Main course

Salt and pepper cod recipe

Fried tilapia sautéed with salt, pepper, scallions, and red chilies. Instead, pan-seared filets get plenty of texture and flavor from ginger, caramelized scallions, and lots of freshly ground black pepper.
Ernestine Lewis 2022-09-24

Southern-Style Baked Fried Chicken

A family favorite, true comfort food, and an easy dinner recipe, easy Southern Oven-Fried Chicken, has crispy, fried to perfection crust, juicy, flavorful meat, fewer calories, and less mess than classic fried chicken. This chicken bakes up golden and crunchy just like fried chicken.
Thomas Mccracken 2022-09-23

Best Steak Marinade Sauce

Whether you grill your beef outside, use an indoor grill pan, or broil the meat in the oven, this simple marinade of soy sauce, rice vinegar, ginger, honey, garlic, and green onions, creates a tender and juicy steak that children and adults adore! For best results let the steak marinade for a minimum of 2 hours, overnight is best.
Maxine Wilder 2022-09-23

Slimming world friendly macaroni cheese

Slimming World Syns: ZERO (Using Healthy Extra A Per Serving)*Weight Watchers: Coming SoonCalories: This slimming mac and cheese is creamy,delicious and just so cheesy but still suitable for popular weight loss plans like Slimming World and Weight Watchers.
Tracy Reaves 2022-09-23

How to cut fajita meat

Skirt steak is the traditional cut used for fajitas. Steak fajitas made with top sirloin are so flavorful and surprisingly easy to make.
Robert Riddell 2022-09-23

One-pot instant pot meals indian

Start making healthy instant pot recipes with this quick quinoa vegetable pilaf. Here is the collection of vegetarian instant pot recipes that are healthy, delicious, easy to make at home.
James Kohler 2022-09-23

Lebanese Spiced Lamb Mince

Aromatic and warming, spiced lamb mince is wonderfully versatile in salads, over hummus or in a pita wrap Middle Eastern spiced minced lamb that we use in a myriad of recipes. The seasoning mixture here is simple, with spices you should already have on your shelf and you can play around, adding fresh or dried mint, grated onion, or a pinch of cinnamon.
Heather Pratt 2022-09-23

Easy keto pork chop recipe

These sheet pan Ranch Pork Chops is the perfect no-fuss recipe for dinner tonight! These creamy stuffed Keto Pork Chops are the delicious pork chops you need in your life.
Kennith Schiffer 2022-09-23

Butterflied roast chicken jamie oliver

Greek style roasted butterflied chicken with potatoes just smells and tastes like home comfort food. Cooked on one sheet pan with roasted brussels sprouts and potatoes, it’s a complete meal that’s Whole30, Paleo, GF, and WW friendly!
Miguel Vaughn 2022-09-23

Slow Cooker Pot Pie

This recipe takes tender chicken with vegetables in a creamy gravy and serves it over hot flaky biscuits. This thick, hearty chicken and veggie slow cooker pot pie eats like a meal, filled with onion, carrots, celery, and peas.
Kimberly Owens 2022-09-23