, band promotions, band promoting, artist marketi...

  80. Otani Studio
    The official Robert Otani website experience!
    Author: Robert Otani

  82. Ruben Labruyere - Home
    Ruben Labruyere is a 27 year old indie game dev, software engineer and devops
    Author: Ruben Labruyere

  84. Stardust Collective | Homepage
    Indie game developers based in the UK and creators of Ziggy's Cosmic Adventures!

  86. Black Curtain Studio - Home
    Looking for games? Check out new and upcoming games Start playing Do more than you imagined Black Curtain Studio is about creating life-like games that are rich with detail. Because games are more than just games. The philosophy of Black Curtain Studio The main philosophy of Black Curtain Studio is to take everyday scenarios and settings, add a twist and make a interesting game of it....

  88. Sylvain Seccia
    Indie games, softwares, films, books and music
    Author: Sylvain Seccia

  90. Black Curtain Studio - Home
    Looking for games? Check out new and upcoming games Start playing Do more than you imagined Black Curtain Studio is about creating life-like games that are rich with detail. Because games are more than just games. The philosophy of Black Curtain Studio The main philosophy of Black Curtain Studio is to take everyday scenarios and settings, add a twist and make a interesting game of it....

  92. Boon Studios
    Boon is an independent game studio based in the heart of Dublin, Ireland. We have built a studio from the ground up that is focused on delivering the absolute best gaming experiences to our players. We have a unique culture that places a focus on excellence in every aspect of game development: be it our engineering, our artwork, our game design, and our understanding of our players. We’re focused on building one of the great games companies of the future, a company that will consistently deliver only the best gaming experiences to its players. We’re passionate about being the best in our field and raising the bar in casual gaming to a new level.

  94. CreativelabZ
    Das Programm vom Plant Science Center kombiniert Kunst und Wissenschaft, um kreatives und kritisches Denken bei Jugendlichen zu fördern. Wir bieten Workshops, Projektwochen und Laborbesuche an.
    Author: Another Studio; Https; Another-Studio Ch

  96. Nathan Chapman. Software Engineer. App Developer. Austin, Texas.
    Beautiful Web and Mobile Applications by Nathan Chapman, a full-stack software engineer in Austin, TX
    Author: Nathan Chapman

  98. unsafePerformIO
    unsafePerformIO is the blog and personal website of Wilfred Denton.
    Author: Wilfred Denton

  100. Atomic Dev
    Atomic Dev's platform makes creating software simple.

  102. Tomi Novak | Software Developer & Entrepreneur
    Tomi Novak | Software Developer and Entrepreneur.
    Author: Tomi Novak

  104. HUB Design Platform- Coworking, Training & Fabrication
    HUB Design Platform is a creative co-working space situated at the heart of Limassol Cyprus. HUB provides working space, training and fabrication

  106. WeldWorks
    Bruce Madigan's Resume

  108. Mosaic Automation
    Tyler texas automation, electrical engineering, PLC & HMI Programming including Allen-Bradley, Inductive Automation Ignition, WonderWare.

  110. 1Earth Research | Engineering Consultants
    Bringing Rocket Science Down to Earth!

  112. AfterSpirit
    paranormal paraphernalia
    Author: Rob L Dey

  114. Micro Craft Inc. | The standard for excellence in aerospace since 1958.
    Micro Craft has set the standard for excellence in design, fabrication and quality in the aerospace industry since 1958. Reach out to us for production to spares, all the way to flight test hardware.

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  116. Daniel Markwell - Candidate to the Engineering Profession
    Engineering graduate of Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in mechatronics and manufacturing.

  118. Vast Graphic Design and Web Development Studio
    Vast, Vast Graphic Design and Web Development Studio, Websites, Web Design, Web Programming, web, design, programming, logo, design, development, developer, develop, design, host, hosting, internet, comany, companies, html, php, css, css3, html5, photoshop, wireless, internet, IT, information technology, website, websites, web, design, webdesign, web design, logo design, brochures, posters, restaurent, menus, restaurent menus, experts, expert, funny, engineering, engineer, cisco, network, networking, server, maintenance, ccna, support, antivirus, security, safety, computer, conputers, laptop, phone, android, iphone, samsung, camera, development, website company Lebanon, w...
    Author: VAST Graphic Design; Web Development Studio

  120. POLYGONTeam ltd - Solutions for everyone
    POLYGONTeam Ltd. aims to introduce a new field for development in the area of robotics and mobile applications, and provide its customers with good staff of qualified engineers, programmers and technicians.
    Author: STEVE JOBS

