Christmas dessert recipes

How to make bueno cheesecake

Drizzled with Kinder chocolate and topped Kinder Bueno chocolate bars, this cheesecake is seriously next level! Purchase a large pack of Kinder Bueno candy bars and make this irresistible Kinder Bueno cheesecake recipe.
Linda Brunson 2022-09-18

5 Easy Condensed Milk Recipes

These recipes are exactly what you need, most of them requires only 3-4 ingredients and few minutes of work. Whether you are stuck with a can of sweetened condensed milk, or you are just looking for quick and easy dessert recipes.
Shelby Fleming 2022-09-17

Sour cream recipes easy dessert

The cake is super easy to make; the crust and topping are made with cookie crumbs, the filling is made with sour cream custard. Add some to your favorite sweets with this list of sour cream desserts!
Christopher Shepard 2022-09-14

Arroz con dulce puerto rico

A 5-star recipe for Puerto Rican Arroz Con Dulce made with water, salt, ground cloves, fresh ginger, coconut cream, rice, sugar, cooking oil This coconut rice pudding, or arroz con dulce recipe, is a comforting, traditional Puerto Rican dessert made with canned coconut milk, rice, and sweet spices.
Harold Brown 2022-09-14

Apple Oatmeal Cake Recipe

Apple Oatmeal Breakfast Cake - An easy and delicious breakfast or snack idea filled with shredded apples and oatmeal. This apple oatmeal snack cake makes a great breakfast or afternoon snack.
Jeffrey Heasley 2022-09-13

6 Desserts in Cups – Individual Dessert Recipes

If you are tired of cakes and large desserts, and you want to vary and try desserts in cups, you have come to the right place. Here you will find 6 recipes for individual desserts (mini desserts) that everyone loves.
Ollie Bonds 2022-09-10

3-Minute Recipe for 3-Ingredient Dark Chocolate Fudge

This 3-Minute Recipe for 3-Ingredient Dark Chocolate Fudge was submitted by a SAHM reader who is clearly a lady after our own heart. Great to cut up and put in ice cream.
Donald Lovick 2022-09-09

Tiramisu in a cup recipe

Prep time includes chilling time. Usually, tiramisu is made in a large dip dish, this recipe makes mini tiramisu that you can serve in glass, jar or a cup.
Michelle Epstein 2022-09-04

Banana bread pudding recipe magnolia

Preparation: Place the milk in a large saucepan, Add the egg, flour and sugar into the milk and whisk well, Put the pan on medium heat and cook stirring constantly until thickened, Remove from heat, add the heavy cream and vanilla, then whisk well, Whiz the biscuits up in a food processor, Slice the bananas, Pour the pudding to fill 1 cm up your dessert dishes, Sprinkle some ground biscuits on top, Place the banana slices on the sides of the dishes, Pour some more of the pudding, Repeat this pattern until you completely fill the dessert dishes, Decorate with ground biscuits and banana slices, Serve chilled. Here are my early answers to questions you might ask about the recipe (I'm writing assuming you've read the notes section before asking a question); - No, there is no substitute for cream for this recipe, unfortunately, - Yes, bananas turn black, so I recommend preparing them at least 2 hours before serving, - You can also use baby biscuits or petit beurre instead of oatmeal biscuits, - You can also use strawberries in the appropriate season instead of bananas.
Esther Villarreal 2022-08-27

Strawberry Poke Cake

It is then topped with cream cheese whipped cream for a delicious strawberry treat that is homemade from scratch! This scrumptious strawberry cake has a frosting of whipped coconut cream.
James Flett 2022-08-27