Graham cracker cake no bake

This No-Bake Honey Cake is a simple no bake dessert with graham cracker cake layers, and a soft cream in between, then topped with a sweet Chocolate Ganache. Layers of graham crackers between a sweet vanilla pudding cream then drizzled with chocolate.
Susan Zaczek 2022-09-23

Waldorf Astoria Original Red Velvet Cake with Cooked Icing

While most modern Red Velvet Cake recipes call for cream cheese frosting, the Waldorf-Astoria recipe uses the traditional ermine (butter roux) icing. This recipe is supposed to be similar to the original Waldorf Astoria Red Velvet Cake.
Tiffany Curd 2022-09-23

Buttercream flowers for cake decorating

Use this recipe for for Italian Buttercream to make these beautiful flowers A step by step pictorial and video tutorial to making different types of BUTTERCREAM FLOWERS for cupcakes and cakes using tips and techniques that is perfect for beginners. This Moist Vanilla Layer Cake is an easy oil-based vanilla cake recipe that is SUPER moist and spongy, you’ll know it’s a homemade vanilla cake.
Edna Curtis 2022-09-23

Mcvities jamaican ginger cake recipe

Ground, crystallised and fresh ginger all combine to give the cake its signature punch; a fragrant liveliness that balances well against the sweetness of golden syrup and dark brown sugar. Jamaica Ginger Cake is a dark soft ginger bread sponge cake.
Kathleen Khan 2022-09-23

Recipes for lemon drizzle cake

Lemon cake is always a crowd pleaser and this lemon drizzle cake is fool-proof and also results in the most delicious, tangy and moist cake ever. This recipe for Easy Lemon Drizzle is the perfect topping for some of our favorite Amish Friendship Bread recipes!
Jerry Faust 2022-09-23

Where did carrot cake originate

This carrot cake with pineapple and coconut is a family favorite, made every year for all sorts of celebrations from birthdays to Easter! For the Royal's of England to the heads of state in Russia.
Inez Baggett 2022-09-23

Italian baked ricotta cake recipe

This rich, moist cake is an easy cake recipe filled with rich lemon flavor and creamy ricotta that is an authentic Italian treat - made right in your kitchen. With chunks of chocolate studded through creamy baked ricotta, this quick and easy all-in-one cake is a breeze to make, but will steal the show at dinner
James Harris 2022-09-23

Chocolate Ice Cream Cake Roll

Filled with vanilla ice cream and draped in shiny DIY magic shell, this fun new twist on ice cream cake is destined to become your go-to 2021 summer dessert. This tempting take on the much-loved cake roll features a from-scratch chocolate cake, vanilla ice cream and a layer of berry jam.
Clark Weems 2022-09-23

Pistachio pudding cake sour cream

"To satisfy the chocolate lovers I know, I made some changes to a recipe I clipped from the newspaper," comments Karen Swanson of McHenry, Illinois. Pistachio pudding cake is a moist and delicious cake that everyone will love.
Kristi Collier 2022-09-23

Elvis Presley Cake

Elvis Presley's Favorite Pound Cake Moist yellow cake with a delightful pineapple sauce.
Veronica Mcelroy 2022-09-23