Fat free evaporated milk substitute

Make it with soy milk, almond milk, or your favorite plant-based milk. I have gathered 13 of the best substitutions for evaporated milk to help you out when you find yourself in a bind!
Richard Jones 2022-09-23

Cake mix in a jar

No need to go to the store when you can have delcious white cake mix at home! I made this and gave it to my sister she was looking for funnel cake mix all over she loved it and now she can stop searching and make her own
Lucille Rey 2022-09-20

Substitute for ancho chili powder

Get Ancho Chili Powder Recipe from Food Network Some common spices, or mixtures of common spices, can substitute chili powder if you're in a pinch
Elizabeth Slaughter 2022-09-07

Cream Soup Substitute for Recipes

This recipe is our base recipe for all the different cream soups you might need in various recipes. This staple recipe is from Go Dairy Free: The Guide and Cookbook.
Julia Williams 2022-08-28

Alternative to rice wine vinegar

Rice vinegar is a staple in many Asian dishes as it adds a nice tangy and sweet flavor. Rice Vinegar substitutes can be difficult to find so we've got some replacement ideas.
William Mohr 2022-08-27

Substitute for diced green chiles

For the best green chiles substitute options, take a look at this list of peppers that will work wonderfully in their place! SO EASY step by step instructions to make homemade green chiles!
Ronald Richardson 2022-08-27

What is potato starch substitute

The best potato starch substitute using cornstarch for cooking, frying, and baking. If you’ve run out of potato starch, there are many substitutes that can be used as a replacement.
Donna Elvin 2022-08-26

Best marsala wine for cannoli

Get Cannoli Recipe from Food Network Learn how to make delicious Sicilian style homemade cannoli’s that are stuffed up with an amazing sweet sheep’s milk ricotta cheese. This list of 16 substitutes for Marsala cooking wine includes both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options to suit your dietary needs and to make use of what is readily available to you in your kitchen!
Helen Lytle 2022-08-21

Crisco substitute for pie crust

Delicious Homemade Pie Crust recipe, but this one uses coconut oil instead of shortening, margarine, butter or vegetable oil. All of the best shortening substitute options including which are best for your recipe whether you're baking pies, cookies, or other baked goods!
Jon Beaudette 2022-08-20

Substitute for eagle brand milk

This Homemade Sweetened Condensed Milk recipe makes a delicious, made from scratch version of sweetened condensed milk that you can use in coffee, baking, ice cream and more! Whip up this simple substitute for sweetened condensed milk using regular milk and sugar.
Karen Williams 2022-08-19