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Winter bombe Treat yourself to a tasty drink, invented by Jamie’s friend, cocktail maestro J Rivera. You can go traditional and make it for one, serving it up in a martini glass or coupe, or batch up the recipe and go for more of a long drink

Winter fruit recipes for breakfast A slow cooker recipe for winter fruit compote

Winter Melon Soup Winter melon soup is a soothing and comforting dish that is indispensable during the cold winter months. The winter melon is cooked in a fragrant broth until tender, with extra juicy pork meatballs that have a melt-in-your-mouth texture

Crisp winter slaw This Best Ever Creamy Coleslaw is the only coleslaw recipe you'll need for all your summer parties and barbecues! It's easy to make with just a few simple ingredients!

Warm winter salad In Denmark, kale is eaten as part of a good luck meal on New Year’s Eve. Enjoy this sweet and salty baked snack with a celebratory cocktail.

Winter Cherry Cobbler These canned cherries are the perfect way to taste the summer all year long. Sweet, tart, and perfect for baking, topping, and snacking right out of the jar!

Winter jack and ginger ale Smooth, sweet, and a sippin' favorite.

Best shrimp appetizers recipes ever These shrimp appetizers have plump juicy cajun shrimp over creamy avocado on a crisp slice of cucumber. These shrimp cucumber bites are a delicious mouthful!

Best italian appetizers recipes ever Bruschetta is one of the most popular Italian Appetizers that are easy to make at home. It’s fresh and flavorful, better than the one you ordered at an Italian restaurant!

Appetizers on a stick recipe These desserts on a stick are so much fun to eat! From cake pops to s'mores kabobs to mini cupcakes, you can't go wrong with stick desserts.


Roll out christmas cookies recipe A 5-star recipe for Roll Out Christmas Cookies made with butter, sugar, egg, vanilla extract, baking powder

Old time christmas cookies recipes Old Fashioned Christmas Cookies are perfect for the holiday season!

Sugar free christmas cookies recipes Galletas de Navidad, de mantequilla sin azúcar con glaseado de vainilla y formas navideñas, para el desayuno o la merienda.

Best christmas cookie recipes 2020 The BEST Christmas Cookies EVER begin and end with this soft, chewy, simple sugar cookie recipe. Decorate them with royal icing and you have the perfect gift for neighbors and friends!

Recipe for polish christmas cookies A rich pastry with fruit fillings

Soft Christmas Cookies A big batch of big thick sugar cookies. These are THE big soft sugar cookies you have been looking for. Frost them while warm and sprinkle with colored sugar

Easy to make christmas cookies A collection of the best easy Christmas cookies to make with just a few ingredients including these 4-ingredient Peanut Butter Blossom cookies!

Cherry Christmas Cookies Looking for a maraschino cherry recipe? These easy cherry cookies get their soft texture, great flavor, and beautiful pink color from chopped maraschino cherries and maraschino cherry juice

Christmas Wreath Cookies These No-Bake Peanut Butter Corn Flake Cookies are the simplest Christmas cookies to make with only 2 ingredients!


No bake coconut dessert recipes This No-Bake Coconut Cream Lush Dessert is smooth, rich, light, and there’s no cooking involved. It’s so easy and perfect for summer gatherings!

No bake dessert cup recipes No bake cheesecake cups are so easy to make! They are simply the best dessert for holidays or parties!

Jiffy baking mix dessert recipes Old Fashioned Cake made with “JIFFY” Baking Mix, is a perfect complement to any meal. This Recipe Uses: 40 oz. Baking Mix The starting point for an array of different treats and dishes

Baked apple dessert recipe healthy Tasty, naturally sweetened warm baked apple slices with cinnamon and honey. Get your apple pie cravings satisfied and celebrate fall with this simple recipe

Toaster oven dessert baking recipes Crispy on the edges, soft and melty inside, these brownie-like cookies are easy to whip up whenever a craving strikes. For a fun twist, try swapping the chocolate chips with Reese’s Pieces or M&M’s

No Bake Banana Split Dessert Recipe This easy No Bake Banana Split Dessert Recipe combines all the flavors of a classic banana split for the perfect delicious summer dessert!

Easy baked alaska dessert recipe This isn’t your grandmother’s Baked Alaska! We took our heirloom recipe and gave it a modern twist by converting it into an easy (and achievable) 13x9 dessert

No bake pineapple dream dessert Pineapple dream dessert is a cool, creamy easy no bake summer pineapple dessert made with a graham cracker crust and canned pineapple that's easy to make and perfect for summer!


Best summer jello salad recipes This collection of Jello Salad Recipes has plenty of great dishes to bring to all of your cookouts, potlucks and holiday celebrations.

