Potato side dishes

Hasselback potato recipe yukon gold

Simple, flavorful, and absolutely delicious; Yukon gold potatoes are sliced and then cooked with minimal ingredients to absolute perfection. Hasselback potatoes dress up plain old baked potatoes and turn them into something truly special!
Francisco Rivera 2022-09-23

Home-Fried Potatoes

If you prefer crispy hash browns, use shredded potatoes (instead of cubed) and follow the recipe directions. Chunky and flavorful fried potatoes with onion, green pepper and parsley.
Vida Harris 2022-09-23

Air fryer parmesan fingerling potatoes

Air Fried Lemon Parmesan Hasselback Fingerling Potatoes for an easy and impressive side dish! Parmesan Fingerling Potatoes are deliciously super simple to make.
Hazel Murphy 2022-09-21

Beef Rissoles

Since they are unheard of in Canada, I thought I would share this rissole recipe so others could experience great Welsh comfort food. When we lived in South Wales, we used to have these rissoles with our chips from the local fish and chip shop.
Kristie Spencer 2022-09-21

All recipes cheesy potato casserole

I have tried many potato casseroles and this one always gets rave reviews and recipe requests. This recipe was given to me by my mother-in-law.
Bess Newman 2022-09-18

Potato knish in air fryer

You can turn baked potatoes into cheesy, delicious Air Fryer Potato Skins. Leftover corned beef really shines in these, but anything goes, as long as the base is mashed potato spiked with onions and fried in lots of fat.
Hazel Barron 2022-09-18

Chef John's Corned Beef Hash

Fresh corned beef hash tastes much better than canned hash, and it's a great way to use up leftover St. Paddy's Day corned beef. Here's a recipe for leftover corned beef hash that you can have ready in about half an hour and will fill up your belly at least until lunch!
Amanda Brashear 2022-09-17

Sliced potatoes in crock pot

Quick prep and hands-free cooking make for super simple garlic potatoes you’ll want on repeat. Easy spicy potatoes using unique spices all thrown into a slow cooker!
Alfred Laday 2022-09-17

Small potatoes recipes stove top

Baby red potatoes are sauteed in butter, then finshed with basil, shallots and garlic. This simple recipe for making butter potatoes takes less than 20 minutes and gives you a tasty side dish you can serve with almost any main meal.
Robert Young 2022-09-16

Seasoning for french fried potatoes

Now even my husband can't get enough of these French fries. The best potatoes for French fries are soaked in a sugar solution before frying.
Eric Benson 2022-09-15