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Baked Macaroni Pie

You can vary this by using all kinds of different ingredients, such as onions or sliced sautéed courgettes in place of leeks. Or by adding 4 oz (110 g) of sautéed sliced mushrooms and using less bacon.
Miriam Gooch 2022-09-23

Mini Yorkshire Puddings with Rare Beef and Horseradish-and-Mustard Crème Fraîche Sauce

This recipe is from Lindsey Greensted-Benech, former Catering Director at Norwich City Football Club and now Food Editor of Delia Online. You can watch how to make Yorkshire Pudding in our Cookery School Video, just click the image to play.
Kenneth Montgomery 2022-09-20

Fresh fruit salad delia smith

Tropical fruits make a nice addition too such as mango, passionfruit or even persimmon or dragon fruit. Each serving provides 159kcal, 1.5g protein, 36g carbohydrate (of which 35g sugars), 0g fat (of which 0g saturates), 4g fibre and 0g salt.
Ann Brightharp 2022-09-19

Sauce for sea bream fillets

My own school holidays were mostly spent with my grandparents in Wales, and after long sunny days on the beach my grandfather and uncles would don waders, walk into the sea up to their waists, cast their rods (not that far out) and catch enormous sea bass, which I was thankful I was unaware of when swimming in the same spot earlier in the day. This pan fried sea bass with lemon garlic herb sauce is packed with flavor from fresh herbs.
Donald Peay 2022-09-18

Bruschetta with goat cheese recipe

Top slices of toasted French bread with a blend of herbed goat cheese, chopped plum tomato, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar for an ultra-easy appetizer that's less than 120 calories per serving. Toasted bread topped with creamy goat cheese, basil, tomatoes and balsamic glaze, this Goat Cheese Bruschetta recipe is the perfect finger food snack!
Flossie Oconnell 2022-09-18

Very Red Rice

It's also an excellent recipe – good with any barbecue dishes or with Oven-baked Pork Chops or Chicken in Maple Barbecue Sauce. Ottolenghi's beautiful red rice and quinoa recipe - a substantial, color-flecked platter showcasing citrus-dressed grains punctuated by pistachios, dried apricots, and arugula.
Vinita Bowen 2022-09-18

Wild Mushroom Soup with Madeira

The base of this soup comes in the form of a ready-made, creamy mushroom sauce and, once you add the delectable flavour combination of fresh mushrooms, dried porcini and Madeira wine, the whole thing ends up tasting very classy. This cream of mushroom soup is so easy to make & so full of savory flavor.
Mary Beaird 2022-09-18

Prawn Cocktail a La Delia Smith

In those days it used to be something simple but really luscious, yet over the years it has suffered from some very poor adaptations, not least watery prawns and inferior sauces. "In those days it used to be something simple but really luscious, yet over the years it has suffered from some very poor adaptations, not least watery prawns and inferior sauces."
Elton Ceja 2022-09-17

Brown sugar meringues mary berry

Serve them with rich caramel cream*, and maybe luscious candied chestnuts or a compote of prunes and dried figs, perhaps simmered in a red wine and muscat syrup. Crisp hazelnut meringues with whipped cream and gooseberry compote make the perfect gluten-free summer dessert
John Pepper 2022-09-15

Roast duck breast with cherry sauce

After 40 years of recipe writing about other more elegant ways of serving duck I have now returned to this, the original recipe. This roast duck with cherry sauce is sure to please your dinner guests.
Patricia Hibbard 2022-09-13