  122. LnL Recording - Digital Multi-Track Recording Studio

  124. Nulldot
    Nulldot, News for geeks, stuff that does not matter
    Author: Kyle W T Sherman

  126. Nullman
    Kyle Sherman's Personal Website
    Author: Kyle W T Sherman

  128. Nullware
    Author: Kyle W T Sherman

  130. Digital Design And Software Engineering Services
    Scharf Engineering provides an appealing combination of both digital design and software engineering capabilities

  132. KOROBIZNET - Web and Software Solution
    Author: Bin Biz

  134. Monocilindro Blog: Motorcycles and Electronics - Motorcycles, Electronics, Japanese culture from an Italian Engineer living in Japan
    Motorcycles, Electronics, Japanese culture from an Italian Engineer living in Japan
    Author: Author Davide Cavaliere

  136. Dots – Let's Build Online – Website Development and business software services


  140. COTOBA DESIGN, Inc. - 対話コンテンツプラットフォーム開発

  142. 데이터렙업
    미디어렙, 모바일광고, D.aid, DDMP, Ad Network, nCPI

  144. Serviços Digitais e Comunicação | n Multimédia
    Comunidade de comunicação e publicidade. Branding: Identidade de marca, Iconografia, Ilustração, Design Gráfico & Editorial; Branding Digital: Web Design, User Interface & User Experience (UI/UX), Marketing digital, Gestão de Redes Sociais; Em Aveiro, Coimbra, região centro, Leiria, Portugal.
    Author: Nmultimadmin

  146. LOGICAL STUDIO (株式会社ロジカルスタジオ)
    デジタルテクノロジーとデザインの視点により、 包括的なアプローチで、課題を解決するクリエイティブプロダクションです。きめ細やかなトータルサービスが可能な社内開発を有しており、ソフトウェア、EC・コーポレート・キャンペーンサイトやモバイルアプリ等の制作を承っております。

  148. Верстка макетов профессионально | STUDIO/750 - смотреть примеры, заказать верстку
    Заказать профессиональную HTML-верстку макетов в STUDIO/750. В гарантированные сроки вы получите чистый читаемый кроссбраузерный адаптивный валидный код, интерактивные формы, а также оптимизированные по размеру графические файлы.
    Author: Maxim Eremeevskiy

  150. OpherV | Designer, developer, musician and overall a pretty nice guy

  152. TEDxCopenhagen - Ideas worth spreading

  154. TITLE
    Author: ARTEXE s r o; ARTEXE team

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  156. Alvin Risk
    Alvin Risk Presents EVER

    Developer of NUGGS and DISCS

  160. Главная – PRORUBIM - BIM технологии, внедрение, моделирование, проектирование, курсы
    Только начинаете свой путь к технологии BIM или идете по нему? Воспользуйтесь комплексом наших услуг!

  162. Spektrum 44 GmbH
    Design Studio for Branding & Experience

  164. Разработка сайтов любой сложности - Веб студия OLDGROUP

  166. Eleria Studio La Rochelle : création logiciel, web et application mobile.
    Votre studio à La Rochelle : création eCommerce, application mobile, web, logiciel, AMOA et 3D. Du cahier des charges aux tests en passant par le développement.
    Author: Eleria studio

  168. EXCAVO ANALYTIC COMPANY - Excavo Analytic Company
    Trading Education Platform. EXCAVO TOP#1 analytic of the WORLD. EXCAVO one of the most popular cryptocurrency trader in 2018 year by

  170. White-Dent - Clinica Stomatologică Iași
    White-Dent este o clinica stomatologica ieșeana care, datorită evoluției tehnice, durerea în timpul și după vizita la stomatolog devine un mit.

  172. HSMCloud - Digitizing Manufacturing
    Digitizing manufacturing.

  174. CoralTeam
    Coral Team is a uniquely talented group of IT professionals with the ability to dive deep for the enduring digital solutions you need. Our strength lies in the cognitive diversity of our team and the productive, long-term relationships we create with our clients.
    Author: Coral Team

  176. Zilter
    Web site created using create-react-app

  178. Whitney Woerz | Home
    Official Website

  180. Banco de Bosques Foundation | EcoAlarm
    EcoAlarm is the first alarm that wakes you up with the sounds of Argentina’s forests from Spotify, helping raise funds to protect the environment.

  182. Wikiverse: a galactic reimagining of Wikipedia
    The Wikiverse project is an interactive 3D visualization of Wikipedia, reimagined as a cosmic web of knowledge. Here, articles are stars bound together to form topics, fields and subjects.
    Author: Owen Cornec

  184. Rnest by La mètis
    Un robot reproduisant le comportement humain sur le web avec éthique Rapide | Assertif | Indépendant

  186. Промислове підприємство ЗІП
    ТОВ ПП "ЗІП" - сучасне підприємство з виробництва лакофарбової продукції.