Drink recipes

Easy punch recipes with sherbet

It's a showy punch and your guests will be intrigued by the fizz, colorful floating fruit and sherbet of course. This Rainbow Sherbet Punch Recipe is filled with fruity flavor.
Sarah Youngblood 2022-09-23

Top Shelf Margarita Grande

Cadillac Margaritas are the perfect combination of quality and simplicity. Whether you are looking for an after work drink, a pairing for taco Tuesday, or the perfect pitcher for Cinco de Mayo this recipe has you covered.
William Hinson 2022-09-23

Simple bloody mary recipe v8

The spicy, salty, and savory taste of this classic cocktail makes it perfect for brunch or other afternoon gatherings. Mix good quality vodka with tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, and Tabasco for the perfect cocktail.
Christine Shoun 2022-09-22

Starbucks caramel apple spice drink

With Instant Pot and stovetop options, this Real Food Copycat Starbuck's Caramel Apple Spice is THE fall and winter drink you need to get through parties, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Winter holidays! How to order the Starbucks Apple Pie Drink off the secret menu Make your own copycat Starbuck caramel apple spice drink at home in your slow cooker!
Sarah Gomez 2022-09-21

Old fashioned irish cream recipe

This cream liqueur is equal parts delicious and indulgent--serve it on the rocks or alongside your next round of after-dinner coffees for use as milk and sweetener with an extra kick. A recipe that was adapted from Angela Waterhouse of Stone Park Cafe in Brooklyn.
Faye Beard 2022-09-21

Beet carrot and apple juice

It also contains Beta-carotene, which is converted to vitamin A in the body-good for skin and night vision. Beets have a ton of health benefits and this is a great way to get it in your diet.
Margaret Root 2022-09-20

Boozy Red Sangria

It takes just 10 minutes to make the blend of mango juice, sparkling water, lemon juice, Rosé wine and vodka. Strawberries and citrus are macerated with sugar, orange liqueur, and vodka or tequila, then finished with red wine and seltzer for an extra-spirited sangria.
Mary Montejo 2022-09-19

Punch recipes with ginger ale

This beautiful, deeply purple punch is made with grape juice, ginger ale, cherries and pineapple. Made with cranberry juice, sparkling apple cider, and ginger ale and easy to customize to your taste!
Roger Welty 2022-09-18

Chocolate cake shot without frangelico

Popular for parties, the chocolate cake (or birthday cake) shot doesn't need chocolate. This Chocolate Cake Shot goes down easily and is one of our favorite shooters you can make at home!
James Harris 2022-09-17

Almond milk matcha latte calories

The perfect balance of matcha flavor with creamy, frothed almond milk, sweetened with maple syrup and a dash of vanilla extract. This sugar-free matcha latte with almond milk is a deliciously cozy, dairy-free, caffeinated drink for your morning or afternoon pick-me-up!
Douglas Wu 2022-09-16