Ranch house cheese spread recipe

This delectable dip is perfect for vegetables or crackers.—Jenna Marty, Las Vegas, Nevada Cream Cheese Ranch Spread is the perfect appetizer spread for crackers, vegetables or to spread on baked potatoes or a little bit in mashed potatoes. A recipe for Ranch Cheese Spread made with cream cheese, ranch salad dressing
Edward Giles 2022-09-22

Olive Dip Recipe

Creamy rich cream cheese and butter blended with with the savory saltiness of the olives makes for the perfect appetizer spread! I use all kinds of olives, including Kalamata, Nicoise, garlic stuffed, Manzanillas, etc.
Zachary Rodriguez 2022-09-22

How to Make Ghee (Easy, Plain vs. Spiced)

This recipe for Spiced Ghee, also known as Niter Kibbeh in Djibouti and Ethiopia, is a unique way to use your Instant Pot! A simple, healthful homemade Ghee butter (clarified butter) - following a simple process, tastier, and more cost-effective than store-bought varieties!
Grace Weathersby 2022-09-21

Taco bell beef quesadilla recipe

We've taken a very Tex-Mex approach to Beef Quesadillas, with a crunchy tortilla, cheesy gooey insides, and tangy sides of guac and salsa. You can find taco seasoning at the grocery store (We like Old El Paso, Taco Bell, and McCormick blends), or you could make your own.
Lorrie Relyea 2022-09-21

Weight watchers crescent roll recipes

Make and share this Weight Watchers Jalapeno-Chicken Crescent Pinwheels Recipe recipe from Food.com. These are not really 'flaky' like a traditional croissant, but they are very soft and the cheese helps keep the dough layered during baking.
Mary Smith 2022-09-21

Homemade Lamb or Goat Braunshweiger / Liverwurst

Homemade liverwurst made from lamb or goat liver, pork bacon or lamb fat is a delicious piece of charcuterie you can make at home with a meat grinder and some patience. This hors d'oeuvre is embarrassingly simple to make and I am always asked to bring it to gatherings.
Bernard Haas 2022-09-21

Scotch bonnet pepper sauce recipes

Get this recipe for spicy pepper sauce made with fiery Scotch Bonnet peppers and a mix of Jamaican seasonings. A spicy Jamaican-style scotch bonnet pepper sauce recipe designed for the true spice lovers!
Louise Lafontant 2022-09-20

Dirty martini dip with vodka

Butter-wouldn’t-melt Sophie Dahl adds olive brine to this classic combo of vodka and vermouth to dirty up her Martini. A spicy martini dirtied up with salty olive juice—the salty & spicy kick you've been looking for!
Daniel Beede 2022-09-20

Chipped Beef Cheese Ball

This easy-to-make recipe with creamy, smooth cream cheese, sharp cheddar, salty dried beef, tangy ranch seasoning, and savory Worcestershire is perfect for putting out at a gathering with buttery crackers for everyone to enjoy! Nothing says holiday party like this classic Chipped Beef Cheese Ball!
Lori James 2022-09-20

Dried Beef Cheese Ball

A cheeseball is our family's favorite snack to make for special occasions or casual gatherings, and it only requires a few ingredients! This cheese ball goes best with Ritz crackers.
Thomas Bucher 2022-09-19