Summer Pasta Salad Cold Pasta Primavera Salad

Summer Rice Salad An incredibly flexible dish. This vegetarian rice salad can be an addition to a salad bar, a main dish for a vegetarian meal or a side dish to a meat/chicken/fish main course

Best Summer Tomato Salad Ripe, end-of-summer garden tomatoes make the best, juiciest tomato salad, perfect served with a rustic loaf of bread!

Summer Corn Salad These easy homemade corn fritters are a hit for breakfast or as an appetizer. Whether made with leftover corn, creamed corn or frozen corn they are a hit every time!

Summer Power Salad Hands down the salad of summer - get on the Avocado Peach Summer Salad train asap!

Summer salad with ring pasta These amazing pasta salad recipes will be the hit of any cookout. From antipasto to macaroni to tortellini, each dish is better than the last on this list

Summer Fruit Salad A fresh summer salad loaded with bursts of sweet fruit, crunchy nuts, and tangy cheese.

Summer Citrus Salad Mandarin Orange Salad with Balsamic Glaze is a tasty and beautiful salad that is super easy to make and features just a few basic ingredients

Best summer salads with fruit Any combination of fresh fruits can be used. Fresh raspberries and sliced oranges make a beautiful presentation!


Sriracha Powder Sriracha sauce (also known as rooster sauce) is possible to make at home with just a few ingredients! It's really fun and there's hardly any work involved

Dropped Date Filled Cookies A simple Lebanese inspired date filled cookies recipe.

Honey apple cider vinegar dressing Great to top a salad made with fresh baby greens, apples, candied toasted walnuts and a soft mild cheese. This recipe is a combo of a bunch of recipes - this one works the best for the above ingredients for my taste

Quinoa Salad w/ Black Beans, Tomatoes, & Corn Quinoa is very versatile and can be used in so many different meals or dishes. This recipe, adapted from Simply Recipes, is a Mexican-inspired way to make quinoa

Homemade air fryer egg rolls My mom taught me how to make egg rolls, and since she passed away I think of her every time I make them. These air-fryer egg rolls taste so good, you'll never want a fast-food egg roll again

Low carb buffalo chicken salad All the delicious familiar buffalo chicken flavors make this healthy, Keto friendly salad a mouth watering, quick and easy lunch or weeknight meal!

Mr food breakfast casserole recipes Whether you've got company staying over, or you just had a long night, we know you want an easy breakfast recipe the next morning. Well, our Rise 'n' Shine Breakfast Bake is perfect to get the day started right! This has all the goodies like eggs

5 minute microwave brownie recipe In desperate need brownies and in a hurry? We've got you covered with this five-minute microwave recipe. These brownies as just as decadent as they are simple and the perfect no oven treat for the whole family

Best Ribeye Steak Marinade If you're looking for a change of pace, try these Marinated Ribeye Steaks. Big on flavor and melt-in-your-mouth grilling all summer long.

Mac and Cheese Bites Enjoy the glorious crispy edges and gooey centres of these bacon-laden individual mac n cheese cups. Check out the recipe.


Salt and pepper cod recipe Salt and Pepper fish is traditionally battered and deep-fried. Instead, pan-seared filets get plenty of texture and flavor from ginger, caramelized scallions, and lots of freshly ground black pepper

Mirchi bajji recipe mirapakaya bajji Mirchi bajji recipe - Andhra style mirapakaya bajji are a popular street food made by batter frying the green chilies and then stuffing them with fresh cut onions & lemon juice mixture

Sugar free granola bar recipe Healthy, homemade, sugar-free granola bars packed with oats, dried cranberries, and walnuts are a naturally sweet, super-charged, tantalizing vegan treat

Usda recipe for indian pudding This warm and creamy rice pudding is made from cooked rice and milk to create a creamy texture. This recipe uses nutmeg and cinnamon to add some spices with the option to add raisins

Lima bean and leek soup Fresh limas are at their peak from June to September. Thawed frozen beans substitute well for fresh. Here, the beans are pureed in a creamy soup garnished with bacon and sour cream

Southern-Style Baked Fried Chicken A family favorite, true comfort food, and an easy dinner recipe, easy Southern Oven-Fried Chicken, has crispy, fried to perfection crust, juicy, flavorful meat, fewer calories, and less mess than classic fried chicken

Best Steak Marinade Sauce A delicious and easy Steak Marinade that will make your steaks flavourful and tender! For best results let the steak marinade for a minimum of 2 hours, overnight is best

Salted Caramel Oreo Icebox Cake Easy no bake icebox cakes are the perfect summer dessert. This Cherry Oreo Icebox Cake has dark chocolate Oreos and cherry cheesecake layered in a pan

Full red pizza sauce recipe The only trick to this uncooked sauce is finding good canned tomatoes: If you can’t find Jersey Fresh, look for ones from California, New Jersey, or Italy—the only ingredients should be tomatoes and salt

Baked Tilapia with Tomato Rice This is a one pan meal for a whole family that uses ingredients you probably already have in your cupboard!